RunCore USB 3.0 Express SSD

If you have an ExpressCard slot on your laptop thats unused Runcore have just unveiled  new device that may be able to bring a little live back to it. RunCore’s latest hybrid ExpressCard/34 adds two USB 3.0 ports and provides 64GB SSD in a single package transforming your unused card slot into a useful device once again.

RubCore USB 3.0 Express SSD

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HP’s webOS Coming To PCs

As well as launching their new webOS based tablet, the HP TouchPad, and two webOS based smartphones, the HP Veer and the HP Pre3, it looks like HP will be bringing their webOS operating system to another platform, the PC.

HP also announced that they will start shipping PCs and laptops with webOS installed by the end of 2011, which could be great news for both Hp and webOS developers who would have a potential market of about 100 million devices a year.

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Thermaltake Unveils Level 10 GT Computer Case

Thermaltake has redesigned their already established Level 10 case, which was originally  co-designed with the BMW Group Designworks USA, making it even more uber. The new Thermaltake  Level 10 GT computer case includes all the same design lines as the original with a few enhancement tweaks, added features and a little extra space to take it to the next level in case design.

The major change within the new case is more room, which proved to by a sticking point with first case, with it being a little cramped. The new Level 10GT can now accomodate 37cm long graphic cards and is fitted with 200mm fans togethers with the 140mm rear fan and ample space to fit water cooling gear in as well.

Thermaltake Level 10 GT

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IBM Blue Gene Q Supercomputer Passes 10 Petaflops With Ease

IBM today announced that the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) will begin to use IBM’s next-generation Blue Gene supercomputer to enable significant advances in areas such as understanding global climate change and exploring the evolution of our universe.

The 10-petaflop IBM Blue Gene/Q supercomputer, named “Mira” will be operational in 2012 and capable of  running programs at 10 quadrillion calculations a second, 20 times faster than Argonne’s current supercomputer, Intrepid.

Blue Gene Q

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Drobo Outs New Business Storage Line

I have had a Drobo device in my office for years that I use to back up family pictures and other data when needed. The thing is great because it rebuilds the array if one drive breaks and you can use any 3.5-inch HDD you want without worrying if it matches the other drives in the system.

Drobo Storage Device

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MSI Unveils R6870 Hawk Graphics Card With Propeller Blade Technology

MSi have just unveiled a new addition to their graphics card line-up the MSi R6870 Hawk featuring Propeller Blade Technology and the latest Military Class II Components : Hi-C CAP, Super Ferrite Chokes (SFC), and all-solid capacitors to allow advanced overclocking.

Equipped with MSi’s Twin Frozr III cooling design and MSI-exclusive Propeller Blade technology, the MSI R6870 Hawk has an increased air flow by 20%. Equipped with dual 8cm PWM fans, SuperPipe technology and the nickel-plated copper base designed to remove heat more quickly and effectively.

MSi R6870 Hawk

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Scythe Mine 2 CPU Cooler Debuts

Computer geeks that like to push their computers to the highest levels of performance they can know that better cooling is necessary. One of the companies that offer many different cooling solutions for computer fans is Scythe and it has a new cooling solution that is debuting today.

Mine 2

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HP TouchSmart 23 Inch Touchscreen All-In-One PC’s Arrive

HP have just launched a new range of touch screen PC systems which get around the problems of ergonomics and the use of  touchscreen on desks by allowing the screen to tilt back to an angle of 60%. Providing a much more relaxing position for the user, rather than forcing them to use an up right touch screen.

The two new HP  models are the TouchSmart 610 and 9300, both equipped with 23 inch screen and a resolution of 1920 x 1080. The TouchSmart 610 features HP’s latest TouchSmart software layer, offering finger-friendly Hulu, Netflix and Twitter apps.

HP TouchSmart

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Scythe Unveils Mine 2 CPU Extreme Cooler

If you havent made the jump to water cooled solutions as yet for your PC system the new Mine 2 CPU cooler created by Scythe might be worth a look. The two large blocks of metal heat sinks blade have been split in two and a large fan ( 140 x 140 x 25 mm) sandwiched in the middle to get the cool air into the heart of the Mine 2 CPU cooler and its equipped with eight heat pipes arranged in a double-tower design.

The Slip Stream 140 PWM & V.R. fan allows the users to choose the PWM function or V.R. (manual fan controller) mode to fulfill from the silent peration to high performance operation.

Scythe Mine 2 CPU cooler

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Plextor M2S Series SSDs Announced

Plextor showed of its new range of M2S solid state drives at CES back in January, and they have just officially announced their latest SSDs. The Plextor M2S SSds, according to the manufacturer are one of the first solid state drives to support the SATA III 6B/S interface.

The Plextor M2S will be avaialble in a range of different sizes which include 64GB, 128GB and 256GB, and they feature read speeds of up to 480MB/s and write speeds of up to 330MB/s.

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Acer Unveil All-In-One AZ5750-F54 PC

Acer have announced a new addition to their range with the launch of a new all-in-one PC the Acer AZ5750-F54 PC. With its sleek lines and compact footprint this new all-in-one has been designed to take-up as little of your desktop as possible.

Its equipped with a 23 inch full HD screen sporting an acceptable resolution of 1920 x 1080 and inside is powered by a 3.2GHz Intel Core i5-650 dual-core processor, together with 1TB of storage and fitted with 4GB of memory.

Acer AZ5750-F54 PC

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