Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Was To Star Gray Fox Instead Of Raiden

Raiden’s transformation from reviled gestalt Solid Snake to badass ninja is perhaps one of the strangest redemption stories of the medium, one that takes place more inside player perception than outside the game. Which also means learning that Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima wanted series stalwart Gray Fox as Revengeance’s protagonist instead of Raiden also explains a fair bit about the character’s original unpopularity. Kojima himself never liked him much.

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Wildman Dev Gas Powered Games Lays Off 40

After launching a Kickstarter campaign for an ambitious RTS/RPG/MOBA hybrid called Wildman last week, veteran developer Gas Powered Games is laying off close to 40 staff. The news comes in the wake of a statement by CEO Chris Taylor pinning all of his company’s hopes for survival on the success of the Wildman Kickstarter. The decision seems to have been made in order to afford severance pay while the company is still liquid.

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Super Hexagon Hits Android, Gets Temporary Discount

Terry Cavanagh’s brain-arresting Super Hexagon is now available for Android devices running Froyo or better. Super Hexagon is a protagonist of most 2012 “Game of the year” lists that matter as well as temporarily on sale for the price of a cheap pencil sharpener, so normally it should be a Google Play instant buy.

Super Hexagon

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160 Blockbuster Stores To Close In The UK

Almost a third of Blockbuster’s UK stores will be closed by current administrator Deloitte in an effort to restore the ailing video rental chain to profitability. 31 stores were originally slated to close after Blockbuster announced its impending administration last week, but a further 129 closures were subsequently deemed necessary by Deloitte, with the possibility of more to come.

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