Lenovo Erazer X700 Dual Graphics Gaming Desktop PC Introduced

As well as announcing new tablet and desktop PCs additions to its range today, Lenovo has also taken the wraps off its new gaming system which has been named the Lenovo Erazer X700.

The Lenovo Erazer X700 gaming PC is equipped with hardware to offering an affordable route to owning dual graphic power with 3D support, and comes equipped with a choice of overclockable Core i5K and Core i7K processors.

Lenovo Erazer X700

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NVIDIA Announces Tegra 4 Powered Project Shield Gaming Portable

As well as announcing their new Tegra 4 processor for smartphones and tablets, NVIDIA has announced Project Shield, which is a gaming portable device for open platforms, which is powered by the new NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor.

Project Shield is a pure Android device that will let you play both Android and PC games, Android games can be downloaded from Google Play, PC games can be streamed from your PC with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX GPU, and access game titles from the STEAM game library.

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Disney Patents Hint At Future Game Consoles

The video game console market seems pretty full with Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo battling it out. Then you have independent consoles like the Ouya and GameStick. Now according to a patent uncovered by Patently Apple, it looks like Disney might be getting into the video game console market.
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Age of Empires Online To No Longer Receive Content Updates

Age of Empires Online, Gas Powered Games and Microsoft’s attempt to bring the venerable franchise into the free to play fold will no longer be updated with new content.  The game’s executive producer Kevin Perry says that the current six civilizations are final and mentions  a planned Roman civilization that will no longer make it into the game.

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Razer Orbweaver Mechanical Gaming Keypad Unveiled (video)

Razer has unveiled a new mechanical gaming keypad this week in the form of their new Razer Orbweaver, which is equipped with 20 mechanical keys and a programmable eight-way directional thumb-pad.

Razer has designed the Orbweaver mechanical gaming keypad to only require50g of pressure to activate a key press, allowing you to execute multiple key commands as fast as possible.

Razer Orbweaver

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EPIX Is Hitting PS3 in Q1 2013, PS Vita App Coming in Spring 2013

Remember when video game consoles were just for playing video games? Those days have been gone for awhile as we watch movies, listen to music and more between gaming sessions. So here’s some more extra content for your PS3. Sony is announcing that EPIX will be bringing its library of over 3,000 new releases and other original programming to the PS# and the PS Vita.
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Microsoft Trying Out New Xbox Live Account Regional Transfer

Microsoft has started testing a new web service that will allow Xbox Live subscribers to switch their region in a much less frustrating fashion. Most Xbox Live features, like gamer tags, gamerscore, subscription level and achievements are eligible for migration, but region-locked services like TV subscriptions or Xbox Music are not. Unsurprisingly, no refunds will be issued for ineligible services.


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