Black Ops 2 Uprising Mob Of The Dead Trailer

Last week, Activision and Treyarch announced a new map pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 called Uprising. The map pack will come with four new multiplayer maps and an all-new co-op zombies campaign called Mob of the Dead. The new zombie adventure will star four Hollywood stars known for mobster roles.
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Get Ready For Fallout 4

Are you looking forward to playing Fallout 4? Hopefully this year? Well, there is a good chance that Bethesda could be announcing the game later this year, possibly at E3. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.
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Tekniser Tek 807D Android Gaming Tablet Launches This Summer For €150

A new Android gaming tablet has been unveiled this week by Tekniser in the form of the Tekniser Tek 807D Android gaming tablet, which is expected to arrive in stores this summer for around €150.

The Tekniser Tek 807D Android gaming tablet is powered by a Rockchip RK3066 ARM Cortex-A9 dual core chip, supported by 1GB of RAM and features ARM Mali 400 quad-core graphics.

Tekniser Tek 807D

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Disney Infinity Trailer Released With Prices (video)

Following on from the news announced last month explaining that Disney Infinity after a slight delay from its original release date, will now launch internationally on August 20th and in the United States on August 18th.

The new Disney Infinity service has been designed to provide Disney fans with the ability to integrate Disney characters as collectible figures with digital gaming, and bring the characters from various Disney and Pixar films to play together in a virtual “Toy Box” across multiple platforms. Watch the video after the jump to see a glimpse of what you can expect.

Disney Infinity

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Prince Of Persia 2 Remake Coming To Phones & Tablets

Ubisoft and Prince of Persia creator Jordan Mechner have announced the second game in the original series is being remade for mobile OSes. The game will see all new 3D environments and characters, but the 2D gameplay will be preserved. The occasion has also prompted a blog post by Mechner, reminiscing about Prince of Persia 2 development and the Prince of Persia 3 that never made it into production.


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Dark Souls 2 Gameplay First In-Depth Look Emerges

The Dark Souls franchise, of which Dark Souls 2 (or rather Demon’s Souls 3 if the franchise chronology is to be observed) has always been a tentative balance of frustration and empowerment, one always just barely outrunning the other.

The arrival of new director Yui Tanimura on the scene for the sequel and From Software’s stated goal of making death less punishing and more meaningful this time around creates understandable concern among the fan base for that balance, possibly prompting this candid reveal into the thinking behind Dark Souls 2’s approach to death.


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Draw Something Game Show Hitting Channel 4

Inexplicably popular literal timewaster Draw Something is being brought to television screens in the form of a game show. Unfortunately, developing Draw Something 2 wasn’t proving quite stimulating enough for Zynga, who will be helping make Draw It a reality while losing this idea’s only redeeming quality on the way: the branding.

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EA Cutting Undisclosed Number Of Jobs

In a bid to remain a fixture in game industry news, EA is continuing its recent momentous run of “worst company in America” awards, disastrous game launches, fleeing CEOs and condescending non-apologies by firing an unknown number of people. As always, undermining an unsuspecting group of people’s livelihoods is just EA’s way of “sharpening its focus to provide games for new platforms and mobile.”


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OnLive Releases Quality Boosting Update That More Than Doubles Bandwidth

OnLive is hoping to rekindle its short-lived status as tech novelty and halt the slow march to irrelevance apparent in the company since its restructuring last year with a patch that allows the service to take advantage of up to 12 Mbps of bandwidth.  The PC-only update (for now) dramatically improves the image quality of streamed games, but final results are mixed.


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