Warhammer 40K : The Lord Inquisitor Trailer Released (video)

A new trailer has been released for the The Lord Inquisitor animated fanmovie project currently under construction by Erasmus Brosdau and shows a glimpse of the new armour and the spirit of the main character Torquemada Coteaz.

The Lord Inquisitor, which was originally going to be an 8 minute short, is now going to be a visual tribute running for about 40 minutes to the world of Warhammer 40.000, created by Games Workshop. Watch the latest trailer video after the jump to see it in action, and the original underneath.

The Lord Inquisitor

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Deus Ex The Fall Trailer Released (video)

Deus Ex fans might be pleased to learn that this week Square Enix has announced that a new version of the Deus Ex game will be arriving on mobile devices very soon in the form of the new Deus Ex The Fall game.

Deus Ex The Fall will be arriving on mobile devices in late summer and will cost $6.99 or €5.99 and will be available for both tablets and smartphones. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Deus Ex The Fall game and see it in action.

Deus Ex The Fall

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Metro Last Light Trailer ‘The Mobious’ Released (video)

A new trailer for the Killer Metro Last Light game has been released today called ‘The Mobious’ which provides and awesome look at the new game and what you can expect.

The Mobius Killer Metro Last Light trailer has been created by Alexander Bereznyak, aka Monakh, who was originally employed by 4A as a capture artist. Watch the trailer after the jump to see his work.

Metro Last Light

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GTA IV Mod Route 66 Transforms GTA Into Huge Test Track (video)

A new mod has been released this week for GTA IV called Route 66 which transforms your game into a huge test track that you can speed along at your pleasure.

The GTA IV mod Route 66 transforms the game into a road that takes 3 minutes to complete at full speed and includes dirt tracks and more features to find along the way. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.


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Deus Ex: The Fall Hits Mobile Devices This Summer

One of the longest-running video game franchises at Square Enix is called Deus Ex. This game first turned up for computer gamers many years ago and is now set to make the transition to mobile devices. The game publisher has announced that Deus Ex: The Fall will have its first installment on mobile devices later this summer.


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Sony PlayStation 4 E3 Trailer Released (Video)

Sony has released a new trailer for their Sony PlayStation 4 for E3, which you can see below, and it gives us a brief look of what we can expect for Sony and the PS4 at this years E3.

We recently saw a teaser trailer of the PlayStation 4 just before the announcement of Microsoft’s new Xbox One, and we are looking forward to finding out more details about both consoles at E3.

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Disney ScribbleMix App Launches For iOS And Android Mobile Devices (video)

Disney has this week launched their new Disney ScribbleMix game which has been specifically designed to be used on mobile devices and is now available on both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, and will soon be arriving on Windows 8 devices.

Disney ScribbleMix as the name suggests is a game based on drawing and doodling and out smart your opponent as well as work together to advance through the game. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.

Disney ScribbleMix

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FIFA 14 First Gameplay Trailer Released (video)

This week football/soccer fans looking forward to the launch of the new FIFA 14 game will be pleased to learn that the very first trailer showing gameplay has been released this week by EA.

The new FIFA 14 gameplay trailer provides a glimpse at the mechanics of the new FIFA 14 game and what you can expect once it arrives in stores later this year. Watch the FIFA 14 trailer after the jump to see it in action.


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Planetside 2 Launching On Next Generation PlayStation 4 Console

Sony Online Entertainment has today revealed that their latest game Planetside 2 which launched on to PC in November last year will be arriving on Sony’s next generation PlayStation 4 console which was unveiled earlier this year.

Its not been confined if the PlayStation 4 side of Planetside 2 will be able to intact and provide cross over platform play with PC players, but as more details are revealed we will keep you posted. Watch the trailer after the jump to see Planetside 2 in action.

Planetside 2

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Nintendo 8GB Wii U Recall Confirmed

We told you earlier about a potential recall of Nintendo’s 8GB Wii U. GameStop has now said that their sources do indeed point toward the recall of this Wii U unit, since they will no longer be selling the console from the middle of this month onward. So I guess it is being recalled. If you want one, you better hurry.
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