Civilization V Getting “Brave New World” Expansion

A new Civilization V expansion is underway at series developer Firaxis, featuring – what else? – new civilizations, technologies an strategies. Nine new civilizations and modifications to how players can win a Culture Victory are among new ways Firaxis is shaking up the game, as well as a World Congress that gives players a bit of control over “game-changing resolutions”.

civilization V

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Saint’s Row 4 Marching In On August 20th (video)

Saint’s Row 4, the latest entry in the franchise that’s either the poor man’s or the crazy fun version of GTA depending on who you ask, is getting an August 20th release date. Following THQ’s demise Volition, the studio behind Saint’s Row as well as the rights to the franchise itself now belong to publisher Deep Silver.
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Frozen Endzone Coming From Frozen Synapse Devs Mode 7

Continuing its penchant for low temperature games, Mode 7 Games, indie developer behind the very well received Frozen Synapse have announced their new project, Frozen Endzone. The “premiere tactical future sports game” seems to involve a mixture of american football with some of Frozen Synapse’s tactical secret sauce.

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Saints Row 4 Arriving on August 20

Saints Row 3 is a fan favorite with plenty of action and humor. But when THQ went under, the game’s rights were sold to publisher Deep Silver. And they are announcing that a Saints Row 4 is currently in the works for fans of the game.
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Splinter Cell Blacklist Trailer Reveals Night Vision Mode (video)

Gamers looking forward to the launch of the Splinter Cell Blacklist game in August for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles, are sure to enjoy this development trailer which reveals a little more about the new Splinter Cell Blacklist night vision goggles mode.

Within Splinter Cell Blacklist there will be certain times throughout the game when you will have to rely on the features provided by the night vision goggles.

Splinter Cell Blacklist

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