Destiny The Dark Below PlayStation 4 Exclusive Content Revealed

Destiny The Dark Below PlayStation 4 Exclusive Content

Sony has today over on its PlayStation blog revealed the exclusive PlayStation content that PS gamers will be able to enjoy and that will be included within the Bungie Destiny blockbuster space RPG.

The new Destiny The Dark Below DLC launches later this week on December 9th and brings with it a wealth of new maps, story missions as well as weapons and dear to equip your character with.

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hdmyboy Game Boy Classic On Your Large Screen TV (video)

Game Boy Classic

Gamers that enjoy playing Game Boy Classic titles are sure to enjoy using this new hardware called hdmyboy, that has been designed to enable gameplay on a large screen HDTV,

hdmyboy has been created by Zane Amiralis and Joshua de Haan and connects your connect your Game Boy Classic to your HDTV offering rich colour palettes and support for a NES controller.

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Alien Isolation Trauma DLC Now Available (video)

Alien Isolation

Alien Isolation players looking for a little more excitement and gameplay will be pleased to know that today the second add-on pack for theAlien Isolation Survivor Mode has been launched, and brings with it a new playable character to enjoy, together with plenty more sneaking around.

The developers of Alien Isolation have created a 10 minute gameplay demonstration in the video below that allows you to get a good glimpse of what you can expect from the latest Alien Isolation Trauma DLC that is now available to download.

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Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega Retro Games Console Launches On Indiegogo (video)

Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega

If like me you owned one of the original ZX Spectrum arsenal computers or fancy playing some retro games, you might be interested in a new crowd funding campaign that has launched over on the Indiegogo website to fund the development and launch of the new Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega retro games console.

The Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega console based on the design of the ZX Spectrum computer with its rubber keys, that was launched by Clive Sinclair back in the 1980’s. Watch the video below to learn more about the latest retro games console based on the iconic personal computer.

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Batman Arkham Knight Gameplay Trailer Part Two

arkham2Last week Rocksteady released a new trailer for Batman Arkham Knight. It gave us with a look at the gameplay footage. We also found out that this title has been pushed into a 2015 launch. Well, now part two of the gameplay trailer has been released, continuing where the last one left off, during the infiltration of the Ace Chemicals plant.

The previous trailer showed how Batman was going to infiltrate the facility. We saw the Dark Knight in both land and air and got a good look at the Batmobile too.
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Nintendo Game Boy Emulator Patent Revealed

game boy

It looks like Nintendo may actually bring some of its games to other platforms in the future, as a new patent for a Nintendo Game Boy Emulator has been revealed.

The filing for the Nintendo Game Boy Emulator was apparently filed back in June of this year with the US Patent Office, and it was described as a “Hand-held Video Game Platform Emulation”, the filing was revealed on the 27th of November.

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GTA IV Gets RoboCop Mod


Anyone who grew up in the 80s will remember the original RoboCop film. The movie was cheesy, but it was cheesy in an awesome way. After the first two films in the franchise the quality went down massively, but the films are still some of the coolest 80s cinema out there. Fans of GTA IV have a new mod that will bring something cool from the original RoboCop film to the game.

The RoboCop mod adds a virtual ED-209 to the game. Players can do all sorts of things with the rampaging robot. ED-209 can be a bodyguard for you character to keep the police off your back while you kill, steal, and blow stuff up around the city. Perhaps the coolest part of the mod is that you can directly control ED-209.

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Xbox One Outsells PS4 On Black Friday (Report)

Xbox One

Recently, Microsoft introduced several Xbox One and 360 bundles, and even reduced prices, bundling them with free games as well. And, it turns out it worked for the Redmond giant.

As per a new report from a market research firm InfoScout, Microsoft’s Xbox One dominated the sales on one of the biggest day in the holiday season — Black Friday.

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6thfinger Lets You Keep Tablet Games Active Even Whilst AFK (video)

6thfinger Tablet Games

If you enjoy playing tablet games and sometimes need to leave your tablet, but wish you could keep the game still active. You may be interested in a new device called the 6thfinger that has been created by Danny and Wayne.

6thfinger has been specifically designed to enable peace of mind for you to leave your tablet for short periods of time, knowing that the game or application you are using will stay active. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about this unique device.

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Titanfall Xbox 360 Version Receiving New Frontier Defense Co-Op Mode Support Next Week

Titanfall Frontier Defense

Games developer and publisher Respawn have this week announced via Twitter that the new co-op mode Frontier Defense will be arriving on Xbox 360 consoles next week from December 1st.

The release of the new Frontier Defense mode follows on from the release on to Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox One console and PC systems. Allowing Xbox One gamers to be able to enjoy the new mode ahead of older generation Xbox 360 owners.

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Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire sell 3 million units in three days

pokemonsapphireAt this point it is pretty much a no-brainer that if it says Pokemon on the label, it will sell like hot cakes. But just how well are the most recent Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire doing? Well, let’s just say that Pikachu sleeps in a solid gold pokeball and eats caviar.

These two games have managed to move more than 3 million units of the game in a matter of just three days. There is no doubt that Pokemon is still a franchise to be reckoned with. They haven’t reached Pokemon X & Y’s levels yet, but they just might.
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