Dance Party Brings Motion Gaming To The Apple TV (Video)

dance party

Dance Party is a new free game for the iPhone and iPod Touch that brings motion gaming to the Apple TV, the game uses your iPhone or iPod Touch along with your Apple TV to provide motion based gaming.

The video below shows Dance Party in action on an Apple TV, it works similar to other motion based games on other platforms, like the Wii, and it tracks your movements with your iPhone or iPod Touch and then display them on the Apple TV.

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World Of Warcraft Horde Chopper now available in-game

wowchopWorld of Warcraft is a big money printing machine for Blizzard. It is no wonder since it is one of the older MMORPGs that are still around and active. The game still has many players who play it and now they even have cool perks like choppers.

You may remember a few months ago when Blizzard launched a web series called Azeroth Choppers. It basically had two teams from the World of Warcraft development team designing a chopper to have an Alliance or Horde theme.
Well, since then the votes were cast and the winner was revealed to be the Horde. Just in case you missed all of the excitement.
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Microsoft shipped 1.1 million Xbox consoles last quarter

xoneWe heard last week that Microsoft had seen Xbox One sales double since they reduced its price. It seems like many gamers now feel the price is justified and they are buying. While we don’t know how many units they managed to sell, we know based on NPD’s figures, that it wasn’t enough to beat out Sony in sales for the month of June in the US market.

And now Microsoft has released their latest earnings for the fourth quarter fiscal year 2014 and based on the numbers provided in the report, it looks like Microsoft shipped 1.1 million Xbox consoles in Q4 FY 2014. Things are going better for the company.
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Guardians Of The Galaxy Play Set Headed To Disney Infinity (Video)

Guardians Of The Galaxy Play Set

Marvel has announced that Guardians of the Galaxy Play Set, which is based on the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie is headed to Disney Infinity.

The video below shows the gameplay of this new Guardians of the Galaxy Game, which will come with a range of playable characters, including Rocket Raccoon, Drax, Gamora and Groot, plus crossover characters from Iron Man and more.

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Destiny Beta For Xbox One Now Available

Destiny Beta

Destiny Beta recently launched in the PS4 and PS3, and now Bungie has announced that you can get your hands on Destiny Beta on Microsoft’s Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles.

In order to play Destiny Beta on your Xbox 360 or Xbox One console, you will need to have pre-ordered the game, once you have done this you can get a beta code to play the game.

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Nintendo will offer Super Smash Bros. 3DS demos at SDCC

sdccHere’s some good news for anyone attending SDCC who wants to also check out Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS. We already knew that Nintendo was expected to bring Super Smash Bros. to the Nintendo 3DS this summer, but then we were bummed to hear that the game had been delayed to October.

Well, we have some good news at least. If you wanted to try out the 3DS version of the game before you buy it or the Wii U version, Nintendo will be providing demos of the game at SDCC.
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