Nokia Crashes HTC’s London Event With Balloons

Nokia has been holding its Nokia World event in London over the last couple of days. Smartphone maker HTC is holding a special event inĀ  London today where it will unveil a range of new smartphones.

Nokia decided it would be a goog idea to turn up to the HTC London event, with a bunch of red balloons, with the slogan ‘I know where I am going with Nokia’s Ovi Maps’, and stand outside the entrance to the HTC London event.

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The MacBook Cutting Board

Here is something fun for all the Apple fans out there, an ideal accessory for your geeky apartment or house, the MacBook Cutting Board.

As the name suggests, the MacBook cutting board is designed to look like an Apple MacBook, it is even made from apple tree wood, and comes in three different sizes just like the MacBook Pro.

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If you ‘fancy a party in your pocket’ and continually find yourself without a bottle opener and need to open a cool one. Then this unique and handy iPhone case with included bottle opener is definitely a gadget you will need to invest in for use at every party.

Check out the video after the jump to see it in action.


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8-bit Real-Life Pixel Bike

Check out this fantastic 8-bit real-life pixel bike called the Excitebike, complete with 8-bit pixel protective pads created all from MDF.

The images are all from the Justin Harder Flickr album, who we think might be response for this fantastic creation.

8-bit Real-Life Excitebike

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