Apple iPad 2 To Feature Front And Rear Cameras?

We are expecting Apple to announce the iPad 2 some time early next year, and already the rumors of what the second generation iPad 2 will feature are starting to appear.

According to Reuters, who have spoken to a number of component manufacturers for the current iPad, the iPad 2 will features two cameras, one on the back and one on the front.

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TimeCommand Docks iPhone/iPod/iPad and Controls a Lamp

You can throw a rock today and hit three different alarm clock docks online with the tons that are offered. Most all of them have the same basic features. However, some work a bit better than others. One of the more original of the alarm clock docks I have seen has surfaced today. The dock is called the TimeCommand.


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iPad 2 Case Shows Rear Facing Camera, SD Card Slot (Rumor)

We have been hearing rumors of the features that Apple will announce in the iPad 2, one of those is it will come with two video cameras to make use of Apple’s FaceTime software.

Now a couple supposed iPad 2 cases have appeared on the web, both of them seem to have space on the back for a rear camera, and an opening which is reported to be for an SD card slot.

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Galaxy Tab Wyse PocketCloud 1.1 App Now Available (video)

Today Wyse PocketCloud has been updated to version 1.1 and is now available to download for Android and iOS devices. The clear little app allows you to remotely access your desktop computer and take control.

The new release has a number of new features including performance enhancements, advanced Microsoft NLA security, and tweaks to make the app optimised for newer tablets including the  Samsung Galaxy Tab and Cisco Cius.

Wyse PocketCloud

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Tascam Protastudio For iPad Retro Style

Protastudio a new iPad application from Tascam allows you to combine up to four tracks and record them with a vintage vibe.

Simply record one track at a time using the built-in mic or a headset microphone connection while checking your levels on authentic VU meters. A cassette transport with position counter tracks your position while you mix with level, pan and EQ controls.


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Best iPhone And iPad Apps Of 2010 Announced By Apple

Apple has revealed a list of the companies top apps for 2010 for the iPhone and iPad, and in number one spot on the top paid iPhone apps is everyone favourite game Angry Birds.

Facebook is top of the free iPhone apps, and Pages is top of the paid iPad apps, with Apple’s iBooks also top of the free iPad applications.

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BlueSLR Converts Your iOS Device Into A DSLR Remote Shutter Release

BlueSLR allows you to connect your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to your DSLR camera via Bluetooth and using the BlueSLR application, remotely release its shutter from up to 300 ft away. Currently the BlueSLR is support by 11 Nikon cameras and soon will support Canon DSLR’s together with support for Android and BlackBerry smartphones as well says the company.

Its available in two different version with slight different connectors, one for more professional camera’s D3(S), D200, D300(S) or D700 and the other designed for the mid-range D70, D3100, D5000 or D7000.


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iPad Security Lock Case

We have featured quite a few different iPad cases here at Geeky Gadgets, the latest one is the iPad security lock case, which according to the manufacturer is designed to keep your iPad safe.

The iPad Security Lock Case comes with a plastic case, and a Kensington style locking cable, that attaches to the side of the case, once attached it cant be removed without damaging the iPad.

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Free Friendly For Facebook iPad App

If your still waiting for Facebook to launch an iPad application you might be please to know that Friendly for Facebook a third-party application to link with your Facebook account is now being made available for free.

The Friendly for Facebook has now shed its price tag and is now available for free with ad support, but don’t worry first reports say that the adverts currently only appear after long intervals of time at the moment.

Friendly For Facebook

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