Overweight Kids Can Lose Weight With GeoPalz Pedometer

It doesn’t matter if you blame Cheetos, McDonalds, or first person shooters. The fact remains there are a lot of overweight kids these days whose more or less inactive lifestyles sets them up for heart disease in the future. So how to keep the kiddies at least mildly interested in exercise? Why, plop down some cash for a GeoPalz pedometer.

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Hasbro Unveils KRE-O Building Block System

One of the coolest franchises that Hasbro has is Transformers. Hasbro launched Transformers back when I was a kid and I spent lots of time trying to convert the bots to and from robot guise. Hasbro has announced a new toy line this week called KRE-O that is sort of like Lego and comes in Transformers character kits.

KRE-O Optimus Prime

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Plastic Android Toys from DyzPlastic Reach Series 2

I don’t think that any of use ever get over the thrill we get from playing with new toys. When we are young, it might be Hot Wheels cars and Barbie dolls. When we are older, we just move to gadgets and real cars. If you are a big fan of Android OS devices some cool new figurines have surfaced that are much cooler to collect than clowns.

DzyPlastic Android Statues

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TF2 Soldier Character Created In Purest Plastic, Joins Heavy

If your a fan of the Team Fortress 2 game or know someone who is, these detailed artistic sculptures created out of the finest plastic are now available for fans worldwide, with the soldier now joining the already created Heavy which has already sold out.

The new soldier figure is now up for pre-order and will be made in limited runs, a limited run of 300 with an inter-switchable Direct Hit accessory and a run of 750 without will ship in Q3 2011

TF2 Character Statues

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Makedo Combines Rubbish To Create Toys

Most you children enjoy nothing more than creating things out of old packaging boxes, tubes and empty containers from household waste. Mine sometimes get more enjoyment from a cardboard than the actual product inside.

Makedo has been designed to help make it even more fun by providing connectors to join the packaging together safely and easily. Watch the video after the break to see the new Makedo kit in action.


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This Dead Space Plasma Cutter Replica Is Really Really Expensive

But keep in mind you’ll be paying for the craftsmanship, which is top notch even for a ‘mere’ replica.

The wonderful labor of love pictured bellow will be released in March thanks to online retailer Entertainment Earth. It won’t be cheap though and will set the eager Dead Space fan back $219.¬† But if you’re such a humongous Dead Space fan in the first place, no price is too great for this baby.

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