Apple Releases iOS 4.3 Beta 2

Apple is not holding back with its iOS 4.3 releases just a week after the first beta was released iOS 4.3 has now moved into beta 2 and has been made available to developers.

The new beta adds Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities for GSM iPhones to together numerous other tweaks for the new Apple TV, iPad, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS as well as the 3rd and 4th generation iPod touch.

iOS 4.3 beta 2

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Apple Sells 7.3 Million iPads During The Holiday Shopping Season

Apple yesterday announced their earnings for the last quarter, and as well as announcing a record profit of $6 billion Apple also announced that they sold a total of 7.3 million iPads in the holiday shopping season.

Apple also announced that they sold a massive 16.24 iPhone’s in the last quarter, which is an 86 percent increase on the same period for the previous year, and they are getting close to selling as many iPhone’s as they do iPods.

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Ion Audio iPad Concert Piano Dock Is A Worldbeater

Who ever said that iPod docks should be portable things to be put on a shelf? Ion Audio has gone the distance (a very big distance) to deliver the ultimate in docking for iPad’s. Pictured below is their Concert Piano, which can play your favorite tunes or give tutorials via an app. But wait, that’s not all.

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AirView Turns Your iOS Device Into An AirPlay Receiver

A new free app has appeared in the iPhone App Store today, called AirView, and we suspect it wont be long before Apple pulls AirView from the app store.

What AirView does is turn any iOS device into an AirPlay receiver, meaning that you can stream video content from one iOS device to another, for example you could stream a video from your iPhone to your iPad.

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Rupert Murdoch’s iPad Daily Newspaper To Cost $0.99 Per Day? (Updated)

Updated 18th January 2011.

It looks like we made a mistake in our article, and it seems that the pricing mentioned by Adage is actually $0.99 per week, and not $0.99 per day, which would seem a lot more sensible and something people may actually be willing to pay.

Whilst we are waiting for Rupert Murdoch and News Corp to launch their daily iPad newspaper, which is called ‘The Daily‘ we have been hearing quite a bit of speculation about how much the media tycoon intends to charge users for this new daily iPad only newspaper.

Now Adage is reporting that Ruper Murdoch intends to charge readers of the daily $0.99 per day, which works out at around $365 a year, this is slightly expensive to say the least.

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TiVo Premiere iPad Now Available To Download

Keeping to their word TiVo have now officially launched their new TiVo Premiere’s new iPad application which is now available to download for free from the iTunes App Store.

The new TiVo iPad App has been designed to allow you to take full control of your viewing schedule by searching and launch every service TiVo offers. See the new TiVo iPad application in action after the jump. You can view a preview of the TiVo app in the video after the jump.

TiVo iPad App

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iPad 2 Cases Hint At Possible SD Card Slot

As we wait for Apple to announce the iPad 2 we continue to hear a number of rumors on what the features of the iPad 2 will be. Now a couple of cases have appeared which could possibly give us an indication of some of the hardware specifications of the iPad 2.

The majority of the rumors we have heard have said that the iPad 2 will feature dual video cameras for FaceTime and the photo below, shows a slot on the back of the case for the rear camera.

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Murdoch’s iPad Daily Newspaper App Getting Closer To Release

We heard last week the Rupert Murdoch’s iPad daily newspaper app, which is called The Daily was delayed, we had expected it to be announced this week, but where told last week that it had been delayed for a few weeks.

News Corp has now set up a Twitter account for ‘The Daily’, which gives us the impression that we could see the first daily iPad newspaper applications launching in the not too distant future.

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iPad 2 LCD Display Appears On The Web?

The guys over at MacRumors have spotted that an online parts retailer for Apple replacement parts has listed an iPad 2 LCD display for sale on their website.

The company is GlobalDirectParts, and they previously sold the original iPad LCD display for $144.99 when it was announced last year, they are now selling the iPad 2 LCD display for $218.19.

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iPad 2 Appears In Best Buy’s Inventory

We are still waiting for Apple to officially announce the second generation Apple iPad, the iPad 2, and have heard a bunch of rumors on the specifications on the iPad 2.

Now three new iPad models have turned up in Best Buy’s store database system, with three new iPas SKUs which possibly relate to new versions of the Apple iPad.

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