Giant Nintendo Game & Watch Looks Awesome

The guys over at House 4 Hack have created a life sized version of the Nintendo Game & Watch, using Arduino, and some modding skills they have created a playable large scale version of the game.

Have a look at the photos below, it was put together by Tobie form House 4 Hack and Chris from CubedModels, and as you can see from the photos it has been hung on the wall and can be played just like the original Nintendo Game & Watch.

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Windows 8 Gets Installed On The HTC Shift (Video)

Earlier today we saw Windows 8 running on a USB drive, and now we have another Windows 8 video, this time the Windows 8 developer preview has been installed on the HTC Shift.

Have a look at the video of it in action below, we are wondering if this is the oldest device so far that Windows 8 has been installed on, considering the HTC Shift was launched back in 2007.

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Droid Bionic Mod Enables WebTop And HDMI Mirroring In Your Car

An inventive modder has been able to use a rooted Droid Bionic to integrate it into his car media system to enable Netflix streaming, Webtop and HDMI mirroring.

The mod now allows Netflix and other applications to be streamed to all the displays within the car media system and even has Webtop support making it easy to surf the web as well, thanks to the use of standard home dock.

Droid Bionic Mod

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Android MegaPad The 23 Inch Android Device (Video)

Earlier we saw the Padzilla which turns your iPad into a giant iOS device, now it is the turn of Google’s Android OS, with the Android MegaPad, which is basically a 23 inch Android touchscreen device.

The Android MegaPad is the work of Martin Drashkov, and he describes the MegPad as a modern touchscreen computing device, have a look at the video of the MegaPad in action below.

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Sony PSP And GameCube Combined To Create Fusion Micro Mod (video)

Modder Ashen has combined a Sony PSP and Nintendo GameCude to create a portable GameCube system which he’s named the Micro Fusion. The mod is not for the faint heart and has required some careful modding and tweaking to combine the two gaming systems and  gel them together. Great job Ashen!

On the rear of the device Ashen has added a fan and heat sink to help keep all the tightly packed components cool enough to run. Watch the video after the jump to see the Fusion Micro in action and how it has been constructed.

Fusion Micro

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OS X Lion Ultimatum iPhone Theme Looks Awesome (Video)

If you happen to have a jailbroken your iPhone, then you may want to check out this new theme called OS X Lion Ultimatum, which is designed to give your iPhone the look and feel of  OS X Lion.

The video below shows the them in action, and as you can see it gives your iPhone the look of the Mac desktop, and as you can see from the video it gives you the OS X Lion menus, finder functions, stacks, launchpad and much more.

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Samsung Galaxy S Gets Inductive Charging Mod (Video)

Modder and German IT student Qian Qin decided that he wanted to add some inductive charging to his Galaxy S smartphone, so he got hold of a Touchstone charging dock for the Palm Pre and also the back cover of the Pre.

He then took the inductive charging unit out of the Palm Pre case, and soldered it inside his Samsung Galaxy S smartphone, the video below shows the device in action with inductive charging.

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Wooden Sega Saturn Laptop Style Console Mod

If you are a fan of all things Sega you will definitely appreciate this wooden Sega Saturn console created by Turkish modder c_mon. The wooden laptop styled Sega Saturn is equipped with a 5 inch LCD screen borrowed from a PSOne and installed under the flip top lid.

The Sega Saturn electronics are housed in a custom CNC-cut wooden case which mimics the same lines of the original Sega Saturn console, and a blue electroluminescent wire as been added around the cd drive.

Wooden Sega Saturn

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HTC Flyer Bootloader Now Unlockable Using HTC Official Web Utility

HTC has today added the HTC Flyer to the list of compatible devices on its official HTC development website and will now allow you to unlock the bootloader on your HTC Flyer tablet.

But before you rush over to use the new unlocking utility just make sure that your device and the firmware you are running is compatible with the HTC utility. The unlocking tool has been created by HTC for consumers to unlock their devices and install custom firmware on selected HTC Android devices.

HTC Flyer

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iPatch Gives Your iPhone 4 A Glowing Apple Logo

If you want to give your iPhone 4 the same glowing Apple logo that can be found on the back of the MacBook, a UK company called iPatch will be offering a mode for the iPhone 4 that will give it a glowing Apple logo.

The mod is expected to cost around £100, about $159, and the company will be offering the service later this month, and don’t worry if you live outside of the UK as they will be offering the service by mail outside the UK.

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Lamp Comes To Life In Pixar Logo Style With a Little Arduino Wizardry (video)

Industrial engineer Javier Lander has taken a €5 lamp purchased from Ikea and transformed it into a voice activated moving lamp creating a real-life version of the Pixar Animation Studio logo lamp.

Lander has used a couple of servos positioned in the lamps base and one in the shade, sound and motions senors and a three axis accelerometer to bring the lamp to life. Watch the video after the jump to see how the lamp has been created and how it moves.

Pixar Lamp

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