jailbroken ipad 2

iPad 2 Gets Jailbroken

The iPad 2 only went on sale on Friday in the US, and it looks like @comex has already managed to Jailbreak the new iPad 2, although there are no details on when the jailbreak will be made available … [Read more...]



iPad 2 Gets Taken Apart

The iPad 2 went on sale in the US yesterday, and when any new Apple gadget goes on sale, the guys over at iFixit usually take it apart to see what is inside, as they have done with the new iPad … [Read more...]

Angry Bird iPad 2 case

Angry Bird iPad 2 Cases

If you are currently queing or have just picked up your new Apple iPad 2 from the Apple, you might need something to protect it from knock and scratches and what better than a colourful Angry Birds … [Read more...]