Transforming Lego Wall-E

Check out this amazing transforming Lego Wall-E, which was made by Korean Lego Fan Gyuta, it looks really impressive and works just like the real Wall-E.


As well as being able to move around, this cool Lego Wall-E robot can transform into Wall-E’s cube, have a look at the photo and video below.
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The Window Cleaning Robot

Well it looks like window cleaners days are numbered, with the invention of a window cleaning robot from four engineering students from Michigan State University.

This fun robot called the Winboni runs of 4 AA batteries and sticks to the window using a suction fan, it then uses felt pads to clean the window.
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Video – The Gaze Controlled Robot

Check out this cool gaze controlled robot, developed by researchers at the Technical University of Denmark.

gaze control robot

The robot was based around the LEGO NXT-G kit, a webcam and a laptop which is connected to the robot via Bluetooth, and then to a desktop PC via WiFi.
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Cool Mods – The iPhone Robot

Some of you may remember the walking iPhone robot that we featured on the site previously, well it looks like another clever moder has turned his iPhone into a robot.

iphone robot

This clever iPhone robot was made using an Arduino CPU board and development environment, a TA7291P motor and it is powered via 4 x AA batteries.
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Hack your Nintendo Wii

The guys over at Gizmodo have put together a comprehensive guide on how to hack your Nintendo Wii, to enable you to watch movies and also play free games on it.

hack your nintendo wii

Hacking consoles isn’t usually the easiest thing to do, and it can sometimes go wrong, but with this great guide from Gizmodo you should be able to hack your Wii without any problems.
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