World Of Goo iPad App Sells 125k Copies In First Month

The fantastically addictive game for the iPad, World of Goo has announced that in its first month of release its sold over 125,ooo copies. In comparison, World of Goo’s best 31 day period on WiiWare was 68k copies and on Steam it was 97k copies.

So far, the iPad version is by far the fastest selling version of the game, both in terms of number of units sold and in revenue generated. Maybe they will now re-look at launching the game on the iPhone with the more powerful iPhone 5 around the corner.

World of Goo

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iPad 2: More Rumors About The Second Generation iPad

We still don’t know exactly when Apple will announce the iPad 2, we previously heard it would be some time this month, and were then told that we may have to wait until March for the iPad 2 to be unveiled.

Now the Wall Street Journal is reporting that the iPad 2 will be thinner and lighter than the existing model, and that it will feature a FaceTime compatible camera, according to their sources which are ‘people familiar with the matter’.

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BBC iPlayer iPad App Arriving In UK & US

The BBC has announced that its launching a new iPlayer application for the iPad which will be arriving in the UK this Thursday this week and in the US sometime in June 2011.

The new iPlayer app has been specifically designed for the iPad so it won’t function on the iPhone, but you never know there may already be an app in the works. You will need a Wi-Fi connection to watch programs on your iPad from the BBC iPlayer selection but browsing the library will still be accessible through 3G.

iPlayer iPad

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BlueLounge Nest iPad Stand

Nest is a new style of iPad stand that allows you to either stand your iPad up fr viewing or lye it down on the Nest which creates a comfortable typing angle. The Nest is also a handy tidy for your keys and is useful even when not being used to dock your iPad, unlike most other iPad stands.

BlueLounge Nest iPad Stand

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iPad 2 Launch Event Scheduled For March?

Many of us, myself included are expecting Apple to announce the iPad 2 some time in February, and we have previously heard that we could even have the announcement as early as this week.

Now according to Japanese site Macotakara, Apple will be holding a small event in March to announce the launch of the iPad 2, unfortunately there are no details on where this information came from.

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DIY Chopsticks iPad Stand Is Clever Clever Clever

iPad stands. There’s no end to them. Mostly cheap, sometimes clever, and occasionally inventive. To spare yourself having to shop for a suitable tablet rack, just help yourself to some chopsticks and wood glue. That’s all it takes to build a DIY iPad stand that’s perfect for the kitchen.

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Apple iOS 4.3 Coming February 14th?

We know that the latest version of Apple’s iOS, iOS 4.3 is due to be released shortly, as Apple recently changed their update schedule for the beta releases of iOS 4.3 from two weeks to one week.

Now the guys over at Mac Stories are reporting that iOS 4.3 is scheduled to be released on the 14th of February at 10AM PST, which sounds quite possible as we have heard that Apple may be holding an iOS event next week.

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iPad 2 Coming At iOS 4.3 Launch Event Next Week?

We recently heard a rumor that the iPad 2 will officially be unveiled on the 9th of February, and now there is another rumor that Apple has an iOS 4.3 event scheduled for next week and they will also unveil the iPad 2 at the same time.

This would tie in with the 9th of February announcement date that we heard before, although we would have thought that Apple would have announced the iPad 2 separately from iOS 4.3.

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DryCase Vacuum Sealed iPad Case

If your are thinking of taking your iPad on to the beach in the near future or already do so, it might be worth your while checking out a new waterproof and sand proof case, called the DryCase, which the manufactures say is completely waterproof.

The DryCase allows you to keep your iPad waterproof by the use of a vacuum which is created in the case using a small pump to extract all the air from the pouch, the plastic case tightly seals around your iPad, but still allows the touchscreen to function as normal.


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Solar Spark Case Juices Your Tablet On The Move

You you spend extended periods of time away from power points the Solar Spark tablet case by Voltaic might well be worth a look.

The Spark Tablet Case’s solar panels generate around 8 watts of power to provide your iPad with about an hours worth of juice for every hour the solar panels are in direct sunlight. Included in the bag is a battery capable of holding a full iPad charge and requires around 8 – 9 hours of direct sunlight to fully charge.

Solar Spark Tablet Case

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