Respawn is banning Titanfall cheaters

No matter what game you are playing, you will find cheaters. No wonder some high scores are so insane. Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall has only recently launched a few days ago, but already there are cheaters in the game. However, Respawn has identified those cheaters and will taking action to remove them from the game.

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Cyberpunk 2077 Release Date Not Disrupted By Witcher 3 Delay

After yesterdays new announcement by developers CD Projekt RED that their upcoming Witcher 3 Wild Hunt release date would be delayed until February 2014.

Concerns that the other game currently being worked on by CD Projekt RED development team, might also be delayed worrying gamers that the Cyberpunk 2077 release date might also be pushed back.

Cyberpunk 2077 release date

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Nvidia Battery Boost And GeForce GTX 800M Set To Double Your Laptop Battery Life Whilst Gaming

Nvidia has this week unveiled its new Nvidia Battery Boost technology and Nvidia GeForce GTX 800M graphics processor which is says will help laptop gamers double the length of time the mobile battery can provide power whilst away from the grid.

The Nvidia GeForce GTX 800M graphics are equipped with the latest Nvidia Battery Boost technology that has been designed to lower frame rates when your laptop is unplugged to reduce GPU usage and hence save battery power.

Nvidia Battery Boost

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Darkest Dungeon By Red Hook Studios Launches On Kickstarter (video)

RPG gamers looking for something a little more refreshing to play might be interested in a new game over on the Kickstarter website looking for funding called Darkest Dungeon which has been created by Red Hook Studios.

Darkest Dungeon has been designed to be a new style of RPG available via Steam’s Early access system and provides gamers with a challenging gothic rogue like RPG about the psychological stresses of adventuring. Check out the promo trailer after the jump.

Darkest Dungeon

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Titanfall Xbox One vs PC Graphics Comparison Side-by-Side (video)

If you have been wondering what the differences are between the Xbox One and PC versions of the new Titanfall game which launched earlier this week.

You might be interested in this new video which has been put together by the IGN gaming website that compares the Titanfall Xbox One vs PC graphics side-by-side, check it out after the jump.

Titanfall Xbox One vs PC

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Xbox One Controller Now Unofficially Supported On PCs (video)

Owners of Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox One games console that have been patiently waiting for Microsoft to enable support for the new Xbox One controller to be used with PC systems.

Might be pleased to know that there is now a way to set this up, albeit unofficial. Lucas Assis has now developed a way to modify the ToCA Xbox 360 control pad emulator to work with the Xbox One controller. Check out the video after the jump to see how he has done it.


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Battlefield 4 Naval Strike DLC Features Dynamic Weather, 4 New Maps And More

This week Battlefield 4 developers DICE have unveiled new information about the latest upcoming DLC for the first-person shooter (FPS) video game. game which will take the form of Battlefield 4 Naval Strike.

The new Battlefield 4 Naval Strike DLC is expected to launch late in March 2014 and bring with it a number of new features to the game for players to enjoy including four new maps.

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike

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Mozilla Demonstrates Unreal Engine 4 Running In Firefox Browser (video)

Mozilla has this week released a new demonstration video showing the Unreal Engine 4 games engine running in the Firefox web browser. to demonstrate how powerful the Web is as a platform for gaming.

The video demonstration after the jump shows Epic’s “Soul” and “Swing Ninja” Unreal Engine 4 demos running at near-native speeds within the Mozilla Firefox browser.

Unreal Engine 4 Firefox

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Digital Storm Vanquish II Ultimate Gaming PC Launches From $699

Digital Storm has today unveiled their latest gaming system in the form of the Digital Storm Vanquish II which has been designed to provide gamers with the ultimate gaming system without breaking the bank.

The Digital Storm Vanquish II system starts from just $699 with pricing rising as you add extra more powerful components such as a Core i5 4570 processor and GTX 770 graphics card with 2GB of memory for $1,189.

Digital Storm Vanquish II

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Gamer Hits 1 Million Gamerscore On Xbox Live, After 8 Years

One gamer has managed to set a record on Xbox Live, Raymond Cox, who is know as Stallion83 on Xbox Live is the first gamer to hit a score of 1 million on Xbox Live.

It took Raymond 8 years to reach a score of 1 million, and he started when the Xbox 360 was launched 8 years ago, he managed to hit this new high score by playing Titanfall.

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New Razer Blade 14 Inch Ultra Thin Notebook Offers Massive 3200×1800 Resolution

Razer has unveiled a new gaming notebook to its range in the form of the new ultra thin 14 Inch Razer Blade which is equipped with a 14 inch QHD+ touchscreen display offering an unprecedented resolution of 3200 x 1800 pixels.

The new Razer Blade notebook is currently offering the world’s highest resolution for a 14 inch laptop and is also equipped with NVIDIA’s latest GeForce GTX 870M graphics card, in a form factor that measures 13.5″ x 9.3″ x 0.7″ and weighs 4.5lbs.

New Razer Blade 14

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ASUS Game Box controller leaked

One Android-powered gaming console from ASUS is called the Game Box, as you likely know by now. And now thanks to a recent Bluetooth SIG certification, an image of the console’s controller has been leaked for you to feast your eyes on.

ASUS Game Box controller

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