Lobster Shell Golf Balls Will Soon Be In A Cruise Ship Near You

With so much garbage floating in the ocean these days and forming small ‘islands,’ it’s a relief to learn about small time inventions like this new golf ball. A chemical engineering student from University of Maine created these lobster balls to address the problem of golf balls ending up in bodies of water (and choking alligators). The lobster shell ball is made of pulverized lobster shell and a couple of really cheap by products.

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Lego Helmet Audio Book Reader Concept

If you know a little Lego fan, they might like this concept Lego audio book reader, designed by Jonathan Robson. The design of the book reader is based on a LEGO helmet with a gold space visor, but acts as a headset designed for children to allow them to listen to audio and read along to books and comics.

Lego Helmet Book Reader

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Check Out This Bizarre Dr. Who Chess Set

Like Dr. Who? Like Chess? Then maybe an investment is waiting to happen—a £30 investment that is. Pictured below is an odd Dr. Who themed chess set populated by characters from series five. It’s currently available for pre-order and features all cast members from the telly program, including more than a couple of Tardis boxes.

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RPG Perfumes Reeks Of Fairies And Other Creatures

Including elves. We meant that literally. What did the creatures/people who inhabit the fantasylands of our imaginings smell like? Some devout RPGers have come up with a whole line of scents to answer that question. If you’re wondering about orcs, forget it cos they reek worse than a pile of rotting onions. Yes, rotting onions. You wouldn’t.

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Minecraft Board Game

If you are a big Minecraft fan you might like this board game display at San Jose State University that allows visitors to play Minecraft in real-life without the need for a computer at all.

The Minecraft board game is constructed of little paper cubes and even has tiny paper tools to help you with your constructions. Like the digital version, rare ore can be found underneath the surface with a little digging. It was also observed that already experienced Minecraft players that played the paper version, interestingly would go for the rare ores first, whilst new players would construct things from dirt, paper cubes.

Minecraft Board Game

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Luke Skywalker Is In Your Freezer And He Needs Help

Remember the most thrilling part from The Empire Strikes Back where Luke was in the cave of the snow beast Wampa? Well, the dude behind the I Heart Star Wars blog has recreated the scene in his freezer. By the looks of it, the Wampa seems more interested in the Eggos. Mmmmmmmm, Eggos. Now if only Luke can use the force to grab his lightsaber and do some schwing schwing action. Or better yet, just dive behind the plastic bag.


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Legoesque Dr. Who Building Sets Selling Real Cheap

Though not officially a Lego project, these Lego compatible Dr. Who sets are ready to spread joy amongst the faithful. There’s even a Dalek in one of the sets! It still makes us wonder about exactly why Dr. Who has endured for so long when other awesome British sci fi sagas have fallen by the wayside. Blake’s 7 anyone?  The late great Blake’s 7 was Star Trek, 1984, Battlestar Galactica, and Mass Effect (way before there was Mass Effect) rolled into one. Alas, it did not stand the test of time.

Dr. Who

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Brilliant Artisan Builds Scale Models Out Of Watch Parts

So there’s this Dmitriy Khrishtenko guy who has quite the awesome hobby that combines watches and a passion for minuscule engineering. When combined, the result is the non-garage he’s assembled of self-made scale model motorcycles and cars. Keep in mind all the parts he uses are taken from dead watches. According to him, it takes almost two days worth of labor to produce each vehicle. Thanks to an indefatigable work ethic, Dmitriy has a production line going at his Deviantart space. He’s also selling his creations for up to $500.

Toy Bike

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Metal Pen a Geek Could Appreciate

I remember when I graduated high school. I got a few pens and I thought they were the lamest gifts that you could get. I think if I had been given a cool pen like this Metal Pen with Level and Screwdriver I would have been appreciative for sure. This pen is perfect for the graduating geek.

Metal Pen

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LED Braces Are Crazy Fun

You know how trends catch on in Japan. So this latest oral-inclined gimmick is really nuts, involving kids with LED illumination on their teeth. Why? Has something to do with a publicity stunt to promote a department store, apparently. What’s the connection, right? The LEDS do the illuminating via non-invasive braces that glow like disco lights.

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iKon Is An iOS Controlled RC

Pictured below is a special RC from toymakers WOW! Stuff. They want to bank on the popularity of Apple devices by outing a whole line of toys that are controlled via RC dongle on an iPad or iPhone. There’s hint of plans for similar goodies that are applicable to Android gadgets, but that’s in the distant feature. For now, feast thyne eyes on the iKon, a rare marriage of trend conscious design and Apple worship. Fanboys will go bananas and apples (get it?) over this.

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Futurama Minis Are Irresistible

Thanks to a brand new season, the once dormant following of the hit animated series have another opportunity to invest their love with these new mini figures. A dozen of the characters are available together with their individual items, like a food bowl for Nibbler.

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