Twist360 holds your iPad in Lots of Ways

The iPad 2 is on the way with it hitting stores this week, but there are still loads of original iPads on the market that people want cool accessories for. For this crowd Bracketron has a new offering for you. The new case is called the Twist360 and it has a handle on the back that is articulated called the TwistGrip.


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PadPivot iPad Stand Raises Over $100,000

Some of our readers will remember the PadPivot iPad stand that we featured on Geeky Gadgets back in January, it was placed on the website Kickstater with the creators attempting to raise $10,000 to put it into production.

It looks like the inventors of the PadPivot stand have raised a lot more than they needed too, as the pledges for this cool iPad and eReader stand have now reached close to $120,000.

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iTunes Home Sharing In iOS 4.3

One of the new features in Apple’s latest version of their mobile operating system, iOS 4.3 is iTunes Home Sharing, which basically lets you play your iTunes library from any device.

If you iTunes library is stored on your PC or Mac you can now play your iTunes content on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch over WiFi, and as well as music you can also watch movies and TV shows stored in iTunes.

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EveryAir App Brings PS3 Games To Your iOS Device (video)

If you enjoy playing your PS3 games. How would you now like to play those games on your iPad or iPhone? EveryAir a new app under development from pandaelf Labs together with a little tweaking of hardware and software, allows you to play PS3 games on an iPod, iPhone, and iPad, including GT5 on an iPad.

Watch the video after the break and see how a number of the hurdles with the setup and design of the app designed to play PS3 games on a touch screen device have been overcome. To overcome the lack of controller of iOS devices a number of controls for games being mapped to gestures on the iOS devices.

pandaelf Labs GT5

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Netflix iPad App Receives Updated User Interface

Netflix have rolled out a new update for their iPad applications that brings with it an update to the user interface which is now designed specifically for the iPad screen. The new update has been released to bring the mobile app more inline with the revamp of the Netflix TV user interfaces back in January of this year.

Netflix iPad App

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Apple Launches New iPad Dock For The iPad 2

Along with the launch of the new iPad 2, Apple also announced a new range of accessories for the second generation iPad, which include the new HDMI adapter, and also their new iPad 2 Smart Covers, they also launched a new dock which is designed for the iPad 2.

The iPad 2 Dock is designed to work with the new slimmer design on the iPad 2 and it also supports other iPad accessories like the iPad Camera Connection kit and the new Apple Digital AV Adapter.

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Targus iPad 2 Rotating Case

Targus has already unveiled it new iPad 2 case just ours after Apple announced their new iPad 2 tablet. Their new case features an innovation rotation mechanism that allows you to rotate your iPad 2 from landscape to portrait, with a simply twist.

Targus iPad 2 Case

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