Sony Officially Reveals PlayStation 4, DualShock 4

Despite no great surprises, it’s still nice to see all of the PS4 rumours slowly trickling out over the last few months given official confirmation. Other major confirmed features are the DualShock 4 controller, which looks exactly like the widely circulated leaked picture, along with the Share button and headphone jack.


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Kinect 2 Specifications Leaked

Today Kinect 2 specifications have been leaked by the VGLeaks website which detail what you can expect from the next generation of Kinect 2 motion controller that will be available with the next generation Durango games console.

The new Kinect 2 specifications revealed that the next generation motion controller will be equipped with an improvement in resolution , via both the colour and deptth cameras within the device.

Kinect 2

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PlayStation 4 Release Date November 2013 (Rumour)

A new report this week is suggesting that Sony’s new Playstation 4 release date could be as early as November 2013 in the US, and that the new PlayStation 4 games console will ship with similar services to that of Microsoft’s Xbox Live.

A source close to the development of the new Sony PlayStation 4 games console has revealed to the Kotaku games websites, that two PlayStation 4 models are planned, and that the PlayStation 4 release date is expected to be confirmed very soon.

PlayStation 4 Release Date

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Aliens: Colonial Marines Demo Was Visually Superior To Final Version

An Aliens Colonial Marines hands-off demo showed off to press looked vastly superior to the game that eventually hit retail shelves. The significant differences between demo and final product are blamed for the largely favourable previews the game received despite the final game’s shortcomings. Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford said that the difference was  “understood and fair and we are looking at that. Lots of info to parse, lots of stake holders to respect.”


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EA & Ubisoft To Cross Sell Titles Across Origin & UPlay Digital Game Stores

Ubisoft and EA will be joining forces to sell games from both of their digital storefronts. The move comes as part of a larger initiative by Ubisoft to incorporate more publishers into their store catalogue. Despite a respectable 50 million users accrued by Ubisoft’s service, Valve’s Steam remains the premier destination for purchasing digital copies of PC games.


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Digital Storm NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN Gaming PC Announced

We just heard about the new NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN graphics card and now Digital Storm has announced a new gaming PC powered by NVIDIA’s new flagship graphics card, the Digital Storm Bolt Titan Edition.

The Digital Storm Bolt Titan Edition features an Intel Core i7 3770k 3.5GHz processor and an Asus P8Z77-I Deluxe motherboard, and it comes with 16GB off RAM, a 120GB solid state drive and a 1TB hard drive.

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Velocity Micro Unveils Raptor MultiPlex Living Room PC

Velocity Micro has announced a new computer designed to be installed in your living room that it promises to be much more than a home theater PC. While the machine will play all of your streaming media from the Internet, CDs, DVDs, or digital files it’s also up to the task of high-end gaming. Velocity Micro says that the machine will support full HD resolution gaming.


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Bioshock Infinite Trailer Released, Lamb of Columbia (video)

A new Bioshock Infinite trailer has been released this week by publisher 2K Games, which has been published to provide gamers and fans of the Bioshock games with a glimpse at the gameplay you can expect.

The new Bioshock Infinite trailer called “Lamb of Columbia” is two minutes long and reveals a little more about the role of Elizabeth within Bioshock Infinite.

BioShock Infinite trailer

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Gears of War Judgment Leaks Out A Month Early, Microsoft Threatens Bans

The Gears of War Judgment release date is not until March 22nd, but unfortunately for Microsoft a copy of the latest Gears of War: Judgment game has leaked out on to the Internet and is available to download.

However Microsoft is taking action and says that it will take “vigorous action” against those who illegally download Gears of War Judgment before its official release date.

gears of war judgment

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