Logitech Global Fan Collection Mice offer wireless mice with national flags

Logitech has announced a new series of wireless mice that appear to be associated with the World Cup. The collection is called The Global Fan Collection and has several mice available each covered in a particularly nations flag. The flags in some instances aren’t exactly a 100% accurate reproduction. There are 13 different mice in the collection.


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More Evidence About Galaxy S5 Specifications Emerge

Samsung has announced it will hold its Unpacked Episode 1 2014 press event on the first day of the Mobile World Congress 2014. The event will also be streamed for those who are unable to visit Barcelona for MWC 2014.

Usually, Samsung unveil its flagship devices at its Unpacked events, and this year might be the same. Recently, Eldar Murtazin sent out a tweet mentioning some of the hardware specifications of the alleged Samsung Galaxy S5.


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ADATA CE700 Wireless Charging Stand Supports Qi Specification

ADATA is a company that is more known for making computer storage and memory products than anything else. That’s not all the company is about though and ADATA has trotted out a new wireless charging for smartphones and other devices that supports the Qi standard. Support for the Qi standard means that if you have a smartphone that has a case that works with Qi already, you are ready to use this stand.


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Seagate Backup Plus Fast Offers Transfer Speed of 220MB/s

Seagate has rolled out a new portable storage device that offers fast data transfers for users with a USB 3.0 port. The storage drive is called the Backup Plus Fast and Seagate says that it is the world’s first portable 4TB storage solution. The drive has a USB 3.0 interface with data transfer speeds of up to 220MB/s.


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Rayovac to Show Off New Battery Chargers For Gadgets at CES 2014

Rayovac has announced that it will be rolling out new portable charging solutions for gadgets at CES 2014. There will be multiple products in the line including a 7 Hour Power Recharge, Phone Boost 800, Power Packs, and a Car and Wall USB Power Charger. The 7 Hour Power Recharge mobile device charger is able to fully recharge a mobile device without an outlet.


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Nuvola TV-U1 Adds live TV to NP-1 4K Media Streamer

Back in July, we talked about a new 4k media streaming from a company called Nuvola. The media streamer is the Nuvola NP-1 and it supports 4k video streaming and more. The device runs an NVIDIA Tegra chipset and has 2GB of RAM. The streamer also features 16GB of internal storage. Nuvola has announced a new accessory for the streaming device.


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Star Wars Joins Instagram With A Darth Vader Selfie

You know when something is becoming even more popular when Darth Vader starts using it, the Sith Lord is already in Twitter, and now he has decided to join Instagram, and has posted a ‘Selfie’ which you can see below.

Disney have launched an official Star Wars account on Instagram, although at the moment there are only three photos posted on the account, lets how we get to see some teaser photos of the new Star Wars movie.

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ChargeDrive is a Smartphone Charger, Flash Drive, and Tripod in One Device

We all need more run time out of our smartphones at one time or another when we are out and about. It seems like the first time you forget to plug your smartphone in overnight is the day you constantly need to use it and wish you had your charge cable with you. A new product has turned up on Kickstarter that is a very cool device called the ChargeDrive. The ChargeDrive is three products that you need for your smartphone in one device.


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