Deus Ex “Human Revolution” Fan-made Short Movie Trailer (video)

A teaser trailer has been released by Dcode Films on YouTube which has been created based on the Deus Ex “Human Revolution” video game,  a cyberpunk-themed action role-playing video game developed by Eidos Montreal and published by Square Enix last year.

Deus Ex “Human Revolution”  is set in 2027, 25 years before the first game in the series, at a time when multinational corporations have grown in power beyond the control of national governments.

Deus Ex Fan-made Short Film

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Classic Counter-Strike, Black Ops and Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Maps Recreated In Far Cry 3 (videos)

FarCry 3 gamers who have also enjoyed playing the classic multiplayer maps from games such as Counter-Strike, Black Ops and Battlefield 3. Might be pleased to learn that Youtube user ShadowZack has recreated them in Far Cry 3.

From the age old but still popular Counter-Strike game its Dust and Aztec maps have been recreated, within Battlefield 3 its Noshahr Canals and Wake Island are underway, while Call of Duty’s Nuketown map is a work in progress as well.

Far Cry 3


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Elite: Dangerous Teaser Trailer Released, Together With Paypal Pledging Option (video)

Elite: Dangerous currently over on Kickstarter trying to raise £1.25 million to develop their new installment of a long series of epic space games, starting with “Elite” one of the most successful games of the 1980s, which I have found memories playing around my friends house a BBC Micro computer.

The latest instalment definitely has enhanced graphics compared to the 1908s version, and also builds on the same gameplay style as the original. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Elite: Dangerous project and see it in action.

Elite Dangerous

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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 Trailer Released (video)

Square Enix have released a new trailer for their upcoming Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII game, which takes place several years after Final Fantasy XIII-2, in a completely new setting.

Within the game players need to manage time effectively as the world is set to end in 13 days, and every action a player performs uses up precious time.


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Steam For Linux Beta Rolls Out To All

Valve has announced today that their have opened the doors to their Steam for Linux beta program to the public, allowing anyone with a Linux system to participate in the beta.

In return for access to the new Steam for Linux software, Valve is asking users to track Steam for Linux client bugs using GitHub, rather than the forums used in the closed beta.

Steam for Linux

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