Astronaut Wears Bacteria Killing Underwear For A Month

If you are one of those people who doesn’t like changing your underwear too often, then you may want to check out this new bacteria killing underwear from Japan.

The bacteria killing underwear uses a new type of nanotechnology, to absorb odors and they are quick drying. Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakata has been testing this new underwear out in the International Space Station, and has worn a prototype pair for a whole month.

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Andromod T-shirt has Android Peeing on Apple

Motorola has taken to making fun of Apple in its ads for some of the issues with the iPhone 4 like the need for a case to prevent the antenna from not working. There are probably lots of Android fans getting a big kick out of the issues with the iPhone 4.

A new shirt has surfaced that is funny and Android fans that hate Apple will want it. The shirt is black and has a green android on the front that looks like the Google Android logo. The little bot is peeing on an apple with a bite out of it.

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DIY Remote Control Gag Changes Channels on TV When it Smells a Fart

This gag is disgusting, cool, and very funny all at the same time. A guy has cobbled together a remote control after being inspired by a chair that Tweets when you fart and an Arduino remote control to play a gag on his dad.

The guy rigged up a remote control for the TV using the Arduino device and a methane sensor. When the sensor smells a fart, the channel on the TV randomly changes.

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BP Post Fake Oil Crisis Command Centre Photo

In a strange story covered by the Washington Post, BP were discovered to have posted a Photoshop’ed image of their supposed Oil Crisis Command Centre on the main BP website.

The original image posted by BP which has now been removed, looks legit from first glance. But after further examination a very poor paste job had been created. View the original here.

BP Post Fake Oil Crisis Command Centre Photo

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The Portable Watermelon Cooler

We have featured quite a few different gadgets here at  Geeky Gadgets, some are extremely useful, whilst others are just plain strange, and I think this one can be filed in the latter category, the Portable Watermelon Cooler.

We are not sure why you would want a gadget to wheel a watermelon around in, whilst keeping it nice and cool at the same time, anyway it seems that someone in Japan thinks its a good idea.

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Antenna-aid iPhone 4 Band Aid Designed To Solve Your Reception Issues

Apple’s iPhone 4 reception issues have caused a range of products to be released which are designed to cure the antenna issues, we have already seen the iHand and the iPhone 4 antenna kit, now we have something else, the Antenna-aid iPhone 4 band aid.

It seems someone has come up with the idea to produce some band aids that are the right size for the iPhone 4 and are designed to cure your reception issues.

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