The Wampug Strikes Back

Few things in life are as scary as meeting a Wampa monster face to face. Just ask Luke Skywalker. One almost killed him in The Empire Strikes Back. Thankfully he was able to use the force and get his lightsaber. Just as Wampas are so terrifying, nothing is so cute as a pug dog dressed up like a Wampa.
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Chuck Norris Pwns Pac Man

If you grew up in the 80s, I guarantee you played Pac Man. I know I spent more than a few months allowance in the arcade playing the game as a kid. I also watch more than my share of Chuck Norris flicks and other than Bruce Lee, nobody and nothing scares Chuck. They say, Chuck Norris doesn’t go hunting, he goes killing.

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Finger Piano Lets You Play Bells, Piano And Cat!

We have featured a number of different gadgets here on Geeky Gadgets for making music, but this Finger Piano is definitely a unique way to play at tune. As you can see from the image below you simply slip on a note to the end of each finder and attach a speaker to your wrist that also conns the systems processor, as well as three more notes.

Finger Piano

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Trike Drifting Looks Awesome (video)

Unfortunately I don’t have a three wheel trike lying handily around in the office at the moment, but if I did I would definitely be busy modifying it for a go at this. If you have a spare trike lying around you might be interested in this video showing a new trike drifting sport using modified trikes. Which might well be worth a go if you fancy a bit of an adrenaline rush.

Watch the video after the jump to see the modified trikes in action drifting down a few hills in New Zealand.

Trike Drifting

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Guy Wearing Bulletproof Vest Shoots Himself In The Chest

Some people just aren’t very smart. Nature has it’s ways of weeding the dumber ones from our species. It’s called Natural Selection. It basically means that stupid people who do dumb things, as a general rule, will not be a part of our species for very long. This makes us stronger and smarter as a whole. This guy survived his stupidity. This time.
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Amazon’s Latest Advert Pokes Fun At The iPad (Video)

It looks like Samsung isn’t the only company who has decided to take a swipe at Apple in their latest advert, now it is Amazon’s turn with a new advert for the Kindle Fire and other Kindle devices.

As you can see in the video below, Amazon is having a direct go at the price of the iPad compared to its Kindle product range, saying that you can get three Kindles for the price of an iPad.

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