Android Tablets Catching Up With Apple iPad Sales

Ever since the Apple iPad went on sale it has been the most popular tablet available on the market, it still is today but it looks like tablets which run Google’s Android OS are beginning to eat in to Apple’s tablet market share.

In the third quarter of 2011, iPad sales made up a total of 96 percent of all tablet sales, things are a little different in the fourth quarter of 2010, with the iPad making up 75 percent of all tablet sales.

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Apple Job Listing Hints At NFC For iPhone 5 And iPad 2

We recently heard a rumor that the next generation iPhone, the iPhone 5 and iPad, the iPad would come with NFC capabilities, as Apple are rumored to be working on their own MFC payment system for iOS devices.

Now the guys over at Apple Insider have uncovered a job listing for Apple, and the job listing mentions that Apple are looking to hire an engineer who has knowledge of RFID, which is a type of Near Field Communication that can be used to securley transmit data.

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Safari For iOS Devices To Get Google Instant

It looks like Google will be rolling out their Google Instant service in search results to Apple’s Safari browser on iOS devices, which will include the Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Google has yet to officially announce this feature is coming to iOS devices, so we are not exactly sure when it will be available on the iPhone, iPod and iPad.

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Angry Birds Rio Coming In March (Video)

Angry Birds has become one of the most popular mobile games ever, and the company behind it Rovio Mobile continues to develop the game with new version, and it looks like a new version will be launching in March.

Angry Birds Rio is a collaboration between 20th Century Fox and Rovio Mobile, 20th Century Fox are developing a new animated movie called ‘Rio’.

Angry Birds Rio

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Algoriddim’s Djay for iPad (video)

Djay the application features in Apples latest iPad commercial has just been put through its paces by the Cult of Mac team. The new Djay transforms your iPad into a full-fledged DJ system, allowing you to mix your iPod music library on a realistic looking turntable interface.

With Djay you can perform live, record mixes on-the-go, or enable Automix mode and let djay mix your favorite playlist automatically. Watch the video after the jump to see the new Djay app in action.

Djay for iPad

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Murdoch’s iPad Daily To Launch February 2nd

We recently heard that Rupert Murdoch’s iPad newspaper, The Daily would be launching withing the next few weeks, and now we have an official launch date of February the 2nd.

The Daily will be the first of many new subscription based iPad news applications and it will use Apple’s new weekly subscription model, the daily will cost readers $0.99 per week.

Apple iPad

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Apple TV More Popular For Netflix Than iPad

Netflix has announced that Neflix users are watching more movies on their Apple TV than they are on the iPad, and this sounds like a no brainer until you compare how many iPads have been sold against Apple TV’s.

Apple has sold over 1 million Apple TV’s, whilst they have sold over 15 million iPads, so you would think more people would be using the Netflix service on their iPad.

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Writer iPad Keyboard Case Designed For Professionals

A new iPad keyboard case design called the Writer has started its bid to make it to market on Kickstarter and with 7 days left to receive it remaining pledges looks set to make it. With currently $9,492 raise from a required $10,000 to get the project moving.

The Writer keyboard looks a little more designed and thought out than most on the market and is equipped with a sleek aluminum body and scissor action keys. A unique feature of the Writer is that the keyboard glides along a magnetic strip within the case allowing for unlimited screen angles and the adjustable stability you require where ever you might be typing.

Writer iPad Keyboard

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Speck iPad Candyshell Wrap

Speck has just unveiled a new style of iPad protection to its range in the form of a wrap. The new Speck iPad Candyshell Wrap is slightly different to other cases as it has a flip close lid thats also doubles as a stand .

The Wrap has a hard outer shell to protect your iPad from knocks with a soft rubber lining designed to prevent any scratches to your iPad and provide shock absorption when dropped.

Speck iPad Candyshell Wrap

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Apple Approving iOS 4.3 Compatible Apps

It looks like Apple has started to approve iOS App which are compatible with iOS 4.3, which could be an indication that we wont have to wait too long before Apple releases the latest version of iOS.

One of the apps which was recently approved called StreamToMe, allows you to stream music, photos and videos from your Mac or PC over 3G and WiFi, and whilst this is nothing new, this version of the App uses AirPlay which needs iOS 4.3 to function.

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Murdoch’s iPad Daily Newspaper Coming Within Next Few Weeks

We have been hearing quite a lot about Rupert Murdoch’s iPad daily newspaper, which is called The Daily, and were expecting it to launch on the 19th of January, but that didn’t happen as Apple is still working on their new subscription model for these type of publications.

Now James Murdoch has announced at the DLD Conference in Munich, Germany that The Daily will be launching on the iPad within the next couple of weeks.

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