PlayStation 4 Final Console Design To Be Revealed Before E3?

Even though Sony unveiled and announced their new next generation PlayStation 4 games console earlier this year, no details where divulged about the design of the new PlayStation 4 games console.

Now PC Gamer is reporting that Sony might be preparing to unveil its next generation PlayStation 4 console in all its glory before the E3 games conference sometime in late April or early May.

PlayStation 4

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GameStick Developer Units Now Shipping, Backers Units Delayed Until June

As expected the GameStick open source android gaming console has started shipping its first GameStick consoles to developers, however Kickstarter backers will have to wait a little longer for theirs to arrive.

PlayJam has this week announced that they will start shipping Kickstarter backers GameStick console sometime in late June, a few month after the original April shipping date.


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Alienware X51 Gaming System Now Available With Ubuntu

The Dell owned Alienware brand of gaming systems has announced a new option available for their Alienware X51 gaming systems, which allows you to drop Windows 8 and have Ubuntu installed instead.

Windows 8 is not the ideal operating system if you would like to use Alienware X51 in your living rooms as Windows 8 still requires a non game controller interface peripherals.

Alienware X51

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Lack Of Monster Hunter 3 On Retail Shelves Causes Nintendo Apology

Following a Monster Hunter 3 shortage which saw the game go out of stick at most major retailers, Nintendo issued an apology citing high demand. The former Sony PSP banner franchise has been a smart get and a feather in Nintendo’s cap, allowing the 3DS to post numbers similar to its original, wildly successful incarnation at a time when dedicated consoles are going the way of the dodo.


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Company Of Heroes 2 Pre-Order Coming With Free DLC

Despite less than stellar days for AAA ahead, Company of Heroes has been nothing if not a strong, consistent franchise so far. The game’s strong multiplayer component has also crystallized a community of hardcore fans around the IP, no doubt a hige factor in Sega’s purchase of the studio after THQ’s dissolution.


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Torment: Tides Of Numenera Becomes Highest Funded Kickstarter Game

The classic CRPG revival effort almost single-handedly brought about by inXile is well underway with their second Kickstarter breaking records before the first one has even had a chance of reaching fruition. Torment: Tides of Numenera, a non-D&D spiritual successor of sorts to Black Isle’s seminal Planescape Torment madeĀ $4,188,927, not counting PayPal donations.


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Zynga’s CEO Salary Drops To $1, Other Key Exec Salaries Double

Having previously demonstrated a complete aversion to change, Zynga is now busily changing up policies if not its development philosophy to retain its fleeing top brass. Highlights include CEO Marc Pincus now drawing a $1 salary, while execs like Steven Chiang got a sizable bump, in Chiang’s case from $300K to $500K. Bonuses have also been increased, but they’re now more closely tied to performance as well.

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Sega Studios Australia Shutting Down

Yet another studio will be packing it in, no doubt a victim of the contracting AAA landscape and general upheaval the industry is currently undergoing. Former Creative Assembly Australia, now known simply as Sega Studios Australia was responsible for Medieval 2: Total War and the London 2012 Olympics tie-in, which posted impressive sales numbers if nothing else.


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