Mac 512K boots up after 30 years in storage


If you are a computer geek from way back, you probably have a lot of old computers in storage collecting dust. It is understandable. You love these devices even after they become obsolete. You have fond memories of using them. Even if it is just collecting dust at this point.

Well, this original Mac 512K spent 30 years in storage before being booted up to see if it worked. And it booted up just fine. I’m not sure that today’s devices would do that well. As the saying goes, they just don’t make them like they used to.
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New DDR3 RAM World Record Set At 4.62GHz (video)

RAM world record

Kingston and Gigabyte have teamed up to set a new DDR3 RAM World Record which has been now set at a massive 4.62GHz using the Gigabyte LN2-only motherboard, the Z97X-SOC Force LN2.

Also the SOC Force LN2 motherboard has broken the DDR3 memory world record, not once, but twice. First reaching a record of 4.5GHz, and then three days later clocking up a massive 4.56GHz.

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Intel Octo-core Processor Launching This Autumn For $999

Intel Octo-core Processor

PC owners with deep pockets looking to upgrade their systems during the autumn months of this year, might be interested to know that the new Intel Octo-core processor will be launching this autumn and will be available to purchase from $999.

For that price you will be able to install an Intel Octo-core Haswell-E chip in the form of the Core i7 5960 processor with 16-thread processor and unlocked cores, to make sure your system is really an extreme build.
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Oculus Rift Sales Suspended In China After Extreme Reselling


It has been revealed today that Oculus VR has suspended sales of its Oculus Rift virtual reality headset in China after discovering issues with people implementing what Oculus VR calls “extreme” reseller purchases.

Earlier this week Oculus VR started shipping the first batches of its new Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 to those that had already pre-ordered the virtual reality devices.

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Raspberry Pi Telemetry Board Pi In The Sky Now Available To Pre-Order

Raspberry Pi telemetry board

Developers, makers and hobbyists that enjoy building projects that are going to take to the air or even space, using the awesome Raspberry Pi mini PC, might be interested to know that today Adafruit has announced a new Raspberry Pi telemetry board called Pi In The Sky.

The Pi In The Sky is now available to preorder starting at £110 with international shipping included and has been developed to provide users with a reliable GPS radio tracker board that can be used with the Raspberry Pi computer.

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Cyber Power Mini-ITX Configuration Service Launches

Cyber Power Mini ITX

This week custom PC system manufacturer Cyber Power PC has announced the launch of its new Cyber Power Mini ITX SFF configurator service enabling you to tweak your mini desktop perfect system to meet both your budget and power requirements.

All the new systems include Mini ITX cases and come equipped with Mini-ITX motherboards, that do limit your options a little but are perfect if you are looking for a small form factor powerful gaming rig.

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Raspiado Raspberry Pi USB Hub Launches On Kickstarter (video)

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi users that need to connect a number of USB devices to their mini PC system might be interested in the new Raspiado USB hub which has been specifically designed to fit perfectly on top of a Raspberry Pi single board computer.

The Raspiado has been created to solve three problems its inventor encounters when using the Raspberry Pi computer. Including the lack of USB ports, the power required to run USB attached peripherals and also the problem of having USB hubs alongside the Raspberry Pi as a separate device.

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Apple Mac Pro Security Adapter Now Available For $49

Apple Mac Pro

After spending out your hard earned cash on your new Apple Mac Pro, the last thing that you want to happen is for it to be removed from your desk or allow the casing to be opened and your solid state disk (SSD) or RAM removed.

Apple has this week quietly started selling the perfect solution in the form of the Apple Mac Pro Security Lock Adapter which is available to purchase from the Apple online store for $49 or £40.

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Raspberry Pi Used To Create A Local Google Cloud Print Server

Raspberry Pi

Owners of Google Chromebooks that would like to be able to natively connect their home printer to their Chrome OS system, can now create a Google Cloud Print server using the low cost Raspberry Pi mini PC.

If your printer does’t support Google Cloud Print this awesome Raspberry Pi Google Cloud Print Server will save you the cost of buying a new printer and provide local printing functionality for a fraction of the cost.

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Razer Project Christine “Not Entirely Promising” Says CEO

Project Christine

If you remember the module computer system unveiled by Razer called Project Christine during CES 2014 earlier this year and have been patiently waiting for it to make an appearance in the consumer market.

You might have to wait quite some time yet, before Project Christine officially launches. As an interview with Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan has revealed that the ambitious modular PC system is finding it hard to persuade OEM businesses to jump aboard.

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Raspberry Pi Temperature Controller Plate Unveiled

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi hobbyists and developers that enjoy building projects using the awesome $35 mini PC. Might be interested in a new Raspberry Pi Temperature Controller that as the name suggests has been designed to enable programmers to control and log temperature.

The Raspberry Pi Temperature Controller connects to a K type probe, and has 2 control relays and has been designed by Robogaia Industries.

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