DuinoCube Hackable Retro Game Console Supports Uno, Mega And Esplora (video)

Designers and developers that are interested in creating their own video games might be interested in a new device called the DuinoCube which has launched over on the Kickstarter crowd funding website and is completely hackable.

The DuinoCube has been designed by Simon Que based in San Jose California and is a portable gaming platform that can be used to develop your own games and is compatible with Uno, Mega and Esplora.

DuinoCube Hackable Retro Game Console

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Picuntu 5.1 Now Offers Ubuntu 14.04 On MarsBoard RK3066 Mini PC

The developers of the Picuntu Linux operating system that has been created to allow users to run custom version of Ubuntu Linux specifically on devices with Rockchip processors.

Has this week announced the release a range of new beta versions in the form of Picuntu 5.1 which is now available as either a light-weight Xfce 4 desktop environment, as a stripped-down basic version, as a server edition with LAMP.

MarsBoard RK3066 Ubuntu 14

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GoPiGo Raspberry Pi Robot Kit (video)

Makers and developers that enjoy building projects using the Raspberry Pi mini PC might be interested in a new Raspberry Pi powered robot called the GoPiGo.

The GoPiGo is a complete robot package for the $35 Raspberry Pi mini computer and comes supplied with everything you need to get your Raspberry Pi transformed into a robot. Including a robot body, motors, controls, and a robust power supply. Watch the video after the jump to learn more.

GoPiGo Raspberry Pi Robot

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Digispark Pro Arduino Development Board Launches On Kickstarter (video)

Some of our readers might remember the tiny Digispark Arduino enabled USB developer board that launched after a successful crowd funding campaign back in August 2012.

Now the team behind the tiny Digispark have unveiled a slightly larger development board in the form of the Digispark Pro, which has been created to provide users with a tiny Arduino IDE ready, USB and mobile dev board and ecosystem.

Digispark Pro

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MotherBone PiOne Peripheral Motherboard For BeagleBone Black And Raspberry Pi

Makers and developers that enjoy building projects using either the BeagleBone Black or Raspberry Pi mini PC might be interested in a new peripheral motherboard called the MotherBone PiOne which has been designed by APlus Mobile.

The MotherBone PiOne peripheral motherboard has been designed to provide safe I/O expansion for Linux based systems. Watch the video after the jump to learn more.

MotherBone PiOne

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New Genius Ergo 8800 Mouse Sports 7 Buttons And Windows 8 Mode

Genius has this week added a new addition to their range of mice, in the form of the newly launched Genius Ergo 8800 mouse, which offers 2.4Ghz technology anti-interference and power saving features for users to enjoy.

The Genius Ergo 8800 mouse offers quick and easy access to Windows 8.1 features allowing users to switch between apps and to open up the Charms panel or toggle between the Windows 8 Metro interface and the last Windows 8.1 app used.

Genius Ergo 8800 mouse

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