Bloodborne Official Gamescom Gameplay Trailer Released (video)


PlayStation 4 owners might enjoy this new 6 minute trailer that has been relaxed by the developers of the new PS4 exclusive Bloodborne.

Bloodborne is a new action RPG which is being created by Japanese developer FromSoftware and reveals how the combat system and a variety of weapons will help you defeat the human hordes. Watch the official Gamescon trailer after the jump to see it in action.

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Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare will be a no show on Wii U

wiiucodCall of Duty fans are looking forward to the latest installment, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. And playing it will not be a problem for those who have a PC, the Sony PS4, Sony PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. But sadly, the Wii U will not be getting the title. Hopefully you weren’t counting on this one showing up on Nintendo’s console.

Developer Sledgehammer Games has confirmed that Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will be giving the Wii U a pass for this game. Sledgehammer co-founder Michael Condrey explained the reason via Twitter. The reason that there is no Wii U version of the game is that it was “an Activision decision.” Vague, but I think we can surmise that the console just wasn’t up to it in their eyes.

Sorry Wii U owners. You’ll just have to play some extra Mario games as you are drying your eyes and recovering from the shock. Maybe take it out on other drivers in Mario Kart, by throwing some extra turtle shells or bananas. It was Activision’s call and they said no. It stinks, but this isn’t the first time the Wii U has lost out on a really great title.

Source Ubergizmo

Valve Now Accepting Team Fortress 2 T-Shirt Design Ideas From The Community

Team Fortress 2 T-Shirt

Fancy designing your very own Team Fortress 2 T-shirt and have it available to purchase from the Valve Team Fortress 2 Workshop? If you have an idea for an awesome TF2 T-shirts or poster Valve is currently taking submissions to be considered for inclusion within their merchandise shop from the TF2 community.

Valve explains over on their website that TF2 submissions are now being accepted to give the Team Fortress community an opportunity to see their TF2 T-Shirt designs and concepts become a reality and maybe even make some money in the process.

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The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt 35min Extended Gameplay Demo (video)


The Witcher 3 release date has been slightly delayed by its developers CD Projekt Red, but is now set to launch next year on February 24th, 2015.

When the The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt game finally launches it will be available to play on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles and will provide fans with an open world environment that is 30 times larger than the previous Witcher games.

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New Xbox 360 500GB Hard Drive Upgrade Option Unveiled For $110

Xbox 360 500gb

If you find you are running out of storage space on your Xbox 360 games console you might be interested to know that Microsoft has today announced the launch of a new 500 GB hard drive upgrade that will be soon available to purchase for the Xbox 360.

The new Xbox 360 500 GB hard drive upgrade will be priced at $109.99 and enables you to easily increase the storage on your Xbox 360 console.

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The Evil Within Hour Long Gameplay Demo With Bethesda’s Pete Hines (video)

The Evil Within

Gamers that enjoy a good scare and are patiently waiting for the release of the new survival horror game The Evil Within which has been developed by Japanese studio Tango Gameworks team lead by Shinji Mikami and will be published by Bethesda Softworks.

Are sure to enjoy this hour-long gameplay demonstration which follows the exploits of Bethesda Softworks’ Pete Hines through chapter nine of survival horror game. Check out out after the jump.

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Flappy Bird Creator Launching New Swing Copters Game This Week (video)

Swing Copters

Those of you that enjoyed the popular Flappy Bird game which was such a success on mobile devices for its developer last year. Might be interested to know that the game’s creator Dong Nguyen has now built a second game which will be launching later this week called Swing Copters.

Swing Copters looks just as tricky and frustrating as the first Flappy Bird game and can be seen in action in the video after the jump thanks to a video created by the Touch Arcade website.

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Bungie Unveils Destiny Venus Gameplay Trailer (video)


Bungie Destiny will be officially launching next month on September 9th, 2014, arriving on older and next generation consoles in the form of the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles.

To whet your appetite before the games launch, Bungie has released a new Destiny trailer this week revealing gameplay on the planet Venus, check it out after the jump.

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World Of Warcraft subscription fee increase is coming this November

wowsubWell, it had to happen sooner or later, since costs need to be covered. And now Blizzard has confirmed that following the release of Warlords of Draenor expansion this November, the World of Warcraft subscription fee will be increased. With changing local and regional market conditions in mind, Blizzard has to do what they have to do. They have decided to increase the pound sterling subscription price of World of Warcraft.

There is a caveat for players that already have recurring subscriptions however. Blizzard, announced that those who already have a recurring subscription plan at the time of this price change will be locked in to their current subscription fee for two years after the price increase. That is IF you do not change your subscription plan.
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Android Handheld Gaming Smartphones With Physical Buttons Launching In China

Android handheld

Gamers that find touchscreen controls a little tricky to use and sometimes unresponsive might be interested in a pair of new Android handheld gaming smartphones which are preparing to launch in China later this week in the form of the 78point P01 and Much W1.

Both gaming handheld systems have been created by the same OEM hardware manufacturer with the differences being in their customised Android operating systems. That allow you to play a variety of different games from console such as MAME, PSP, Dreamcast, NDS, GBA, NES, SNES, N64 and more, using emulator applications.

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QUBE 2 PlayStation 4 Game Will Support Project Morpheus Virtual Reality

QUBE 2 PlayStation 4

This week it has been revealed that the new QUBE 2 PlayStation 4 game will support Sony’s new Project Morpheus Virtual reality headset technology which is currently under development.

The first game in the series entitled QUBE was launched back on PC in 2012, and will soon also be launching on to Sony’s PlayStation 3 and next-generation PlayStation 4 and will now be followed by the sequel QUBE 2.

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