Chromium OS Arrives On The Raspberry Pi Mini PC

The $35 Raspberry Pi mini PC which is currently in high demand and still waiting to land in the hands of many. Has been designed to bring programming to all, and has been created to provide school children with an affordable personal computer they can use to develop app and learn programming.

Chromium Raspberry Pi

However the Raspberry Pi has also been adopted by older hackers, developers and geeks worldwide and provides a generate system to try out new ideas. Such as porting the open source version of Google’s Chrome operating system Chromium.

Chromium OS hacker Hexxah has this week announced that he is in the first stages of porting Google’s Chromium over to the Raspberry Pi, and although it might be sometime for a stable version to be released. Initial reports and looking good for Chromium to run on the Raspberry Pi, and an initial commit of the Raspberry Pi board has been approved by the official Chromium OS team. As more information is released we will keep you updated.

Source: Liliputing : Hacker News

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