Raspberry Pi And Arduino Powered Guitar Plays Network Logs (video)

Raspberry Pi And Arduino Powered Guitar

Anyone looking for a more unique way to manage their network logs and scan for problems or issues, may be interested in a new guitar that has been modified to be powered by an Arduino and Raspberry Pi set up.

The Raspberry Pi powered guitar then plays a tune as it reads the network logs creating a tune depending on the notifications that are contained within the code. Watch the video below to see how the guitar performs reading firewall logs.
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Dying Light Developer Tools Now Available Via Steam (video)

Dying Light developer tools

Techland has this week made available the Dying Light developer tools set via Valve’s Steam games network, for anyone that is interested in doing a little more with the game than just killing zombies and surviving.

The new Dying Light developer tools include a level editor and plenty of customisation tools that can be seen in the developer tools trailer below, enabling you to create the level of your dreams for other and yourself to enjoy.
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Snowboard Jet Propulsion System Prototyped (video)

Snowboarder Jet Propulsion System

Snowboarders that would sometimes prefer to be able to continue snowboarding whilst on flat ground or up small gradients or even add a little extra speed to their turns, may be interested in a new snowboard jet propulsion system that has been created by Jude Gomila.

The snowboard jet propulsion system is capable of providing a maximum thrust of 22lbs and offers 120amps at 50V with a maximum capability of 600 watts. Watch the videos below to see the concept in action as it is being developed.

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Lego Computer Created By Mike Schropp

Lego Computer

Lego fans that are looking for an endlessly upgradable Lego computer case are sure to enjoy a look at this awesome Lego computer created by Mike Schropp.

The Lego computer case is complete built from Lego and finished with a a strip of light and buttons to finish the design. Internally the small form factor Lego PC can support 16GB of RAM and the latest Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 processors.

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Moto 360 Pocket Watch Created With a Little 3D Printing

Moto 360 Pocketwatch

Originally launched during the autumn of last year the new Moto 360 smartwatch is powered by the Google Android Wear platform and is equipped with Google Now.

Now the team over at Android Central has modified the smartwatch to provide a more retro timepiece in the form of a Moto 360 pocket watch, thanks to a few custom parts which have been created using a 3D printer and an antique watch chain.

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DIY Digital Clock Constructed From 1916 Individual Components

DIY Digital Clock

If you are looking for an electronics project to keep you busy this weekend and far into the future, you might be interested in creating your own DIY digital clock similar to Gislain Benoit’s “The Clock”.

The DIY digital clock, that takes the form of individual electronic components that have been soldered together into a piece of artwork to create a fully functional digital timepiece.

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Scotty 3D Printer Teleports Your Objects For One Room To Another (video)

Scotty 3D Printer

Even though teleporting humans from one location to another is a long way off. A new ingenious tongue-in-cheek method of transporting physical objects from one location to another has been created called the Scotty 3D printer system.

Watch the video below to learn more about the system that uses a couple of Makerbot 3D printers that have been modified to allow the teleportation to take place.

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Destiny Player Creates Auto Levelling Robot Using Arduino (video)

Destiny Auto Levelling

Levelling up in Bungie’s new Destiny game can take quite some time especially if you have multiple characters you wish to advance. One industrious Destiny player though has decided to level up one of his characters using a auto levelling robot he has created using a servo, Xbox controller and an Arduino Uno development board.

It might not be the fastest way to grind your way through the levels within Destiny but the very unique robot is quite ingenious allowing YouTube user Yavin Four to sit back and watch, or in this case sleep as levels clock up. Watch the video below to see the Destiny levelling robot in action.

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Super Game Pi Handheld Raspberry Pi Powered 3D Printed SNES (video)

Super Game Pi

If you are looking to create a Raspberry Pi powered handheld console Adafruit has released instructions on how to build a new device that expands on their previous Gameboy style handheld that was also powered by a Raspberry Pi mini PC.

The new Super Game Pi as it has been called, is a 3D printed games consoles that is equipped with 12 buttons and an analog joystick together with a larger 5” HDMI display.

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