Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE Lands On Sprint This Sunday For $99

Samsung and Sprint have officially announced another Android smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE, and the device will be available from Sprint this Sunday for $99.

The Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE will be available from Sprint on Sunday the 16th of September for $99 after a $50 mail in rebate, this is when you take out a new two year contract with Sprint.

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Apple Launches New iCloud Website With New Features

Apple has updated its iCloud website and add in the new features that we have been hearing about since they announced iOS 6, along with your mail, contacts, calendar, iWork and find my iPhone there are now some new features when you visit iCloud.

You will now also be able to see your notes and reminders on the web version of iCloud, just like you can on your iPhone and iPad, and you can also edit and delete and create new notes and reminders from the web.

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Nintendo TVii Wii U Television And Movies Service Unveiled

At the currently ongoing Wii U press event Nintendo has revealed Wii U Release date and prices and the launch of a new TV service that will be arriving on their new Wii U games console in the form of TVii.

The new Nintendo TVii service was announced by Nintendo president Reggie Fils-Aime, who explained the new service will allow users to watch movies, sports and television on their Wii U.

Nintendo TVii

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Wii U Release Date And Prices Announced

As expected Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils Aime, announced in the press event scheduled for today in New York. that the new Nintendo Wii U will be arriving in the US on November Sunday 18th 2012, and Europe on November 30th 2012.

Earlier today Nintendo announced that the Wii U would be arriving in Japan on December the 8th for ¥26,250 around $337.

Wii U

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iPhone 5 FaceTime Over 3G On Vodafone UK Will Require A Custom Data Plan (Updated)

Details have been revealed on what some of the UK networks will be doing about FaceTime over 3G on Apple’s iPhone in the UK, according to a recent report from Wired, UK mobile carrier Vodafone will require that you have a VoIP add on to use the service on their network.

AT&T in the US is doing a similar thing, and has come under quite a nit of criticism for it, and no it looks like Vodafone in the UK is doing the same.

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Apple Wins Rubber-Banding Patent Injunction Against Motorola In Germany

Apple recently won a lawsuit in the US where they were awarded more than $1 billion in damages against Samsung, and just a day after the announcement of Apple’s new iPhone 5, they have won another patent injunction, this time against Google’s Motorola in Germany.

Florian Mueller from Foss Patents has been following the trial in Germany, and he explains what this new ruling means for both Motorola and Apple.

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Panasonic PT-AE8000U projector

The PT-AE8000 projector from Panasonic is all about 3D projection. It delivers a 20 percent brighter 3D picture than it’s predecessor and has motion interpolation for the stereoscopic image. Fine-tuning is also new through picture balance and monitor tools that help perfect the color and parallax effects before the movie is even started.
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