Portable Raspberry Pi NAS Designed For Travelling

Raspberry Pi NAS

If you travel and would like to be able to access your data whilst on the move with redundancy built-in, you might be interested in this new DIY Raspberry Pi powered NAS that has been designed to connect multiple drives and be extremely portable.

Ben Perove is the creator of the awesome portable Raspberry Pi NAS system and has combined a Raspberry Pi, 2 x Seagate Slim Traveler 2TB USB drives, 1 x Pluggable 4 port USB hub and a PowerGen 2.4-Amp USB wall charger to create his unique Raspberry Pi NAS.

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Rugged Raspberry Pi Aluminium Case Unveiled for £22

Raspberry Pi Aluminium Case

Raspberry Pi developers and hobbyists looking for an extra rugged enclosure for their $35 mini PC might be interested in the new Raspberry Pi aluminium case created by Lincoln Binns.

The rugged Raspberry Pi case has been designed in-house by Lincoln Binns and uses a Uniobox 66 enclosure which is constructed from extruded aluminium and can be upgraded or modified at a later date if necessary.

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SuperSpeed araHub 7-Port USB 3.0 Hub Available To Back On Kickstarter (video)

araHub 7-Port USB 3 Hub

If you are in the market for a stylish aluminium USB 3.0 hub that provides you with plenty of USB ports to connect all your peripherals and devices to, you might be interested in the araHub 7 Port USB 3.0 hub.

Then araHub is a stylishly designed 7 Port USB 3.0 hub which is being created to complement the design of Apple’s iMac desktop systems and is machined from solid aluminium, and designed to sits neatly underneath the systems display.

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BeagleBone Black Rev C Development Board Now Shipping For $55

BeagleBone Black Rev C

Developers and makers waiting for the new BeagleBone Black Rev C to be available to purchase will be pleased to know that Adafruit has this week announced availability and has started shipping the BeagleBone Black Rev C for $55.

The latest BeagleBone Black Rev C is powered by a Texas Instruments ARM Cortex-A8 single core processor supported by 512MB of RAM and comes supplied running Debian Linux instead of Angstrom Linux.

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Ubuntu Orange Box Custom Micro Cluster Chassis

Ubuntu Orange Box

Back in November 2013 Mark Shuttleworth, of Ubuntu, commissioned Tranquil PC to design and develop a unique, transportable, rugged, micro cluster that could demonstrate and develop on demand cloud services.

The result of that commission is the new Ubuntu Orange Box that is equipped with 10 nodes with Intel i5‐3427U processor, 16GB DDR3 RAM and generous solid state disk (SSD) (120GB per node) storage.

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Logitech K830 Keyboard Automatically Dims Or Brightens Keys Depending On Available Light (video)

Logitech Illuminated Living-Room Keyboard K830

Logitech has this week added a new addition to their range of keyboards, in the form of the newly launched Logitech K830 Illuminated Living-Room Keyboard that can be used up to 33ft or 10m from your media centre.

The Logitech K830 Keyboard has been designed to automatically dims or brighten its backlit keys based on the amount of light in the room. Allowing you to always see your multimedia keyboard even in low light conditions.

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Samsung 1.5TB Media Streaming Drive Launches For $180

Samsung 1-5TB Media Streaming Drive

Samsung has this week launched a new 1.5TB wireless media streamer drive which they have created for Android, Mac And Windows users to enjoy and expand their storage considerably.

The new Samsung wireless media storage is capable of holding up to 750 movies, 375,000 MP3s, or 425,000 photos and is capable of providing connectivity for up to 5 wireless users simultaneously.

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Novena Open Source Laptop Makes Jump To Production After Success Crowd Funding Campaign (video)

Novena Open Source Laptop

If you fancy owning and building your very own open source laptop you will be pleased to know that the crowd funding campaign for the Novena open source laptop has been successful in raising over $300,000.

Making sure that the Novena laptop will make the jump from concept into production, which has been developed by Bunnie Huang and Sean Cross over the past few years.

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Arduino GPS Data Logger Allows You To Track The Position Of Moving Object

Arduino GPS datalogger

If you are looking for an Arduino extendable GPS data logger for your project the affordable Arduino GPS data logger created combining a standard NMEA GPS receiver and an Arduino board, might be worth more investigation.

The extendable Arduino GPS data logger consists of a shield, that is fitted with the GPS receiver, SDcard reader and the accelerometer, together with an Arduino UNO board.
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