Oscium iMSO-104 Transforms Your iPad Into A Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

Oscium’s New iMSO-104 Oscilloscope Powered By Cypress’s PSoC 3 device transforms Apple’s iOS devices either, iPod touch, iPhone or iPad into an easy to use mixed signal Oscilloscope.

Using the PSoC 3 device in the iMSO-104 allows it to seamlessly manages the two-way communication between the oscilloscope and any iOS device via Apple’s proprietary dock connector. Allowing it to process both the incoming analog and digital signals and is the first to use Apple’s iOS devices.

Oscium iMSO-104

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Microsoft Bing iPad App Released

Microsoft has released a new version of their Bing app, and this one is designed for the Apple iPad, and it comes with a range of new features, which lets you view news articles, search for photos, check out movie listings and lots more.

Other new features in the Bing for iPad app include weather, stock quotes, Bing Maps, and even voice search, and you can view websites that you search for within the Bing app.

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Apple’s Smart Bezel Patent Could Add Secondary Display To iPhone And iPad

We have seen some patents previously from Apple about a smart bezel for iOS devices, but a new one has just been revealed, and the details look very interesting.

The latest patent for an Apple Smart Bezel, would see Apple using the bezel as a secondary display, which uses a printed segmented electroluminescent display, and this would be used to show illuminated indicators on the bezel.

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Logitech Zagg iPad 2 Keyboard Case

Some of our readers will remember the Zaggmate iPad keyboard case that was available for the first generation iPad last year, there is now a new version available for the iPad 2, although this one is made by both Zagg and Logitech.

The New Logitech iPad 2 keyboard case looks very similar to the first one for the original iPad, although the new version has been designed to fit the new slimmer design of the iPad 2.

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iOS 4.3.2 To be Released Within Two Weeks?

Apple recently released the latest version of their iOS software, iOS 4.3.1, and now there is a rumor that they will release another new version of iOS, iOS 4.3.2 within the next two weeks.

According to the guys over at the BGR, iOS 4.3.2 will come with a range of security enhancements, and will also fix a range of bugs, and it is expected to be available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch within the next two weeks.

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Apple’s New 30 Pin USB 3.0 Hybrid Connector

Apple has been granted a patent for a new 30 pin connector, which could be used in iOS devices in the future to connect them to your computer, and this new connector would be a lot faster than the existing connectors.

The guys over at Patently Apple, have discovered a new patent which is a Hybrid DisplayPort/USB 3.0 high speed connector, and it would work with all iOS device, and could also incorporate Intel’s Thunderbolt technology which would offer data transfer speeds up to 10Gbps.

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Substrata Launches Wooden iPad 2 Cases

We have featured a couple of the Substrata wooden cases for the iPhone and first generation iPad before here at Geeky Gadgets, and now the company has launched some new wooden cases for the iPad 2.

As you will see in the photos below, the Artisan iPad 2 wood case from Substrata will give your new iPad 2 a unique look, and each case is handcrafted in a range of different woods.

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Indie Band Creates Album Using iPad 2 And GarageBand

An Indie Band called The Ultramods is probably one of the first bands who have created a whole album using the iPad 2 and Apple’s GarageBand app, and they have just released their new album called ‘Underwear Party’

It took The Ultramods just two weeks to record their album using the iPad 2 and Garage Band, and everything was composed and recorded in Apple’s GarageBand.

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AviiQ iPad 2 Smart Case Works With Apple’s Smart Cover

Apple’s new Smart Cover for the iPad 2 is designed to protect the iPad 2’s display, unfortunately it doesn’t protect the back of the iPad 2, we have already seen a couple of cases that are designed to work with the iPad 2 Smart Cover, the XGear iPad 2 Smart Cover Enhancer case and the Enki iPad 2 Genius case.

AviiQ has just released a new iPad 2 case that works with the Smart Cover, the AviiQ Smart Case, and it comes in a range of different colors that are designed to match the colors of the iPad 2 Smart Cover.

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World Of Goo Arriving On iPhone

If you are a big fan of the World of Goo on the iPad or even just a World of Goo fan with an iPhone. You will be pleased to hear that its creators have submitted an iPhone/iPod version of its fantastic game to Apple for submission into the iPhone iTunes App Store.

When the unique and very original game landed on the iPad it sold 125,000 copies in its first month and has become one of the most popular physics based games within the app store and provides hours of fun and strategic thinking.

World of Goo iPhone

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Display Mirroring On The Original iPad (Video)

When Apple announced the new iPad 2, one of the new features that was introduced was display mirroring, which would let you mirror what was on your iPad’s display on an external monitor of TV.

To do this you need Apple’s new Digital AV Adapter or their VGA Adapter, unfortunately the feature doesn’t work with the first generation iPad, but you can now do this thanks to a simple hack.

Display Mirroring iPad

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Cablevision iPad App : 300 Live Channels

Cablevision has released a new iPad app named ‘Optimum for iPad’ that will allow customers to enjoy the Cable Television service from their iPad. With around 300 live channels for live streaming and 2,000 video on demand (VOD) titles, with more VOD titles being added as the cable provider encodes them for IP distribution.

Other features and enhancements include  searchable guide Information, based on genre, cast members, time of day and favorite channels. Together with the ability to control the DVR side of the service as well. Allowing users to schedule and erase DVR recordings directly from their mobile device.


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