Angry Bird iPad 2 Cases

If you are currently queing or have just picked up your new Apple iPad 2 from the Apple, you might need something to protect it from knock and scratches and what better than a colourful Angry Birds iPad 2 case.

Gear4 has just unveiled its new line of iPad 2 cases hot of the production line, with exclusive designs from the Angry Birds game. The Angry Bird iPad 2 cases are constructed from polycarbonate and available in three different designs: Family Shot, Pig King vs. Red Bird and Red Bird.

Angry Bird iPad 2 case

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iPad 2 Now Shipping In Two To Three Weeks

The iPad 2 went on sale on the Apple online store earlier today, and it looks like Apple may have already sold out of the iPad 2’s that were earmarked for online orders.

When the iPad 2 became available online with Apple earlier today, it had a shipping time of three to five days, this has now changed and online orders of the iPad 2 will now begin shipping within two to three weeks, as you can see in the photo below.

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Infinity Blade Gets Updated For iPad 2

One of the coolest games on the iPad, and also one of the most popular is Infinity Blade, and it has just been updated with a range of new levels, and they developers have also added in support for the new iPad 2 which will go on sale in the US later today.

Of course we had to test out the new update for Infinity Blade to see what it was like, and just like previous versions it adds more levels to the game with 10 more enemies to battle.

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Hands On With Apple’s New GarageBand iPad App

With the launch of the new iPad 2, Apple has also released some new applications for the iPad, which include Mac favourites iMovie and Garage Band, we have just been trying out the new GarageBand iPad App to see how it compares to the Mac version.

GarageBand will work with the original iPad and the new iPad 2 and it comes with a range of cool features and instruments for creating music, and it certainly is a lot of fun, and works very well with the iPads touch interface.

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Instapaper 3.0 Released For iOS Devices With Social Features

Instapaper is one of my favourite bookmarking and text reading services and yesterday they announced the released of their new Instapaper 3.0 app for both the iPhone and iPad with a range of new features to help you bookmark and share your articles with ease.

One of the big features now added to the new app Instapaper 3.0 and the website is the native article sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinboard, and Evernote with the ability to sync between each website, removing the need for you to have to login each time.

Instapaper 3

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iOS 4.3 Adds Passwords For In App Purchases

Apple has come under criticism recently for in app purchases, specifically where kids are able to make in app purchases for games like Smurf’s Village and other games, racking up large bills for in app purchases on their parents credit cards.

According to the Washington Post, who recently spoke to Apple regarding the matter, all in app purchases now require a password to be entered for each item that is purchased within the app.

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Will Apple Sell 600,000 iPad 2’s This Weekend?

When Apple launched the original iPad last year, they sold a massive 300,000 iPads in the first 24 hours, analysts are reporting that iPad 2 sales will be much higher than the original iPad launch.

According to one analyst, Apple could sell as many as 600,000 iPad 2’s in the first weekend, which would be considerably higher than last years launch sales of the first generation iPad.

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iPad 2 Goes On Sale Today In The US

Just in case anyone forgot that the new iPad 2 will go on sale in the US tomorrow, Apple has release a press release to remind us all. The iPad 2 will be available in the US from all of Apple’s retail stores from 5pm local time.

You will also be able to buy the new iPad 2 from the Apple store online, it will be available here from 1am PDT, and it will also be available through a number of resellers, which include AT&T, Best Buy, Target, Verizon, Walmart and selected Apple retailers.

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XGearlive iPad 2 Carbon Fiber Case

XGearlive have unveiled their new iPad 2 case ahead of tomorrow’s official launch of the new Apple iPad 2. The XGearlive 360 Shield case pictured below, is constructed from carbon fiber and includes a kick stand to create the perfect angle for typing. Or positioning your new iPad 2 upright.

XGearlive iPad 2 Carbon Fiber Case

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VMware View For iPad (video)

VMware has now released a new iPad app that allows you to take control of your Windows PC remotely, in a similar vein to the already existing LogMeIn Ignition, GoToMyPC for iPad or Wyse PocketCloud Pro.

The difference according to VMware is that their iPad app uses PCoIP protocol for quicker and more reliable connections to the remote system and allows the user to use the iPad style gesture based controls or call up an on screen keyboard and tracker pad when a little more accuracy is required.

vmware ipad app

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Apple iPad 2 Gets Reviewed

The iPad 2 will go on sale in the US on Friday the 11th of March and in Europe and the UK on the 25th of March, the second generation iPad 2 comes with a range of new features over the original iPad.

Some of the new features on the iPad 2 include Apple’s new dual core processor, which is supposed to offer up to two times the processing power and nine time the graphics power of the original iPad.

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Apple Releases iPad 2 Guided Tours

The Apple iPad 2 will go on sale in the US on Friday the 11th of March and here in the UK on the 25th of March, Apple has now posted some guided tour videos which give us a glimpse at some of the new features on the iPad 2.

In  the videos we get a look at some of the new software apps designed for the iPad 2 which include Garage Band, iMovie and FaceTime, as well as a look at the existing apps available on the iPad.

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