Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard Arrives On iOS Devices

If you are a Tom Clancy Rainbow Six fan then you will be pleased to know that the first Rainbow Six game has now arrived on the iPhone and iPod touch. It features the ability for you to join up to 2 friends and complete the entire game together using both local and online Co-op modes.

Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard on iOS contains 11 playable missions to help your team bring down a dangerous and well-organized terrorist group and includes 3 new team members for you to utilise, each with their own unique abilities like recon, demolition or stealth.

Rainbow Six Shadow Vanguard

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DropVox App for iOS Records Voice Notes Directly To Dropbox

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to make sure you never lose those important ideas and flashes of inspiration as they grab you. A handy new voice recording application has landed on on the Apple iTunes App Store called DropVox that allows you to record ideas or anything else you need to remember as a voice note. Automatically sending it to your Dropbox account for safe keeping and allowing it to be accessed from other devices.


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Angry Birds HD Update Features Advertising, Annoys Fans

Yesterday Rovio Mobile released an update for Angry Birds HD, the update added 15 new levels to the game, it also brought another surprise to the game which has annoyed many Angry Birds fans.

When you pause Angry Birds HD, you are now presented with advertising for Angry Birds merchandise, and whilst advertising is nothing new in free apps, this is a paid app and many fans are not happy about it.

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Skinit Launches Custom iPad 2 Skins

If you already have your iPad 2 in your hands and need some accessories to keep it looking good Skinit has announced a new product for iPad 2 owners. Skinit is now making customizable skins for the new Apple tablet that you can order to suit your tastes.


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IncrediBooth App Now Support iPad 2

If you are looking for an easy way to capture images on your iPad 2, and give them a retro photobooth styling, the IncrediBooth App is for you, and its just been updated to support Apple’s new iPad 2.

Sure you could use the built in Apple Photo Booth feature on the new iPad 2 but IncrediBooth adds a retro feel and photo arrangements not possible with Apples App.


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Speck PixelSkin HD Wrap iPad 2 Case Looks Similar To Apple’s Smart Cover

When Apple announced the new iPad 2 and their new Smart Cover, we wondered how long it would take case makers to make similar cases with a similar design to Apple’s Smart Cover.

Speck just dropped us an email to let us know about their new Speck PixelSkin HD Wrap case for the iPad 2 and as you can see from the photo it shares a similar design to the Smart Cover.

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Sky News iPad App Hands On

Sky has just launched their new Sky News iPad app here in the UK, it is be available as a free download for a limited time, and it will let you watch live TV from the Sky News as well as videos on specific news items.

It comes with a very nice interface that will either let you watch videos within your timeline or from the top stories of the day, and you don’t just get videos with each video there are a range of articles, and background information that can be clicked to get more information on a particular story.

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GPS Works On WiFi iPad 2 With iPhone Tethering (Video)

One of the new features that was added to the iPhone in iOS 4.3 was the ability to tether other devices to the iPhone via WiFi, this could be useful if you have the new iPad 2 WiFi model and want to hook it up to your iPhone.

It seems that there is another benefit on tethering your WiFi iPad 2 to your iPhone, as the guys over at Tablet Monsters have found out, as you will see in the video below, when the iPad 2 is tethered to an iPhone GPS works on the iPad 2.

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Adobe Photoshop Express For iPhone And IPad Gets Updated

Adobe has updated their Photoshop Express application for the iPhone and iPad, the latest version is Adobe Photoshop Express 2.0 and it comes with a range of new features.

The latest version of Adobe Photoshop Express for the iPhone and iPad comes with a new camera work flow for rapid in app photo taking, and Adobe has also added a new Adobe Camera Pack which can be purchased within the app.

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Metacritic Adds iOS Game Scores And Reviews

You can now take the guess work out of buying new games for your iOS device, as Metacritic the games review and scoring website has announced the addition of iOS game scores to its listings.

The new iOS game listing were added earlier this week and already have a good following with the World of Goo game currently sitting at the top of the game chart, with a score of 96 /100.


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RoboTouch NES Arduino Combo Game Controller

We have featured a number of gaming controllers for Apple’s iPad here on Geeky Gadgets but the RoboTouch iPad game controller takes a new and innovative approach to controlling games on the tablet.

The RoboTouch uses an old NES controller together with a Arduino board that is used to control micro servos connected to custom conductive arms. As you press the controls on the NES control pad, the arms then simulate the touch of fingers on the iPad’s screen. Watch the video after the break to see the RoboTouch prototype in action.


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