Microsoft Announces Windows 8 To Go

Microsoft has announced a new version of its Windows 8 OS, called Windows 8 To Go, the software is designed to be used on older computers and runs directly from a USB flash drive.

Windows 8 To Go will come on a 32GB USB drive and it will save all your settings and apps directly on the USB drive, meaning that you will be able to use it on virtually any computer and have the same settings.

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Motorola Motosmart Lands In The UK End Of July

Motorola recently announced the Motosmart, an entry level Android smartphone, and now we have some details on the release date and also some information on pricing.

The Motorola Motosmart will be available for £99.99 on pay as you go with UK mobile carrier T-Mobile or from free on a £7 per month contract, and the device comes with a 3.5 inch VGA touchscreen display.

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Sony SGPT1211 Tablet Appears At The FCC

Sony has another new tablet in the works, the Sony SGPT1211 which was recently spotted at the FCC, although unfortunately there are not many details about what the device actually is.

It could possibly be a new Android tablet like the Sony S and Sony P tablets, or maybe Sony are working on a Windows 8 tablets, all we know is that it has the model number SGPT1211.

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ADzero Bamboo Smartphone

If you would prefer a warmer more natural feel to smartphone then this ADzero Bamboo Android smartphone might be worth considering once it makes the jump to production.

The concept for a Bamboo smartphone was first conceived by Middlesex University student, Kieron-Scott Woodhouse. Since then a small company in the UK announced that they would develop the concept and create the ADzero Bamboo Smartphone.

ADzero Bamboo

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Huawei Ascend D1 Lands In China

Huawei announced the Ascend D1 a while back, and the device has now go on sale in China, the handset comes with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and features a 4.5 inch touchscreen display.

The 4.5 inch display on the Ascend D1 comes with a 720p HD IPS display, there is also a 1.5GHz processor and 1GB of RAM, plus front and rear facing cameras.

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AT&T Announces Windows Phone Update For Nokia Lumia 900

AT&T has announced that they will be releasing the Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh (Tango) update for the Nokia Lumia 900 on their network in the US, although no specific date was given on when the update will be available.

AT&T have said that the update will be made available to owners of the Lumia 900 in the ‘coming weeks, you can see the statement from AT&T below.

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Fujitsu Q702 Hybrid Tablet Unveiled

Fujitsu has this week unveiled a new hybrid tablet its created in the form of the Fujitsu Q702 which comes with an optional keyboard dock if required, and features a 11.6 inch HD AH-IPS anti-glare 10-point multi-touch screen.

The Fujitsu Q702 Tablet can be powered by either an Ivy Bridge Intel Core i3 or Intel’s latest Core i5 Ivy Bridge processor, which are supported by 4GB of DDR 3 memory.

Fujitsu Q702

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Nuance Dragon Drive Voice Recognition Arriving In BMW Cars This Year (video)

Nuance and BMW has revealed that Nuance Dragon Drive voice recognition software and features, will be arriving in BMW cars later this year, providing a wealth of new features for owners.

The new Nuance Dragon Drive will enable drivers to send TXT messages, control music, GPS navigation systems and even be read articles from newspapers, by simply speaking to their BMW cars. Watch the video after the jump to see the Nuance Dragon Drive voice recognition software and features in action.

Nuance Dragon Drive

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Apple OS X Mountain Lion Gold Master Now Available To Developers

Apple’s new OS X Mountain Lion is expected to be made available this month to consumers and everything looks as though its still on track. As Apple has now made their new OS X Mountain Lion available to developers as a Gold Master.

The new OS X Mountain Lion was unveiled at the recent Apple WWDC 2012 last month, and will bring with it hundreds of new features as well as having iCloud support build in.

OS X Mountain Lion

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