iDrum iOS Drum Machine (video)

Anyone who enjoys creating music on their iOS devices might be interested in a new musical gadget called iDrum. Its a new drum machine which has been designed specifically to link to Apple’s iOS devices and provide a fun and musical way to interact with your iPad, iPhone or iPod.

iDrum iOS

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CordLite Illuminated iPhone Charger Cable (video)

If you find yourself fumbling around in the dark trying to connect your iPhone charger cable, to your smartphone. You might be interested in a new charging cable called CordLite which has been designed by Scrap Pile Labs, and incorporates an illuminated connection making it easy to connect it to your iPhone in low light conditions.

CordLite iPhone Charging Cable

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Milo Smartphone Stand With Micro-Suction Technology

Milo has manufactured a new smartphone stand that has been created with clean lines and equipped with micro-suction technology. Allowing you to stick and re-stick your smartphone to the stand with ease.

The Milo smartphone stand has been designed to be used with Apple’s iPhone, iPod or other any other manufactures smartphone which has a smooth flat hard surface for the miro-suction to adhere to.

Milo Stand

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Musubo Ripple iPhone 4 Case

Musubo is well known for its texture moulded iPhone cases but if you are looking for something a little different the Musubo Ripple Case might be worth a little more investigation. As well as providing your iPhone 4 or 4S with extra protection from knocks and drops.

Musubo Ripple Case

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MetalDock Right Angle iPhone Dock

Bracketron has unveiled a new addition to their range of products in the form of the MetalDock which has been designed as a minimalist iPhone 4/4S docking station. As you might expect with a name like MetalDock the docking station is constructed from solid metal, and allows you to stand or lye your iPhone in landscape orientation whilst connected.


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Une Bobine, Flexible iPhone Charger, Stand And Sync Cable

There are plenty of charger and sync cables on the market but a new innovative flexible cable called the Une Bobine, has started its journey on Kickstarter and provides a new unique way to hold and charger/sync your iOS devices.

The Une Bobine is constructed using a metal gooseneck material that allows it to be flexible and yet still strong enough to hold the weight of an iPhone. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.

Une Bobine

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Incase Box Case For iPhone 4 And 4S

We have featured quite a few different cases for the iPhone and iPhone 4S here at Geeky Gadgets, the latest one is called the Box Case, and it is from the guys over at Incase.

As the name suggests, the Box Case, features a square design, which according to Incase is designed to give your iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 extra protection and a unique look.

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