Columbia Sportswear Unveils Self Cooling Fabric


Columbia Sportswear wants to revolutionize air conditioning by using a chemical compound in their new fabrics. What it does is cool the wearer according to the temperature of their surrounding environment. That’s putting it simply. What Columbia wants to do is become the leading brand in temperature adjusting clothes. To achieve this, they’re introduced a special fabric type.

Columbia Sportswear Unveils Self Cooling Fabric

The magic is the result of flat fibers that have a chemical compound. When these are wet, the flat fibers produce a cooling effect. Te only drawback the people at Columbia had fessed up to is the cooling mechanism won’t last forever. In fact, they share the conservative estimate that it’ll take 70 washes before the air conditioning function dissipates. Still, that’s long enough to last a sweltering summer or two.

The entire line of cool clothing (in the technical and fashionable sense) will definitely turn heads, but that won’t be until sometime, Columbia’s Omni Freeze Ice clothing hits stores next year, so until then expect zero word on pricing and other details.

Source Dvice, Engadget


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  • LizBiz

    If it really works, I’ll be buying this – a lot.  I race sailboats in Houston, TX.  think 100 degrees and 100% humidity.