iTape Will Solve Your iPhone 4 Reception Issues

It was only a matter of time before someone came up with a real solution to the iPhone 4 reception issues, we have already seen the iHand and the iPhone 4 Antenna, now one Ebay seller has decided to sell us something to cure our iPhone 4 reception issues, it is called iTape.

According to the Ebay seller the iTape will cure your iPhone 4 reception issues, the price for this magical cure is $5.50.

iTape Will Solve Your iPhone 4 Reception Issues
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Beerbot, The Bottle Opening T-Shirt

The guys over at Think Geek are at it again with their crazy creations, this time it is another Geeky T-shirt although this one does have a very useful feature, a build in beer bottle opener, the Beerbot T-Shirt.

As you can see from the photo the Beerbot T-Shirt features a robot on the front, and one of the robots arms features a built in beer bottle opener.

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iPhone 4 Antenna Kit Looks To Solve iPhone 4 Reception Issues (Humor)

Well it looks like there is now a new accessory for the iPhone 4 which is designed to resolve all the iPhone 4 reception issues that people have been experiencing, the iPhone 4 Antenna kit.

It doesn’t looks as useful as the iHand, but I am sure it would do the job, for $89 you will be able to get your hands on this new iPhone 4 antenna and hopefully solve your iPhone 4 reception issues.

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Where’s The Stig?

If your a fan of the Top Gear show in the UK their Where’s Stig books will definitely help you while away a few hours, on your own or with your children. I know what I would prefer to find given the choice between Waldo and Stig.

Wheres The Stig

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NASA Asks Three High School Students For Help

This story could be straight out of a Hollywood blockbuster movie. Three Massachusetts high school science students were recently asked by their teacher to imagine a spacecraft was hurtling to earth and they needed to record this event from another aircraft.

The students put the minds together and came up with a solution. Then to their amazement the teacher revealed he was actually from NASA. The imaginary event was actually going to happen, with a  Hayabusa, an unmanned spacecraft launched by Japan, that was returning to Earth and NASA wanted to get the event on film.


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iPhone 4 Shot, Microwaved And Blended

It always a amazes me why new gadgets have to be put thorough a destructive process, but I do enjoy watching a few of the stranger ones. I was particularly impressed the way Apples new iPhone 4 took a .50 Cal round from a sniper rifle and was still basically in one piece. All be it with a .50 cal hole in it.

Check out videos of the new iPhone shot, blended and microwaved after the jump.

iPhone 4

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iPhone 4, Will It Blend? (Video)

Every time Apple releases a new iPhone, Tom Dickinson from Blendtec decides to take it for a spin in one of his famous blenders, and as usual the result is the same.

As you will see in the video, they have obviously gone for a Hollywood look for their latest video, and they also mention something about an iPhone being left in a bar?

iPhone 4, Will It Blend
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20 Nao Robots Synchronized Dancing (Video)

We love robot here at Geeky Gadgets, and have seen the Nao Robot before, we have even seen him dancing, but what about twenty Nao robots all dancing at the same time in perfect synchronization.

Check out the video of these fun dancing robots below, which was taken at the Aldebaran Robotics Nao Robot Show in France Pavilion Shanghai Expo 2010.

20 Nao Robots Synchronized Dancing (Video)

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