White IPad 2 To Be Unveiled This Week?

Apple are set to unveil the iPad 2 this week on Wednesday the 2nd of March in San Francisco, we have already heard a bunch of rumors about what will be included in the new iPad 2.

Earlier today we saw a photo of a part that was reported to be for the new iPhone 5, and now we have another photo, this time of a part for the iPad 2 screen, but what is interesting is this one is white.

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iPad 2 To Go On Sale Shortly After March 2nd?

Apple is holding a special event next Wednesday, March the 2nd where they are expected to unveil the iPad 2, and we were expecting to have to wait a while after the iPad 2 is announced before it goes on sale.

It turns out that Apple may make the iPad 2 available shortly after it is unveiled next Wednesday, according to a report from Apple Insider, and we may even see it go on sale next week.

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iPad Pocket Stand

The iPad Pocket Stand is a new Kickstarter project that incorporates an iPad speaker amplifier and a stand in one innovative little device. Designed by Michael Paek and Sam Chan.

Clip on the Pocket Stand and in less than a second, it makes doing anything on your iPad much, much easier and it also includes a the ability to amplify sound via a hidden acoustic cavity, providing an audio increase of around 7-10 decibels. Watch a video of the new iPad Pocket Stand in action after the jump.

iPad Pocket Stand

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Apple iPad Claims 93 Percent Of Tablet Market

The Apple iPad has been a massive success for Apple, and with the new iPad 2 scheduled to be announced next week, it looks like Apple will dominate the tablet market for the foreseeable future.

According to a recent report, there were around 4.5 million tablets shipped in the third quarter of 2010, and out of these 4.5 million tablets Apple shipped 93 percent.

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iPad 2 To Feature A5 Processor, 512MB Of RAM?

As we get ready for the officially unveiling of the new iPad 2 next week, many of us are wondering that the final specifications will be on the iPad 2, and now Engadget is reporting some more details on the iPad 2.

According to Engadget we will see a new A5 processor in the iPad 2, it will also feature a slimmer design than the current generation iPad, and will come with at least one camera, on the front for video chat, although there may be a second camera on the back.

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iOS 4.3 To Launch With iPad 2 Next Week?

It looks that with the launch of the new iPad 2 next Wednesday the 2nd of March we may also see the launch of iOS 4.3, as according to the guys over at the BGR iOS 4.3 is now at the gold master stage and ready to launch.

So it looks like Apple will probably release iOS 4.3 sometime next Wednesday, or shortly after for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

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Sanwa iPad Keyboard And Speaker Dock

Japanese company Sanwa have unveiled their new keyboard and speaker dock designed for Apple’s iPad tablet. Providing an ergonomic place to insert you Apple wireless keyboard (sold separately) with the addition of a couple of speakers positioned at the back of the iPad.

The iPad dock 400-SP014 has been designed by KEYDEX and creates a neat stand to provide a more upright position and real keyboard for easier tying on the iPad rather than using the on screen keyboard.

Sanwa iPad Dock

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SlingPlayer Mobile iPhone, iPad App Updated With Video Out

Slingplayer have updated their mobile app for the iPhone and iPad today adding support for video out over component cables in high quality mode. Now allowing you to beam your favourite viewing on to a big screen rather than having to view it on your mobile device.

There have also been a number of other new updates in this release including unspecified bug fixes. However early reviews of the new update look to have a few gremlins of their own with users complaining of not being able to change channels


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Readability App Gets Submitted To Apple App Store

There has been quite a bit of news about Apple’s new subscription policies this week, and a large amount of confusion on exactly what type of applications the policy is designed for.

We even saw an email from Steve Jobs saying that the subscription service is designed for ‘newspaper’ style apps, but where does that leave developers of applications like Readability?

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