AirPlay Hack Lets You Turn Your Mac Into An Apple TV

We have already featured quite a few Apple TV hacks here at Geeky Gadgets, although this one lets you play videos on your Mac using AirPlay.

The Mac AirPlay hack was created by Erica Sadun from TUAW, and it will basically let you play videos on your Mac from your iPhone or iPad using AirPlay, you can see it in action in the video below.

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Google Voice App Now Supports iPad And iPod Touch

Google has updated its Google Voice app for Apple’s iOS devices, and this new version now features support for the iPod Touch and the Apple iPad.

The updated version of Google Voice will now let you send and receive free text messages from your iPad and iPod Touch, although you obviously won’t be able to make voice calls on either device like you can on the iPhone.

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SimCity And Risk Arrive On The iPad

Two new classic games have now arrived on the iPad with EA releasing ports of the retro classics SimCity and Risk both with HD graphics.

Risk is the official iPad version of the classic command and con conquer board game that has been created with support for up to six players via local Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Watch a demo of SimCity running on the iPad after the jump.

Simcity iPad

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Amazon Windowshop iPad Specific App Arrives In Europe

Amazon’s new iPad application specifically designed for iPad shoppers has now landed in Europe. The new Windowshop application for Amazon UK, Amazon France and Amazon Germany has been launched today in the iTunes App Store.

The Windowshop app makes it even easier to browse Amazon and purchase items directly from you iPad with the product displays and navigation designed specifically for finger control.


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Jenga Lands On The iPhone And iPad

Natural Motion has released Jenga for iOs devices, with Jenga available for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and Jenga HD available for the Apple iPad.

The Jenga for iOS devices was even developed with the help of the original creator of Jenga, Leslie Scott, and it uses real time 3D physics simulation to create the same behaviour as the physical game has.

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Infinity Blade Fastest Grossing iOS App

The new iOS game Infinity Blade released on the 9th December has already broken the fastest selling app record set by Cut The Rope, juts a few months ago.

As of the 12th December the Apple Game Centre was showing 271,424 users have download the game and prices at $5.99 the app has generated an amazing $1,625,829.76 already. beating Cut the Rope who sold $1 million in sales in just 10 days.

If you haven’t seen Infinity Blade in action watch some gameplay after the jump.

Infinity Blade iPhone

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Travelteq $300 iPad Case

If you would like to wrap your iPad in a luxurious leather case, then the Travelteq iPad case is definitely worth a look. Its similar in design to Apple’s iPad case but finished in high quality leather rather than black plastic, but luxury doesn’t come cheap and the case will cost your around half the price of your iPad.

Travelteq iPad Case

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Apple iPad 2 To Feature Front And Rear Cameras?

We are expecting Apple to announce the iPad 2 some time early next year, and already the rumors of what the second generation iPad 2 will feature are starting to appear.

According to Reuters, who have spoken to a number of component manufacturers for the current iPad, the iPad 2 will features two cameras, one on the back and one on the front.

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TimeCommand Docks iPhone/iPod/iPad and Controls a Lamp

You can throw a rock today and hit three different alarm clock docks online with the tons that are offered. Most all of them have the same basic features. However, some work a bit better than others. One of the more original of the alarm clock docks I have seen has surfaced today. The dock is called the TimeCommand.


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