3D Printer Plays ‘The Imperial March’ From ‘Star Wars (video)

3D Printer

We have featured many 3D printers here on Geeky Gadgets over the last few years, as well as also featuring floppy drives that have been rigged to be able to play tunes such as ‘The Imperial March’ from ‘Star Wars.

Now one intrepid 3D printer owner has been able to rig their 3D printer stepper motors to play the iconic Imperial March from the Star Wars films, providing a much more enhanced audio version when compared to the floppy drives, check it out after the jump.

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Raspberry Pi Lunchbox Laptop Computer (video)

Raspberry Pi Lunchbox Laptop Computer

Makers, developers and hobbyists that enjoy building projects using the awesome Raspberry Pi mini PC are sure to enjoy this lunchbox laptop computer project created by Instructable user agent036.

The lunchbox laptop is powered by a Raspberry Pi single board mini PC and provides all the functionality of a wifi netbook with a small screen, all be it a little slower than most netbooks on the market.

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Awesome Pipboy 3000 Wearable Arm Mounted Mini Computer (video)

Pipboy 3000

Fallout fans that would enjoy wearing a real-life Pipboy 3000 arm mounted computer just like in the games, are sure to enjoy this new build created by hacker, maker and developer over at the Sweatmans Scientific website.

The latest Pipboy 3000 hacked design uses the 3D printer files created by dragonator and a 4D Systems 4.3 inch touch display together with a battery pack and USB breakout board. Check out the video below to learn more about the build from its hacker.

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GTA IV Gets RoboCop Mod


Anyone who grew up in the 80s will remember the original RoboCop film. The movie was cheesy, but it was cheesy in an awesome way. After the first two films in the franchise the quality went down massively, but the films are still some of the coolest 80s cinema out there. Fans of GTA IV have a new mod that will bring something cool from the original RoboCop film to the game.

The RoboCop mod adds a virtual ED-209 to the game. Players can do all sorts of things with the rampaging robot. ED-209 can be a bodyguard for you character to keep the police off your back while you kill, steal, and blow stuff up around the city. Perhaps the coolest part of the mod is that you can directly control ED-209.

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3D Printer Hacked To Create Tattooing Machine (video)

Tattooing Machine

We have featured many 3D printers here on Geeky Gadgets over the past few years, but now Paris design studio Appropriate Audiences has modified one and transformed it into an automated tattooing machine.

The new 3D printer hacked tattooing machine named the Tatoué is capable of painting indelible artworks on human skin and is capable of puncturing skin up to 150 times per second. Check it out in the video below to learn more and see it in action.

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XBook Duo Game Console Laptop Combines Xbox One And Xbox 360 (video)

XBook Duo

Eddie Zarick has this week unveiled his latest game console laptop in the form of the XBook Duo that combines both a next-generation Xbox One and an older Xbox 360 console into one portable games console complete with 22″ Vizio 1080p LED LCD monitor.

Eddie has already created a number of portable games console laptop systems modifying the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PS3 and older Xbox 360. This latest system has been built as a proof of concept to see whether the two consoles could be combined into one laptop.

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Raspberry Pi Sinclair TV LCD Case Mod By Nathan Chantrell

Raspberry Pi

Why use of a brand-new case for your touchscreen TFT Raspberry Pi project, when you can use a retro Sinclair TV LCD case instead and breath life back into the old hardware.

Modder and developer Nathan Chantrell has this week publish details of a modification he has carried out using an original Sinclair TV LCD case and a Raspberry Pi mini PC, modding the case to use a new 2.2″ SPI LCD QVGA 240×320 display.

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The PlayBook 4 PlayStation 4 Laptop Unveiled For $1,400

PlayBook 4

In the past we have featured the creations of Ed Zarick which have included the very unique Xbook which takes the form of an Xbox 360 laptop and the new Xbook One console laptop that include a next generation Xbox One console and is priced at $1500, and now a PlayStation 4 laptop.

This week Zarick has unveiled his latest PlayStation 4 laptop creation in the form of the PlayBook 4 which you might have guessed is built using Sony’s next-generation PS4 games console, converting it into a laptop games console.

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Gameboy Color Games Running On Android Wear (video)

Android Wear

Some of our readers might remember earlier this month we featured a quick video created by 16 year old hacker Corbin Davenport who had been able to install Windows 95 onto his Android Wear smartwatch.

This week Corbin has released a new video showing how he has loaded Game Boy Color games onto his wrist worn Android Wear device, which he can play using a separate Bluetooth controller.

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