Assassin’s Creed 3: The Tyranny of King DLC Release Date Announced (video)

Ubisoft has this week announced a release date for the new Assassin’s Creed 3: The Tyranny of King DLC which will now be arriving for Xbox 360 and PC gamers on the 19th February.

Unfortunately for European PlayStation 3 games they will have to wait an extra day for 20th February, and currently there’s is no date for the release of a Wii U version. Watch the games trailer after the jump. Enjoy!

Assassin's Creed 3: The Tyranny of King

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NeoGeo X Production Not Finishing Only Limited Edition With Ninja Master

Earlier this week it was rumoured that production for the NeoGeo X handheld gaming console would be coming to an end. However Neo Geo X manufacturer Tommo has now confirmed that production of the NeoGeo X games console is in fact not finishing.

Tommo confirmed that the mistake has been made because the Limited edition NeoGeo X Gold System that includes Ninja Masters, is coming to an end.


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Homeworld IP Rescue Campaign Underway By TeamPixel

Homeworld, classic RTS hailing from the PC’s glory days is currently a victim of Relic’s sale to Ubisoft following THQ’s bankruptcy proceedings. The IP hasn’t been picked up, casting its future into doubt. However, a tiny web development team named teamPixel is determined to buy the IP and return it to its former glory. And they’re doing it via an Indiegogo campaign.

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Gears Of War Designer Cliff Bleszinski Pondering New Studio, AAA Return

Gears of War driving force and former Epic Games Design Director Cliff Beszinski has revealed he is actively considering starting up a new venture. Bleszinski left Epic in October after setting the wheels in motion for the storied developer’s new IP, Fortnite. However, the biggest consideration in setting up a new studio, beside whether to go indie or AAA is the challenge of building a competitive team.

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Logitech Pulling The Plug On Console Peripherals

In a state of affairs nobody would have predicted four short years ago when the death of PC was being touted, major peripheral manufacturer Logitech has announced it will be jettisoning its console peripheral line. Console peripherals join security cameras, remote controls and speaker docks among the product categories Logitech is no longer moving forward with.


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Last Of Us Demo Bundled With God Of War Ascension

The Last of Us, the massively anticipated new IP from Uncharted creators Naughty Dog will be getting a demo. However, the only sure way for players to get access to the demo will with the purchase of upcoming God of War Ascension on March 13th. The puzzling bit is an admission by Uncharted community rep Eric Monacelli that the demo might only see release as a companion to God of War Ascension.

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IGF Finalist Proteus Heading To Steam January 31st

Proteus, a generative minimalist exploration indie game is hitting Steam on January 31st after becoming an Indie Game Festival finalist.  The game doesn’t carry any explicit goals and is more of a sensory experience in the vein of Rez or Journey. Proteus is still in beta, but that hasn’t stopped it garnering critical praise and a Museum of Modern Art showing for its freeform play and relaxing marriage of procedural landscapes and musical score.

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Grand Theft Auto 5 For PC Listed On Amazon France

If you have been a little concerned that Rockstar Games might not publish their GTA 5 for PC, a sighting over on the French Amazon website might lay your mid to rest a little.

The French Amazon website has now listed a PC version of the new GTA 5 game which is available to pre-order for €49.99.

GTA 5 for PC

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THQ Divided, Assets Sold To Sega, Ubisoft & Crytek

After filing for bankruptcy at the start of the year and being denied a quick sale of its assets to Clearlake Capital Group, the THQ saga has reached a conclusion with the company being split up and sold in pieces. The main beneficiaries of this fire sale are Sega and Ubisoft, while Deep Silver, Crytek and Take-Two have picked up the rest of the THQ studios and properties.

darksiders 2
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