Amazon Kindle Fire 2 To Launch In July (Rumor)

We have been hearing rumors for a while that Amazon are getting ready to launch a new version of their Kindle Fire Android tablet, the Kindle Fire 2, and now according to a recent report from Cnet, Amazon is expected to launch the Kindle Fire 2 in July.

Considering that Google are expected to announced their first Android tablet later this week at their Google I/O developer conference, the Asus Nexus 7, which is aimed directly at the Amazon Kindle fire there could be some truth in the rumor.

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Nokia 808 PureView Lands In The UK June 30th, Goes Up For Pre-order

The last thing we heard about the UK availability of the Nokia 808 PureView was that it would be available in the UK sometime next month, and now it would appear the device will be available slightly earlier than expected.

Amazon have now put the Nokia 808 PureView up for pre-order in the UK with a shipping date of the 30th of June 2012 and the handset will retail for £499.98 SIM free.

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Windows Phone 7.8 Start Screen In Action (Video)

When Microsoft announced Windows Phone 8 last week, which would only be for new Windows Phone devices, they also announced a new version of their mobile OS for existing devices, Windows Phone 7.8.

According to Microsoft Windows Phone 7.8 will feature the same user interface as Windows Phone 8, and now Microsoft have released a video which gives us a look at the new Windows Phone 7.8 start screen and UI.

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Box OneCloud Support Arrives On Android

Box the provider of enterprise cloud storage has this week announced the arrival of its OneCloud service to Android devices. Enabling their users to keep documents in sync when using third-party applications.

Boz has has estimated that nearly 50 percent of its users are currently using Android devices, and announced that it already has 50 Android app partners. Including the likes of Breezy, Docusign Ink, Foxit, Fetchnotes, and Dolphin Browser, to name just a few, a full list can be seen below.

Box Cloud Android

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Android Firefox Beta Receives Flash Support And Redesigned User Interface

Mozilla has rolled out a new release for their Android Firefox beta application via the Google Play Store, which brings with it new improvements and functionality.

The new version of the Android beta app now supports Adobe Flash, but Flash not supported on tablets and non-ICS Tegra 2 devices. Together with a redesigned user interface and a number of tweaks and improvements to the performance of the application and its responsiveness.

Firefox Beta

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Pinterest Says No Android App To Be Announced At Google I/O

Yesterday we reported that Pinterest were going to be launching an Android App at this weeks Google I/O, we have just received an email from the PR guys at Pinterest, who have said that the app will not be launched this week.

A Pinterest spokesperson confirmed that they are working on their Android app, but they also said that the company has no plans to announce it at Google I/O, you can see the statement we received below.

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Lego And Google Launch Chrome Lego 3D Building App (video)

If you enjoy building things from Lego bricks you might be interested in a new online Lego app that has been created and is now available to use, via a Chrome Internet browser.

Google and Lego have teamed up to create a great 3D Lego building app that can be used within Google’s Chrome Browser, and allows you to build with virtual lego bricks. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.

Google Lego Chrome App

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Apple Releases iOS 6 Beta 2 To Developers

Apple announced iOS 6 earlier this month, which is expected to launch later in the year, some time in the fall, when it was announced, Apple released iOS 6 Beta for developers.

Apple has now released iOS 6 Beta 2 to developers, the update was actually released as an over the air update to developers iPhones and iPad and it was pushed to devices running iOS 6.1

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Adobe Lightroom 4 Arrives In The Creative Cloud

Adobe has today added to the applications that are available from its Creative Cloud, which launched back on May 11th 2012. Announcing that their new Adobe Lightroom 4 has now been added and is now available as part of the Creative Cloud range.

Adobe last month released a standalone version of their  Adobe Lightroom 4  to the Mac App Store for $149. However the Adobe Creative Cloud provides access to all the new Adobe Creative Suite 6 applications.

Adobe Creative Cloud

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Google To Release Google Maps App For Apple’s iOS

When Apple announced iOS 6, they also announced a new version of maps for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, which will replace Google Maps on their iOS devices.

Google Maps has been the built in mapping application on Apple’s iOS devices since the launch of the original iPhone back in 2007, and now Google has confirmed that they will release their own Google Maps applications for iOS.

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