Parmigiani Bugatti Super Sports Watch Compliments The Car

Simply put, Bugatti is the epitome of supercars. Lavish praise aside, it’s the Swiss luxury watchmaker Parmigiani’s Super Sports Watch we’re drooling about here.

In one of those rare occasions when car and watchmaker collaborate, the Super Sports Watch bears all the sexy curves and exquisite detail that is Bugatti’s signature.

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Stowamatic GT2 Will Leave Human Caddies Jobless

We foresee a dismal future for those caddies you pay tax-free cash so they lug your clubs while you swing away at the course.

Their replacements? The GT2 Stowamatic, a portable three-wheeled vehicle powered by a 27-hole battery that follows your instructions where to take those all-important clubs for the next hole-in-one.

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TxtBomber Is Too Cool To Handle

True to its underground aesthete, it took awhile for the TxtBomber to make an impact on the web.

You see, its creator Felix Vorreitor already perfected the handheld printing machine in 2005 and it only caught on with the tech press recently—like this week. Better late than never, you say?

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Parrot AR Drone Now Available To Pre-order

If you have been waiting to get your hands on the new Parrot Ar Drone quadricopter, the wait is almost over as the Parrot AR Drone is now available to pre-order.

The Parrot AR.Drone is a quadricopter, and it has four helicopter blades that are used to fly it and also to move around, it also has two built in cameras.

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University Brings Down The Hammer On The Motorized Couch

Decades from now in the far off green future we’re currently struggling to reach, statues of Nicholas Homer will adorn state parks and public spaces. Or not.

The college student best known for his motorized couch has just been banned by Brigham Young University from using it to move around campus. The student was motivated to build the motorized couch so he can pick up burgers and willing females with utmost convenience.

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GK Vessa Camo Sunglasses are Shades on Steroids

Whoever designed its color scheme may have been watching too many war movies. But you must agree that the features crammed into the new GK Vessa 313Camo sunglasses are really impressive.

It has 4GB of storage space, a built-in MP3 player plus a 1.5 megapixel cam for photo/video indulgence. Oh, and it keeps the sun from hurting your eyes—these are still sunglasses, right? The only thing missing is WiFi connectivity.

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Paintable Android Figure

If you fancy getting creative this weekend why not paint your own Android robot figure. The DIY Android bots are available at Comic-Con this week for $6.

But don’t think these are just for Android fans check out a few examples of how creative you can be after the jump.

Paintable Android Figure

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Nike’s Triax Vapor 300 Keeps Pace With Runners

You may be more of a couch guy rather than a triathlete, but that doesn’t mean the appeal of Nike’s Triax Vapor 300 would be lost on you.

Housed in sleek aircraft aluminum casing, its many functions include a chronograph, water resistance of up to 100m and a timer. It also boasts curved mineral glass and a performance polymer strap.

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