It Must Be The Economy: Awful DIY Iron Man CosPlay

Gee, multibillionaire arms dealer Tony Stark is probably so poor his latest suit is made of tape and—art paper? Probably carries it in a plastic garbage bag too.

Ha! The good news is the man in the picture isn’t Tony Stark. The bad news is that craptastic suit he’s in is still real. Turns out that the cosplayer pictured below has garnered enough laughs to go viral. Real name is unknown and as for his, er, cretaion–like they say, there’s no accounting for good taste.

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Skyrim 2012 Style (video)

The popular Bethesda Skyrim game has been brought up to date in this new humorous take on what Skyrim might look like in 2012. The short 4 minute film has been created by Grosjean Brothers Productions, who have also been responsible for some other great takes on popular games. Which you can be found over on their YouTube channel, watch their interpretation of Skyrim cira 2012 after the jump.

Skyrim 2012

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So Bad Its Good: Bacon Soda Sells In Package Of Six

For some reason this reminded the writer of the Queen album ‘Sheer Heart Attack’ from way back when. Though the gist of this post is humorous, Bacon Soda is no spoof—it’s as real as cardiac arrest. Promoted as ‘a mad marriage between soda and bacon,’ Bacon Soda is currently available in an affordable six pack for $24.95 but can be discounted to $19.95.

Bacon Soda

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Hamster Submarine, Takes “Houdina” The Hamster To New Depths (video)

We have featured some strange and wacky gadgets here on Geeky Gadgets over the years, but this Hamster Submarine has to be up at the top of the list.

The Hamster submarine is constructed from a 3 litre plastic bottles, and is fitted with a hamster wheel which allows the crew to power the submarines propeller. Watch the amazing video after the jump to see the “Houdina” the hamster go to new depths.

Hamster Submarine

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Huge Awesome Lego Machine, Uses Robot Arms Conveyors And Trucks (video)

We have featured a number of great Lego models and creations her on Geeky Gadgets over the years. But over the holiday period YouTube user ctx0075, has created an awesome Lego machine.

The awesome creation has been built to transport small footballs in a continuous loop. Easy you think? Check out the video after the jump to the entire machine in action. Including dumper trucks, conveyor belts and robotic arms, all working together to keep those balls moving.

Lego Machine

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Star Wars: The Old Republic ‘getdown’ Invincibility Exploit, Lets You Dance The Damage Away (video)

An exploit within Star Wars-The Old Republic has been discovered that allows you to dance away damage and provide yourself with a shield of invincibility, as you dance out your funky moves.

Know as the /getdown exploit one Star Wars-The Old Republic gamers has recored the exploit in action for you to see just how it works. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.

Star Wars-The Old Republic Get Down

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Wipeout Quantum Racetrack, If Only It Was Real (video)

Feast your eyes on this awesome Wipeout Quantum superconductor race track which allows you to rack two hover cars using dial controls. Which has suspiciously been created by the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.

Unfortunately the video and track are just a viral video, thought to be advertising the next Wipeout game Wipeout 2048, the upcoming racing game for the PlayStation Vita. But we can still dream. The Wipeout Quantum superconductor race track definitely beats your standard Scalextric track.

Wipeout Track

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Fake It Till You Make It: The StarScreen Social Backdrop

Nothing suggest/implies/screams ‘fake!’ better than a crummy technicolor backdrop on a nylon screen. This is barely high-tech but is awkward enough to merit some contrived measure of acclaim. If you haven’t figured out what it does, the StarScreen is a prop for your teleconferencing and Skype sessions–a ‘vivid’ background to lend an utterly false sense of where you’re at. Thus, have a white sand beach in place behind you rather than the dirty garage you actually live in. For example, of course.


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Canadian Pop Singer Pays Tribute To Optimus Prime (Video)

In the annals of odd music, James Struthers’ latest single ranks…somewhere. Titled ‘You, Me, and Optimus Prime,’ the chill out track inspired a music video where a young man gets to enjoy outdoor escapades with the Autobot stalwart. It’s obvious Michael Bay had no input on this concept (there are zero explosions), but it’s unsure if Sam Witwicky (as played by Shia LaBeouf–spelling?) is comfortable with his best extra terrestrial giant robot friend hanging with someone else.

Optimus Prime song

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Siri: The Holiday Horror Movie (Video)

We have featured a number of funny videos featuring Apple’s voice activated virtual assistant, Siri, and now the guys from Rooster Teeth have created a new one called Siri: The Holiday Horror Movie.

Have a look at the video below, which shows a bunch of friends getting the new iPhone 4S for Christmas, although things don’t turn out as the friends hand expected with their new gift.

Apple Siri

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