Apple Fixes Exploit In Find My iPhone

find my iphone

Over the weekend there have been numerous reports of private photos belonging to a range of celebrities being leaked, the photos were apparently leaked from Apple’s iClloud service.

According to various reports, hackers gained access to the photos on celebrities iCloud accounts through an exploit in find my iPhone.

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Apple Spaceship Campus Takes Shape (Video)

apple spaceship campus

Construction on the new Apple Spaceship campus started earlier in the year, we saw a photo of the campus a couple of months ago, and now we have a video, which shows how the project has progressed in the last few months.

YouTube user jmcminn captured the video below using a GoPro Hero 3+ camera and a Phantom 2 Drone, the video shows how far the build has moved on, and the foundations of the campus can now be seen.

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AT&T sues Cox over DVR patents


Lawsuits are nothing new in the technology world and one of the latest suits comes from AT&T as the firm sued Cox Communications for allegedly infringing on patents having to do with DVRs and more. Seven patents at the heart of this case cover topics ranging from DVRs to methods for hiding packet loss and frame erasure on a network.

AT&T says in court documents that it provided details to Cox on how its products infringe AT&T patents during meetings that were held in 2009 and 2010. AT&T says in court documents that Cox has avoided paying for its infringement by continually delaying or rescheduling negotiations. AT&T is claiming that Cox DVRs including the Explorer 8000 and 8300 infringe on two AT&T patents.

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Best Buy Selling LG G Watch With A $50 Discount

LG G Watch

Not too long ago, LG announced its premium LG G Watch R featuring a circular design with Android Wear as its operating system. The smartwatch is not hitting the shelves any time soon — LG mentioned it will be available in the fourth quarter, with rumors hinting at the October launch.

If you can’t wait, and are keeping an eye on the LG G Watch to see a price cut, you’re in luck. Best Buy is offering the LG G Watch for $179.99, a discount of $50 from the device’s official retail price. Customers can grab the smartwatch in black and white/gold color options from Best Buy’s website.

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ZTE Sends Press Invites for September 16th Event


The next few days are going to be extremely busy for the technology industry as we have plethora of events coming up, from almost every manufacturer in the market. They are expected to announce their latest products — smartphones, tablets and what not.

Recently, ZTE also sent out press invites for an event scheduled on September 16th in New York City. There’s no word about what the company may showcase at the event, the invite mentions, “The Next Hot Thing.” The event is after most of the tech giants are done with the announcements.

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Apple Hires AnandTech Founder Anand Shimpi (Rumor)

Anand Shimpi

According to a recent report, Apple has hired AnandTech founder Anad Shimpi, the news comes from re/code who has said that Apple has confirmed to them that Anand Shimpi is joining Apple.

Anad Shimpi is the founder of popular technology site Anandtech, and he published an article on the site yesterday, announcing his retirement, although he did not give any reasons why he was retiring.

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Samsung Launches Curved Soundbar For Curved TVs

Curved Soundbar

Samsung’s Curved TVs have been available for a while now, and the company has launched a new accessory for their curved TV range, a new Samsung curved soundbar.

Samsung will be showing off their new Samsung curved soundbar later this week at IFA 2014, and it is designed to work with their 55 inch and 65 inch Curved UHD Tvs.

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Netflix says that Comcast is costing it customers

netflix logoEven though Netflix has been vocal about net neutrality, the company has had to give in several times and enter into peering agreements with major Internet service providers like Comcast. Even though they would rather not. Netflix says that this is because Comcast was costing it customers.

You might remember that Netflix recently petitioned the FCC to deny Comcast’s acquisition of Time Warner Cable. There are several potential issues with the proposed business move and one of them was details on how Comcast’s past throttling actions have cost the company customers.
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Nike+ Running App Announced for Samsung Gear S

Nike+ Running

Samsung appears to be on the right path with its new Samsung Gear S smartwatch. Not too long ago, the Korean company signed a deal with Nokia to bring the HERE maps navigation service to the Galaxy handsets as well as the Samsung Gear S smartwatch.

It appears that it’s not just Nokia, Samsung has also partnered with Nike to bring the Nike+ Running app to Samsung Gear S when it launches in October.

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