Destiny PS4 Exclusive Map Exodus Blue Video Walkthrough

destinynewsBungie’s Destiny will be released in less than a week. Can you believe it is finally here? It has been quite a wait and we are all pretty excited about this game. Sony obviously thinks that PlayStation is the best way to experience this title and they may be right. Sony has posted a video walkthrough online that shows off Exodus Blue, an infantry-based map exclusive to the PlayStation platform until Fall of 2015.

This map has been optimized for 3 on 3 and 6 on 6 matches. This is where Guardians will hold “blood-pounding contests of skill in memory of Exodus Blue,” a great Golden Age colony ship. I have to say it looks pretty darn good. Gamers are going to be happy with this title I think.
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Xbox One headed to 29 new markets this month

xbdetailsIt looks like September is shaping up to be a big month for Xbox. Microsoft says that its next gen console is going to be released in 28 additional countries this month. The Xbox One’s expansion in these new markets comes at a time when those who already own an Xbox One are waiting for titles like Forza Horizon 2 and FIFA 15. Destiny is also coming to Xbox later this month. Yes, it is a big month for Microsoft. Huge even.

Not only is the console headed to those markets, but customers in these markets will be able to take use the Xbox One experience for the very first time. Microsoft knows that many markets have been waiting for the console to launch and the company is hoping it will be able to meet the demands as well as the customers’ expectations. I’m sure that won’t be too difficult. Just keep the good games coming.
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Minecraft Xbox One Edition Launches On Friday, Upgrades Available

Minecraft Xbox One Edition

Gamers patiently waiting for the release of the new Minecraft Xbox One Edition of the iconic game will be pleased to know that Xbox’s Major Nelson has this week announced the game will be launching for the next-generation games console on Friday 5th September.

If you already own a copy of the Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition you will be able to upgrade to an Xbox One Edition for just $4.99. If you don’t, the Minecraft Xbox One Edition is available to purchase in full for $19.99.

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GTA 5 Release Date For PC, PS4 And Xbox One

gta5dateGrand Theft Auto 5 has been around on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 for quite awhile, but many fans have been waiting for GTA 5 to release on the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Well, we have some good news on that front.

Up until now we didn’t have a firm date, even though Rockstar has confirmed that the launch will take place this year. That’s good to know, but that still leaves the date wide open. It could be tomorrow or in December. Now the GTA 5 release date for these platforms has appeared online from a major online retailer.
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PS Vita to get app for PS4 live streaming

ps vita consoleIn terms of power, the PS4 and the PS Vita are not in the same league. Even so Sony has found ways to make both consoles work nicely with each other. Obviously hoping that you will buy both. Here is another way the two consoles are growing closer. Soon PS Vita owners will be able to use their handheld console to view live streams of games from the PlayStation 4.

This bit of news was announced by Sony at the Tokyo Game Show. The app is called “Live from PlayStation” and will arrive for the PlayStation Vita in a future software update. Great news for anyone who wants to watch live streams from a PlayStation 4 on their handheld console. I’m guessing there are at least a few of you.
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Metallic Slime Edition PlayStation 4

slime ps4As the PS4 ages we can expect to see many special editions. Among the first will be this Dragon Quest Metallic Slime Edition of the Sony PlayStation 4, which looks shiny indeed. It is in honor of the release of Dragon Quest Heroes.

Sony has announced that they will be releasing a special edition PS4 to commemorate the launch. The entire console and controller are metallic silver. Not only that, but as an added detail, there is actual “slime” that looks like it is oozing over the edge of the console.
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Game Of Thrones Video Game Teaser

gotgameWe heard last year that Telltale Games confirmed that it is working on a video game adaptation of Game of Thrones. The game is episodic and given how popular the HBO show is, this game should be an instant hit.

Many fans of the TV series and books have been looking forward to the Game of Thrones video game and those folks will be happy to hear that another teaser has been posted online by Telltale Games and the trailer that was previously released has been circulated once again too just in case you missed it the first time.
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Xbox One Update Adds New Media Player, Smart Glass Features And More (video)

Xbox One Update

Microsoft’s Major Nelson website has today announced the release of a new Xbox One update for September that brings with it a number of new features and enhancements together with the highly anticipated new Xbox One media player app.

As well as updates to the party system, new SmartGlass enhancements that now allow you to post status messages from the Activity Feed and comments and a personalised Activity Feed. Check out the video after the jump to learn more about the Xbox One update for September 2014.

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Another gamer gets raided by the police

hoaxYou would think that police would learn by now that sometimes they are getting called to a gamers home because of hoax calls. But apparently they do not learn. Jordan Mathewson goes by the handle ‘Kootra’ when gaming online. One day some unexpected guests barged in on him unexpectedly, in a scene that no one wants to be a part of.

It was the police and they were armed. To add insult to injury, the entire incident was broadcast live online. That must have been embarrassing.
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Assassin’s Creed Unity Release Date Delayed Until November 13th In Europe


European gamers that were looking forward to the launch of the new Assassin’s Creed Unity game in October of this year will be a little disappointed to learn that the games developers and publishers Ubisoft have delayed its launch by a couple of weeks throughout Europe.

The new release date of November 13th now means that Assassin’s Creed Unity will be released on the same date as Ubisoft’s last-generation console game entitled Assassin’s Creed Rogue. Assassin’s Creed Unity, is set to be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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