Portal Turret Sentry Recreated In Lego

If you are waiting for the new sequal Portal 2 to be released, which will be hitting store shelves and Steam on April 21st, 2011, this Lego creation will bring back memories of the first Portal.

Will Page, AKA Haystack Hair has used his Lego to create one on the most accurate Lego copies of a Portal Turret Sentry we have seen.

Portal Lego Sentry

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Get Your Cybertron On With Transformers 3D Glasses Masks

Are you itching to see the next Transformers sequel this summer? If you are, then maybe you’re the type of rabid fanboy/girl who’ll pay $10 for this (not) awesome 3D mask of Optimus Prime. Mega toymakers Hasbro can’t wait to kindle the fires of fanboy enthusiasm in anticipation for “Dark of the Moon” so they rolled out Bumblebee and Optimus masks to enthrall the faithful.

Optimus 3D glasses

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Overweight Kids Can Lose Weight With GeoPalz Pedometer

It doesn’t matter if you blame Cheetos, McDonalds, or first person shooters. The fact remains there are a lot of overweight kids these days whose more or less inactive lifestyles sets them up for heart disease in the future. So how to keep the kiddies at least mildly interested in exercise? Why, plop down some cash for a GeoPalz pedometer.

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Hasbro Unveils KRE-O Building Block System

One of the coolest franchises that Hasbro has is Transformers. Hasbro launched Transformers back when I was a kid and I spent lots of time trying to convert the bots to and from robot guise. Hasbro has announced a new toy line this week called KRE-O that is sort of like Lego and comes in Transformers character kits.

KRE-O Optimus Prime

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