EU Parliament Wants Google To Be Broken Up


Earlier in the week there were rumors that the EU parliament were looking for Google to be broken up into different companies, and now it would appear that they have passed a vote on the issue.

The EU Parliament are looking for Google and other search companies to split their search business from other parts of their business, and they are looking for the EU Commission to look into the matter further.

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OnePlus To Open Its First Retail Store in China


It seems OnePlus is set to open its first retail store in Beijing, China next month. The store will operate in trial from December 1st between 10 am to 10 pm, but it will officially open its doors for the public from December 20th.

At the moment, the choice of smartphones is extremely limited, it’s just the OnePlus One, but you will have a lot of options when it comes to accessories like smartphone cases and accessories.

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LG To Take On Surface Pro With New Tablet

lg tab book

LG apparently has a new tablet in the works to take on Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet, the device is said to be a tablet with a detachable keyboard.

LG already has a similar Windows 8.1 tablet on the market, the LG Tab Book, which features a slide out keyboard, although this cannot be detached, and this new version that the company is working on is expected to replace this device.

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GoPro Drones Rumoured To Be Under Development For Late 2015 Launch

GoPro Drone

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) has today reported that GoPro the action camera manufacturer is currently in the process of developing their own GoPro Drones, that will be consumer camera equipped drones to compete with the likes of DJI, Parrot and others.

The information has been leaked by source close to the GoPro drones development who explained to the WSJ that GoPro plans to start selling multirotor drones equipped with high-definition cameras late in 2015.

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iOS 8 Adoption Now At 60 Percent

iPhone 6

Apple has released its latest iOS 8 adoption, and the latest version of Apple’s mobile OS is now on 60 percent of devices, this is up from 56 percent two weeks ago.

According to the latest figures released on the 24th of November, iOS 8 is now on 60 percent of all Apple devices, and iOS 7 is now on 35 percent of devices, older versions of iOS are on just 5 percent of devices.

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EU Pushes For Global Right To Be Forgotten


Earlier in the years the EU ruled that individuals in Europe had the right to be forgotten in Internet search results, this applies to European websites, like, and more but it does not apply to the global results like

Now the EU are looking to have the right to be forgotten applied to global search results, this would apply to, and other search engines likes Microsoft’s Bing.

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Apple May Discontinue The iPhone 5C in 2015

iPhone 5C

Apple launched the iPhone 5C last year along with the iPhone 5S, the handset was launched as a cheaper alternative to the 5S, and now it looks like Apple may discontinue the handset in 2015.

According to a recent report, Apple’s suppliers, Foxconn and Wistron are looking to wind down production of the iPhone 5C in 2015, and the device will apparently be discontinued.

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Victoria’s Secret bra comes with integrated electrodes

victoriasecretThese days clothing can have all kinds of technology built into it. Now lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret has jumped aboard the wearable tech bandwagon too. They are selling a new sports bra for about $75. What is so special about this bra is that it comes with integrated electrodes which will hook up to a heart rate monitor.

One could argue that the watcher rather than the wearer could use the heart rate monitor since we are talking lingerie. Anyway, the integrated technology is hidden from view, making the bra aesthetically pleasing compared to some of the wearable tech we’ve seen.
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Firefox to offer one-click search results

searchGood news for Firefox users. Mozilla wants to make searching faster on Firefox. To make that happen, the company will be introducing an update in the future that adds a new search interface. With this new search, users can type a keyword into the search field, then choose a specific preset search engine or website where they want to view the result. Sites like Wikipedia and Google.

This news comes after we heard that Yahoo will be the browser’s new default search option.
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Depth-VR 3D Head Tracking Eyewear Creates Screen 3D Perspective And Depth (video)


Computer users that are looking for a reasonably priced device to add realistic 3D perspective and depth to their gaming or computer viewing. Maybe interested in a new head tracking device created by the NCF Group called the Depth-VR.

Depth-VR is a pair of 3D head tracking glasses that have been specifically designed to bring “unprecedented realism” to 3D objects on your computer screen. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more.

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