Wikipad Gamevice Adds Physical Controls To Apple’s Mini iPad

Wikipad Gamevice

Wikipad has today unveiled a new device they has created in the form of the Wikipad Gamevice, which has been designed to provide iPad Mini owners with a simple way of adding physical gaming controls to their tablet.

The Wikipad Gamevice includes Dual analog sticks, together with twin triggers offering a classic D-pad and button configuration that you would expect to find on any oner games controller.

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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Behind The Scenes (video)

Call of Duty-Advanced Warfare

A new trailer has been released this week for the upcoming Call of Duty Advanced Warfare game that is currently in development by Sledgehammer Games and will be launched on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation3, Xbox 360 and PC later this year.

Check out the trailer after the jump to learn more about the games storyline and how the developers integrated the top star actors within the narrative and gameplay.

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Guy sells his huge video game collection for $750,000


What are you left to do after collecting every video game ever made? Well, you play what you can of course, then I guess you sell your collection at some point. What else can you do, but look at them on the shelf? Michael Thomasson sold his collection of more than 11,000 games and 100 different consoles on gaming auction site GameGavel for $750,250.

That is an amazing price since whoever bought it can never come close to playing all of those games. I wonder what they plan on doing with all of these games. Thomasson says that he decided to sell his games due to “family commitments,” but don’t worry, he isn’t through with gaming. He will keep buying games in the future. Now he has plenty of money to do just that, for quite a long time.
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Team Fortress 2 Expiration Date 15 Minute Movie Released (video)

Team Fortress 2

Fans of Valve’s awesome Team Fortress 2 game are sure to enjoy this new 15 minute short movie entitled “Expiration Date,” that is the first part of the Love and War update rolling out this week.

The Team Fortress 2 Expiration Date short movie is Valve’s biggest movie project to date and shows the Scout’s attempt to start a romance with clerical assistant and corpse disposal expert Miss Pauling. Check it out after the jump.

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Steam Machines Will Grow Linux Gaming 20-30 Fold Says Alienware

Steam Machines

After Alienware unveiled their latest Steam Machines range at the recent E3 games conference held last week in Los Angeles, Alienware Product Manager Marc Diana has this week revealed what could happened when the Steam Machine hardware is officially launched..

Explaining that once the Valve Steam Machines and their new SteamOS operating system are launched in the near future, you can probably expect to see an increase of between 20 to 30 fold in Linux gaming.

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GTA V PS4 And PS3 Graphics Compared Side-By-Side In 5 Min Demo (video)


Earlier this week we published a new one minute Grand theft Auto V video that had been unveiled at E3 by Rockstar comparing the GTA V PS4 and PS3 graphics side-by-side.

Now a new and extended GTA V comparison video has been unveiled providing you with 5 minutes of footage comparing the two PlayStation version allowing you to really see in detail the differences between the GTA V PS4 version and the PS3 game.

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Rise Of The Tomb Raider Game Now Available To Pre-Order (video)

Rise Of The Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider fans looking forward to the next game in the Tomb Raider series to be launched on next generation Xbox One and PlayStation 4 games consoles in the form of Rise Of The Tomb Raider.

Are sure to be pleased to know that the new Rise Of The Tomb Raider game unveiled last week at this years E3 2014 game conference is now available to pre-order from the likes of Amazon.

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Angry Birds Transformers Announced By Rovio Mobile

angry birds transformers

Last week Rovio launched their latest Angry Birds game, which is called Angry Birds Epic, and now the company has announced their next game in the saga, Angry Birds Transformers.

With the new Transformers movie launching later this month, what better time for Rovio to announce that they have teamed up with Hasbro on their new Angry Birds game., and we suspect we may also seem some Angry Birds themed Transformer toys from Hasbro in the future.

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Dragon Age Inquisition Official E3 2014 Trailer (video)

Dragon Age Inquisition

Gamers looking forward to the release of the new game in the Dragon Age series on October 7th 2014, are sure to enjoy this new Dragon Age Inquisition teaser trailer released this month by Bioware at the E3 2014 games conference.

Bioware has explained within the latest Dragon Age Inquisition game they have taken elements from both previous games and merge them. As well as providing players with larger gaming environments to explore an adventure.

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