Microsoft Bing 2.0 iPhone App Released

Microsoft has updated its Bing iPhone app, with the latest version of the app being Bing 2.0 for iOS devices. This new version of Bing for the iPhone comes with a range of new features including the integration of Facebook likes.

Another new feature in Bing 2.0 for iOS is called Streetside, which is a new mapping feature that gives you a multi-street level panorama of locations, you can take a virtual walkthrough the locations, and also includes business listings, street names and also store fronts.

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16 Year Old Develops Top 25 iPhone App

Some of our readers may have heard of Willian LeGate before, he started producing iPhone apps when he was just 13, and his latest app has become popular on the Apple store.

William LeGate has recently created a new app, called Game Giveaway, and it has been downloaded over 100,000 times in just 24 hours and is about to reach the one million download mark.

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Apple iBooks Gets Updated, AirPrint Supported Added

Apple has updated its iBooks app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, and the latest version is 1.2, and it now comes with support for Apple’s AirPrint allowing you to print PDF documents and notes.

Other features in iBooks 1.2 include the ability to organise your books into personal collections, and you can easily jump between collections by swiping left or right.

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Verizon iPhone To be Announced At CES?

The rumors of a Verizon iPhone continue, we are still expecting a Verizon iPhone 4 to be announced early next year, with AT&T’s exclusivity about to end, around the 31st of December 2010.

A Verizon iPhone certainly would make a lot of sense for Apple, and would bring it a lot more sales of the iPhone for Apple, so could we see the Verizon iPhone 4 announced at CES?

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Mashed Pixel Surc iPhone Remote Control Case

Mashed Pixel will be showcasing its new Surc IR-embedded remote control case for the iPhone 4 at CES 2011 next year. The Surc iPhone case transforms your iPhone into a universal remote control with an extensive range and built in Micro USB connections.

When combined with the free iPhone app you can customise your Surc remotes buttons, layout and even its look and feel. Surc is able learn the codes from virtually any IR-remote controls and store them or download them from an extensive database.


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Infinity Blade Update Coming Next Week

Infinity Blade is one of the coolest games to hit iOS devices this year, the graphics are about the best we have seen so far on an iPad and iPhone game, and now the developers have announced that the game will be getting an update next week.

The update will bring a new add on pack to the game which will add a range of new weapons, with five new shields, helmets, weapons, and one armor set, the level cap will also be increased from level 40 to level 45.

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Designed by Young-Gun Cho (aka Kenny Cho) the ICONICSTAND is definitely a very unique iPhone stand that is constructed from using sustainable practices.

This unique stand is cut from Birch and can be personalised with the logo or icon of your choice from Twitter to Facebook. You can see a number of the icons examples over at the ICONICSTAND website.


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Google Voice App Now Supports iPad And iPod Touch

Google has updated its Google Voice app for Apple’s iOS devices, and this new version now features support for the iPod Touch and the Apple iPad.

The updated version of Google Voice will now let you send and receive free text messages from your iPad and iPod Touch, although you obviously won’t be able to make voice calls on either device like you can on the iPhone.

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Jenga Lands On The iPhone And iPad

Natural Motion has released Jenga for iOs devices, with Jenga available for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and Jenga HD available for the Apple iPad.

The Jenga for iOS devices was even developed with the help of the original creator of Jenga, Leslie Scott, and it uses real time 3D physics simulation to create the same behaviour as the physical game has.

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Infinity Blade Fastest Grossing iOS App

The new iOS game Infinity Blade released on the 9th December has already broken the fastest selling app record set by Cut The Rope, juts a few months ago.

As of the 12th December the Apple Game Centre was showing 271,424 users have download the game and prices at $5.99 the app has generated an amazing $1,625,829.76 already. beating Cut the Rope who sold $1 million in sales in just 10 days.

If you haven’t seen Infinity Blade in action watch some gameplay after the jump.

Infinity Blade iPhone

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Apple Removes iOS Jaibreak Detection

It seems that Apple has removed the jailbreak detection API from iOS, that is used to detect whether or not a device has been jailbroken. It was first added to Apple’s mobile OS when version 4.0 was released.

When the latest version of iOS was released, iOS 4.2.1, the API has either now been removed for it has been disabled, it is unclear as yet why this has been done.

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Google Latitude iPhone App Available In App Store

Last week the Google Latitude app turned up in iTunes for the iPhone and iPod Touch, it was quickly pulled by Google, but now it looks like it has re-appeared.

The Google Latitude iPhone App lets you share your location with your friends in real time on a map, and your friends can also share their location, you can also choose which friends you want to show you location to.

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