Lightors Batteries Recharge via USB up to 500 Times


There are plenty of rechargeable batteries on the market today including some from the largest battery firms out there. The thing that most of those batteries have in common is that they need a big charger that plugs into the wall and that charger is hard to take with you when travelling. We have seen batteries in the past that recharge via USB ports and a new battery that uses USB ports for power has turned up on Kickstarter.

The battery is called Lightors and the big feature for the battery is that it will survive up to 500 charge cycles. That means you can charge it, deplete the charge, and charger it again up to 500 times. Lightors might not be the first battery to charge via USB, but that is a nice feature.

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Facebook updates search

facebook search

As anyone who uses Facebook knows, searching for a post on Facebook has always been pretty lame. It’s the strangest thing. Most connected people on the planet post to Facebook, but the service has always been terrible about letting you find the posts you want. You would think this would be an important feature for them.

You always had to scroll through a timeline. Until now. Facebook has updated their graph search to help you when you’re looking for a particular post on a certain topic. It will even show you those posts based on which of your friends posted it. It’s about time.
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New Samsung Multi-Charging Wall Charger Lets You Charge 3 Device At Once

Samsung Wall Charger

Samsung has this week added a new addition to their range of charging cables, in the form of the newly launched Multi-Charging Wall Charger that allows you to charge three devices at once from one USB port main adapter.

The new Multi-Charging Wall Charger will soon be available to purchase for $39.99 and enables owners to charge three different devices at once from a single charger equipped with USB connection.

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Sony ships new thinner PS Vita Slim in U.S.

vita v2Sony has finally released an updated PlayStation Vita model in the United States, after introducing it in the United Kingdom in January. There was also a Japanese launch late last year. This PS Vita Slim is 20 percent slimmer and 15 percent lighter than the original version.

Aside from that, very few changes have been made to the handheld game console overall. One of the changes that did take place is the OLED panel, changed to a 960×540 IPS LCD version, which along with the other improvements, will improve battery life so that it lasts up to six hours.
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More Evidence About Galaxy S5 Specifications Emerge

Samsung has announced it will hold its Unpacked Episode 1 2014 press event on the first day of the Mobile World Congress 2014. The event will also be streamed for those who are unable to visit Barcelona for MWC 2014.

Usually, Samsung unveil its flagship devices at its Unpacked events, and this year might be the same. Recently, Eldar Murtazin sent out a tweet mentioning some of the hardware specifications of the alleged Samsung Galaxy S5.


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ADATA CE700 Wireless Charging Stand Supports Qi Specification

ADATA is a company that is more known for making computer storage and memory products than anything else. That’s not all the company is about though and ADATA has trotted out a new wireless charging for smartphones and other devices that supports the Qi standard. Support for the Qi standard means that if you have a smartphone that has a case that works with Qi already, you are ready to use this stand.


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