Lenovo IdeaCentre All In One PCs Announced

Lenovo has launched a new range of all in one PCs, there are the Lenovo IdeaCentre B450 and IdeaCentre B340, and both models comes with the latest processors and hardware.

The Lenovo IdeaCentre B450 features a 23 inch HD frameless touchscreen display, with the option to add in 3D and it comes with the latest Intel processors plus NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 2GB GPU.

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Maingear Announces AMD HD 7970 Gaming PCs

Maingear has announced a new range of gaming PCs that will feature AMD’s new Radeon HD 7970 graphics card, the Maingear Shift and The Maingear F131, and both models will feature Intel hexacore Core i7 3.3GHz processor with up to 32GB of DDR3 RAM.

Other specifications include support for quad core CrossfireX, meaning you can have up to four HD  7970 GPU’s plus a range of SSD and HDD configurations are available including  a 600GB Intel 320 series SSD and a 512GB Crucial M4 SATA 6GB SSD.

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Windows 8 Storage Spaces Feature Detailed By Microsoft

Microsoft’s Steven Sinofsky has revealed more details about the new “Storage Spaces” feature that will be included within Windows 8 when it is launched later this year.

The article was published on the Building Windows 8 blog and details how Windows 8 Storage Spaces are going to dramatically improve how you manage large volumes of storage within the operating system.

Windows 8 Storage Spaces

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Pioneer BDR-XD04 Is World’s Smallest External Blu-ray Burner

This week Pioneer has announced they have created the world’s smallest external Blu-ray burner in the form of the Pioneer BDR-XD04. The super slim and lightweight Blu-ray burner weighs just 8.5oz and measures just 0.55 inches thick. The Pioneer BDR-XD04 sports a 6x write speed and is fitted with a slower USB 2.0 connection rather than a preferred and quicker USB 3.0 connection.

Pioneer BDR-XD04

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Four Liquid Nitrogen Cooled Radeon HD 7970 Cards Prepare For Massive Benchmarks

Overclocker Andre has combined 4 x AMD Radeon HD 7970 graphics cards together with a little liquid nitrogen to create his “quad seventy-nine seventy” over clocking rig. Which when pushed to the limit produce some amazing benchmark figures.

Andre has already tweaked his rig and cards to a fantastic 3DMark Vantage with a P (performance) score of over 83,000 and GPU score of over 98,000, and grabbed 3DMark 11 P and X (extreme) scores of 32,728 and 17,432, respectively.

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Tobii Gaze Lets You Launch Windows 8 Apps By Looking At Them (Video)

Tobii has developed a new eye tracking technology called Gaze that is designed to be used with Microsoft’s Windows 8, and the technology will let you launch Windows 8 apps by looking at them.

The video below shows the Tobii Gaze in action, and it certainly looks impressive from the video, the device can attach to your PC via USB and it will then recognize what you are looking at on the display.

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Penclic Wireless Mouse (video)

The traditional computer mouse is always going to be a tricky device to replace, and many different designs have tried to change the way we interact with our computers. But Swedish company PenClic have a radically unique device that combines both mouse and pen together. Watch a video after the jump to see the Penclic in action.

The Penclic has been designed to provide a more ergonomic solution to controlling your computers and is aimed to reduce Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), and is supported by both Mac and PC. The Penclic will be demonstrated at this years CES show next week.

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Apple iMac Made Up One Third Of All In One PCs In Quarter 3 2011

Apple has had massive success with its Mac range of computers, and now according to a recent report Apple’s iMac made up one third of sales of all in one computers in the third quarter of 2011.

According to Bloomberg there we a total of 14.5 million all in one PCs sold in quarter three of 2011, and Apple sold just under one third of these with its iMac range of computers.

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Logitech C920HD 1080p Webcam Announced

As well as unveiling a their new Logitech Cube Mouse, which will be making an appearance at this years CES. Logitech has also announced a new HD webcamera in the form of the Logitech C920 HD. Which allows you to communicate via video in full 1080p high definition.

The new Logitech C920 is the first webcamera to offer full 1080p HD video conferencing with the latest version of Skype, and will provide a lower 720p when used with Microsoft Live Messenger.

Logitech C920

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MSI GT783 Unveiled As Worlds Fastest Gaming Laptop

MSI has this week added a new laptop named the MSI GT783 to their range which they say is currently the worlds fastest gaming laptop. The new MSI GT783 is equipped with a second generation Intel Core i7 quad core processor as well as Nvidia GeForce GTX 580M graphics, and has achieved 16,000 points on the 3D Mark Vantage high resolution test and surpassed the 3,000-point mark in the 3D Mark 11 test, say MSI.


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Logitech Cube Re-imagines The Mouse

Logitech has today introduced a new product to their range which has been designed to re-imagine the humble mouse. The new Logitech Cube can be used in a variety of ways and is equipped with a presenter mode which engages, by simply by lifting it off the desk.

Once in presenter mode the Logitech Cube can be used in air and click the top will advance slides forward. To go back simply turn the mouse over in your hand and click again.

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HP Unveil Pavilion HPE h9 Phoenix Gaming PC

As well as unveiling their all-in-one desktop and HP docking display, HP have today also unveiled their new performance PC in the form of the HP Pavilion HPE h9 Phoenix.

The HP Pavilion HPE h9 Phoenix is equipped with a optional liquid cooling to keep your choice of either Intel X79 or AMD 8-core processors as cool as possible together with a maximum of 16GB of DDR3 memory. Air vent grills on the outside of the case hint at whats hidden inside giving you a glimpse of the water cooling using red LEDs positioned on the case cooling fans.

HP Pavilion HPE h9 Phoenix

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