Cat video gets flagged on YouTube for copyright infringement

cat video

YouTube is one of the biggest online video websites and as such it has a growing copyright infringement problem. You probably already know that YouTube has a powerful automatic takedown tool that detects and flags alleged copyright infringement and then sends videos to a receiving site where they’re processed. The problem is that no humans are directly involved in this process. That results in innocent videos being taken down and creative people being stifled.

This is sad, but it is nothing new. However the takedown tool outdid itself for sheer stupidity when it flagged a video loop of a cat purring, apparently because EMI Music Publishing and PRS owned a 12 second part of that loop.
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Student suspended for claiming to have One Ring


As if we needed another reminder of how stupid public officials have become these days. Here’s another example of idiots being allowed to teach kids. The story goes like this. A fourth-grader in west Texas has been suspended from school. The reason? According to his father, the child pretended to be in possession of a ring that is similar to the One Ring in Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, saying that it could make a classmate disappear.

Well, apparently teachers at that school are mentally deficient and saw this as being equal to a terrorist threat. Is it any wonder that kids don’t seem to be learning much in school these days? You can’t make this stuff up.
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Useless Machine In A Can Offers A Fun DIY Kit That Does Absolutely Nothing (video)

Useless Machine In A Can

If you are looking to build something that is constructed using high quality parts but once built does absolutely nothing of use at all. You are sure to be interested in this new creation by InnoTechnix called the Useless Machine In A Can.

The Useless Machine In A Can contains 45 pieces that you assemble without soldering to create a fun mechanism. Watch the video below to learn more about this interesting yet completely useless device, that is already blasted past its Kickstarter pledge goal of $9,000 with still 26 days left of its campaign to run.

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Scotty 3D Printer Teleports Your Objects For One Room To Another (video)

Scotty 3D Printer

Even though teleporting humans from one location to another is a long way off. A new ingenious tongue-in-cheek method of transporting physical objects from one location to another has been created called the Scotty 3D printer system.

Watch the video below to learn more about the system that uses a couple of Makerbot 3D printers that have been modified to allow the teleportation to take place.

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Homer Simpson’s Electric Hammer Created In Real Life (video)

Electric Hammer

Simpsons fans may remember the classic episode when Homer creates an electric hammer to start his career as an inventor, in the episode entitled “The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace”, first released back in October 1998.

Now Patrick Priebe industrious maker and fan of the Simpsons cartoons has created a working replica of the original cartoon electric hammer that was created by Homer in that episode.

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Indi Robotic Smartphone Dock Uses Arms To Notify You (video)

Indi Robotic Smartphone Dock

There are plenty of smartphone docks available to purchase to help charge and present your smartphone screen for easy reading when notification arrive. But all these are very boring when you compare it to Indi, a robotic smartphone dock created by Billy Wood based in the UK.

The Indi robotic smartphone dock has been created to equip your smartphone with a pair of robotic arms that the dock uses to communicate different notifications to its owner as they arrive.

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Cortana Vs Siri In Latest Microsoft Advert (Video)

cortana vs siri

Microsoft is back again with their Cortana vs Siri adverts, and this time the video features Apple’s new iPhone 6 Plus vs the Lumia 830 from Microsoft.

Microsoft is attempting to show that Cortana can so more things that Siri in their latest video, Cortana tries to show off what she can do, where as Siri points out that she’ got bigger’ with the new larger iPhone 6 Plus.

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Google’s Android Lollipop Gets 4 New TV Adverts (Video)

Android Lollipop

Google has already started rolling out their Android Lollipop updates to a number if their devices, the company has been promoting the new OS on TV over the last few weeks with a range of adverts.

Now Google has released four new videos to show off Android Lollipop, each one has a different focus including, smartphones, tablets and smart watches, have a look at the videos below.

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Awesome 3D Printed Paper Airplane Machine Gun (video)

Paper Airplane Machine Gun

We have already seen the 3D printed gun that caused a storm last year and now we have the awesome 3D printed paper airplane machine gun.

Designed and built using 3D printed parts the paper airplane machine gun automatically folds the planes from sheets of paper and fires them out of the end. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the paper airplane machine gun project and see it in action.

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