Samsung Galaxy S III Dropped To $99 On Amazon Wireless

We just got an email from Amazon Wireless to let us know that they have dropped the price of the new Samsung Galaxy S III to just $99, and the new price applies to when you take out a new two year contract.

The new $99 price for the Samsung Galaxy S III is available with three US mobile carriers through Amazon Wireless, and these include AT&T, Sprint and Verizon.

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Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III Gets Leaked Samsung TouchWiz Jelly Bean ROM Port

Verizon always seems to take longer than other mobile carriers to release the latest Android software update to their devices, many owners of the Samsung Galaxy S III on Verizon are wondering when the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update will land on their device.

Now the guys over at the XDA Developers have ported a leaked build of Samsung’s TouchWiz enabled Jelly Bean update, which was from T-Mobile to the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III.

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BlueAnt Unveils Rugged Endure Headset

Bluetooth equipment manufacturer BlueAnt has unveiled a new ruggedized Bluetooth headset for smartphone users called the Endure. The Bluetooth headset is aimed at active users who need a headset that works well and can survive drops and the elements. The headset is also designed for high-performance and windy environments.

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iPhone 5 Nano SIM Cards Appear Ahead Of iPhone 5 Release

Apple will be announcing the new iPhone 5 tomorrow, and one new feature that the iPhone 5 will have is that it will use Apple’s new Nano SIM cards, which are considerably smaller than the microSIM cards used in the iPhone 4S.

We saw some photos of the new Nano SIM cards last week, and now we have a photo of a Vodafone version of the new Nano SIM card for Apple’s iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 Nano SIM


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New iPad Mini Photos Leaked (Rumor)

We have been hearing rumors that Apple will announce a new iPad Mini tomorrow at their iPhone 5 event, we have seen various leaked photos of cases and the back casing of what are reported to be for the new iPad Mini.

Now some new photos have appeared online at Chinese website DGtle, which are reported to be photos of Apple’s new iPad Mini, the photos were spotted by the guys from Nowhereelse.

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Evernote Adding Skitch To Its Core Services

After purchasing the useful drawing application Skitch back in August of last year. Evernote has today revealed that it will be now including the Skitch application into its core services and will be closing the main Skitch website.

The change will be made on October 10th 2012, after which all sharing and updates made on the standalone Skitch applications, for iPad, Android and Mac, will be saved to the main Evernote service rather than to the website.

Evernote Skitch

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ViewSonic VSD220 Smart Display Equipped With Android PC Launched

ViewSonic has this week unveiled a new addition to its range in the form of the ViewSonic VSD220 Smart Display. Which has been created to provide users with a high definition touchscreen monitor, equipped with a Android PC inside.

The VSD220 Smart Display is powered by a dual-core ARM-based Texas Instruments OMAP 4 processor, supported by Google’s Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) operating system.

ViewSonic VSD220 Smart Display

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iPhone 5 Concept Video Shows Widescreen Retina Display

Yesterday we saw a video of an iPhone 5 concept, although there were some things in the video that we think will not ever make it into a future iPhone, now we have another iPhone 5 concept video.

This new iPhone 5 concept video looks more realistic than yesterdays one, as it is based on the various leaks we have seen over the last few weeks, and gives us an idea of what the iPhone 5 with a widescreen Retina display may look like.

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