DmC: Devil May Cry Hits Top Of UK Games Sales Charts

DmC: Devil May Cry has managed to knock FIFA 13 off the top of the UK games sales charts, debuting at number one in the UK, and this is the first title published by Capcom that has reached the top of the UK game sales charts since the release of Resident Evil 5 back in 2009.

Fifa 13 is now in second place in the UK games sales charts, and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is holding its spot in third place, you can see a breakdown of the full UK games sales chart below.

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Gigabyte U2442DT Upgraded Gaming Ultrabook Unveiled

Gigabyte has this week launched their new gaming ultrabook it has created in the form of the Gigabyte U2442DT, and which was first unveiled last year, with the addition of a new GPU and touchscreen display.

The newly upgraded Gigabyte U2442DT Ultrabook can be powered by a either an Ivy Bridge Core i5 or Core i7 processor, supported by up to 8GB of RAM.

Gigabyte U2442DT

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HMV Sale Helped By Preferential Film & Music Industry Terms

Universal Music, Warner Music and Sony among other media giants are keen to keep HMV afloat and are offering potential buyers for the beleaguered high street chain better deals on merchandise and attractive credit conditions. HMV has already attracted interest from close to 50 buyers, with the entertainment industry’s involvement no doubt helping to bolster that number.


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Super-Slim PS3 Launching In Blue & Red

Sony have this week announced that a couple of new colourful versions of its Super-Slim PS3 will be launching in Japan later this month, in Azurite Blue and Garnet Red.

The new Azurite Blue and Garnet Red PS3 consoles will be priced at ¥24,980 or $279, and its Super-Slim design is the third major redesign amongst many other minor hardware updates over the years to the PlayStation 3 console.

Red Super-Slim PS3

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SimCity Beta Launches January 25th (video)

If you are interested in giving the new SimCity beta a spin you will be pleased to learn that its developers are allowing gamers to sign up to the limited enter beta testing development stage.

The beta will start running at 5pm UK time on 25th January and will end at 8am UK time 28th January, with the beta limited slot application process ending at 2am UK time on 21st January.


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New Revengeance Trailer Reveals Several Boss Fights (video)

Gamers looking forward to the launch of the new Revengeance game will be pleased to learn that a new trailer has been released revelaing a few of the boss fights you can expect to encounter during gameplay.

A new demo of the upcoming game Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance will be arriving on Xbox Live and PSN next week, providing you with a little gameplay and revealing what you can expect from the full game once it launches.

Metal-Gear-Rising-Revengeance (1)

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Skyrim Dragonborn PS3 Arriving In February And PC On February 5th 2013

PlayStation 3 and PC Skyrim fans patiently waiting for the launch of the new Skyrim Dragonborn expansion, will be pleased to learn that Bethesda has announced that PC games will be able to download the new Skyrim Dragonborn release date for Steam on February 5th 2013.

The new Skyrim Dragonborn expansion will enable gamers to travel to Solstheim, with stops at Fort Dawnguard and Castle Volkihar. Watch the trailer after the jump to learn more.

Skyrim Dragonborn

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Vendetta Online Launches Kickstarter Campaign (video)

You might already know about the existing twich-based, sci-fi themed MMORPG called Vendetta Online that’s already available on a number of platforms. Its developers are now looking for help to expand and develop the game to the next level using Kickstarter funding and have started a Kickstarter Project to help. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Vendetta Online project and see it in action.

Vendetta Online

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Temple Run 2 Headed To Android 24th January (Video)

The developers behind the popular Temple Run game recently launched Temple Run 2 for Apple’s iOS platform, the game is already at the top of the App store charts, and now it looks like we have a possible date on when it will be available on Google’s Android platform.

According to the guys over at Android Community, who have spoken to the developers of Temple Run 2, the game is expected to be available from the Google Play store on the 24th of January.

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Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Was To Star Gray Fox Instead Of Raiden

Raiden’s transformation from reviled gestalt Solid Snake to badass ninja is perhaps one of the strangest redemption stories of the medium, one that takes place more inside player perception than outside the game. Which also means learning that Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima wanted series stalwart Gray Fox as Revengeance’s protagonist instead of Raiden also explains a fair bit about the character’s original unpopularity. Kojima himself never liked him much.

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Wildman Dev Gas Powered Games Lays Off 40

After launching a Kickstarter campaign for an ambitious RTS/RPG/MOBA hybrid called Wildman last week, veteran developer Gas Powered Games is laying off close to 40 staff. The news comes in the wake of a statement by CEO Chris Taylor pinning all of his company’s hopes for survival on the success of the Wildman Kickstarter. The decision seems to have been made in order to afford severance pay while the company is still liquid.

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Super Hexagon Hits Android, Gets Temporary Discount

Terry Cavanagh’s brain-arresting Super Hexagon is now available for Android devices running Froyo or better. Super Hexagon is a protagonist of most 2012 “Game of the year” lists that matter as well as temporarily on sale for the price of a cheap pencil sharpener, so normally it should be a Google Play instant buy.

Super Hexagon

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