60m Minutes Of PS4 Yakuza Zero Gameplay Released (video)

Yakuza Zero

PlayStation gamers interested in learning a little more about and seeing gameplay from the new Yakuza Zero game. Will be pleased that YouTuber Japanese Entertainment has published 60 minutes worth of gameplay footage providing a good glimpse at what you can expect from the game when it is launched.

The PlayStation Yakuza Zero game will be available to play both on the next-generation PS4 and the older PS3 when it launches in Japan next month on March 12th, 2015.

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SteamVR, Steam Hardware And Controller To Be Showcased By Valve At GDC


Valve has announced this week that during this years GDC 2015 next month the company will be showcasing its latest developments in the form of its SteamVR, Steam hardware and new Steam controller.

The GDC 2015 event takes place from March 2-6th 2015, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco and Valve is now allowing developers to register for the SteamVR Dev Kit, although spaces are limited so don’t delay.

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Behind The Scenes Look At From Software And Bloodborne PS4 Game (videos)

Blood borne PS4

Demon and Darks Souls fans that are looking forward to the highly anticipated launch of the new Bloodborne PS4 exclusive game. Are sure to enjoy this behind-the-scenes look at From Software the creators of the Dark Souls series and developers of the new Bloodborne PS4 title.

Bloodborne is launching next month on March 24th 2015 and takes the form of a action RPG exclusive to the next generation PS4 console.

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Indiegogo Game Lets You Explore the Titanic While It Is Sinking


The sinking of the Titanic is a historical event that many are captivated by. There have been a variety of documentaries made about it, books written about it, and of course movies. If you want to explore the Titanic in your own good time, now you will get the chance thanks to a new game that is being made.

While this isn’t the first Titanic game, this may be one for those interested in the event. It looks like it has good graphics and the premise looks good. It is called Titanic: Honor and Glory. In this adventure game, players try to solve a murder-mystery in first person mode, while the ship is sinking.
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New Rise Of The Tomb Raider Screenshots Unveiled

Rise Of The Tomb Raider Screenshots

New Rise of the Tomb Raider screenshots have been unveiled this week providing a HD view of the game and show a glimpse at some locations you can expect to explore in the new game when it launches later this year.

Rise of the Tomb Raider is an upcoming action-adventure video game and the sequel to the 2013 video game Tomb Raider will be launching in time for the winter holiday season of 2015 as a timed exclusive for Xbox consoles.

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Homeworld Remastered Trailer Released Ahead Of This Weeks Launch (video)

Homeworld Remastered Collection

A new five minute launch trailer has been released this week for the upcoming Homeworld Remastered game that will be officially launching later this week on February 25th 2015.

The iconic space Homeworld game has been remastered and will be available once again to play on PC and is available to pre-order from Steam now, saving you 15 percent off the full retail value.

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Diablo 3 Patch Adds New Legendary Gear And Item Powers


Blizzard has this week released more details about the new upcoming Diablo 3 patch that will soon be arriving in the form of 2.2.0, that is currently in the final stages of development.

Blizzard explained in their announcement that the Diablo 3 patch 2.2.0 will be soon available via Public Test Regions and revealed what you can expect to see in the way of new additions, features and tweaks.

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Final Fantasy 15 PlayStation 4 Gameplay Unveiled In 40 Min Demo (video)


Gamers looking forward to the launch the new Final Fantasy 15 game that will be launching on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One once completed are sure to enjoy this 40 minute demo created by the team over at Eurogamer while a lifestream of the game was taking place.

The video below provide a first look at the new Final Fantasy 15 game on PS4 systems and the Episode Duscae demo features the Duscae region in FF15.

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Rovio’s New Jolly Jam Game Launches As Rival To Candy Crush (video)

Jolly Jam

Rovio the makers of the once hugely popular Angry Birds game has launched a new title called Jolly Jam over the weekend, that has been developed by Magic Tavern and published by Rovio.

Jolly Jam is a rival to the popular Candy Crush game and has been designed to provide a similar gameplay, indicating that Rovio maybe finding it hard to create original titles, that are capable of generating the same interest as their Angry Bird series.

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Will the PS4 top Xbox One in sales through 2018?


The PlayStation 4 is winning the current game console war against the Xbox One at the moment. From launch the system was playing catch-up to Sony’s PS4. However, some analysts are predicting that Microsoft’s console will continue to sell fewer numbers all the way into 2018, and by a margin of over 20 million units. Well, this is not what Microsoft wants to hear.

The report comes from Strategy Analytics and is a study of the current console generation’s sales trends so far. They predict that at the end of 2018, about 80 million PS4s will be have been sold, while the Xbox One will have reached 57 million in sales. The Xbox One reached 10 million units shipped in November, a full three months after the PS4. So if the analysts’ predictions are right, Sony’s lead will only grow from here.
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