Bungie Destiny Beta Codes Provide Not 1 But 3 Download Keys (video)

Destiny beta

Even though the official Destiny beta testing on PlayStation consoles doesn’t kick off until next week on July 17th, 2014 and the week after on Xbox consoles.

Bungie is already allowing those with Destiny beta codes to redeem them at the Destiny beta registration site, and as a surprise each Destiny beta code provides those that have pre-ordered with three download keys.

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Ubisoft ships over 8 million copies of Watch Dogs

watch dogs salesWatch Dogs was released in May and is avilable for both previous-gen and next-gen consoles as well as the PC. The game is a smash hit. In fact, just a day after launch, Ubisoft announced that Watch Dogs had become its fastest selling game to date. In the first week alone sales had surpassed 4 million units.

Now Ubisoft has given us another update and it looks like over 8 million units have been shipped so far. I think we can safely say that there will be a sequel or 3.
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The World of the Witcher Visual Companion Now Available To Pre-Order

The World of the Witcher

Fans of the Witcher series of games created by CD Projekt Red will be please to know that Dark Horse has today announced that the new The World of the Witcher visual companion is now available to pre-order from Amazon.

The World of the Witcher book takes the form of a illustrated hardbound volume and provides fans with in-depth knowledge about the locales, the deadly beasts that inhabit them, and the lethal weapons used throughout the series.

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Borderlands The Pre-Sequel 14 Minute E3 Gameplay Trailer (video)

Borderlands The Pre-Sequel

Borderlands fans looking for more information and gameplay on the upcoming Borderlands The Pre-Sequel game launching in the US on October 14th 2014 and internationally on October 17th for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Are sure to enjoy this narrated 14 minute gameplay video providing a good look at the The Pre-Sequel game and what you can expect from the highly anticipated video game when it launches later this year.

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Elder Scrolls Online Update 3 Preview Trailer Released (video)

Elder Scrolls Online

A new and third update is currently being created for the Elder Scrolls Online game that is planned to be rolled out in August 2014 and bring with it a wealth of new features for guilds to enjoy.

To whet your appetite on the features you can expect from the update, Zenimax Online Studios has this week released a new Elder Scrolls Online trailer providing a glimpse at the new guild tabards, public guild stores and more.

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Halo Master Chief Collection Panel RTX 2014 (video)


Xbox gamers looking forward to the launch of the Halo Master Chief Collection for the next generation Xbox One console that will be arriving in stores on November 11th 2014, exclusively for the Microsoft Xbox One. As well as Halo: Nightfall the live-action series that introduces a new character in Halo 5: Guardians.

Are sure to enjoy this hour long Halo Master Chief Collection panel at RTX 2014 explaining the work and development that has gone in to creating the new Halo games bundle for the Xbox One.

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Dragon Age Inquisition Gameplay Revealed In New 16 Minute Trailer (video)


Gamers looking forward to the launch of the new Dragon Age Inquisition video game are sure to enjoy this new 16 minute gameplay trailer that has been released by its developers Bioware.

Dragon Age Inquisition is set to be launched on October 7th 2014 and has been designed to be a dynamic RPG offering gamers an in-depth game mechanics with a huge open world environment to explore.

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Flappy Bird clone released for Google Glass

flappy glassGoogle Glass has been around for over a year and even though it is still expensive, the software has been greatly improved and that means that there are tons of new applications available for the wearable device and even games. And now Nothing Labs has released a Flappy Bird clone for Google Glass.

Just in case you have been living under a rock, Flappy Bird was a game that came on the scene a several months back and immediately became a hit mostly because it was very addictive. The developer then pulled it from the App Store and Google Play Store, saying that this needed to be done in order to help folks retain their sanity. He did this despite making a ton of money.
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