SimCity 3.0 Update Hopes To Correct Traffic Issues And More

Those of you enjoying SimCity 3.0 will be pleased to learn that EA will be releasing a new CimCity 3.0 update that will hopefully correct traffic issues, as well as enhance and tweak a number of other areas.

The new SimCity 3.0 update is expected to roll out later thuds week and brings a wealth of new additions and tweaks which can be viewed after the jump.


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Among the Sleep, Oculus Rift Enabled Game Lets You Play As A Child (video)

Krillbite Studios, has this week been demonstrating their new game called Among the Sleep using the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.

The Among the Sleep game is currently in the last 11 days of its Kickstarter funding, and allows you to play as a child within the game and the Oculus Rift makes the experience even scarier for players. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Among the Sleep project and see it in action.

Among the Sleep

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Wii U Famicon Skin Retro Gamepad Enclosure Unveiled

Wii U owners that would prefer a more retro styling for their Nintendo Wii U gamepad, are sure to pleased to learn that the Wii U Famicon Skin will be launching at the end of July for around $20.

Enabling you to add a much more retro and funkier styling to your Nintendo Wii U gamepad for just ¥1,980, or around $20.

Famicon skin

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Plants vs Zombies 2 Release Date Is July (Video)

We had previously heard that Plants vs Zombies 2 would launch some time this summer, and now the developers behind the game, PopCap have announced that the Plants vs Zombies 2 release date will be July.

PopCap did not reveal any information about Plants vs Zombies 2, they also did not ay which platforms it would be available on, although we suspect it will be headed to the same platforms as the original game which will include iOS, Android and more.

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Star Wars Video Game License Acquired By EA

It has been revealed this week that following on from the acquisition of the Star Wars property by Disney from Lucas Film for a massive $4.05 billion.

Disney has licensed the Star Wars games development to EA in a multi-year agreement, enabling EA to develop and publish new Star Wars games across multiple platforms.

Star Wars

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GTA V Shows Up On German Retailer Website

GTA V Special Edition has made its way onto not one but two German retailer’s websites, including The other website, also included a list of items the Special Edition will include, replete with the usual art book and extra in-game items.

  • SteelBook with exclusive artwork
  • World map
  • Stunt-planes challenges
  • Online-store concessions
  • Bonus outfits
  • Bonus tattoos
  • Special abilities booster
  • Exclusive weapons

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Next Xbox Not Going Online-Only Route After All

Leaked information from Microsoft making its way online might be a blessing in disguise for the company. A memo circulated among employees finally puts rumours that the Next Xbox will require a constant connection to the Internet to function to bed once and for all. Console functions like Blu-Ray playback, TV and single player games are specifically called out as things that will never be restricted by Internet access.
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