Google TV YouTube App Gets Updated

Google has released a new version of their YouTube application for Google TV devices, and the latest update is designed to improve video playback and also comes with some other performance enhancements.

Google has also added in recommendations to their YouTube app, which is designed to help users find more content, plus the ability to +1 a video with Google+.

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BlackBerry 10 Development Phone Leaked

We have been hearing more and more about RIM’s new BlackBerry 10 devices over the last few weeks, and now it looks like we have a photo of a BlackBerry 10 development handset.

The photo below was released by the guys over at CrackBerry, who have said that this is a BlackBerry 10 Developer Alpha device, and the device will apparently be given out to attendees of the BlackBerry Jam this week.

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LG Cloud Service Announced

LG is the latest company to launch its on cloud based service, called LG Cloud, the service will offer the ability to stream content to your LG smartphone, tablet and compatible LG TV, and the service will also be available on PCs.

The LG Cloud will offer the ability to stream content using LG’s Real time Streaming Transcoding technology, which performs server based media conversion of content to make it compatible with whichever device you want to stream the content to.

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Maingear Announces New Ivy Bridge Desktops

With the recent launch of Intel’s new Ivy Bridge processors, we are starting to see more and more manufacturers launch new PCs with Intel’s latest processors, the latest company to launch a range of Ivy Bridge desktop PCs in Maingear.

Maingear has announced three new desktop PCs that feature the latest Ivy Bridge processors, and they include the Maingear Shift, the Maingear F131 and the Maingear Potenza.


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Google Releases FCC Street View Report

The FCC has now finished its investigation of Google’s Street View, the company came under scrutiny when it was found to be collecting users data whilst taking photos with its Street View cars.

According to Google the collection of private data was ‘inadvertent’, and the report blames a single rogue engineer for the collection of users personal data, although the engineer apparently declined to speak to the FCC during their investigation.

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HTC One X Gets CyanogenMod 9 Port

HTC’s latest high end Android smartphone the HTC One X has just got a port of the new CyanogenMod 9, it comes in the way of an unnoficial port and most things on the device seem to be working.

According to the guys over at MoDaCo, the mobile network including calls and data plus SMS are working as well as Bluetooth and Bluetooth tethering, plus WiFi and the hardware video decoder.

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Qasar Brings Windowed App Management To Jailbroken iPads (Video)

Qasar is a new app for jailbroken iPads that will certainly give your Apple tablet a different look, the app brings a window styled app management to the iPad, although it is only available with jailbroken devices.

The video below gives us a quick look at how the application works, and as you can see from the video you can view multiple apps at the same time by resizing the apps.

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Apple And Samsung CEOs Meeting In May To Discuss Settlement

Apple and Samsung are engaged in a number of different court cases around the world, with each company accusing the other of infringing on their patents, one of the cases is in the US, and now it looks like the two companies will be meeting up next month to discuss a possible settlement.

The judge in the latest case in the US recently ruled that the two companies should hold discussions, and this has now been scheduled for the 21st and 22and of May.

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Nokia To Sell Off Vertu For 200 Million Euros?

According to a recent report by the Financial Times, Nokia is in discussions to sell of its luxury mobile phone brand, Vertu in a deal which is reported to be worth 200 million Euros.

Nokia’s Vertu branded mobile phones are high end devices not in terms of specifications, but what they are made from, gold and other precious metals, which retail for around $20,000.

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Apple’s Mac App Store Hits 10,000 Apps

Apple launched their Mac App Store back in January of 2011, and now according to a recent report, the Mac App Store has hit a new milestone of 10,000 apps, although this has yet to be confirmed by Apple.

The news comes from two different third party sources who have estimated the amount of apps in the Mac App Store, and according to MacGeneration there are now more than 10,000 apps available to download.

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