BBM For Windows Phone Launched (Video)

bbm for windows phone

BlackBerry has announced the launch of BBM for Windows Phone, and BlackBerry Messenger is now available in beta on Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform.

BBM for Windows Phone is now available to download from the Windows Phone Store, the app will work with both Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 8.1 devices.

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T-Mobile Adds 1.5 Million More Customers


T-Mobile has released its latest financial results for the second quarter of 2014, the company has managed to add an impressive 1.5 million new customers to its network.

The company also managed to make a profit in its latest financial quarter of $391 million, which was way ahead of projections, and a major change for the previous quarters $54 million loss.

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Pocket Sized Video Surveillance Drone Being Developed By US Army

Video Surveillance Drone

A new style of video surveillance drone is being developed by the US Army in the form of the Cargo Pocket Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance program or CP-ISR for short.

The CP-ISR surveillance drone has been created to increase the situational awareness of foot soldiers by providing real-time video surveillance to aid them get a better idea of the environment around them.

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Amazon Prime Members Can Earn $1 Video Credits For Slower Deliveries

Amazon Prime

Amazon has started trailing a new service this month that allows select Amazon Prime customers to earn $1 video credits by opting for a slower delivery time on their purchases.

Amazon Prime customers that instead choose to have their deliveries in five to seven days by opting for the “No Rush option” rather than the standard two days for Prime members, can now earn the video credit rewards.

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LittleRP Open Source SLA 3D Printer Unveiled Ahead Of Crowd Funding Campaign (video)

SLA 3D Printer

A new desktop sized resin 3D printer is preparing to launch a Kickstarter crowd funding campaign very shortly, that will hopefully allow the LittleRP open source SLA 3D Printer to make the jump into production.

The LittleRP 3D Printer kits will be priced at $475 for early adopters and $499 for late backers of the project. Offering owners a 3D printer capable of a stepper resolution of .005mm and 25/50/100 micron recommended layer heights.

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Edison Programmable Robot Launches On Kickstarter For $39 (video)

Programmable Robot

Those of you that would like to learn more about programming robots, might be interested in the Edison programmable robot which can be programmed using a free open source graphical programming software.

Making it easy to learn the basic of programming robots for less than $40 with the added ability to incorporate the robot into your Lego creation as well to be controlled via remote. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Edison robot project and see it in action.

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Pebble Smartwatch App Update Brings Interface Tweaks, Enhancements And Fixes

Pebble Smartwatch

Developers of the popular Pebble smartwatch device that originally launched via a hugely successful Kickstarter website, have this week rolled out a new update to its Android application that brings with it a number of enhancements, tweaks and bug fixes for users to enjoy.

The official Pebble smartwatch app works on both the original Pebble and Pebble Steel and connects to your Android smartphone and other Android devices using Bluetooth, alerting you to incoming calls, emails, messages and alerts.

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