Gameband Lets You Take Your Minecraft World With You (video)

Gameband Minecraft

Minecraft players that would like a convenient way to transport their Minecraft world with them wherever they may go, might be interested in a new wearable device called the Gameband.

Its developers have this week announced the launch of a new wearable device to their range that has been built specifically for Minecraft players, allowing them to take their Minecraft worlds and the game itself anywhere they might adventure.

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BOCCO Robot Allows You To Communicate From Afar (video)


The BOCCO robot that has been raising funds over on the Kickstarter crowd funding website this month, and has just entered the final hours of its campaign but has already successfully raised enough funds to make the jump into production.

The cute BOCCO robot has been designed to provide a connection to close relatives while you are away from home enabling you to interact with them using the robot. Watch the video below to learn more about BOCCO’s functions.

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Lego Dimensions Launching September 2015 Available To Pre-Order For $99 (video)

Lego Dimensions

With an aim to compete with the likes of Skylanders and others, Lego has this week announced the launch of their new Lego Dimensions sets will take place during September 2015 just in time for the holiday season.

Lego Dimensions will be available to play on both next-generation PlayStation 4, Xbox One consoles as well as older generation Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles and Nintendo Wii U. Watch the trailer below to learn more about the new toy.

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Hackaball The Programmable Throwable Computer Ball (video)

Hackaball The Programmable Throwable Computer Ball

Hackaball a new children’s programmable computer ball has been launched over on the Kickstarter crowdfunding website this month and has just entered into its final week of funding and has already raised double its initial $100,000 pledge goal thanks to over 2000 backers.

Hackaball has been designed to combine both computer gaming with physical outdoor activity and enables children to design and then play their very own games. Watch the video below to learn more about this innovative and possibly revolutionary new children’s game.

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ZTE Nubia Z9 And Z9 Max Smartphones Leaked

ZTE Nubia Z9

ZTE are expected to announce their new ZTE Nubia Z9 smartphone at their press event later this month and now we have some photos of the handset, along with another device.

The photos apparently show the new ZTE Nubia Z9 and Z9 Max smartphones, both handsets are expected to share similar specifications, although will have different size displays.

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Working Toyota 5-speed Transmission Made with 3D Printer


Back in January, a mechanical engineer named Eric Harrell from California 3D printed something very cool. What he made using his 3D printer was a working replica of a Toyota 22RE 4-cylinder engine. Now he has made another Toyota drivetrain component to go along with that engine, and this time it’s a working 3D printed transmission.

The transmission is a 5-speed manual Toyota transmission that is made to match up with his 22RE 3D printed engine. The 3D printed transmission even shifts and has moving components inside. The only thing left for the engineer to 3D print now is a small car that the engine and trans can go in. Not all of the components inside the transmission came off the 3D printer though.

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Angry Birds Stella Pop Game Launched

stella pop

Angry Birds creator Rovio has launched their latest mobile game which is called Angry Birds Stella Pop and the game is available on both Apple’s iOS platform and Google’s Android platform.

The video below gives us a look at the game play on Angry Birds Stella Pop and the game is available as a free download, although it comes with in app purchases.

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Lego 3D Printer Created Using EV3 Mindstorms And Glue Gun (video)

lego 3D printer

We have featured in many different types of 3D printer over the years here on Geeky Gadgets but one Instructables user by the name of “ W1ll14m “ has used the Lego EV3 Mindstorms system and a glue gun to create working Lego 3D printer.

Ok the Lego 3D printer might not be the most accurate or fastest 3D printer created, but hey this is Lego and an off the shelf glue gun, check out the video below to see it in action.

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Cuddle Clones will Build you a Weird Stuffed Replica of your Pet


Many people around the world are crazy about their pets and treat them like children. There is nothing wrong with that mind you. The problem for people who fall deeply in love with their pet is that pets have very short lives compared to humans. That means the inevitable death of the pet. A company called Cuddle Clones has a weird way to help people deal with the loss of a beloved pet.

Cuddle Pets can make you a very accurate stuffed replica of your pet that you can have and hold. The replica is made from images of the pet you upload to the company. As you can see in the image here, the stuffed replicas look very much like the real pets. There is no reason you have to wait until your pet dies to get a cuddle pet either.

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