The Typescreen Retro Typewriter iPad Dock

We have featured quite a few different docks and accessories for the iPad here at Geeky Gadgets, the latest one is called the Typescreen, and it is basically a typewriter style keyboard dock for the iPad and iPad 2.

Unlike previous versions we have seen, this one actually physically types on the iPad’s keyboard when you press a key on the typewriter, which is certainly a unique way to type emails and notes on your iPad.

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Time Warner iPad App Channels Removed, They Explain Why

Recently Time Warner released an iPad app that let people view live TV on their iPad, the app was available to subscribers of their TV and Internet services, but now it looks like some of the channels have been pulled from the application.

It looks like some of the TV networks were less than happy about their channels being available on the iPad, and after Time Warner has been contacted by both Fox Cable, Viacom and Discovery they have had to remove certain channels form the app, and they have issued the following statement.

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Witness Turns Your Mac Into A Burglar Alarm

Witness is a new app for your Mac and it will work with any Mac with a built in iSight camera, what it does is detect movement, so you can set it up in your home when you are out to make sure no burglars are trying to steal your precious gadgets.

If Wintness is activated it will automatically send an alert to your iPhone or iPad, along with photos and videos of what is happening in your house or apartment.

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Boxee Box Receiving iPad Support In May (video)

Boxee has confirmed via a blog post that its iPad support will now be arriving in May when Boxee rolls-out a new firmware update. Boxee also explained that further updates to both to its Boxee Box and other Boxee-based devices will now arrive every three months from there after.

The new iPad support will allow users to video content from you iPad to any device on your network loaded with the Boxee software, whether its your PC system or MacBook Pro. Watch a preview video on the Boxee for iPad application after the jump.

Boxee For ipad

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iPad 2 Gets 1080p Movie Streaming With Clever Accessory (Video)

The new iPad 2 and the existing first generation iPad can stream movies to your Apple TV in 720p, unfortunately it cant do it in Full HD at 1080p, that was until Erice Govoruhk and Kelly McAteer developed their own HDMI accessory for the iPad 2.

As you will see in the video below, this custom accessory for the iPad 2 lets you display everything on your iPad screen on your HDTV, and it was put together using a wireless HDMI transmitter and a USB battery pack.

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Vimeo App For iPhone, iPad 2 And iPod Touch Launched

Vimeo has launched a new app for Apple’s iOS devices, and it is compatible with the iPhone 4, iPad 2 and the fourth generation iPod Touch, and you can now upload, edit, manage and watch your videos from your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

The Vimeo iPhone app will let you capture videos, with focus control and grid alignment, you can then combine, edit and trim your videos, as well as add in a range of features like titles and also add effects to your videos.

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Skyfire iOS Web Browser Updates With Multilingual Support

The iOS version of the Flash playing mobile browser Skyfire has now been updated to support seven new languages including: French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Other features added in the new update also include a related sites service, that allows you to see other similar sites to the one you are currently viewing. The feature has been added to help out when you may encounter a site that doesn’t support the Skyfire browser completely or when you might need more information on a subject, via a simply button press.



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Apple’s iOS 5 To Have Deep Voice Integration?

Apple has scheduled their WWDC for the 6th of June this year, and one of the things mentioned that will be featured at this years conference is that Apple will be unveiling the future of iOS.

The statement from Apple gives us the impression that we will see quite a few changes in the next version of iOS, which is rumored to be iOS 5, and although we have heard it may not launch until the fall, we are expecting Apple to unveil the major new features in iOS 5 at WWDC 2011.

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JBL OnBeat iPad, iPhone and iPod Speaker Dock

We have featured quite a few different speaker docks for the iPhone and iPod here at Geeky Gadgets, now JBL have launched a new one that is compatible with your iPhone, iPod and even the iPad, the JBL OnBeat speaker dock.

The JBL OnBeat speaker dock features a universal connector that will let you dock your iPhone, iPad or iPod, and you can use your iPhone and iPod in both portrait and landscape modes which could come in handy for watching movies.

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RingO Mounting System Designed For Tablets

Vogels has today announced  the launch of a new tablet mounting system allowing you to securely mount your iPad 2, iPad, or Galaxy Tab to walls brackets card dashboards all using a universal mounting bracket and case system.

The RingO consists of a precision-engineered aluminum ring that clips onto a case fitted to your tablet which then allows you to easily attached and detach your tablet from various brackets designed for easy tablet viewing in different locations. The current brackets available from Vogel include a Wall mount, Car mount, Flex mount and Sticky mounts (the wall mount with a sticky pad to attached the mount to flat surfaces).


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iPad 2 UK Sold Out Within 24 Hours

The iPad 2 went on sale in the UK last Friday, you could either order it online from 1am or purchase it from an Apple Store or an authorised retailer from 5pm on Friday afternoon.

When the Apple Store online started selling the iPad 2, the store went offline briefly and many customers had trouble ordering the iPad 2, and the next day the shipping times of the iPad 2 were 3 to 4 weeks.

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Donya Gamepad Stickers

If you are looking for a little more control when playing games on your mobile device then these reusable gaming controllers by Donya might be a great solution for you.

The Donya Gamepad Stickers are repositionable and can be used with most games on the Apple iTunes Store. The pack comes with five stickers control pads in total, including three different single button arrangements, two 4-way directional controllers all of which can be used at the same time if needed. (Picture after the jump.)

Donya Gamepad Stickers


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