Sony VAIO F Series Ultimate Entertainment 3D Laptop

Promoted by Sony as the Ultimate Entertainment 3D Laptop the Sony VAIO F Series packs some serious power together with a 16.0″ Full HD 3D LED widescreen backlit display that requires the same active shutter glasses as used with Sony’s Bravia 3D TV.

The VAIO F is powered by an Intel Core Quad-Core i7-2630QM with NVIDIA GeForce GT540M graphics with 1GB dedicated VRAM supporting DirectX 11 and up to 8GB DDR3 1333Mhz SDRAM – 6 GB standard (4GB+2 GB). It’s also equipped with Sony’s S-force 3D technology delivering virtual 5.1 surround sound and has a HDMI connection.

Sony VAIO F Series

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Samsung Sliding PC 7

Samsung has combined a netbook and tablet to create its new Sliding PC 7, a 10.1 inch 1366 x 768-resolution touchscreen tablet equipped with a full slide out keyboard.

The new device runs Windows 7 and is powered by an Intel Atom Z670 CPU, 2GB of RAM with either 32 or 64GB of solid state drive storage that allows it to boot in around 20 seconds. For connectivity the Samsung Sliding PC 7 can use either 3G or WiMAX.

Samsung Sliding PC7

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Lenovo Unveils IdeaPad U1 Hybrid Laptop Tablet

As you can imagine CES 2011 is overrun with new tablet devices of all shapes and sizes but this new IdeaPad U1 unveiled by Lenovo is a hybrid laptop/tablet looking to give you the best of both worlds.

The Lenovo IdeaPad U1 Hybrid, combines a Windows-running laptop with an LePad tablet currently running Android 2.2. Whilst in the laptop mode the tablet only servers as the display for the laptop and when removed it becomes a Android tablet.

IdeaPad U1

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LG shows Off Xnote P210 12.5-inch Notebook

LG has pulled the wraps off a new notebook computer this week called the Xnote P210. The machine has a 12.5-inch screen and by making the bezel thinner, it is able to pack that larger 12.5-inch screen into a notebook the size of your average 11.6-inch machine. The bezels on the notebook are 299mm horizontal and 192mm vertical.

LG Xnote P210

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Alienware M17x Apparently Suffering With GPU Power Problems

Unfortunately for some Alienware M17x owners problems still exist within their systems, reported problems suggest a power-related graphics problems, even after Alienware has now finally stated they have fixed the apparent DPC latency issues with the laptop.

Apparently the symptoms are similar to that of the DPC latency issue, which is causing a few problems with diagnosis. However the new problem seems to be effecting the highest specification systems with the GPU taking more power than is available.

Alienware M17x

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2011 MacBook Pro Coming In April Next Year?

We have been hearing quite a few different rumors about the 2011 MacBook Pro recently, including that it may come with and SSD instead of a hard drive as standard, plus we may also see Apple sing Intel’s Sandy Bridge processors in the MacBook range for 2011.

Now Digitimes are reporting that according to Apple suppliers, we can expect to see the new MacBook pro launch within the first half of 2011, which is hardly surprising considering that Apple announced this years model back in April.

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GelaSkins Launches MacBook Air Skins

GelaSkins have been around for a while with cool skins that look good and prevent scratches on the top of all sorts of notebooks and smartphones. If you are the power of one of the new MacBook Air ultraportables GelaSkins has announced that it is now supporting the new Apple gear.


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