modulR iPad 2 Case Announced

Some of our readers will remember the modulR iPad case we featured on the site last year, there is now a new version available for the iPad 2, the ModulR iPad 2 case.

The modulR iPad 2 case is designed to let you use your iPad 2 in a number of different ways, and you can purchase a range of accessories for the case that let you use the iPad 2 at your desk or hang it on your wall.

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Handmade Wooden iPad 2 Cases

If you are looking for a new iPad 2 case, and fancy something a little different, then these custom wooden iPad 2 cases may be ideal. Each one of these wooden cases for the iPad 2.

These custom wooden iPad 2 case are handmade, from a variety of exotic woods, and they are available in a range of custom designs and even come with a secure magnetic cover to keep your new iPad 2 protected.

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Adobe Creative iPad Applications Now Available To Buy (video)

Adobe has today launched its new iPad applications which it has designed to support its Creative Suite 5.5 which Adobe released details on earlier this month. The three new applications Adobe Color Lava, Eazel and Nav are now ready and available to purchase in the Apple iTunes Store.

Even though they have been created to support Creative Suite 5.5, owners of Creative Suite 5 will also be able to use the new iPad applications by installing a free Photoshop 12.0.4 update, available from the Adobe website.

Adobe iPad Apps

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Seagate Adds iOS Support To Its Go Flex Home Servers

This week Seagate have launched a new application that allows you to remotely access all your photos, movies, music and documents which you might have stored on your GoFlex Home network storage systems, from your mobile iOS device.

The new GoFlex Access application simply requires you to login to access your files and share them from anywhere when connected to Wi-Fi or 3G/4G and best of all the new iOS application hase been designed for both iPhone, iPod and iPad, and its free to download.

GoFlex Access app

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New Yorker iPad Subscription App Launches

The New Yorker has updated its iPad app, and this new version uses Apple’s new subscription model. Each issue of the New Yorker can be downloaded for $1.50 per issue.

You can also subscribe for $6 a month or $60 a year and this gets you access to all the issues. This works out at about $10 cheaper than the print subscription, and existing customers who already subscribe to the print subscription will also have full access to the iPad versions included in their subscription.

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China iPad 2 Sells Out In Four Hours

The new iPad 2 had its launch in China last week, and it looks like the Chinese iPad 2 launch was one of the most popular so far, with massive queues outside the Beijing Apple store.

Chinese Apple fans swamped the store, and all the stock of the iPad 2 was completely sold out within just 4 hours, which is pretty impressive to say the least.

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iPad Makes Up 82 Percent Of US Tablet Market

The iPad and the new iPad 2 have been a massive success for Apple, but where does this leave other companies who have recently entered the tablet market, and how much does Apple own of the tablet market?

Research firm Neilsen recently conducted a survey of tablet owners in the US, and the result are quite interesting, out of all the tablet owners who took part on the survey, 82 percent of them own an iPad, this consists of both the original iPad and the new iPad 2.

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F-Browser Brings Flash To Your iOS Device

If you are still missing Flash from your iOS device a new application has been added to the iTunes App Store that might be a solution to your needs. The new application called F-Browser priced at $1.99 allows you to convert the Flash videos to a format supported by the iOS.

F-Browser Flash iOS

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Telegraph Launches Subscription iPad App

The Telegraph is the latest newspaper to launch an iPad App which makes use of Apple’s new subscription service, the application is still available as a free download, but you will either have to pay a one off fee to view one issue of the telegraph or a monthly fee.

If you want top purchase one daily edition of the Telegraph, it will cost you £1.19, and a monthly subscription will costs you £9.99, obviously they are trying to get people to sign up to the monthly subscription.

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Handmade Leather iPad 2 Case

We have featured quite a few different cases for the iPad and iPad 2 here at Geeky Gadgets, if you fancy something a little more unique, then check out this hand made leather iPad 2 case.

The case has been made entirely by hand, and each piece has also been stitched together by hand, and it even comes with a pouch on the front so you can store your headphones.

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Star Wars Inspired Trooper Clamcase Landing This Summer (video)

You may have already seen the iPad Clamcase we featured back in May 2010 here on Geeky Gadgets, that transforms your iPad in a laptop style device with a full QWERTY keyboard.

Well Clamcase are now hard at work readying a Star Wars inspired Clamcase call the Trooper. Featuring a white Imperial case, together with a black hinge, keyboard, base and ergonomic rubber feet. Watch a brief promo video of a standard Clamcase in action after the jump.

Trooper Clamcase

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Planetary iPad App Transforms Your Music Collection Into A 3D Universe

The new Planetary iPad App created by the Bloom Studio creates a unique a beautiful way to explore your music collection by creating a dynamic 3D universe based on the music which is loaded onto your iPad.

Once in the app you can visit planets that represent your favorite albums and control the playback of your music via your iPad by browsing and selecting astronomical objects, and best of all its free to download.

Planetary iPad App

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