USB Gadgets – The USB LED Airflow Mouse

Here’s another fun USB gadget with a host of features, the USB LED Airflow Mouse.

USB Airflow Mouse

This fun USB mouse has a built in fan to keep your hands cool during those long gaming sessions, it also has built in LEDs and you can program your own message into it via the included remote.
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USB Gadgets – The Crystal Cross Necklace USB Flash Drive

Here’s another USB gadget, the Crystal Cross Necklace USB Flash Drive. Which is perfect if you are looking for a little extra bling in which to store your documents and media files.

crystal cross USB drive

The Crystal Cross USB Flash Drive comes with 2GB of Storage, weighs 30g and measures 35 x 15 x 5 mm and is available in a  range of colours as you can see in the image above.Continue Reading…

USB Powered Mini Monitor

Fancy adding another monitor to your Notebook, the check out this USB powered Mini Monitor.

USB powered mini monitor

This USB powered monitor measures 77mm x 127mm x 17mm and plugs into a standard USB port, it has a resolution of 800 x 480 and comes with a built in kickstand.

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