New EVE Valkyrie VR Space Combat Game Trailer Unveiled At E3 2014 (video)

EVE Valkyrie

Virtual reality gamers looking for the the launch of the Sony Project Morpheus and the Facebook Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets in a new future, are sure to enjoy this latest look at the new EVE Valkyrie space combat game which is being designed specifically for VR.

EVE Valkyrie Is currently being developed by CCP Games creators of the massively popular Eve Online universe and is being created using the Unreal Engine 4 to power the VR game.

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Star Wars Battlefront Trailer Unveiled At E3 2014 (video)

Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars fans looking forward to the launch of the latest game in the series Star Wars Battlefront, are sure to enjoy this new trailer explaining plenty about the creation of the new game.

However unfortunately the new Star Wars Battlefront E3 2014 trailer doesn’t show anything about the titles gameplay or styling as such, but does provide a good background on what the development team is currently doing to make it as authentic as possible.

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New Deep Down PS4 Trailer Unveiled At E3 (video)

Deep Down PS4

PlayStation 4 owners that are patiently waiting for the highly anticipated role-playing and awesome looking dungeon crawl game, Deep Down. Which was unveiled last year and is currently being created for Sony’s PlayStation 4.

Are sure to enjoy this new, if fairly brief, Deep Down PS4 trailer unveiled at this week’s E3 games conference currently underway in Los Angeles.

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Mortal Kombat X Gameplay Detailed in New 15 Minute Demo (video)

Mortal Kombat X

Gamers looking forward to the launch of the new Mortal Kombat X fighting game are sure to enjoy this extended gameplay demonstration unveiled at this years E3 games event currently taking place in Los Angeles.

The new 15 minute Mortal Kombat X gameplay trailer details the characters and skills they possess within the game, as well as the gory final moves that can be played to finish your opponents. Check it out after the jump.

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Project CARS E3 Gameplay Trailer Released (video)

Project CARS

As you might have guessed during this weeks E3 games event in Los Angeles the developers, Slightly Mad Studios behind the highly anticipated Project CARS racing game have released a new video to whet your appetite before its officially launched later this year in November 2014.

Project CARS which stands for Community Assisted Racing Simulator will be available on both next-generation consoles as well as PC, Steam OS (when it is released) and Nintendo Wii U.

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H1Z1 Pre-Alpha E3 2014 Trailer Unveiled (video)


If you enjoyed the hour long H1Z1 gameplay trailer that was realised by SEO at the beginning of this month, you might enjoy this quick one minute pre-alpha trailer which has been unveiled at the E3 games conference this week.

The new zombie survival game H1Z1 which is currently under development by Sony Online Entertainment will be launching later this year on Sony’s next-generation PlayStation 4 games console and Windows PC systems.

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Homefront The Revolution E3 2014 Gameplay Demo (video)

Homefront The Revolution

Earlier this month Crytek UK announced the development of a new sequel for their popular Homefront game in the form of Homefront The Revolution that will be available on consoles and PC.

More information about the new Homefront The Revolution game was promised to be released and revealed during this week’s E3 games conference in Los Angeles, and true to form its developer has now released some Homefront The Revolution gameplay footage for us to view.

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Battlefield Hardline Gameplay Demo E3 2014 (video)


During the E3 games conference in Los Angeles this week new video footage has been released providing a glimpse at the new Battlefield Hardline gameplay you can expect to enjoy in the recently announced game.

The Battlefield Hardline game will be officially launching on October 21st 2014 and is now available to preorder for $49 with bonuses available, including a Precision Battlepack featuring one of the most accurate assault rifles together with other gifts.

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Angry Birds Epic Launches On Multiple Platforms

Angry Birds Epic

Rovio has announced that their latest Angry Birds game, Angry Birds Epic is launching today on multiple platforms. The company is rolling the game out globally today and should be available in the various app stores shortly.

Angry Birds Epic is the company’s first role playing game to feature Angry Birds, and in the game you get to explore a fantasy version of Piggy Island, which comes with tropical beaches, mountains and mysterious caves.

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Oculus Rift E3 2014 Interview With Nate Mitchell (video)

Oculus Rift E3

If you are interested to learn more about the future for the awesome virtual reality Oculus Rift headset which was recently purchased by Facebook for $2 billion and is soon set to change the world go gaming.

This new Oculus Rift E3 2014 interview with Oculus vice president Nate Mitchell is definitely worth watching and explains a little more about where the company wants to take the VR headset after the acquisition by Facebook.

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