Lego Fusion Combines Digital and Physical Gameplay Together (video)

Lego Fusion

Lego has this week unveiled a new range of Lego it has created called Lego Fusion which has been designed to combine both physical and digital game play together using tablet and smartphone applications.

The new Lego Fusion box sets have been designed by Lego to encourage children to continue building beyond the initial steps included in the Lego Fusion kits which have been created for children 7 and upwards.

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Real FX Radio Controlled Car Racing Game Uses Artificial Intelligence (video)

radio controlled cars

If you enjoy racing radio controlled cars and used to enjoy Scalextric or still do, this new Real FX racing game might be worth more investigation. As its uses artificial intelligence, to provide users with control never before achieved says its creators.

The Real FX radio controlled cars system uses a slotless expandable, customisable track that sets up in seconds, not hours say its creators WoW Labs based in the UK. Check out the trailer after the jump to see the racing radio controlled racing system in action.

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Wheeled Jumping And Flying Parrot MiniDrones Launching August 2014 (video)

Parrot MiniDrones

Parrot well known for its range of flying drones has this week announced that their two new Parrot MiniDrones will be launching in the US during August of this year.

There are two new Parrot MiniDrones in the range at the current time take the form of the ultra compact, lightweight and robust, Rolling Spider that is capable of flying and the Parrot Jumping Sumo MiniDrone. Check out both in action in the promotional videos after the jump.

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TipToe Walking Robot Kit Powerd by Arduino And Controlled Via iOS (video)

Walking Robot Kit

Hobbyists, makers and children that enjoyed building Arduino powered devices might be interested in this six legged walking robot kit which is powered by the Arduino platform and can be controlled using its companion iOS application.

The TipToe robot kit has been designed as a easy and quick introduction to robotics and the kit can be assembled in around 30 minutes from start to finish, using a small Phillips screwdriver and a set of pliers.

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Rubik’s Cube Celebrates its 40th Birthday

Any child of the 80′s will have fond and likely not so fond memories of the infuriating Rubik’s Cube. Most of us were unable to solve that cube that involved rotating rows of smaller cubes in an attempt to get each surface of the larger main cube to be the same color. Often many resorted to pulling off the stickers to win the game.


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Nintendo Figurine Platform (NFP) Unveiled To Compete With Skylanders And Disney Infinity

Nintendo Figurine Platform

Nintendo is in the process of developing a new range of Nintendo Figurine Platform figures, that it hopes will compete with the likes of Skylanders and Disney Infinity-style NFC figurines.

The new Nintendo Figurine Platform (NFP) is still currently under development and is expected to officially launch later this year for the Nintendo Wii U and 3DS handheld games console in the first half of 2015.

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Mirobot Wireless Robot Kit For Children Unveiled (video)

Anyone looking to get children interested in robotics might be interested in a new project which is launched over on the Kickstarter crowd funding website for the Mirobot Wireless Robot Kit which has been specifically designed with children in mind.

Mirobot has been designed to provide an open source and fun to build DIY Wi-Fi robot, that has been created to aid children learn about technology and programming. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Mirobot robot.

Mirobot Wireless Robot Kit

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ScratchJr App Lets Young Children Program Their Own Interactive Stories (video)

Mitchel Resnick and team have developed a new tablet application called ScratchJr which has been specifically developed to help young children between the ages of 5 and 7 learn basic programming skills, creating their own interactive stories and games.

Within the ScratchJr application children are able to snap together graphical programming blocks to create character animations, making them dance, jump, move and sing. The characters can also be modified using the integrated painting editor and children can even add their own voices and sounds to their interactive story.


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Moff Wearable Smart Toy Adds Interactivity To Your Childs Imagination (video)

If you children are always playing with everyday objects and transforming them into props for games and imaginative play, you might be interested in a new wearable smart toy called the Moff band.

The Moff band is similar to a slapband but equipped with electronics,  and has been created to enable any child wearing it to transform everyday objects into toys and interactive props. Everything they do, everything they hold, changes into toys. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about this innovative and imaginative next-generation wearable smart toy created by Moff.

Moff Wearable Smart Toy

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Mission Control Desk Powered By Arduino And Raspberry Pi (video)

If you are looking for a new project to build using a Raspberry Pi mini PC or Arduino controller and would enjoy playing with your own mission control desk or know a budding astronaut that might.

You are sure to enjoy this awesome DIY Mission Control Desk created by Jeff High Smith, made using a variety of switches, buttons and dials to create a fully featured command console that both adults and children are sure to enjoy playing with. Check out the video after the jump to learn more.

Mission Control Desk

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