Cool Mods – The Full Size Drivable Star Wars X-34 Landspeeder Replica

Check out this Amazing full size drivable Star Wars X-34 Landspeeder Replica, made by Daniel Deutsch.

This cool X-34 Landspeeder Replica was made from a custom aluminium chassis, and fibreglass.

It is powered by an electric drive system and can reach speeds of up to 25 mph. It is exactly the same size as the original X-34 Landspeeder that was used in the Star Wars films.

x-34 landspeeder replica

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Cool Mods – The Remixed Xbox 360 controller

Check out this modded Xbox 360 controller from moder Foo Foo from Acid Mods.

xbox controller mod

You may remember Microsoft saying they were going to redesign the 360 controller to make it more usable for first person shooters. Well to my knowledge this never came to market. So I decided to build my own version of what I think it would have been like.

Foo Foo has moved the action buttons to the underneath of the controller, which means he can shot without having to take his thumb off the thumbstick, thus making FPS games a lot easier to play.

Here’s a video of it in action.

Acid Mods via BB Gadgets

Gaming Mods – The Xbox 360 Lian Li Case – PC-XB01

Here’s a novel case for your Xbox 360 from the guys at Lian Li, the PC-XB01 case.

lian li XB01

The PC-XB01 case is designed to keep your Xbox 360 cool and solve overheating problems, it is also designed to keep it quite.   The dual 70mm fans on the Xbox 360 are replaced with one 120mm ultra quiet fan.
There is just one problem with it though, it is four times the size of your Xbox 360 case. The PC-Xb01 case will go on sale at the end of August, there is no word on pricing as yet.

Product Page via Boing Boing and Hack A Day

Cool Mods – The DIY LED Chess Set

Check out this cool DIY LED chess set, it was made by Instructables member Tetranitrate.

diy led chess set

Sixteen blue LEDs and sixteen green LEDs are glued inside the hollow recesses in the base of each chess piece. The positive contacts for the LEDs are wired to copper washers attached to the base of each chess piece. The negative contacts for the LEDs are clipped to be made flush with the rest of the base.

A conductive chessboard is made from a sheet of copper. The sheet is wired to the positive lead from a power transformer. Insulated holes through the center of each square on the board allow magnets to pass through. The magnets connect and hold a negatively wired steel plate underneath to the negative leads from the LEDs.

Here is a video of this cool DIY LED chess set in action.

If you want to make your own, head on over to Instructables for full instructions.

via Hacked Gadgets

Cool Mods – The Munny Speakers

Check out these cool homemade speakers, made my moder Ed Lewis (Fungus Amungus) from Instructables.

munny speakers

Ed used a custom vinyl doll called a Munny doll from the vinyl miniature creators over at Kidrobot.

cool mods - the munny speakers

As the dolls Ed wanted to use were vinyl, they were extremely hard to cut, so he used a heat gun to heat up the vinyl and then was able to cut the face of these cute little dolls to make room for his speakers.

mods - munny speakers

He then used a set of 3 inch Tang Band bamboo speakers which fit perfectly into the butchered doll.

This is great mod and these would look really cool sitting next to your PC, if you want to make your own head on over to Instructables for full instructions.

via Dvice