Opera Browser Set To Launch On iPad (video)

Are you looking for an alternative to the included Safari browser on your iPad? You might not have to wait long before the Opera iPad App arrives, which may even be released as early as next week.

After a bumpy start to the launch of the iPhone Opera app, that included a few issues with scrolling smoothness and font rendering while using pinching and zoom. The new iPad Opera app has been promised to be a much more refined app, tailored to the iPad and has been built using the same engine which powers the Opera desktop.

Watch the video after the jump to see a first look at Opera running on the iPad.

Opera iPad App

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Ozaki iCoat Bubble Wrap iPad Case

If you are the sort of person who is prone to dropping things and are looking for something to protect your iPad with, then you may want to check out the Ozaki iCoat Bubble Wrap iPad Case.

As the name suggests, the Ozaki iCoat Bubble Wrap iPad Case is an iPad case which has been made from some sort of bubble wrap material.

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iPad Puts Apple At The Top Of The Mobile PC Market

The iPad has been a massive success for Apple, launched almost a year ago in April, the iPad has changed the mobile computing market, and now according to research firm Display Search, Apple is now the number one mobile computer maker.

Before Apple launched the iPad, the range of tablets that were available were pretty underwhelming, now we are seeing more and more tablet computers announced on a daily basis.

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Special Edition AmpliTube Fender For iOS Devices

A new iOS app has been released by IK Multimedia combining the capabilities of AmpliTube and AmpliTube for iPad v2.0 in to the AmpliTube Fender app. Providing you with certified Fender amps and FX allowing you to transform any riffs into something fantastic.

The AmpliTube Fender app has a built-in chromatic digital tuner and a metronome to offer an increased level of accuracy and when used on the iPad offers four simultaneous stompbox effects or three when used on the iPhone or iPod and also provides the choice between either a dynamic or condenser microphone.

AmpliTube Fender

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Soundmatters FoxLv2 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Speaker

If you are looking for a wireless speaker system to uses with your iPhone or ipad the new Soundmatters FoxLv2 Bluetooth wireless stereo speaker might be worth a consideration.

The new FoxLv2 speakers have been specifically designed with Apple iOS devices in mind and are fitted with patented Twoofers, BassBattery and other technologies to provide a superior sound from speakers measuring just 5.6″ wide x 2.2″ high x 1.4″ deep.

Soundmatters FoxLv2 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Speaker

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Apple’s New App Store Subscriptions Get Official

Apple has officially launched its new App Store subscription services, which was featured in The Daily iPad newspaper, and will be used for in app subscriptions to magazines, newspapers, video and music.

Subscriptions bought from the App Store will be purchased in the same way as in App purchases, where the publisher sets the price of the subscription, and then customers can choose how long they want to subscribe for.

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iOS 4.3 Coming 28th Of February?

The last thing we heard about Apple’s latest version of iOS, iOS 4.3 was that it was going to launch on the 14th of February, as today is the 15th, I guess that date was wrong.

Now the guys over at 9 to 5 Mac are reporting that Apple will launch iOS 4.;3 on the 28th of February, and the information comes from a clue within News Corps ‘The Dialy’ iPad app.

iOS 4.3

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Factron Aluminium iPad Case

If you are looking for an iPad case with a slightly different feel and look you might like to check out the new all aluminium case launched by Factron this week, called the High Defender case for iPad.

Otherwise know as the HD for iPad the new case has a reinforced structural design to it and moulded design to provide a lip for extra grips around it edges. Its also been designed to avoid and interruption to your iPad’s 3G or WiFi connectivity.

Factron Aluminium iPad Case

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Joystick-It iPad Joystick Now Available To Order

The neat little Joystick-It game controller designed and manufactured by ThinkGeek for the iPad has today started shipping, and is now available to order from the ThinkGeek web site for $24.99.

Any game on the iPad that uses an on-screen control pad of some kind is perfect for the Joystick-It and you can simply stick the device directly over the screen controller to start playing. Its constructed from lightweight solid milled-aluminium and no wires or batteries needed to play. Watch the video after the break to see it in action


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BBC iPlayer iPad App Released

The BBC iPlayer app has now been released for the Apple iPad, the Android version of the BBC iPlayer is expected to be released later this week, and you can watch live TV and listen to radio just like in the other versions of the BBC iPlayer.

You can also catch up on any programs you have missed for the last seven days, and you will need a Wi-Fi connection to watch programs on your iPad from the BBC iPlayer selection but browsing the library will still be accessible through 3G.

BBC iPlayer iPad

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