Zotac Unveils New Atom D525 Plus Nvidia ION Mini-ITX Boards

If you are looking to create a small PC system then Zotac has just unveiled three new additions to its range featuring Atom D525 plus Nvidia ION Mini-ITX, the  IONITX-T-J, IONITX-R-E  and IONITX-S-E, that might be perfect for the job.

All the new boards are equipped with an Intel NM1010 Express Chipset, an Intel ATOM D525 CPU Dual Core at 1.8GHZ, and Nvidia ION Technology and each supports up to 4 GB of memory.

Zotac Atom D525 ION Mini-ITX board

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Compulab Trim Slice Ultra Compact PC

Compulab have done another amazing job fitting everything you need for a PC into an impossibly small footprint with their new system called the Trim Slice, measuring just 5.1 x 3.7 x 0.6 inches.

Even thought the Trim Slice is only just arger than a 2.5 inch hard drive it contains a Tegra 2 chip, up to 64GB of SATA SSD storage, 1 GB ram together with HDMI and Dual-Link DVI ports providing support for twin displays.

Trim Slice PC

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MSI Unveils N560GTX-Ti Twin Frozr II Graphics Card

MSI has today announced a new addition to its graphics card line-up with the launch of the MSI N560GTX-Ti equipped with the Twin Frozr II cooling system ad fitted with the NVIDIA GTX 560 GPU.

The Twin Frozr II consists of a large footprint copper base heat-sink with high density radiation fins, its equipped with dual 8cm temperature-controlled PWM fans, and has five heat-pipes designed to increase airflow and improve heat conductivity for the graphics processor and nearby components.


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InOne All-In-One Computer Concept

Design to be a true All-in-one computer the InOne concept has been designed by Jakub Záhoř . The InOne system incorporates a 22″ screen, keyboard, touchpad, speakers and a digital tablet all in one elegant casing with detailing that looks as if it was inspired by Tron.

With a touch tablet positioned just above the front keyboard the system would make it easy for designers or artists to to create work using a stylus or similar. Unfortunately the InOne is just a concept at the moment so there aren’t specification as such but the overall design looks very original.


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Hammerhead Custom Built PC $2899

The Hammerhead HMR98902 is a custom PC created by designer Matthew Kim and has been created using “Eco-resin” plastic and machined aluminium plates that have been anodised Blue.

Eco Resin panels are created from waste plastics taken from the fronts of old vending machines and point-of-sale units and then recycled to create a clear resin panel. Matthew designs and builds each Hammerhead PC himself tailored to the customers requirements and each system has it’s own unique serial number.


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Logitech M515 Mouse Specifically Designed For Sofa/Bed Use

Logitech has just added a new mouse to their range that has been specifically designed to use on your sofa, bed or on any other soft fabric where you might like to use a mouse.

The new Logitech Wireless Mouse M515 is constructed with a sealed bottom case that lets you mouse around on soft surfaces without snagging and prevents any fluff or small bits collecting in the mouses sensor bay.

Logitech M515

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AMD Announces Embedded G-Series Fusion APU (video)

AMD has today announced it has created the worlds first and only APU for embedded systems with its new low-power AMD Embedded G-Series platform with new x86 core integrated with GPU and DirectX 11 support.

The AMD Embedded G-Series, based on AMD Fusion technology, delivers a complete, full-featured embedded platform and incorporates the new low-power, x86 CPU based on the “Bobcat” core with a DirectX 11-capable GPU and parallel processing engine on a single piece of silicon designed for set-top boxes, SFF PCs and many more applications.

Embedded G-Series Fusion-Based Devices

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Nexcopy 16 Port USB 3.0 Duplicator SSUSB160PC

The SuperSpeed SSUSB160PC, which is one if not the very first USB 3.0 duplicator has been launched by Nexcopy and allows you to copy data to 16 USB flash drives at lightning fast speed.

The newly designed 16 port duplicator has been created with top loading ports for easily installation and removal of the flash drives.

Nexcopy 16 Port USB 3.0 Duplicator

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Compulab fit-PC3 Packs In Dual Core AMD In Tiny PC

In a PC case no bigger than 16 cm x 16 cm x 2.4 cm bristles a powerful Dual Core AMD computer thanks to Compulab who have created yet another mini powerhouse, following up on their last creation the PC2.

The fit-PC3 can be fitted with a AMD G-series T56N processor, otherwise known as the Fusion Zacate, which offers dual cores at 1.6GHz. Together with a Radeon HD 6310 and still manages to only pull 18w TDP and runs cool enough not to require a single fan.

PC fit

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MSi Unveils Two New Twin Frozr II Video Cards

MSi has unveiled two new graphics cards the N570GTX and N580GTX both with the MSi Twin Frozr II cooling system installed.

The Frozer II cooling system combines two fans to cool both the GPU and RAM on the video card and only create a very small amount of sound in the process, just 8.4 dB to be exact. Even at this ultra low level of sounds for fan cooling MSi states that their new cooling system can cool up to 20 degrees more than traditional fans based graphic card cooling system.

Twin Frozr II

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