Concept Sony Bracelet Computer

Designed by Hiromi Kiriki this Sony Concept Bracelet Computer is constructed from flexible OLED plastic which allows the device to be worn around the wrist for transport.

Once required the bracelet is removed and flattened out to provide access to a slide away qwerty keyboard. The display comes in the form of a holographic projector which projects the screen display in front.

Sony Concept Computer

Sony Concept Computer
With the advancements in OLED technology I’m sure it will not be long before these type of designs are capable of production and become main stream devices. Personally I can wait to see innovative devices break the mould of what currently think computer forms should be.

Via Yanko

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  • Asia

    These are amazing. But they look like shackles.

  • Sam

    I wouldn’t mind being shackled with one of those! This is the kind of tech I’ve been waiting for!

  • Ruslan

    Awesome! I’ll pre-order it the moment it’s announced for production.

  • Jeriesy

    i just don’t want this, i really need this!