Valve Lays Off Unknown Number Of People Including Hardware Engineer

Valve hardware engineer Jeri Ellsworth has been laid off from Valve along with around 25 other staffers. Following the announcement of Steam’s Big Picture Mode, Ellsworth was reportedly brought on to work on Valve’s hardware ambitions, starting with the company’s take on a controller for what eventually became the Steam Box. Not much is known about the motivation behind the lay-offs, but former employees cite a “great cleansing” and “large decisions” behind the scenes. In an unusual turn for Valve, the firings don’t seem to be performance-related, but the result of shifting direction.


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The 7 Wonders Of Crysis 3 Final Episode : End of Days Released (video)

Crysis fans looking forward to the launch of the latest Crysis 3 game in the series on February 19th, are sure to enjoy this final chapter in the The 7 Wonders Of Crysis 3 short films.

Don’t worry if you haven’t seen the other episodes as I have embedded the other five episodes below for your enjoyment and to catch up if you haven’t already seen them, or even watch them again. Enjoy!

Crysis 3

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Left 4 Dead 2 Steam Beta Program Receives Extended Mutation System

The Left 4 Dead 2 blog has this week announced that they have added access to the Extended Mutation System, allowing modders worldwide to test the expanded tools before they are rolled out into the main game and the workshop.

The Extended Mutation System has been designed to provide game modders with a vastly improved scripting system, enabling them to write custom script logic, not just modify existing scripts.

Extended Mutation System

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Raspberry Pi Projects : Arcade Coffee Table

We have featured a number of different Raspberry Pi Projects here on Geeky Gadgets over the years which have been created using the awesome Raspberry Pi $35 mini PC.

But this awesome Raspberry Pi arcade coffee table created by Instructables user grahamgelding last year is definitely worth a mention, when discussing Raspberry Pi Projects.

Raspberry Pi Projects

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Beercade The Last Barfighter Arcade Game Replaces Coins With Beer Rewards (video)

A new style of arcade game has been created for the Big Boss Brewing Company called Beercade, which is the very first gaming arcade game to reward good player with a beer.

The Beercade arcade game was created in-house by McKinney from the Flash-based game, The Last Barfighter, that allows players to choose from one of five characters to play. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.

Beercade The Last Barfighter

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The Last of Us PS3 Exclusive Game Delayed Until June 14th

Naughty Dog developer of the upcoming survival game The Last of Us, exclusive to the PlayStation 3, has today announced that the games launch date has now been pushed back until June 14th 2013.

The delay was announced over on the PlayStation Blog by Neil Druckmann, Creative Director over at developer Naughty Dog. Originally The Last Of Us game was expected to launch on May 7th 2013.


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Confirmed Ouya Console Games Listed On Ouya Forums

Open source gamers patiently waiting to get their hands on one of the new Ouya gaming consoles, which recently raised a huge $8.5 million in pledges over on the Kickstarter website.

Are sure to enjoy the list of Ouya 300+ games that will be available on the console once it officially launches later this year, revealing what you can expect from the open source gaming console.


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Nvidia Project Shield Demonstrated Paired With PC (video)

A new demonstration of Nvidia’s Project Shield handheld gaming console paired with a PC has been released by Nvidia this week. Revealing how to play Need for Speed: Most Wanted via a GeForce GTX 680-enabled PC.

The newly unveiled Nvidia Project Shield console is powered by a Tegra 4 processor and equipped with dual analog control sticks,and  trigger controls, together with a custom 72-core GPU. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Nvidia Shield project and see it in action with a PC.

Project Shield

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Real Racing 3 Gameplay Trailer Released (video)

Electronic Arts has reelased a new gameplay trailer for its upcoming racing game Real Racing 3, revealing what you can expect from the new game once it arrives on mobile devices later this month.

Earlier this month the development team behind the new Real Racing game explained the new multiplayer time shift feature which has been created to enable player to race against each other at anytime, even when the other person is not online.


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