Sea Squirt Flotation Vests Keeps The Tots Happy At Sea

Kids just love the sea (and swimming for that matter). Aside from dabbling in sand castles and assorted diversions, the younglings are susceptible to taking a dip in the wave ridden waters. A point of concern for many parents, Opa Cove have just addressed the problem head on with their new line of Sea Squirt sea wear.

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Behold The Super Duper Sized Pencil Case To Rule Them All

If you’ve never heard of Faber Castell, then you’ve never tasted the good life. Some pencils get chewed, others broken, still others made to scrawl pointless doodles on any available surface. Faber Castell, on the other hand, belongs to a league of it’s own. Call them the elite of pencils, the genuine Michaelangelos amid the mass of cheap imitations, the very first hexagonal shaped affairs that didn’t roll off your desk. The Faber Castell saga began in the 18th century and to commemorate it’s 250th birthday, the company have unleashed a limited edition monster case.

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Lego Lunchbox Looks Like A Bad Idea

It really does. Remember when you used to open your lunchbox for recess and the food inside would be soggy and have no flavor at all?  Lunchboxes are a science unto themselves. A science few have mastered despite decades of compulsory schooling that have called for the use of a lunchbox. No wonder Ziploc sandwiches are so freaking popular.

Lego Lunchbox

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Orbotix Sphero Robotic Ball Lands $5 Million Investment For Production (video)

The Sphero Robotic Ball controlled by your smartphone which we featured back in December last year and was showcased at CES this year. Has now raised $5 million in Series B financing from Foundry Group and Highway 12 Ventures, allowing it to make the jump from concept into production.

Any iOS or Android smartphone will be able to control the Sphero Ball via a simple Bluetooth connection. Developers will also be able to create their own programs and games for the robotic ball using the open API on offer. Watch a video of the Orbotix Sphero Robotic Ball in action after the jump.

Sphero Robotic Ball

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HTC Desire Solves Dodecahedron Rubik’s Cube (video)

We have featured a number of different Rubik Cube solving devices here on Geeky Gadgets including the Android Lego creation that was able to solve the puzzle in under 25 seconds. But we have never seen a Dodecahedron Rubik’s Cube solver before.

Megaminxer is probably the first robot in the world to solve a Megaminx puzzle or a Dodecahedron Rubik’s Cube, which is made up of with 12 faces, each with 5 edges.

The Megaminxer robot is built from LEGO and uses a Mindstorms NXT kit for driving the mechanics, together with a HTC Desire smartphone running a custom Android app is the brain of the device. Watch the video after the jump to see the solver in action.


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Rolobox Ensures Kids Play with Boxes More than What’s Inside

I have two kids and I am here to tell you that they can both play longer with a big box than they do with all the toys and video games around the house. My daughter would sleep in a box like a little 6-year-old hobo if you let her. If you really want to guarantee that your kids have more fun with a box than what is inside the box the Rolobox is for you.


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Samsung Offers Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Camera in Korea

I like the idea of those robotic vacuum cleaners that you can have just zip around and vacuum your floors for you. I also like the idea of a remote controlled vacuum cleaner that I can use to chase the kids and pets around the house. Samsung has a new vacuum cleaner in Korea that combines a video robot with a cleaning bot.

Samsung RC Vacuum Cleaner

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