Apple Mobile Payments Could Come With The iPhone 6

apple mobile payments

We have been hearing for a while that there is a new Apple mobile payments system in the works, and now according to a recent report, the new Apple mobile wallet could launch with the iPhone 6 in September.

The company has apparently been in talks with a number of the major credit card providers, which includes Visa, regarding their new Apple mobile payments system.

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5.5 Inch iPhone 6 Wont Launch In September (Rumor)

5.5 Inch iPhone 6

Apple are expected to launch a 4.7 inch iPhone 6 and a 5.5 inch iPhone 6, previous rumors had suggested that both handsets would launch in September.

Recent reports have suggested that the 4.7 inch iPhone 6 will launch in September, and the 5.5 inch model may launch in October, although according to a new report from DigiTimes, Apple may actually launch the 5.5 inch iPhone 6 a couple of months after the 4.7 inch model.

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Screen Protectors For The Purported iPhone 6 Pops Up

iPhone 6

Case Makers do get early dimensions for unreleased products, at times. Some of them also spoil some of the surprises for gadget fans by posting their product ahead of the official releases.

Recently, Spigen posted some cases for the upcoming iPhone 6 on Amazon, confirming the known rumor that the upcoming device will come with a 4.7-inch display. Now, the folks at XtremeGuards have posted screen protectors for the alleged device online, but only for the 4.7-inch model.

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iPhone 6 To Be Announced Around The Middle Of September (Rumor)

iphone 6

We have previously heard rumors that the iPhone 6 would go on sale around the 19th of September, this would mean that the handset could be announced around the 9th or 10th of September, although a new report suggests it could be later.

According to a recent report from 9 to 5 Mac, Apple are planning their iPhone 6 launch event for either the second or third week in September, this would mean that the handset would either go on sale at the end of September or the start of October.

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iPhone 6 Rumors In One Video

iPhone 6 Rumors

We have heard quite a few different iPhone 6 rumors over the last few months, the handset is expected to come with a new design, updated specifications, and there will also two two different sizes of the handset.

The iPhone 6 is rumored to come with a 4.7 inch display and a 5.5 inch display, both versions of the handset are expected to launch later this year.

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iPhone 6 Sapphire Display Meets Sandpaper (Video)

iPhone 6

We have already seen some videos of the iPhone 6 sapphire display being tested for durability, the display performed well against a knife and some keys and also a hammer, and now we have another video.

In the latest video from Marques Brownlee, we see the iPhone 6 sapphire display go up against sandpaper, the video also shows the same test being performed on the current Gorilla Glass on the iPhone 5S display.

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Apple iPhone 6 Design Cues Revealed By Spigen

iPhone 6

Apple iPhone 6 is turning out to be one of the most leaked devices. Not too long ago, we share some exclusive images of the alleged iPhone 6, as well as some images of the components which were leaked over the weekend.

Now, the case maker Spigen has inadvertently posted some cases for the alleged iPhone 6 on Amazon, revealing the design of the upcoming device.

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Apple iPhone Sales Estimated To Increase in the Third Quarter, iPad Remains The Same

iPhone 5S

Earlier this month, a research suggested that iPhone 5S is still the top smartphone in the world, followed by a few Samsung devices — the Galaxy S5 was not launched during the test period so it was taken in to account for the study.

It’s been over six months since Apple released its upgraded iPhone 5S, iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina. A new report estimates that iPhone will see a slight increase in sales in the third quarter, while the sales of the iPad will remain the same — a negligible decline which can be ignored.

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