V-luxe Turns Your iPad Into A Retro TV

We have featured quite a few different stands and cases for the iPad here at Geeky Gadgets, the latest one is called the V-luxe, and it is a Kickstarter project, which has already raised enough money to put it into production.

The V-luxe, as you can see from the photos below is designed to look a like retro TV set, and it features a number of swivel and tilt adjustments as well as a hidden compartment than can store a small speaker.

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Smartsnap Enables Apple’s Smart Cover On 1st Gen iPads

If you have been missing the ability to use Apple’s new Smart Cover on your first generation iPad. A new solution called Smartsnap has been created that will now allow you to use a Smart Cover on your first gen iPad.

Smartsnap is basically a magnetic adhesive strip which you attach to the left side of your iPad. Once attached the Smartsnap strip now allows the Apple Smart Cover designed for second generation iPad’s to locate on your older version.


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Infinity Blade Multiplayer Arriving On iPad 2

The fantastic graphical and highly popular Infinity Blade game on the iPad 2 will soon be receiving a new update that will bring with it new multiplayer support.

Infinity Blade recently received a few tweaks specifically designed to enhance the gameplay on the new iPad 2, but this latest update called Infinity Blade: Arena will surely bring even more excitement to an already fantastic game.

Within Infinity Blade: Arena new players can choose between playing either as a Titan or Knight to challenge their friends or enemies via the Game Center online service. If you already own Infinity Blade on your iPad 2,  you will receive the update at no additional cost, and the new update will be arriving Thursday this week.

Infinity Blade: Arena

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Acoustic Research ARS20i iPad Dock

We have featured a number of different iPad Docks here on Geeky Gadgets, but its not very often you see a dock that allows you to keep your iPad in landscape mode and charge it at the same time via an integral sync port.

Well the new Acoustic Research ARS20i iPad dock allows just that and its equipped with a few extra features, and promoted as an app-enhanced dock.

Acoustic Research ARS20i iPad Dock

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CollabraCam: The $6 Multi-Camera Video Production, iPhone App (video)

Creating your own films on an iPhone is great fun and fantastically easy to do, but a new app called CollabraCam now enables you to take your filming to a new level using multiple iPhones as extra cameras to record footage and combine them all to create the ultimate production.

The iPhone CollabraCam application allow one iPhone device to become the ‘Director’ device and then wirelessly connect with up to four other iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad cameras as ‘operators’ also running the CollabraCam app over local Wi-Fi.

The footage from all the cameras can then be viewed on the Directors device, enabling the Director to monitor the live-streaming cameras and choose the best shots to edit in real-time. Watch the video after the jump to see the app in action.


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HDHomeRun Streams Live TV Direct To Your iPad Even Over 3G Using EyeTV 3

If you are looking for a way to stream live TV to your iPad  then this handy little device from Elgato called the HDHomeRun with EyeTV can help you accomplish it. HDHomeRun comes bundled with EyeTV 3 a Mac only piece of software that will allow you to stream the Live Tv to any iOS device equipped with a small iOS application.  Unfortunately this does mean that Windows users cant stream to their iPads though, but you can use the HDHomeRun to stream direct to your PC.


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Panasonic Redesigns Its iPad And iPhone Viera Remote Apps (video)

Panasonic has released a new version of its Viera Remote App for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. The new remote control application enables you to control Viera TVs over your wireless network (Wi-Fi). Using slide and flick gesture operations, to select channels, switch external inputs, and control the volume without looking at the controller while viewing the Viera screen.

iPhone Viera Remote

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iPad External Storage And Streaming Using Seagate’s 500GB GoFlex Satellite

If you are running low of internal iPad storage and require a little extra external iPad storage to keep your movies and media stored on. You might be pleased to know that Seagate have today announced a new external storage drive added to their range that will allow you to stream movies and media directly to your iPad and Android tablets.

The Seagate 500GB GoFlex Satellite is the first battery-powered external hard drive to wirelessly extend the storage capacity of any Wi-Fi enabled mobile device.

Its fitted with a rechargeable battery and is able to connect to your iPad or Android devices using Wi-Fi over 802.11 b/g/n, and its also fitted with USB 3.0 connectivity to enable fast transfer of media to and from the storage device via a computer system.

iPad External Storage

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Is Anyone Using the iPad 2 Camera?

It seems that not many people are actually using the camera in the iPad 2 to take photos, according to data published on Flickr, which shows how many photos are uploaded on a daily bases from Apple’s iOS devices.

The data shows that on average 22 photos are being uploaded per day which have been taken with the camera on the new iPad 2, this is pretty low considering that Apple has already sold a few million of them since launch.

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iOS 4.3.3 Update Brings WiFi And 3G Connection Problems?

Apple recently updated its iOS software for the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad, the latest version is iOS 4.3.3, and it seems that a number of users are experiencing connection problems since the update went live.

Some users have been having problems with the iOS device losing it’s WiFi connection after being woken up from sleep mode, other users have also reported problems of the WiFi connection dropping in the middle of a session.

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iPad 2 Case With Sliding Bluetooth Keyboard

We have featured quite a few different cases for the iPad and the iPad 2 here at Geeky Gadgets, the latest one will add a Bluetooth keyboard to your iPad 2, the iPad 2 Case With Sliding Bluetooth Keyboard.

The iPad 2 Case With Sliding Bluetooth Keyboard works with both the WiFi and WiFi and 3G versions of the iPad 2, and when not in use the keyboard can be slid back into the case.

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iKeyboard iPad Touch Typing Aid (video)

Another interesting design concept has started it journey on Kickstarter looking to make the jump from concept to production. The iKeyboard designed and developed by Cliff Thier has been created to help assist iPad users touch typing on the iPads flat screen.

Rather than having to keep your eyes glued to your hands as you type while on the iPad the iKeyboard frees you once again allowing touch typers to look at their words once again. Sure you could use a Bluetooth keyboard but this would add extra accessories to your gadget bag and increase the footprint of the iPad considerable, the iKeyboard has been designed to increase the existing iPad’s footprint by as little as possible.


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