Bluetooth Keyboard iPad 2 Case Announced

We have already seen a couple of these keyboard cases for the original iPad, and now the guys over at Brando have launched a new version which is compatible with the new iPad 2.

The Bluetooth Keyboard iPad 2 case features a built in Bluetooth keyboard, which can connect to your iPad 2 via Bluetooth and also connect to other devices via USB.

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iPad 2 Japan Launch Delayed By Apple

The iPad 2 went on sale in the US last week, and it is scheduled to go on sale in the UK, Europe and Japan on the 25th of March, but now it looks like Apple has decided to delay the launch of the iPad 2 in Japan in the wake of the earthquake and tsunami.

Apple hasn’t given a new date for when the iPad 2 will be available in Japan, although an Apple spokesperson did tell Reuters that the launch has been delayed.

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iPad 2 Infinity Blade Connected To 50 Inch HDTV With Great Results (video)

Find the iPad 2’s screen a little restrictive when hacking and slashing on Infinity Blade ? Why not connect it to your HDTV using Apple’s HDMI adapter for the iPad 2, for some fantastic full size gaming action?

Infinity Blade is the perfect game for this as its graphics were optimised for the iPad 2 at launch and the results look very impressive. View the video with gameplay from Infinity Blade on the iPad 2 and a massive 50 Inch HDTV. I’ve already ordered my Apple HDMI adapter.

Infinity Blade

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Stereolizer Transforms Your iPad Into a Retro Stereo

If you are looking for more of a retro look for your iPad music player, Stereolizer can help. The new iPad app that was released this week allows you to give your iPad a 1980’s retro makeover and provides some handy features which were definitely not on any 1980’s stereos I can remember seeing.

The Stereolizer iPad app includes access to more than 10,000 streaming web radio stations worldwide and allows you to arrange your favorite stations into 3 presets of 10 radios each. When listening to your radio, just like back in the 80’s you can then record audio to virtual tapes direct from the radio or audio messages via the built in mic.


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Hanfree iPad Stand Is Possibly The Worlds Largest iPad Stand

We have featured quite a few different stands and docks for the iPad here at Geeky Gadgets, the latest one is called the Hanfree and it could quite possibly be the worlds largest iPad stand.

As you can see from the photos below, the Hanfree iPad stand is pretty big, although according to the designers it is ‘lightweight, and easy to move around the house’

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Time Warner Cable Unveils New iPad App With Live TV (video)

Time Warner has announced its launching a new iPad application that will allow users of its Time Warner Cable TV service who subscribe to both video and Internet service, to be able to view live TV directly on their iPads, via their home Wi-Fi network.

Once the new iPad app is opened a user will presented with a current programming list of their area with shows now playing. The programming list will also show what’s going to be shown later on, providing a comprehensive listing of all the show and TV content available on Time Warner Cable.

Time Warner Cable iPad App

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iPad 2 Now Shipping In 4 To 5 Weeks

It seems that the shipping date of the new iPad 2 has been extended even further, last week after the iPad 2 went on sale the shipping date changed from 3 to 4 days to 2 to 3 weeks.

We just checked the Apple online store, and for many models the shipping date has now been changed from 4 to 5 weeks, this applies to the 64GB WiFi only model and also the 32GB and 64GB iPad 2 with WiFi and 3G.

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Apple’s iPad 2 A5 Processor Produced By Samsung

We recently heard a rumor that Apple was switching from Samsung to TSMC for production of the new A5 processor in the iPad 2, it turns out that Samsung are the actual manufacturers of the A5 processor.

We just got an email from Chipworks, who have taken the A5 processor apart, and they have confirmed that the models they have tested were actually manufactured by Samsung.

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iSkin Summit Padded iPad 2 Sleeve Ships

If you were one of the lucky geeks that got their hands on a new iPad 2 this weekend and didn’t get a case, iSkin has a new offering for you. The new case is the Summit and it looks like one of those really heavily padded jackets you would wear mountain climbing. The heavy padded and quilted design should offer lots of protection.

iSkin summit

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Subsidised iPad 2 Headed To Three UK?

We just got an email from the guys over at mobile network Three, here in the UK letting us know that they will be offering the new iPad 2 here in the UK with their dedicated data plans.

We just spoke to someone and Three and asked them if Three will be offering a subsidised iPad 2, and it looks like this may be an option, we will have more details later this week, including pricing details and information on the data plans.

iPad 2

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iPad 2 Smart Cover Gets Taken Apart

We have already seen the new iPad 2 get taken apart by the guys over at iFixit, and it looks like they thought it would be a good idea to see what is inside the new iPad 2 Smart Cover.

As we suspect there are quite a few magnets inside the iPad 2 Smart Cover, 21 in total, one of which is used to turn off the display on the iPad 2, the rest are used to attach the case to the iPad.

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