iPad 2 To Go On Sale End Of March?

We have heard earlier today that the new iPad 2 is expected to launch next week, on Wednesday the 2nd of March, and now the guys over at 9 to 5 Mac are reporting that the iPad 2 will go on sale by the end of March.

The end of March sounds about right for the shipping date if the iPad 2 is officially announced next week, although we are not sure if this will actually be the worldwide shipping date or just for the US.

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FTC To Investigate In App Purchases On Apple’s iOS App Store

It seems that Apple is about to come under more scrutiny from US regulators, we recently told you that the FTC were looking into Apple’s new subscription rules for iOS apps and now it seems that they may be looking into in app purchases.

There was a rumor earlier this month that the FTC would investigate in app purchases in iOS apps, and now the FTC has confirmed that they will be investigating in app purchases after receiving complaints.

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Yahoo Finance iPad App Now Available (video)

Yahoo Finance have today launched their new iPad application following on from the 2009 release of their iPhone app. The new Yahoo Finance app provides quick, easy access to your investment portfolios and watch lists. Allowing you to create customised stock lists you would like to follow and creating a watch list on your desktop or mobile device will automagically sync.

The Yahoo Finance iPad App is free to download, watch the quick demo after the jump.

Yahoo Finance iPad App

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Fake iPad 2 Video Review (Humor)

Apple is yet to officially announced the new iPad 2, but it looks like there is already one video review of the iPad 2 on the web, although it is obviously a fake one, and we are hoping that the new iPad 2 doesnt feature a screen as big as in the video below.

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Steve Jobs Says New iOS Subscriptions Are For Publishing Apps

Since Apple launched their new subscription model recently, there have been a number of developers who have been less than happy with this new subscription model, many of them who offer other services via subscription other than magazines and newspapers, like music streaming.

Now it seems that the new subscription rules may not actually apply to these types of applications, and it may only apply to magazine and newspaper style apps.

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iPad 2 Case Hints At New Slim iPad Design

We have already seen a couple of cases which are reported to be for the new iPad 2, and also a reported screen protector, and now the guys over at 9 to 5 Mac have got their hands on a new case, which they are saying is for the new iPad 2.

We have already heard previously that the iPad would be slimmer than the first generation iPad, although from the looks of this case it could be quite a bit thinner.

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Orange UK Drops Subsidised iPad Price

Orange UK has dropped the price of their subsidised iPad, Orange were previously selling the iPad on a 24 month contract for £199, they have now dropped the price down to just £99.

Orange has not explained why the price of the iPad has been reduced, although we suspect it is an attempt to sell more iPad’s before the launch of the new iPad 2 which is expected to be announced shortly.

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iOS Speedball 2 Evolution Game Arriving 24th February (video)

If you remember the classic Amiga game, Speedball 2 you will be pleased to know the game is soon be available on iOS devices, with the same great graphics, and additive gameplay of the original.

The new Speedball 2 Evolution game will offer two alternative control modes within the game : a classic, soft joypad, which replicates the controls of the early computer versions, and a new, innovative tilt-to-move option, using the giroscope withint he iOS devices.Watch the official trailer after the jump to see the game in action.

Speedball 2 Evolution

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Verbatim iPad, iPhone Foldable Keyboard

Verbatim have just unveiled a new compact wireless keyboard designed for the iPad and iPhone connecting via Bluetooth. The compact Bluetooth keyboard is powered by two AAA batteries and measures just 9.2 x 6.4 x 2 inches and weighs 15.7 ounces.

The design of the keyboard incorporates an iPhone stand that when not in use slides into the keyboard. The keyboard features an ultra-compact design that folds for maximum portability and easy storage in the included carrying case.

Verbatim iPad, iPhone Foldable Keyboard

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