Apple Confirms Some Verizon iPad 2’s Recalled

We have been hearing rumors over the last couple of days that Apple had recalled some iPad 2’s that had been shipped out to Verizon Wireless, Apple has now confirmed that a small number of iPad 2’s have been recalled.

Apple recently told Reuters that a small number of iPad 2’s had been shipped to Verizon containing the same MEID numbers, which is supposed to be a unique number for each device.

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The $1.2 Million Diamond Covered iPad

We have featured various iPhone’s and iPad’s covered in a variety of precious metals and stones here at Geeky Gadgets, the latest one could quite possibly be the worlds most expensive iPad, as it retails for $1.2 million.

The $1.2 million iPad is covered in 18 carat gold and features a total of 300 carats of flawless diamonds, with the Apple logo on the back and the home button on the front covered in black diamonds.

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PhoneItiPad App TransForms Your 3G iPad Into a Mobile Phone, Now Available (video)

A new iPad application called PhoneItiPad is shortly being launched on the Cydia store. That says it will transform your 3G iPad in to a fully functional mobile phone, using just a normal phone SIM card. Data SIM cards will not work with the application because they are intended for internet only.

PhoneItiPad has been developed by the team over at iPhoneIslam and has been under development for some time and if it performs as well as in the video after the jump it should be a great addition to a jail broken iPad’s arsenal of applications.


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Evernote Peek App Uses Apple’s Smart Cover (Video)

Evernote have launched the first iPad 2 app that is designed to work with the iPad 2’s Smart Cover, called Evernote Peek, and it is a free app that is designed to help your learn and strengthen your memory.

The app works when you lift the smart cover, a question is shown, if you lift the smart cover further the answer is shown, have a look at the video in action below, it looks like a lot of fun.

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Real Racing 2 HD Will Work With Your Apple TV With AirPlay

One of the things apple announced at this years WWDC was AirPlay Mirroring, although they didn’t give us many details about it, now Firemint, the developers of the popular Real Racing games for iOS devices have announced that your will be able to play Real Racing 2 HD on your big screen TV with your Apple TV.

According to Firemint, the game wont just bee mirrored, but you will see the game on your HDTV and you will see racing telemetry on your iPad 2’s display, have a look at the photo below.

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Stance, Cup Holder iPad Stand (video)

Stance is a new iPad stand thats starting its journey from concept to production on the Quirky website. Stance is an innovative iPad stand which has been designed to fit in cup holders and adjusts to different heights and angles.

Design to fit any cup holder from the car to your golf car the new device is made up of a snap fit iPad case, telescoping arm, and cup shaped base. Stance is able to be positioned in a wide range of angles to get the perfect viewing angle every time. Watch a video of Stance in action after the jump.

Cup Holder iPad Stand

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Snapseed iPad App Brings A Touch Of Professional Photo Editing To The iPad

The iTunes app store already has a wide range of photo editing applications to choose from, but the new Snapseed application designed for Apple’s iPad is hoping to bring a more professional edge to the category.

The new Snapseed image-editing application created by Nik claims to make ‘any photograph extraordinary’ enabling you to enhance your photos with just one tap.


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iOS 5 Running On The iPad (Video)

Yesterday we saw Apple’s iOS 5 running on the iPhone 4 and also the iPhone 3GS, now the guys over at 9 to 5 Mac have put together a video of iOS 5 running on the iPad.

As you will see in the video below we get a good look at some of the new features in iOS 5 on the Apple iPad, including the new Notifications Center, the new version of Safari, the update calendar, Twitter integration and lots more.

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iOS 5 Hints At iPhone 5 And iPad 3

Apple announced iOS 5 on Tuesday and also released the iOS 5.0 SDK to developers, we have already seen a number of features that will be available in iOS 5, and now the guys over at TUAW have spotted references to future models of the iPhone and iPad.

In the system files of iOS 5 there are references to unreleased iPad models, ‘iPad 3,1; and ‘iPad 3,2′ and also references to the fith generation iPhone ‘iPhone 4,1′ and ‘iPhone 4,2′, as TUAW point out these would relate to the iPhone 5 as Apple refers to the iPhone 3G as the 1st generation iPhone.

Apple iPad 2

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Infinity Blade iOS Game Sales Pass $10 Million In Just 6 Months

It has been announced this week by Epic Games that their fantastic Infinity Blade hack and slash, third-person action game has now surpasses the $10 million sales mark in just six months since its launch.

The game was developed by Chair Entertainment in just five months and was launched last December  for $5.99 in the Apple iTunes Store. Since then has received two free updates, bringing a new multiplayer mode together with the single-player themed Deathless Kings and Arena.

Infinity Blade

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CineXPlayer iPad Media Player Adds 3D Live Conversion Option

The great media player for iPad CineXPlayer has just released a new update that has revamped the media playing application with some new user interface tweaks and a number of new utilities. CineXPlayer now allows you to start transferring and watching your favorite movies without conversion, in HD, and even in 3D straight away.

The new update now makes CineXPlayer one of the first platforms to come enabled with both 2D to 3D conversion, enabling users to watch all their favourite 2D movies in 3D via an in-app purchase for the live 3D convertor.

CineXPlayer 3D

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PhotoFast i-FlashDrive Adds Up To 32GB Of Storage To Your iPhone And iPad

If you are looking for a device to add additional storage to your iPhone, iPad or iPad 2, a company called PhotoFast has just launched a new device that will give you up to 32GB of storage on your iOS device, the i-FlashDrive.

The PhotoFast i-Flash Drive features a USB connector on one end so you can hook it up to your PC or Mac and a 30 pin connector on the other end so you can connect it to your iPhone, iPad or iPod, it also comes with a free app from the iTunes app store that lets you manage files on the device.

PhotoFast i-FlashDrive

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