Lego Football (Soccer) Table

Sariel a Lego building master has created a fully working table football table game entirely from Lego. Its even fitted with sensors at the goals to automatically to record the score and issue an audio announcement when a goal is scored. Check out the video of the table in action after the jump.

Lego Football Table

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Futurama World Built From Lego

We featured a number of Lego sculptures here on Geeky Gadgets but this has to be one of the best we’ve seen. Constructed by Matt De Lanoy this Futurama Lego world is a huge 5 x 7 ft in size and taking over two years to complete.

Futurma Lego World

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Concept Jump Rope Charges Batteries

I have always said if I could somehow harness the energy created by all the talking that my wife and kids do, I could solve the global energy crisis. So far there is no concept to harness the power created by flapping gums, by there is a new concept jump rope that can make power from using the thing.

The concept is called the E-Rope and it is able to generate power to charge a pair of AA batteries in each handle. The designer says 20 minutes of jumping would fully charge all four AA batteries.

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Divetek Inflatable Raft/Underwater Propulsion Concept is Summer Gold

People all across the country head to the lakes, pool, and beach each summer to have fun and cool off. Many of those people also take with them a flotilla of toys and rafts to play with. A new concept has turned up at Yanko Design that may well be the coolest water toy ever.

The concept is called Divetek and it has two different ways it can be used. The first way is by inflating the white section on the back that acts as a raft. You can then use the propeller on the front maroon section to pull you around the water.

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Wicked Lasers Spyder III Pro Arctic Series Can Instantly Burn Stuff

Yeah, I want one of these. I would like a laser powerful enough to light my grill without a match and to light a fire under the little bird butts of the birdies that like to poop on my back patio. The Wicked Lasers Spyder III Pro Arctic laser certainly has the power to do those things.

The warning for the laser states that it can instantly blind and burn skin if you shine it on someone. According to the maker, the blue laser beam used in the Spyder III Pro is 4000% brighter than the blue beam in its Sonar laser.

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Ghostbusters Proton Pack Backpackb

If you’re a Ghostbusters fan then this officially licensed backpack design based on the proton packs worn in a Ghostbusters films has definitely got to be high on your list of  purchases. I know I’ll be ordering one as soon as they drop and maybe another just for backup.

Ghostbusters Proton Pack Backpack

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RoboGames 2010

In its second year the Mech Warfare competition 2010 had 14 teams competing for the supreme title using robots fitted with Airsoft fully automatic rifles.

Each robot is control via remote and the competitors are only allowed to view there positions using the built in wireless cameras on their robots. Giving them the feel of actually being in the cockpit of their robots. Check out the video after the jump.

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Pillow Sports a Nice Rack and One Arm

I’ve been married long enough that boobs have lost some of the marvel they held for me in my younger days. I recognize the fact that there are many geeks out there who might not feel the same way and some of those geeks probably lack the skills to find a girl actually willing to let them see their boobs.

I have found the perfect pillow for the person wanting to feel like they are sleeping next to a real woman complete with snuggling and boobs. I will say that if you have this pillow on your bed and you happen to score a real woman, she probably won’t let you see her boobs after spotting this thing.

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DIY Geek Builds Robot with Fridge, Robot Arm, and BB Gun

Robots are cool and I for one am looking forward to the day when I can have a robot clean the house and bring me drinks so I can keep playing video games. One geek has taken his dream of a robot servant to the real world with a new bot sporting a fridge and a means to protect the frosty content within the fridge.

The robot is built on what appears to be the base of a power wheelchair. On top of that, base sits a fridge large enough for any number of cold beverages from beer to soft drinks. The bot also has an articulating arm on top made from a kid’s toy.

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Lego Furniture

Ever fancied turning your Lego creations into full size usable objects and furniture? Well with the help of  Lego style bricks from Lunatic Construction you can now create a huge array of Lego styled furniture for your pad.

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