Une Bobine, Flexible iPhone Charger, Stand And Sync Cable

There are plenty of charger and sync cables on the market but a new innovative flexible cable called the Une Bobine, has started its journey on Kickstarter and provides a new unique way to hold and charger/sync your iOS devices.

The Une Bobine is constructed using a metal gooseneck material that allows it to be flexible and yet still strong enough to hold the weight of an iPhone. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.

Une Bobine

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Incase Box Case For iPhone 4 And 4S

We have featured quite a few different cases for the iPhone and iPhone 4S here at Geeky Gadgets, the latest one is called the Box Case, and it is from the guys over at Incase.

As the name suggests, the Box Case, features a square design, which according to Incase is designed to give your iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 extra protection and a unique look.

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Awesome Jarre AeroPad Two iOS Dock

Most iPad docking stations take on a similar form, but if you are looking for something a little extra special in the way of design, the AeroPad Two dock might be worth more investigation.

The AeroPad Two dock is definitely on the large side when compared to other iPad docks, but its design and lines help justify the cause. Being equipped with 4 speakers 4 x 30 W RMS / 1 subwoofer 80W RMS.

AeroPad Two dock

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iHome iDM5 Executive Tablet Workstation

iHome has this week announced a new addition to their range in the form of the iHome iDM5 Executive workstation. Which features a full size keyboard and provides a little more of a robust tablet workstation to work from either at home or in the office, when you need to type out those longer documents.

The iHome iDM5 Executive is equipped with an ergonomically tilted full size QWERTY keyboard, and connects to any smartphone of tablet with Bluetooth connectivity.

iHome iDM5 Executive

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iPhone Boom Mic

If you are looking to add a little more professional audio to your iPhone videos. You might be interested in this new Boom Mic which has been created specifically for Apple’s iPhone.

The Boom Mic measure just 4 inches long and is super lightweight. It attaches to the iPhone’s headphone jack and adjusts to hold on to the back of your iPhone, and can be used over a case if required.

iPhone Boom Mic

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Arqball Spin App Create 360 Video Images Using Your iPhone 4S

Have you ever wanted to create 360 degree video images of products or objects quicky and easily? If you have you might be interested in a new application called Arqball Spin, that is now available for free from the iTunes App Store. It has been created to provide you with a simple way to capture, create and edit 360 degree spins with your iPhone 4s. Watch the video after the jump to see the process in action.

Arqball Spin

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Flash Dock Smartphone DSLR Camera Mount

When I first saw the  smartphone Flash-Dock DSLR Mount, I was expecting something that connected the two devices together. But unfortunately the design only allows you to secure your smartphone to the flash socket on top of your DSLR camera. Allowing you to keep it handy and easy to reach when taking photos.

Flash Dock

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