Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag Sequel In Development At Ubisoft Toronto

Since the behemoth franchise went annualized, whenever a new stabby parkour conspiracy theory game is announced, it feels less  than industry-shaking. But AC4: Black Flag aside, less common is hearing about the game after the one that’s not out yet. But with these things taking years and years to make, you’d better believe they’re working on the next one. And by they I mean Jade Raymond’s Ubisoft Toronto studio.


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Darksiders IP Being Bought Up By Crytek

THQ’s flaming wreckage saw Vigil put out to pasture, but Crytek’s bold step forward gave the studio a new lease on life. However, after assets were divvied up and hit franchise Darksiders went unclaimed, it looked like a new Vigil-made Darksiders won’t be in the cards. Crytek has stepped up yet again and will be bidding on the property when it goes to auction.

darksiders 2

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Unreal Engine 4 Not Meant For Nintendo Wii U, Epic Says

After a shellshocked welcome from the industry at large for an Unreal Engine 4 which promises some of the prettiest space marines yet rendered, Epic was still faced with the Wii U dilemma. Will the industry’s prime middleware provider support the only third of the next console generation currently on the market? Messages are mixed, but not all hope is lost.

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New Sony PS4 Controller Details

During Sony’s PlayStation 4 unveiling event last month, the new PlayStation 4 controller was one of the first parts of the system that was shown off and now some new details are coming out from this week’s Game Developer’s Conference.
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Dishonored Custom Xbox 360 Controller

We’ve seen our share of customized Xbox controllers, but this Dishonored-inspired Xbox 360 controller is one of the best. It was designed by Devin Smith of End of Line Designs and this is not just some painting or skinning of the controller. It is a real work of art.
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