OCZ Launches Next Generation SSD Vertex 3

Following on from its Vertex 2 SSD OCZ have just launched their next generation range of Vertex 3 SSD’s, which OCZ say record highest sequential read and write speeds and the highest IOs per second ratings in the industry.

The new Vertex 3 SSD has been designed for PC and enterprise and targeted at performance applications, featuring a  six gigabits per second SATA interface. Vertex 3 double the performance of the existing Vertex 2 SSD and is rated for 2 million hours mean time between failure (MTBF).

Vertex 3

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Devolo Unveils Worlds First USB Powerline Extender

Today Devolo has unveiled the worlds very first dLAN 200 AV USB powerline extender that allows you to connect USB devices through your home or officies power sockets.

Previously it was only possible to send ethernet connections through power sockets but innovative Devolo has been able to create a device capable of sending USB connection up to 300 meters. The dLAN 200 AV USB Extender now save you the expenses and hassle of laying cabling to reach devices located in other rooms.

USB Powerline Extender

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Magix W3 Pocket Windows 7 PC

Magic W3 is a new pocket sized Windows 7 PC that has just been launched by AdvanceTC and is claimed to be the worlds first pocket Windows 7 PC with integrated telephony.

The Magic W3 is powered by an Atom Z530 CPU at 1.6GHz together with 1GB of RAM, and is equipped with a 4.8-inch display with a resolution of 800 x 480. For storage it uses a 32GB SDD and has a handy 1.3 megapixel camera on its front enabled for video conferencing if required.

Magic W3

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Jolicloud 1.1.1 OS Now Available To Revitalise Old PC’s Everywhere

JoliCloud have just released a new update to their OS, version 1.1.1 which now solves the installation issues experienced on legacy computers using older NVIDIA graphic cards.

So there’s no excuse for leaving that old PC lying around any more. JoliCloud should now run on it flawlessly and if you own an old Dell computer that had issues installing JoliCloud 1.1, the new release should fix these issues for you. But be aware you do need a least 384MB of  memory or preferably 512MB for better comfort to run Jolicloud OS.


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ToughTech Duo QR RAID Storage System (video)

If you are looking for a small RAID storage solution for your photos or media data the new DUO QR RAID storage device from ToughTech might well be worth a look. The small high performance RAID device uses two 2.5″ notebook drives or solid state drives to back-up and store data.

Its been specifically designed for professional photographers and digital media users while on location or in the studio, and measure a portable 3.5” x 6.26” x 1.34” or 89mm x 159mm x 34mm. Watch a quick demo after the break to see the new ToughTech Duo QR RAID Storage System in action.

ToughTech Duo QR RAID Storage System

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HP Unveil EliteBook And ProBook Notebooks

HP has unveiled two new models designed towards the business user with the launch of the HP  EliteBook & ProBook notebooks.

The EliteBook models 8460p and 8560p are encased in military-standard metal covers and are available with a number of different hardware specification giving options that include Core i7 quad-core and Core i7, i5 and i3 dual-core processors,together with displays raning from 14″ up to 15.6″. The Elite offers a battery life of up to 32 hours depending on the hardware specification you go for.

HP EliteBook

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12TB Storage OWC Mercury Elite-AL Pro Qx2

If you are in the market for a massive amount of storage for your Mac machine or PC then OWC’s new 12 TB Mercury Elite-AL Pro Qx2 storage solution might be worth a look.

Capable of taking up to 12TB of RAID storage, the new 4 drive storage case is perfect for Mac users and is equipped with choice of FireWire 800 or FireWire 400. Its also fitted with USB 2.0 ports but does not have any Ethernet connections for networking storage.

Mercury Elite-AL Pro Qx2

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Buffalo Launches USB 3.0 DriveStation Range

Buffalo has updated its DriveStation range with two new USB 3,0 models, the Buffalo DriveStation Duo and DriveStation Quad. the DriveStation Duo will be available in 2TB, 4TB and 6TB capacities, and it is a two drive, two bay RAID enabled drive.

The DriveStation Quad is a four drive, four bay RAID enabled drive, which is currently available in 5TB and 8TB capacities it will also be available in a 12TB capacity later this year.

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Toshiba STOR.E ART External Colour Coded Hard Drives

If you need a number of different capacity storage drives Toshiba has today unveiled its new line of STOR.E ART external hard drives that are colour coded depending on their storage capacities. The 2.5″ drives will come in 500GB (red), 640GB (green), 750GB (blue), 1TB (white) and 1.5TB (silver).

Each STOR.E ART drive is fitted with a USB 3.0 interface, feature 256-bit encryption, and come preloaded with BackupNow EZ software for easy no hassle backups.


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