Team Xron Launches Custom Android ROM For HP Touchpad (video)

Team Xron has unveiled their own new remix of the CyanogenMod software providing the Android OS with a different look and feel on HP’s TouchPad device. The new custom Android ROM has refreshed the icons and applications contained within the CyanogenMod to reflect the Android Honeycomb ones a little more closely, together with new themes and wallpapers.

You can install Team Xron’s ROM the same way you would install CyanogenMod, by just downloading the new Team Xron version of Android and use it in place of the CyanogenMod files. Watch a video after the jump to see it in action.

Team Xron

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Project Xperience, Awesome Plexiglass PC Case Mod

We have featured a number of different PC case mods here t Geeky Gadgets over the years, but I think the latest case mod is one of the coolest we have seen so far, the Project Xperience which was created by Florian from Hering Home Projects.

The case was built from plexiglass and it features an aluminum core, and Florian planned out his design using a CAD program, and it is designed to be used as a HTPC in your living room, and according to Florian it is almost completely noiseless as it uses passive cooling.

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Tweephone, The Rotary Phone Twitter Client (Video)

The Tweephone was created by two Ukranian technology companies UP digital Bureau and Unteleported tech agency, who have said that the Tweephone is the first analog Twitter client, and it was made using an old telephone and Arduino.

The Tweephone lets you type your tweets using the rotary dial on the phone, and obviously it takes a little longer to write our your tweet than using your keyboard, have a look at the video of it in action below.

Tweephone, The Rotary Phone Twitter Client

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Android Ice Cream Sandwich Ported To Nexus S 4G

Google has already announced that they will be releasing the Android Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Google Nexus S, and yesterday we heard that Google had released the Android Ice Cream Sandwich SDK.

According to the guys over at Android Central, one of the members of their forums, Beezy has already started work on porting Android Ice Cream Sandwich to the Nexus S 4G.

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Droid Bionic Dual Booting With CyanongenMod 7 (Video)

We have already seen CyanogenMod 7 running on the Droid Bionic, and now we have another video which shows the Droid Bionic dual booting into CyanogenMod 7, the hack was originally done of the Droid 3 and then the same method was used on the Droid Bionic.

The video below shows the Droid Bionic dual booting Android 2.3 Gingerbread with CyanogenMod 7, and it uses an original hack for the Droid 3 which was put together by developer hashcode.

Droid Bionic Dual Booting With CyanongenMod 7 (Video)

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StarCraft Universe MMO Open Developer Preview Now Available (video)

If you have already heard about the StarCraft MMO you will already know it is built on the foundations of StarCraft and has been under development for sometime. The great think about the game is that its been developed by fans of StarCraft and its team of developers have this week unveiled what they have completed so far and the results look very promising.

The team of StarCraft fans have taken the real-time strategy game and transformed it into a multiplayer role-playing game called StarCraft Universe. The preview enables you to entering the arena or.. “Encephalon Grid” and play as any class, starting at level 30 with a full set of level 30 gear. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.

StarCraft MMO

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Sony’s Reader PRS-T1 Hacked To Run Android Apps (video)

If you are the owner of a Sony Reader PRS-T1 device you might be interested to know that it’s possible to hack your device to be able to run Google’s Android applications.

The original Sony Reader PRS-T1 comes supplied with a heavily modified version of android straight from the box, but with a little tinkering it’s now possible to run android applications. Watch the video after the jump to see what needs to be done.

Sony's Reader PRS-T1 Hacked To Run Android

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CyanogenMod 7 For TouchPad Becomes More Functional (video)

If you are patiently waiting to be able to load Android on to your HP Touchpad you will be pleased to know the latest CyanogenMod 7.1.0 is now coming close to a working solution with more functionality being continually added all the time.

However even in this for it is still buggy and under development so be prepared this is not a fully working finished CyanogenMod for TouchPad, and their calling this one the “lower your expectations” edition for a reason.

CyanogenMod For TouchPad

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Android Lands On HP TouchPad As webOS App (Video)

We have already seen Android running on the HP TouchPad,from the guys over at CyanogenMod, and now another developer has taken a different approach to getting Android running on the HP TouchPad.

Chinese developer Chomper has release an App that will run Android 2.3 Gingerbread on the HP TouchPad without having to reboot the device, and it runs just like a webOS app would, have a look at the video of it in action below.

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Google Wallet Now Available On All Nexus S Phones (rooted)

Google Wallet the NFC based payment system which was launched a couple of weeks ago by Google was originally only intended to be currently used on the Sprint Nexus S.

However if you have been waiting to load Google Wallet on your non-Sprint Nexus S you will be pleased to know that XDA has been able to make it available to all Nexus S rooted devices. The new Google Wallet update has been created by XDA users kibmcz, venumx, and got2best.

google wallet

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