steampunk USB Jump Drive

Steampunk USB Jump Drive

We love anything Steampunk here at geeky gadgets, some of our readers may remember the cool Rusted Steampunk USB drive we featured on the site previously, well here is another cool Steampunk themed … [Read more...]

Paintball Turret

The Paintball Turret

If you have ever been paintballing, then you will know how much those little paint pellets hurt when you get shot by one. Imagine what would happen if you were attacked by this crazy paintball … [Read more...]


Video – Music Blocks

Here's something very cool, a set of wooden blocks that play music, control the volume and switch tracks on your iPod or stereo. The Music Blocks features a central control block, which is the … [Read more...]


Hackintosh Dell Mini 9

Hackintosh Dell Mini 9

The guys over at Gizmodo have compiled a great guide on how to get OS X installed on a netbook. A Dell Mini 9 was chosen, as it is the most compatible with OS X, with all the hardware components … [Read more...]


VCR Toaster

The VCR Toaster

Here's a fun project for people who have an old VCR lying around, why not turn it into one of these fun VCR Toasters? The guys over at Instructables have created a handy guide that details how to … [Read more...]