MSI N580GTX Breaks World Record With 1665MHz Core

MSI has unveiled a new world record breaking creation with the launch of its new N580GTX Lightning graphics card boasting a record breaking 1665MHz Core from a single-card, single-core setup.

The 1665MHz is the fastest ever frequency recorded by the GTX 580 range thanks to German overclockers BenchBros. Who pushed the card to its limit making it 215% higher compared to the default value, in order to acheive this record.

N580GTX Lightning graphics card

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Hannspree Unveils Touch Screen All-In-One PC SN22A1

Hanspree has added a new All-in-one touch screen PC to its range with the launch of their new Hannspree SN22A1 PC. The new system is equipped with an Intel Pine-View (1.66Ghz, Dual Core) D510 processor, supported by 3 GB DDRII RAM.

Its also fitted with HDMI, VGA inputs for stand-alone monitor usage, a 4-in-1 multi-media card reader, integrated 1.3MP webcam, optical drive, 4 x USB, together with comprehensive connectivity WLAN, LAN, Bluetooth running Windows 7 Home premium.

Hannspree All-In-One PC SN22A1

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Kingston Wi-Drive iPad SSD Streams To 4 Users Simultaneously

Kingston have this week unveiled a new external SSD storage system designed for iPad users called the Kingston Wi-Drive. Their new solid state drive has been designed to provide an easy method to add extra storage to your iPad or iPad 2 device and is equipped with 802.11 Wi-fi.

Kingston is promising up to 4 hours of battery life from the internal battery and has designed the Wi-Drive to be able to stream multiple file content to four Apple iPad devices simultaneously.


Kingston Wi-Drive

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Micron Unveils PCI Express RealSSD P320h

Micron has announced its latest solid state drive PCI Express creation with the unveiling of its new Micron RealSSD P320h. The new super-fast PCI-Express solid state drive has been designed for enterprise applications like cloud computing, high-performance computing, data analytics, business intelligence, and video on demand.

The new SSD gets its name from the 34nm SLC (single-level cell) NAND Flash and a high-grade controller its equipped with. Enabling it to deliver sequential read/write speeds of up to 3 GB/s.

Micron RealSSD P320h

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Lenovo Buys German PC Maker Medion

You know how when you have a hankering for custard creams or whatever, you just go down to the shop and buy some? Lenovo did pretty much the same, only instead of custard creams it was German consumer electronics company Medion and instead of  snack cravings it was a vastly increased share of the German PC market that drove the purchase.

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RevoDrive Hybrid Combines HDD And SSD On A Single PCIe Card

OCZ has unveiled a new innovative way to combine both a HDD and an SSD onto a single PCIe card providing a caching scheme that is so effective that a 5,400-RPM drive can be used without sacrificing much performance.

The SSD on the card can use multiple SandForce controllers arranged in a RAID 0 array to serve as a cache for the HDD and to control the split OCZ relies on Dataplex software from Nvelo.


RevoDrive Hybrid

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MSi Unveils Compact Wind Box DC540 And DC100

MSi has unveiled its new MSI Wind Box DC540 and DC100 compact PC’s at Computex 2011 this week joining their new G Series gaming notebooks.

The new MSi Wind Box DC100 features an AMD E-350 dual-core accelerated processing unit (APU) 1.6 GHz and Radeon HD 6310 graphics, and is able to run from just 18 Watts of power. Providing a 70% power savings, compared with conventional desktop computers, making it possible to reduce annual carbon dioxide emissions by over 810 kilos and save 180 trees in the process.

MSI Wind Box DC540

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Asus Unveils ROG G53SX 3D Gaming Notebook

This week at Computex 2011 Asus has unveiled its new ROG G53S 3D gaming notebook, that requires no special 3D glasses and has has been designed to be viewed using your naked eye.

The new Asus ROG G53S 3D notebook is equipped with a powerful Intel powerful Sandy Bridge Core i7 processor and is equipped with and NVIDIA GTX 560M graphics with 2GB of dedicated video memory, and comes supplied with 3D content creation and editing software.

Asus ROG G53S

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Zotac Unveils Nano X2 Powered ZBox Mini-PC

At Computex this week Zotac has unveiled is latest ZBox Min PC which is equipped with a VIA’s Nano X2 dual-core CPU which is available in either 1.2 or 1.6GHz speeds.

The palm sized mini PC measure just 13 x 13 x 5 cm and comes with native 64-bit software support, VT CPU virtualisation technology, and VIA PadLock.

Zotac Zbox Nano X2

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