Qualcomm Quad Core Snapdragon Powered Tablet Announced

Qualcomm has announced the launch of their first Android tablet powered by a quad core Snapdragon S4 APQ8064 processor, the device is aimed at developers and will set you back a cool $1300.

This new Qualcomm tablet features a 10.1 inch WXGA touchscreen display with a resolution of 1366 x 720 pixels, it also comes with 2GB of RAM and a 13 megapixel rear camera.

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OS X Mountain Lion Launches Today

Yesterday during their recent earnings call, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook announced that they would launch their latest version of their Mac OS today, the 25th of July.

OS X Mountain Lion will be available from the Mac App Store some time today, and it will retail for $19.99 as a direct download.

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ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity hits the UK on August 31st

We’ve known the price and availability for ASUS’ new flagship tablet in the US for awhile, but potential UK buyers didn’t have that info. Well, ASUS has just announced that the Transformer TF700 will be available from Amazon in the UK starting August 31st, for £600 for the 64GB version and with the dock included.
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ZTE N880E With Android Jelly Bean Launched In China

ZTE has announced that one of their Android smartphones, the ZTE N880E will now come with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean out of the box, the device was originally launched back in May.

As well as Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean, the ZTE N880E features a 4 inch WVGA touchscreen display with a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels, and the device is powered by a single core Qualcomm 1GHz processor.

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AT&T Activates 3.7 Million iPhones In Q3

AT&T has announced its latest financial results for quarter three, and they also announced that they activated a total of 3.7 million iPhones in quarter three.

According to AT&T the iPhone accounted for 73 percent of their smartphone activations in quarter three, although the total amount of iPhones activated was down from the previous quarter.

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Free App Downloads In iOS Won’t Need A Password

Apple has made a few changes to the way free app downloads will work in iOS 6, it looks like you will no longer need to enter your password when you are downloading a free app.

It the latest iOS 6 Beta 3 version you no longer need to enter your password when you are downloading a free app, and also when you are updating your existing apps.

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Apple Wants $2.5 Billion From Samsung In Damages

Apple and Samsung’s US trial will take place in California later this month, we have already seen sales of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 banned in the US ahead of the trial and now we get some information on just how much money Apple are looking from Samsung.

According to a recent report by Foss Patents, Apple are looking for total damages from Samsung of around $2.5 billion, and Apple is looking for part of Samsung’s profits relating to devices which Apple claim infringe on their devices.

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Samsung SPH-L300 Android ICS Smartphone Leaked

It looks like Samsung is about to launch another Android smartphone, the Samsung SPH-L300, which is also know as the Samsung Gogh and the device is headed to the Now Network and has support for Sprint’s new 4G LTE.

The Samsung Gogh will come with Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich and the devices features a 4 inch Super AMOLED display with a WVGA resolution of 800 x 480 pixels.

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Motorola RAZR HD Appears At The FCC

We have already seen a few leaked photos of the new Motorola RAZR HD, the handset will launch on US mobile Verizon Wireless, and now it would appear that the RAZR HD is getting closer to release as it has just passed through the FCC.

Whilst we do not have any official specifications on the new Motorola RAZR HD, we heard previously that the device will come with a 4.5 inch HD display with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels.

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