Spoil Your Kid With This Flashy Ride

A taste for luxury is best cultivated at a young age. This is why snobbish parents should consider buying the Mini Seven for their little brats. The company who builds this type of car, Micro Electric Vehicles, departed from their usual standard by installing a petrol engine on this pimpin’ ride instead dof the usual electric variety.

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New Star Wars Bookends Feature Boba Fett And Co.

This isn’t the first time we’ve featured Star Wars bookends whose rich detail is a feast for the eyes. (In fact, it’s our third–go here and here for the previous posts.) What you see below are a pair of Jabba’s Palace themed bookends for whatever collection of yours needs bookending. It stars Boba Fett plus that orc dude with an axe, another bounty hunter who’s actually Princess Leia in disguise, and dear old Han Solo in his carbonite prison. The Tauntaun head adds extra coolness, in our opinion.

Star Wars Bookends

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Portal Turret Sentry Recreated In Lego

If you are waiting for the new sequal Portal 2 to be released, which will be hitting store shelves and Steam on April 21st, 2011, this Lego creation will bring back memories of the first Portal.

Will Page, AKA Haystack Hair has used his Lego to create one on the most accurate Lego copies of a Portal Turret Sentry we have seen.

Portal Lego Sentry

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Get Your Cybertron On With Transformers 3D Glasses Masks

Are you itching to see the next Transformers sequel this summer? If you are, then maybe you’re the type of rabid fanboy/girl who’ll pay $10 for this (not) awesome 3D mask of Optimus Prime. Mega toymakers Hasbro can’t wait to kindle the fires of fanboy enthusiasm in anticipation for “Dark of the Moon” so they rolled out Bumblebee and Optimus masks to enthrall the faithful.

Optimus 3D glasses

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