Aliens Colonial Marines Xbox 360 Game Patched, PC And PS3 Patches Arriving Soon

Aliens Colonial Marines gamers who are still playing the recently launched game, which unfortunately didn’t quite live up to the expectations provided by the game’s first trailers and demonstrations, has received a patch for Xbox 360 consoles.

The Aliens Colonial Marines patch which has rolled out for the Xbox 360 console today via Xbox Live will also be shortly arriving on both the PlayStation 3 and PC versions of the Aliens Colonial Marines game very soon. Check out the full list of all the bug fixes and tweaks made to the game after the jump.

Aliens Colonial Marines

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Ouya Console App Store Opens To Developers

With the launch date of the new Ouya console edging closer every day, the company has today opened the doors of their new Ouya console app store to developers, and removed it from the beta development stage.

Ouya is hoping to start shipping their new Ouya console to Kickstarter backers on March 28th, and any games uploaded by developers for the new Ouya console will be available to play when the Ouya console ships.

ouya console

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To The Moon 2 Tease Is Actually “A Bird Story”

A sequel to indie tear jerker To The Moon was teased earlier today via an image showing the protagonists fighting aliens on the actual moon. If you’ve played the original, you know that’s nothing like the original game, a sad and gentle meditation on love and the transience of life. With space shuttles.  It turns out this is a send up meant to announce the creator’s new game, A Bird Story.


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God of Blades arrives on Android

The migration of iPhone games to Android has been underway for a long time. In fact, most developers are delivering games to both platforms at the same time. Even so, iOS still has a slight edge with apps and games. That said, Android is catching up and today the platform has added God of Blades, one of the most popular iPhone games.
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Rovio Makes Angry Birds Free On iOS

Rovio has made its Angry Birds gem free on Apple’s iOS platform for the first time, and it looks like Rovio is about to announce that Angry Birds is the number one app of all time.

Both the Angry Birds game for the iPhone and iPod Touch and the Angry Birds HD game for the iPad are now available for free on Apple’s iTunes store, and Rovio has also added 15 new levels to the game.

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Microsoft Wants Kinect In Tablets, Laptops Eventually

After making the leap to PCs and getting an SDK, the Kinect will soon be a ubiquitous part of most consumer electronics if Microsoft has its way. But Microsoft’s R&D still has a long way to go overcoming the obstacles inherent in making Kinect hardware smaller, lighter and usable in various conditions, like outdoors. Meanwhile, rivals like Leap motion are not standing still.

kinect straight view

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