You Will Soon Be Able To Start Your Tesla Model S With Your iPhone

Tesla Model S

Whilst Tesla are working on a couple of new models, like the Tesla Model X and the Tesla Model III, the company is also working on a new firmware update for their Tesla Model S.

One of the new features that will be added in the next firmware update for the Tesla Model S, is the ability to start your car with your smartphone, this will be available on the iPhone first and then on Android smartphones.

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Swing Copters Lands On iOS And Android (Video)

swing copters

Earlier in the week Flappy Bird creator Don Nguyen revealed his new game, Swing Copters, and now the game is available for both Apple’s iOS platform and Google’s Android platform.

Flappy Bird became sol popular earlier in the year, that the games creator Don Nguyen removed the game from the various app stores after he said it was too addictive.

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iPhone 6 To Come With 128GB Option (Rumor)

iphone 6

Yesterday we found out some more details on the camera on the iPhone 6 from a leaked schematic, now it would appear that we have more information on Apple’s next iPhone from another leaked schematic.

The leaked schematic for the new iPhone shows that there will be a new storage option this year, one with 128GB of built in storage, the current top storage size on the iPhone 5S is 64GB.

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Google PhotoSphere Camera App For iPhone Launched

photosphere camera app

Google has launched a new camera app for the iPhone and Apple’s iOS platform, Google PhotoSphere Camera app, the app comes with the same features that were available on Google’s Nexus smartphones.

The PhotoSphere Camera app lets you take 360 degree photos on your iPhone, it is compatible with iOS 7.0 devices from the iPhone 4S upwards.

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iPhone 6 Camera Shown In Leaked Schematic

iPhone 6 Camera

The iPhone 6 camera is said to get a major upgrade over the camera used in the current iPhone 5S, we have heard various rumors about the camera for Apple’s new iPhone, and now we have a leaked photo from an iPhone 6 schematic.

The photo below is apparently of the new iPhone 6 camera on the 4.7 inch model, and the handset will apparently have a 0.67 – 0.77mm protruding camera.

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iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy Alpha (Photos)

iphone 6

We have seen various mockups and leaked renders of the new iPhone 6, and now we have some photos comparing the iPhone 6 vs the Samsung Galaxy Alpha.

Samsung recently announced their new Samsung Galaxy Alpha, the handset comes with a 4.7 inch display, the new iPhone will also come with a 4.7 inch display, and these renders from designer Martin Hajek give us an idea on how the two handsets will compare side by side.

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Lytro Camera iOS App Updated With New Interactive Features

Lytro Camera

Owners of the revolutionary Lytro camera might be interested to know that its developers have released a new iOS application this week that brings with it a range of new features and enhancements to the iPhone app.

The update has been rolled out to help showcase the images shot with its brand new Lytro Illum light field camera and now offers the ability to share your living pictures via Messages, Email, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

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New iPhone 6 Screen Resolution Discovered In iOS 8 Beta 6 Files


Yesterday Apple released the latest version of its iOS 8 Beta 6 operating system to testing partners, and today it has been revealed that code within the the latest Xcode 6 Software Development Kit (SDK) has unveiled a new screen resolution for the upcoming iPhone 6 smartphone that may be 828 x 1472 pixels.

The new potential iPhone 6 screen resolution within the iOS 8 files was discovered within a file in the iOS 8 “Springboard” application another name for the iPhone’s homepage.

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Apple iOS 8 Beta 6 Released To Testing Partners

Apple iOS 8

Apple iOS Beta 5 was released to developers a couple of weeks ago, and now Apple has released another version, Apple iOS 6 Beta 6, although this has apparently not been released to developers as yet.

According to the BGR, Apple iOS 8 Beta 6 has been released to Apple’s testing partners, and the company’s testing partners have to accept the release by the 5th of September.

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iPhone 6 To Come With LTE-A

iPhone 6

We recently heard some more rumors about the new iPhone 6, the latest one was that the handset would only come with 1GB of RAM, and now it would appear that we have some more details about Apple’s next generation smartphone.

According to a recent report, the new iPhone 6 will come with a Qualcomm MDM9625 modem, this modem supports Cat. 4. LTE, and it would bring a number of improvements over the current chip used in the iPhone 5S.

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Tickle Makes Learning iOS App Programming Fun (video)

App Programming

A new Kickstarter project has been launched this week called Tickle that has been created by the MIT Media Lab to introduce children into app programming on iOS devices such as the iPad and iPhone.

Tickle allows users to create applications and games by simply dragging and dropping actions and commands into the work area, to create interactive iOS applications and games. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Tickle app and programming project and see it in action.

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New Apple iPhone 6 Will Not Be Fitted With Sapphire Glass Reports JP Morgan

Apple iPhone 6

Rumours and speculation are still circulating around the new Apple iPhone 6 ahead of next month’s Apple press conference which is scheduled to take place on September 9th.

Previously its been reported that Apple may only be offering sapphire glass screens on only its higher end iPhone 6 smartphones. However today JP Morgan reports that the investment company thinks its unlikely that Apple will start shipping iPhones equipped with sapphire glass until next year.

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