Wicked Lasers Flashtorch is Bright Enough to Start Fires

Wicked Lasers has been producing a line of laser pointers for years that are powerful enough to melt plastic and pop balloons. The company has announced its new Flashtorch flashlight that is designed to be used as a normal flashlight that can do some interesting things. Flashtorch has up to 4100 lumens of light and is bright enough to start a fire.


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ScratchJr App Lets Young Children Program Their Own Interactive Stories (video)

Mitchel Resnick and team have developed a new tablet application called ScratchJr which has been specifically developed to help young children between the ages of 5 and 7 learn basic programming skills, creating their own interactive stories and games.

Within the ScratchJr application children are able to snap together graphical programming blocks to create character animations, making them dance, jump, move and sing. The characters can also be modified using the integrated painting editor and children can even add their own voices and sounds to their interactive story.


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Moff Wearable Smart Toy Adds Interactivity To Your Childs Imagination (video)

If you children are always playing with everyday objects and transforming them into props for games and imaginative play, you might be interested in a new wearable smart toy called the Moff band.

The Moff band is similar to a slapband but equipped with electronics,  and has been created to enable any child wearing it to transform everyday objects into toys and interactive props. Everything they do, everything they hold, changes into toys. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about this innovative and imaginative next-generation wearable smart toy created by Moff.

Moff Wearable Smart Toy

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Mission Control Desk Powered By Arduino And Raspberry Pi (video)

If you are looking for a new project to build using a Raspberry Pi mini PC or Arduino controller and would enjoy playing with your own mission control desk or know a budding astronaut that might.

You are sure to enjoy this awesome DIY Mission Control Desk created by Jeff High Smith, made using a variety of switches, buttons and dials to create a fully featured command console that both adults and children are sure to enjoy playing with. Check out the video after the jump to learn more.

Mission Control Desk

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Modarri Cars Next Generation Toy Cars Offer Steering, Suspension And More (video)

The ThoughtFull Toys company has developed a new style of toy car to play with called Modarri Cars. Which have been designed to allow you to be able to fully customise them with interchangeable parts as well as a real steering mechanism that you can control with your finger.

Other features of the new Modarri Cars include real working suspension, rubber tyres and no need for batteries. Watch the video after the jump to see how these next-generation toy cars will fuel the imagination of children for years to come.

Modarri Cars

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Official Lego Ghostbusters Kit Launching In June For $50

After the announcement was made earlier this year that Lego would be launching a new official Ghostbusters Lego kit, thanks to the Lego CUUSOO initiative.

First images of the final Lego Ghostbusters kit have now been released providing Ghostbusters fans and Lego builders with a first glimpse of what they can expect from the 4 mini figure Lego Ghostbuster characters and their Ecto-1 vehicle.

Official LEGO Ghostbusters Kit

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Assassin’s Creed Arena Board Game Launches February 26th

Assassin’s Creed fans might be interested to know that later this month on February 26th the new Assassin’s Creed Arena board game will be available to purchase providing gameplay for 2-4 players.

The Assassin’s Creed Arena board game allows players to compete to uncover the most lucrative targets for assassination, as well as dodge the gazing eye of interfering guards, playing as either Shahkulu, Odai Dunqas, Anacletos, or Oksana Razin.

Assassins Creed Arena Board Game

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Lego Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Kit Launching Soon (video)

Lego and Ghostbuster fans are sure to be pleased to learn that LEGO will be creating a 30th anniversary special edition LEGO Ghostbusters set complete with Ecto-1 and the minifigs, thanks to the LEGO CUUSOO community initiative. Though sadly not the Ghostbusters HQ pictured below, you will need to build that yourself.

LEGO Ghostbusters

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Awesome Lego Astromech Droid (video)

Vimal Patel has created an awesome looking fully motorised Lego Astromech Droid which has been inspired by the Star Wars universe.

The Lego Astromech Droid includes a rotating head as well as a foldout robotic arm with pinch grip fingers and even a third wheel leg to provide extra stability. Check out the video after the jump to see all the motorised parts of the Lego Astromech Droid in action.

Lego Astromech Droid

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