13 Year Old Creates His Own DIY Google Glass Style Eyeware (video)

DIY Google Glass

Developer and makers that enjoy building devices using the Arduino platform are sure to enjoy this DIY Google Glass eyewear system that has been created by 13 year old Clay Haight.

Clay bought his first Arduino Uno development board at age 10 and has since then acquired a Mega, the Esplora, the Mini, the Ardweeny, the Mintduino and even built his very own Ardunio supported devices.

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Oculus Rift Arduino Hack Provides Third Person View (video)

Oculus Rift

If you thought virtual reality headsets could only provide a first person view for users it might be time to have a rethink. As an industrious team over at Tutorial Bay have used the Arduino programming platform to hack their Oculus Rift virtual reality headset to offer a third person view.

The wearable proof of concept device was constructed in just two days and has been designed to enhance human visual performance for the use in real world applications.

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Skyrim Graphics Enhanced Even Further With RealVision ENB (video)

Skyrim Graphics

Even though development on the Skyrim game by its developers has long finished, new mods and enhancements are still being created and one such addition is the Skyrim graphics mod RealVision ENBSeries created by Boris Vorontsov.

Once installed the Skyrim RealVision ENB graphics modification brings the Skyrim world even more to life modifying render functions on the game and applying additional effects, all of which can be seen in action in the video after the jump.

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DIY 3D Printer Built For Just $100 Using Old DVD Drives (video)

3D Printer

Over the last couple of years we have featured many different types of 3D printers ranging in price from a tens of thousands of pounds to just a few. However more recently we have seen the prices drop from thousands of dollars down to just a couple of hundred.

If you have some serious maker skills you might be able to follow the instructions of Instructables user Gelstronic who has managed to build his very own 3D printer for less than $100.

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Raspberry Pi Gameboy Pocket Portable Games Console (Video)

Raspberry Pi Gameboy

Makers, developers and hobbyists that enjoy building projects using the awesome Raspberry Pi mini PC might be interested in this fantastic Raspberry Pi Gameboy which has been created by Travis Brown.

Travis has taken an old Gameboy and replace the internal workings with a Raspberry Pi mini PC to create an awesome portable retro gaming handheld console. Watch the video after the jump to see this cool Gameboy project in action.

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Concrete 3D Printer Created Using RepRap And Pronterface (video)

Concrete 3D Printer

Industrious contractor Andrey Rudenko has designed and built his very own concrete 3D printer in his garage to help create and build houses and concrete 3D printed structures.

The concrete 3D printer has been built using an Arduino Mega 2560 based RepRap RAMPS style controller combined with NEMA34 stepper motors. Which are powered by a custom-built open source THB6064AH based driver created by James at MassMind.

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ChronosMEGA ATmega328P Powered DIY LED Watch (video)

ChronosMEGA Watch

One industrious maker has created a very unique LED watch called the ChronosMEGA, who’s name is made up of a combination the greek word: chronos for time, and MEGA for the ATmega328P processor used in its construction.

The ChronosMEGA watch took four months to build by Instructables member N.Fletch, is powered by a Atmel ATmega328P QFP processor, that uses 10 Blue 1206 LEDs to indicate the time.

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Raspberry Pi Case Created Using An Old Cassette Tape

Raspberry Pi Cassette Tape Case

Raspberry Pi owners who are looking for a more unique case to protect their $35 mini PC, might be interested in this unique Raspberry Pi cassette tape case.

Michele Alessandrini is responsible for the idea to adapt an old cassette tape to fit the Raspberry Pi which provides a very unique casing for the awesome mini PC, and if like me you have plenty of cassettes in the attic allows you to put them to use.

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Hacker Builds Virtual Reality Oculus Rift Style Headset For $50 (video)

If you missed out on purchasing a developer edition of the Kickstarted launched Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, before Facebook acquired the company for a cool $2 billion worth of stock.

You might be interested to know there are alternatives and one industrious hacker has created his very own virtual reality headset in the style of the Oculus Rift for a minimal cost.

DIY Virtual Reality headset

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ZX-Pi – ZX81 Raspberry Pi Retro Computer Case Hack

Raspberry Pi owners who also have an old Sinclair ZX81 computer that no longer works just gathering dust in the attic. Might be interested in a new project which allows you to house your Raspberry Pi mini PC inside the ZX 81 casing complete with working membrane keyboard.

The ZX-Pi hack has been carried out by Tony Smith who also previously detailed how to use an Arduino Leonardo to connect a ZX81 keyboard to the Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi ZX81

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Mac Pro Hackintosh Made Using A Bathroom Trash Can

German modder Dschijn over on the Tonymacx86 forums posted this cool Apple Mac Pro Hackintosh which was created using a bathroom trash can bought from Amazon, it was originally created by TonyMac forum Member “sascha288″.

The awesome later 2013 Mac Pro replica is equipped with a Core i3 Haswell processor, Gigabyte z87n wifi, Radeon 7750 and solid state disk (SSD) & HDD together with a ATX power supply. The finished Mac Pro Hackintosh measures 18cm width, 26cm height and has also been finished in limed edition red to finish the final effect.

Mac Pro Hackintosh

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