Roland Unveils Its New Wireless Connect Apps And Hardware (video)

Roland has this week introduced a new addition to their range of products called the Roland Wireless Connect, which consists of a USB adapter and two new iOS apps. Roland Wireless Connect has been designed to allow users to enjoy their instruments on iOS devices.

The first new application from Roland is the Air Recorder, which enables you to record from a Roland synthesiser or V-Accordion directly to your Apple iPhone. Tracks can also be played on your iPhone and sent directly to the instrument, enabling you to jam along and record the result back in the Air Recorder application.

Roland Wireless Connect

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Baseonelabs GunnerCase For iPhone 4, Inspired By Shotgun Recoil Pads

The Baseonelabs GunnerCase designed for Apple’s iPhone 4, may look like a standard simplistic case. But underneath that plain exterior lies technology to help keep your iPhone 4 safe from even the hard knocks, drops and bumps.

The Baseonelabs GunnerCase has been inspired by the recoil pads found on shotguns. So when you unfortunately drop your iPhone the sidewalls of the GunnerCase are designed to collapse and distribute the force of the impact, protecting your iPhone from damage.

Baseonelabs GunnerCase For iPhone 4

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Sled Handmade iPhone Cases Add A Natural Feel

iPhone users looking for a little more of a unique case to protect their high tech smartphone. Might be interested in Sled, who specialise in creating custom iPhone case with a more natural feel.

Sled creates handmade cases which are each individually built-to-order for the iPhone 4 & 4S. The company uses premium natural materials such as wood and leather, allowing you to personalise your iPhone however you like.


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Cashier Live Launches POS Application For iPhone

Today Cashier Live have launched a new iPhone application for their POS system that in a similar way to PayPal could be looking to encroach in Square’s payment service territory.

There are differences though between to the two companies as Cashier Live is firmly targeted at retails, specifically small and medium-sized retailers and franchises.

Cashier Live POS Application Launches For iPhone

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iPhone Latch & Lanyard, Supports Your iPhone While Capturing Movies And Photos (video)

A new iPhone Latch & Lanyard concept designed to be used with the Gymbl Case is currently over on the Kickstarter website looking to make the jump from concept to production, and has been designed to help you take iPhone photographs with ease.

We have featured a number of different solutions here on Geeky Gadgets that have been designed to aid stability and help you hold and control your iPhone movement when taking photographs.

iPhone Latch & Lanyard

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Geode iPhone Payment Solution Combines All Your Cards In One (video)

With the rollout of NFC and Wallet payment systems, finding easier ways to use and carry your credit cards around is becoming big business.Now a new solution called Geode is a new handy payment solution that has been designed to combine all your cards into one.

The Geode iPhone solution consists of a smartphone case that when combined with a custom application acts as a secure mobile wallet. Its also allows you to add loyalty cards as well. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.


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Trexta Sketch Up Recyclable iPhone Cases

If you fancy creating your very own customised iPhone 4/4S case. The Trexta Sketch Up cases might well be worth a look. They have been designed by Trexta to be environmentally friendly and be easily recyclable.

But the great part about the Trexta Sketch Up cases is that you can doodle or draw your very own design on the case, personalising it to your exact tastes and needs.

Trexta Sketch Up iPhone 4 cases

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Gizmon iCA Military Edition iPhone Camera Case

You might remember the Classic camera iPhone case we featured back in January this year, transforming your iPhone into an old school looking Lecia style camera. Complete with the ability to add extra lenses and accessories to your iPhone 4/4S with ease.

Well the same company that brought you that great gadget, have now unveiled their new Gizmon iCA Military Edition case finished in black. The new design has been created to transform your iPhone 4/4S into a Military Photographers camera together with Leica style rangefinders.

Gizmon iCA Military Edition

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PoiseCam Ergonomic iPhone Video Capture Grip (video)

Anyone who has used their iPhone to capture video footage over long periods of time will already know it can get a little awkward and uncomfortable after a few minutes.

This is where the new PoiseCam iPhone 4 camera grip concepts comes in. It’s been developed by Mark Johnson and is currently over on the Kickstarter website looking to make the jump from concept to production. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.


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