Asus M70 NFC Enabled Desktop PC Unveiled

Asus has this week announced the launch of a new PC system to their range called the M70 which comes complete with NFC support.

The Asus M70 NFC enabled PC system allows users to use Near Field Communication for pairing their PC with their Android smartphone or tablet to back up photos and videos wirelessly without the need to connect a cable.

Asus NFC

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MintBox 2 Linux Mini PC Now Available To Pre-Order For $599

If you have been patiently waiting for the new Mintbox 2 Linux PC system to become available you are going to be please to learn that its is now available to pre-order for $599 with shipping starting later this month.

To re-cap the Mintbox 2 is powered by an Intel Core i5-3337U Ivy Bridge processor with 17W TDP and Intel HD 4000 graphics supported by up to 16GB of RAM.

MintBox 2

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Wacom Launches Bamboo Pad Wireless

Wacom has been making digital tablets and pads for computer users for a number of years. These devices allow users to get handwriting and hand drawn images into their computers. Wacom has announced a new product in the lineup called the Bamboo Pad Wireless. The wireless touchpad allows users navigate using gestures and right are Google using an included stylus.


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Seagate 500GB Ultra Mobile Hard Drive Unveiled Designed Tablets

Seagate has this week announced the launch of a new Seagate 500GB Ultra Mobile hard drive they have developed for tablets and ultrabook systems.

The new Ultra Mobile HDD is 100% compatible with today’s laptop standards and features a SATA 6Gb/s connector together with a 100MB/s sustained data transfer rate.


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New Dell Precision Workstations Released

Dell has kept themselves busy and so has some new workstations in both Desktop and Mobile platforms. The T-Series has three new tower models that go by the model numbers T3610, T5610 and T7610. They use Intel Cache Acceleration Software that can use a large (128GB/256GB) SSD drive as a cache for multi-terabyte datasets.
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Gigabyte BRIX 4K Ultra HD, Haswell Powered Mini PC Announced

Gigabyte has launched a new addition to their range this week in the form of the new Gigabyte BRIX mini PC which is capable of providing 4k Ultra HD video via its HDMI connection.

The Gigabyte BRIX is powered by a 4th Generation Intel Core processor supported by up to 16GB of RAM, with four different models to choose from.

Gigabyte BRIX

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CuBox-i Mini PCs Unveiled For $45 Running Linux And Android

A new CuBox-i Mini PC range has been launched this week that are available to purchase from just $45 and offer processing power from Freescale i.MX6 single, dual, and quad-core processors.

The new CuBox-i Mini PCs measures just 2 inch square and the top of the range system will set you back $120 and is powered by a 800 MHz Marvell Armada processor.

CuBox-i Mini PC

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Acer Aspire U5 AIO Desktop PC

All-in-one desktop computers are great because they take up less space than a regular desktop PC, and the company’s Aspire U5 is no different. The Aspire U5 features a 23” Full HD touchscreen display with a wide viewing angle and is powered by the latest 4th generation Intel Core processors and will support up to 16GB of DDR3 RAM.
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Acer DA241HL 24 Inch Android All-In-One Desktop System Unveiled

As well as unveiling they new Acer Iconia A3 Android tablet, Acer have also taken the wraps off their new Android powered desktop computer system in the form of the Acer DA241HL all-in-one desktop.

The Acer DA241HL is powered by a Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor and has been “designed to offer users the same familiar experience as with tablets and smartphones,” and is fitted with a massive 24 inch display support touch gestures.

Acer DA241HL

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CODE Keyboard Offers Mechanical Keys Without The Noise

A new keyboard called the CODE Keyboard has been designed by keyboard expert Weyman Kwong and developer/blogger Jeff Atwood which hope to bring all the stele and precision of a mechanical keyboard with none of the down sides such as the noise.

The new CODE Keyboard is now available to purchase for $150 and is available in either 104-key or the 87-key layouts and features e “ultra-rare” Cherry MX Clear mechanical keyswitches as well as LED backlighting.

CODE Keyboard

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