Softbank Pepper Robot Pricing Revealed

Softbank Pepper

Last year we saw the new Softbank Pepper robot, the robot is due to launch later this year and now the company has revealed pricing for this new robot, the device will cost around $9,000 in total.

Developers will be able to get their hands on the Softbank Pepper robot for an up front payment of $1,660, they will then have to pay a monthly fee of $206 for three years.

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Fogo Combines LED Flashlight, Walkie Talkie, Charger And GPS In One From $175 (video)

Fogo LED Flashlight

Anyone who enjoys exploring the outdoors and is looking for the ultimate adventure gadget may be interested in a new device called the Fogo that has been designed to combine a number of useful equipment into one small pocket sized device.

The Fogo combines LED flashlight, walkie talkie, charger and GPS in one pocket sized device that is easy to transport and can be taken biking, hiking, fishing, hunting or camping. Watch the video below to learn more.

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Radium Easy To Use Professional Geiger Counter Hits Kickstarter (video)

Geiger Counter

Sergey Vladimirov has this week launched a new Kickstarter campaign for his pocket geiger counter called Radium which has been designed to provide a professional yet easy-to-use geiger counter.

Vladimirov explains the Radium is a next-generation, state of the art geiger counter that aims to be pocket sized as well as easy to use, affordable and developer friendly, watch the video below to learn more.

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High Performance Grappling Hook Hits Kickstarter (video)

high performance grappling hook.

If you fancy owning your very own high performance grappling hook to be able to grab on to things, you may be interested in the Gravity Hook created by Brent Garcia, although he hasn’t stated as yet how much weight the final hook would be able to take.

The Gravity Hook will be available in either Stainless Steel or Black Delrin polymer and includes pivotable arms that allow it to grab onto items when pulled.

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New Pebble Smartwatch To Launch Next Week


It would appear that Pebble is getting ready to launch a new Pebble Smartwatch as the company has put up a new teaser page on their website with a countdown timer which points to next Tuesday.

The company has not revealed any details on the new Pebble Smartwatch, although Mark Gurman from 9 to 5 Mac has learned some details about this new device.

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Equil Smartmarker Next Generation Digital Whiteboard Pen (video)

Equil Smartmarker

Designers, business professionals and teachers or anyone else that uses markers on whiteboards, might be interested in a new next generation smart digital whiteboard pen in the form of the Equil Smartmarker.

The Equil Smartmarker is a new kind of digital marker that transforms any whiteboarding surface in to a smart one. Watch the video below to learn more about this innovative smart device and its features.

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Fancy Smart Personal Sleep Monitor, Light And Audio System (video)

Fancy Smart Personal Sleep Monitor

Anyone looking to enrich their dreams while sleeping might be interested in a new smart personal sleep monitor called Fancy, that has been created by qodome.

The Fancy has been designed to monitor and understand your sleep patterns, whilst enriching your dreams and sleep with lights and sounds. Watch the video below to learn more about the new Fancy sleep system and how it might be able to help your sleeping rituals.
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KeyBiner Multitool And Key Organiser (video)

KeyBiner Multitool And Key Organiser

If like me you carry both a separate multitool and your keys you might be interested in a new multitool and key organiser by Fortius Arms called the KeyBiner.

The KeyBiner has been created to redefine the traditional carabiner, and allows you to carry a variety of indispensable tools together with your most important keys in a handy compact device.

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