Obsidian Reveals Project Eternity Progress, Talks Kickstarter

Obsidian’s Project Eternity Kickstarter broke records because it catered to an under-served audience and brought a fresh, but familiar enough proposition to the table. A Kickstarter comes with its own set of challenges though, not the least of which is sometimes having to make a choice between what’s best for the game over what was promised during fundraising.


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Assassin’s Creed 3 DLC Tyranny Of King Washington Brings Crazy Powers, Feeds Continuity

Ubisoft is taking full advantage of Assassin’s Creed alternate history bent by adding a new one. In the new Assassin’s Creed 3 DLC Tyranny Of King, the player goes up against newly minted monarch George Washington using super powers gained from drinking tea. All of this will apparently be addressed in the game’s narrative and will end up making some sort of sense.


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Dreamfall Chapters Kickstarter Fully Funded At $850K With Three Weeks To Go

The acclaimed Dreamfall adventure games are apparently guaranteed a sequel with a Kickstarter campaign that has secured developers Red Thread $850K and counting. Red Thread brings back the core of the team that developed the original Dreamfall games, including creative director Ragnar Tornquist. As is customary, stretch goals are now being posted, with the first being – what else? – Linux and Mac ports.


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Castlevania: Mirror Of Fate Getting Demo

A new Castlevania is on its way to handheld consoles for the first time since 2008. The latest major entry in the franchise was a God of War-esque third person action game, but the new game sees the franchise return to its beloved roots as a side-scroller. 3D visuals are retained however, though they won’t affect gameplay in any way.


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Bungie’s Destiny To Require Always On Internet

Bungie’s official reveal of its monolithic project also comes with a few technical caveats. The game is hitting all current consoles (PC is unconfirmed) and has a planned life cycle of 10 years, so will presumably be transitioning to the next generation of consoles while maintaining cross platform play. But considering Activision’s history, it’s not that surprising to learn the game can only be played with a permanent connection to the Internet.


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Destiny: Halo Creator Bungie’s New Project Revealed

Bungie has finally revealed the project it left Microsoft and shacked up with Activision to build back in 2007. And having left a franchise it created and nurtured into an iconic industry presence over the course of a decade to make it, this should be something truly special. The only problem is they haven’t actually shown anything. Details are light, as although Bungie has been working on the game for years only concept art was actually shown, with the high concept of the game explained by executives.


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Watch Dogs Coming This Christmas For All Home Platforms

Watch Dogs will be set in Chicago with a narrative thread centering around “master hacker” and “former thug” Aiden Pierce, who if the game’s E3 showing  is anything to go by has a serious problem with smooth traffic. A flyer for the game has ended up in Kotaku’s inbox and it provides a bit more background on what seems like a very expansive take on the saturated cover shooter genre.


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PlayStation 4 Backwards Compatible Via Streaming

There are probably still a few big unknowns left about Sony’s next flagship home console, but the fact that it will include game streaming technology in some form is not one of them. Sony purchased game streaming company Gaikai last year, prompting speculation that the PS4 will be able to stream its games as part of a service similar to OnLive.


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Angry Birds Console Sells 1 Million Copies At £30 Per Unit

While Angry Birds is not widely known for its appeal as a home console game, 1 million copies shipped put it in striking distance of many a AAA effort. To put this in perspective, Homefront sold around 2 million across the same platforms excluding the upcoming Wii U game. And to be fair, console Angry Birds only cost half as much, at £30 for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions.


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