Lego Football Table

Lego Football (Soccer) Table

Sariel a Lego building master has created a fully working table football table game entirely from Lego. Its even fitted with sensors at the goals to automatically to record the score and issue an … [Read more...]

Futurma Lego World

Futurama World Built From Lego

We featured a number of Lego sculptures here on Geeky Gadgets but this has to be one of the best we've seen. Constructed by Matt De Lanoy this Futurama Lego world is a huge 5 x 7 ft in size and taking … [Read more...]



batman golf cart

Batman Tumbler Golf Cart

I'm not a golf player myself but if I was to ever start playing golf, this is the golf cart I would have to get. This fantastic Batman Tumbler golf cart was spotted by This LA Life on the Warner Bros … [Read more...]

DIY Tablet Kit

Build Your Own Tablet For $400

If your feeling let down by the current range of tablets available on the market and think you could create a more functional solution. Liquidware have created a DIY tablet kit for just under $400 … [Read more...]

new xbox 360

Inside The New Xbox 360

Know as the Xbox 360 slim due to the smaller dimensions of  the New Xbox 360 its internals are mostly new using a single chip for CPU, GPU and eDRAM. Combining everything on to one die makes … [Read more...]