Vivaldi Open Source €200 Tablet Launch Delayed A Month

It has been announced this week by developer Aaron Seigo that the new open source Vivaldi tablet, which was hoped to be arriving in May. Will be delayed by around a month.

The open source Vivaldi tablet is equipped with a 7 inch screen sporting a 800 x 480 resolution display. Its powered by a 1 Ghz AMlogic processor and will run a free and open source Linux-based software which will set the tablet apart from other on the market, explains Seigo.

Vivaldi tablet

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Google’s Nexus Tablet Render Leaked (Rumor)

We have been hearing rumors for quite some time that Google are working on their own Google Nexus tablet, and now the guys from Pocket Now have received a render of what is reported to be the Google Nexus tablet.

We are not sure whether this is the real deal or not, or whether it is a photoshop of what someone thinks the Nexus tablet will look like.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Tablets Launch Delayed In The UK Until End Of April

Samsung announced its new range of Galaxy Tab 2 devices a while back and the range consists of the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 and the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, both devices were supposed to launch in the UK at the end of March

According to Computerworld, Samsung has now delayed the launch of the two tablets here in the UK until the end of April, and apparently the reason for the delay is that Samsung is working on Ice Cream Sandwich for the two devices.

Galaxy Tab 2

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iPad VPN Support Provided By iSimplyConnect

One of the problems with businesses adopting new tablet technology, and moving away from laptop based machines for their employees to use whilst away from the office, is security and the use of virtual private networks (VPN).

Now iSimplyConnect is looking to change this with the launch of their new VPN service of iOS devices. Enabling employees to connect to company servers using tablets and smartphones via their VPN service.


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LuvPad WN701 Rugged Windows Tablet Unveiled

Mouse Computer has this week taken the wraps off their new rugged Windows tablet the LuvPad WN701, which has been been designed to be a little more splash proof and shock proof than others on the market. The LuvPad WN701 tablet comes with IP44 certification, confirming it can withstand water splashes and will also survive a 70cm drop.

LuvPad WN701

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Asus Transformer Prime Update Starts Rolling Out

Asus announced earlier this week that they would be releasing a new update for their Transformer Prime tablet that would bring a range of new features to the device along with some bug fixes.

According to the guys over at The Verge, the update has now started rolling out to some device, and Asus announced yesterday that it should be live in the UK by today.

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Google To Launch Tablet Store To Sell Android Tablets?

We have been hearing rumors that Google is working on their own Android tablet, which is rumored to feature the Nexus branding and is expected to launch some time later this year.

Now according to a recent report by the WSJ, Google is apparently looking to open an online tablet store to sell a range of Android tablets, in an attempt to make the devices more popular.

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Windows Metro Style Android User Interface (video)

Galaxy Tab 10.1 or Asus Transformer owners who would like to bring a little more of a Windows feel to their Android tablet-top. Might be interested in this new user interface that has been created for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Asus Transformer tablets.

The Metro Android theme brings the look and feel of Microsoft’s Metro user interface theme to the tablet. The new Metro Android theme has been created by XDA Developers user BroBot175 and can be viewed in action after the jump.

Metro Android Theme

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Amazon Kindle Fire Gets 6.3 Software Update

Amazon has released a new update for its Kindle Fire Android tablet, the latest software is version 6.3 and it comes with a range of new features and is now available to download to your Kindle Fire tablet.

The Kindle Fire 6.3 update brings new sharing features that will let you share passages from your books directly with your friends over various social networks, Book Extras and more.

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Steelie Tablet Stand (video)

A project currently on Kickstarter has provides a range of tablet stands, which can be used on either work surfaces or in your car. Currently all parts of the Steelie tablet stands are create by a team of four engineers in their workshop and uses magnets to holder the stand in place when required. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action and see how the Steelie could benefit your tablet usage.

Steelie Tablet Stand

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Hasbro Denied Injunction Against Asus Transformer Prime Tablet

Hasbro launched a lawsuit against Asus last year, claiming that Asus’s Transformer Prime tablet was confusing to consumers at that the name of the device was infringing on Hasbro’s copyrights.

It looks like Hasbro has now lost the first part of its case against Asus, with the judge dealing with the case ruling that Hasbro had not managed to demonstrate that the Transformer Prime tablet would be confused with Hasbro’s Transformer toys.

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