Apple To Uses Google Maps For iOS 5

We heard a rumor a while back that Apple was working on its own mapping service in a hope to rival Google’s, Google Maps, which many people were expecting Apple to release with iOS 5.

Now it looks like Apple will continue to use Google Maps for iOS, as according to a recent report, Apple has yet to finish its own mapping software, although it seems we may see some enhancements to the maps in iOS 5.

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MountMe Freedom II Mounts Your iPad 2 Just About Anywhere

When it comes to mounting your iPad 2 so that it stays nice and safe there are a lot of options. A new option has surfaced that is worth a look thanks to the fact that it will keep your iPad 2 in place with multiple mount types. The product is from a company called MountMe and is the Freedom II.

The mounting device is a clip on case style and it has four suction cups on the back for mounting it to smooth surfaces. It also has a flap that kicks back to allow it to stand up on a desk. The mount can also be screwed to the wall for watching in any room hands free.

Freedom II

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iChromy iPad Web Browser

If you use Google’s Chrome browser on your desktop or laptop you might be interested in a new web browser which has been launched this week for the iPad called iChromy.

The new iChromy browser creates a similar feel to Google’s Chrome browser but on your iPad. Enabling you to very easily open, switch and close tabs, type search keywords or URLs directly into one main box. Together with a neat feature that provides a little more screen real-estate by hiding the address bar when you scroll down the page.



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First 3D iOS Advert Arrives On the iPad

Cooliris has just launched the first 3D advert designed specifically for the iPad. The new creation was commissioned to promote a new series for The Weather Channel called “From the Edge” which features award winning photographer Peter Lik.

The new 3D iPad advert allows users to view the Grand Canyon is glorious 3D and by tilting your iPad in different directions, you can move around the image to view it from different angles.

iPad 3D Advert

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Apple’s iPad 3 To Use AMOLED Display?

The iPad 2 was only recently announced a couple of months back, and now we are starting to hear rumors about the iPad 3, the latest one is that the iPad 3 will feature an AMOLED from Samsung.

According to a recent report, Apple’s COO, Tim Cook recently visited Samsung’s Gen 5.5 plant which produces AMOLED displays, and discussed the possibility of using them in the next generation of the iPad.

Apple iPad 2

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Angry Bird iPad 2 Cases Allow You To Choose Your Favourite Character

If you are a fan of the Angry Bird iPad games you can now show your admiration for the game by protecting your iPad in an Angry Bird case specifically designed to keep your iPad or iPad 2 safe from flying birds.

The new range of cases are available to purchase from iWOWcases for $19.95 and come depicting the Yellow Bird, Red Bird, Green Bird, Blue Bird, Black Bird and Green Pig King, allowing you to choose your favourite bird or pig.

Angry Bird iPad Case

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Apple iPad 2 Review

I have been using Apple’s first generation iPad ever since it was launched in the UK last year and its becomes an integral part of my daily life, is the new second generation iPad 2 from Apple worth an upgrade, have a read of our Apple iPad 2 review to see what we thought of Apple’s new tablet.

When the iPad 2 was launched, I substituted my first generation iPad and have been using the new Apple iPad 2 for the past month, and yes the new iPad is slimmer, sleeker and faster than the first generation version and also has a few unique features only the iPad 2 can perform, but does the new iPad 2 have the magic to tempt new owners to take the plunge?
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Glasses Free iPad 3D Interface App Now Available In iTunes (video)

If you enjoy a little 3D without the need to wear 3D glasses you might please to know the i3D application for iPhone and iPad we featured here on Geeky Gadgets back at the beginning of April has now arrived in the Apple iTunes App Store and is available to download for free.

The i3D application uses a feed from the front-facing camera, together with software called Head-Coupled Perspective (HCP), to track the position of a person’s head in 3D in real-time. Its relies on solely face tracking and doesn’t use the accelerometers or the gyroscopes within the iOS devices.

iPad 3D interface

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Apple Patent Reveals Future iPhone, iPad And iPod Displays To Feature Privacy Mode

The latest Apple patent, which has been discovered by the guys over at Patently Apple has revealed that Apple has something new planned for future displays on its iPhone’s, iPad’s and iPod’s, a privacy mode.

The patent shows a new privacy mode which will allow a user of a device to steer display light beams in a range of directions, which would provide them with a new privacy option and would mean that only someone looking directly at the device would be able to read what is displayed on the screen.

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iPad App Soonr Enables Microsoft Office Document Editing (video)

If you miss the ability to be able to edit Microsoft Office documents such as Power Point presentations, together with Word and Excel documents, directly from your iPad. Soonr has launched a new service within its Cloud that now offers the ability to edit Microsoft Office : Word, Excel and PowerPoint files via Apple’s iPad.

Once editing a file from within the Soonr Cloud if your connection were to drop and disconnected, you still have the ability to finish editing the file without any work being lost. Watch the promotional video after the jump of a run through of its features or use the trail account on offer from Soonr to use the service before you purchase.

Soonr iPad

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XtremeMac Unveils New InCharge Bluetooth Series

XtremeMac has just added a new product to its range in the form of the XtremeMac’s InCharge Home BT which transforms any line-in enabled stereo/music system into wireless audio receiver solution for home or office. Simple plug the device into a wall socket, then hook it up via the 3.5 mm jack to any speaker system and you are ready to go.

The InCharge Home BT is equipped with a 10 watt USB port for charging your iOS devices and Bluetooth pairing is accomplished by the press of a button. Users can then pair their stereo system to their Bluetooth enabled iPhone, iPod or iPad allowing for wireless audio playback.

XtremeMacs InCharge Home BT

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V-luxe Turns Your iPad Into A Retro TV

We have featured quite a few different stands and cases for the iPad here at Geeky Gadgets, the latest one is called the V-luxe, and it is a Kickstarter project, which has already raised enough money to put it into production.

The V-luxe, as you can see from the photos below is designed to look a like retro TV set, and it features a number of swivel and tilt adjustments as well as a hidden compartment than can store a small speaker.

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