Etch A Sketch Freestyle

It looks like the classic Etch A Sketch has had a makeover, and there is now a new version called the Etch A Sketch Freestyle.

Instead of the two separate dials used to draw a picture on the screen, it features a single ball in the middle which is designed to get rid of the pixelated lines from the original.

Etch A Sketch Freestyle

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Worlds Smallest Train Set

I have seen some small models but this train set has to be the smallest I have ever seen.

About five times the width of a ballpoint pen tip  this set comes complete with mountains, tunnel and trees. David Smith created this tiny train set completely from styrene as an N scale layout in Z scale. Checkout the video after the jump.


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New WowWee Bots

Two bots which we featured back in January this year from WowWee are now available to purchase. The  humanoid called Joebot, that uses the same  hand controls as other WowWee humanoids but is now euipped with voice commands as well. The other called  Roborover can move around autonomously, avoiding obstacles, and has a guard mode that detects movement. Check out videos of both after the jump.


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Donkey Kong Jenga

We always like a retro gaming gadget and this Donkey Kong Jenga is definitely worth a mention. Based on the classic tower  game it has 54 hardwood blocks painted with the iconic Donkey Kong girders.

You can play either the traditional way or using the Mario mover and save Pauline from Donkey Kong in a new and even more challenging way to play.


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Retro Boombox Bag

Check out this retro Boombox bag made from cotton twill with built in speakers to give you that authentic street sound when your break dancing on your slip mat at the corner.

The good thing about this version is that your batteries will last longer than 3 songs even if you turn the volume up full.


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Bomb Candles

Have a blow out at your next birthday bash with these quirky candles shaped as sticks of dynamite and old fashion cartoon black circular bombs. No need to use those boring pink one when you can start your party with a KABOOM..

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