Chrome iOS Browser Updated With Handoff And New Material Design

Chrome iOS Browser

Google has released a new update for its Chrome iOS browser which brings with it a variety of new features and enhancements including a new look which is more in line with the Material Design used by Google for its Android operating system and apps.

The new Material Design user interface brings with it, bolder graphics, tactile surfaces and fluid motion. As well as making the latest Chrome iOS browser optimised for Apple’s iOS 8 mobile operating system and its new range of larger screened iPhone 6 smartphones.

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Witcher Battle Arena Launches On iOS And Android January 22nd (video)

Witcher Battle Arena

Witcher fans patiently waiting for the launch of the new Witcher Battle Arena mobile game to launch and also The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt game that is set to launch later this year on May 19th for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles as well as PC.

Will be pleased to learn that the games developers CD Projekt Red has this week announced the launched of the new Witcher Battle Arena for later this week on January 22nd 2015 for iOS and Android.

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Qwerky Speed Typing Keyboard Launches On iOS With Easy Access To Emojis (video)

Qwerky speed typing keyboard

A new gesture-based speed typing keyboard called Qwerky has been launched for iOS devices this month priced at $0.99 for its launch week and rising to $1.99. Adding to the growing list of third-party keyboards available to enhance the typing experience on your iPhone or iPad devices but bringing news features.

Watch the video below to see the new Qwerky keyboard app in action that has been specifically designed to help you say what you want, faster, says its creators with was access to emojis.

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AllCast iOS App Finally Launches Enabling Streaming To Apple TV, Chromecast And More (video)

AllCast iOS

Android users have been enjoying the free AllCast app for sometime and the AllCast iOS application has been in beta testing for a number of months.

But today the company has finally announced the move from its beta testing phase of development to final release, and the AllCast iOS application from later today will finally be available to download from the iTunes App Store.

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Next Keyboard For iPhone Launches On Kickstarter (video)

Next Keyboard for iPhone

A new iPhone keyboard has been launched over on the Kickstarter crowd funding website this week called, Next and is being marketed as the “perfect keyboard for iPhone”.

Next has been designed to provide iPhone users with more power at their fingertips with super fast editing, predictive typing, instant emojis, and beautiful themes, watch the video below to learn more about its features.

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Google Introduces Highway Lange Guidance for Several European Countries in Google Maps

Google Maps

Google Maps is one of my favorite applications, especially when I’m travelling as it helps me find out directions to the places I have to visit. The app has voice-guided navigation as well which can be very handy especially when you’re driving yourself.

Recently, Google has introduced a new feature which offers voice-guided lane guidance for highways in several European countries including Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the UK and Ireland.

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DeviantArt App Launches For iOS and Android

DeviantArt App

If you enjoy browsing the amazing artwork that is featured over on the DeviantArt website You will be pleased to know that the website has now launched its official DeviantArt mobile application that is now available both on Android and iOS devices.

Even though it has taken DeviantArt sometime to create their new mobile application the move follows on from the recent rollout of a new logo as well as power new tweaks rot the website.

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Aaron Paul releases YB messaging app


If you’ve watched the TV series Breaking Bad, you’ll immediately get what makes this new app so funny. If you haven’t, you should go and watch the show right now, because it is awesome. Fans of Breaking Bad will definitely want to download “YB,” an app from Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul, based on his character Jesse Pinkman’s catchphrase: “Yo, b****!”

YB is basically a copy of Yo, a messaging app that was popular over the summer which allows users to send the word “Yo.” You see the improvement? They added a word and made it Jesse’s catchphrase. Because, why not?
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