The $8 Million iPad 2

We have featured quite a few expensive gadget here at Geeky Gadgets, usually they are covered in gold and diamonds, and the latest one is the new iPad 2, which has been created by Stuart Hughes, and is called the iPad 2 Gold History Edition.

As the name suggests, this iPad 2 is covered in 24ct gold, and features 12.5 cts of flawless diamonds and 53 individually set gems, that’s not all it also features the front frame which is made from the worlds oldest rock ammolite, plus there are some dinosaur bones from a T-Rex thrown in for good measure.

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iPad 2 UK Price Revealed, Starts At £399

As well as confirming that the iPad 2 will go on sale in 25 countries this Friday, Apple also announced the pricing for the new iPad 2, and it will actually be cheaper than the original iPad.

Prices start at £399 including VAT for the 16GB WiFi iPad 2, the 32GB WiFi iPad 2 will retail for £479, and the 64GB WiFi iPad 2 will retail for £559.

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Apple Confirms International iPad 2 Launch March 25th

When the iPad 2 went on sale in the US recently it sold out in the majority of Apple stores and the online store, and stocks have been limited since launch day with many customers having trouble getting their hands on the iPad 2.

There have been a number of rumors that the shortage of the iPad 2 in the US would delay the international launch of the iPad 2, but it looks like this wont be the case as Apple has just confirmed that the iPad 2 will go on sale in 25 countries this Friday.

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Angry Birds Rio HD Hands On

Rovio Mobile has just released Angry Birds Rio for the iOS devices, Android and the Mac, we have just been trying out Angry Birds Rio HD to see what the latest installment in the Angry Birds saga is like.

Angry Birds Rio is slightly different than the previous versions of the game, in the fact that it doesn’t feature the famous pigs, instead the Angry Birds have been captured and taken to Rio.

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Original iPad Gets A Smart Cover With A Simple Hack

When Apple announced the iPad 2, they also announced the new Smart Cover, which connects to the iPad 2 with magnets, and uses magnets inside the iPad 2 to keep the case on.

One clever iPad fan has decided that they wanted to use the Smart Cover with their original iPad, and they have put together a video showing how this was done, although it will include attaching some magnets to the outside of your iPad.

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Disabling Ping Improves Your iPad And iPhone Battery Life

If you have noticed a decrease in your battery life on your iOS device since upgrading to the latest Apple release of iOS 4.3. It could be due to the Ping service running in the background on the device. User tests have recently shown that by disabling the Ping feature on your Apple device, you can receive a noticeable increase in battery life on your device.

Once disabled your battery should then return to a life close to its limits before the iOS 4.3 was installed, allowing you to carry on with your daily business, without having to worry about the next charging point.


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Google TV Remote App For iPhone Released

Google has released a new app for the Apple iPhone, the Google TV remote, which will let you control your Google TV or Google TV set top box from your Apple iPhone.

The app has been available on Google’s Android platform since last December, and iPhone users can now download it for free from iTunes, it will also work on the iPod Touch and the iPad, basically any iOS device that is running iOS 3 or higher.

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Flickr Photo Light Box Support Updated For iPads

Yahoo’s Flickr the both private and public image storage image  and video hosting website has today announced new updates to its Photo Light Box, especially designed and created to improve the support of the Flickr website to iPad users.

Even though Flickr doesn’t have its own iOS specific application it has now added a full browser photo viewer available from any photo page, with just a simply tap of the original image. Once loaded you can then swipe between photos allowing you to easily navigate the site from your iPad or iOS device.

Flickr iPad

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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard Arrives On iOS Devices

If you are a Tom Clancy Rainbow Six fan then you will be pleased to know that the first Rainbow Six game has now arrived on the iPhone and iPod touch. It features the ability for you to join up to 2 friends and complete the entire game together using both local and online Co-op modes.

Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard on iOS contains 11 playable missions to help your team bring down a dangerous and well-organized terrorist group and includes 3 new team members for you to utilise, each with their own unique abilities like recon, demolition or stealth.

Rainbow Six Shadow Vanguard

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DropVox App for iOS Records Voice Notes Directly To Dropbox

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to make sure you never lose those important ideas and flashes of inspiration as they grab you. A handy new voice recording application has landed on on the Apple iTunes App Store called DropVox that allows you to record ideas or anything else you need to remember as a voice note. Automatically sending it to your Dropbox account for safe keeping and allowing it to be accessed from other devices.


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Angry Birds HD Update Features Advertising, Annoys Fans

Yesterday Rovio Mobile released an update for Angry Birds HD, the update added 15 new levels to the game, it also brought another surprise to the game which has annoyed many Angry Birds fans.

When you pause Angry Birds HD, you are now presented with advertising for Angry Birds merchandise, and whilst advertising is nothing new in free apps, this is a paid app and many fans are not happy about it.

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