OnePlus One Handsets To Start Shipping Today

OnePlus One

The other day we heard that OnePlus One had delayed the release of their first batch of smartphones, the reason this was done, was to fix some OpenSSL issues.

It would appear that the issues have now been fixed by the CyanogenMod team, and the handset will now start shipping out to the initial customers from today.

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Beats Powerbeats2 Earphones Announced

Beats Powerbeats2

Beats Audio is now owned by Apple, or its will be when the $3 billion deal goes through, we have already seen one pair of new Beats headphones since the deal was announced, and now be have the new Beats Powerbeats2.

The Beats Powerbeats 2 earphones are the second version of these sporty earphones, designed to be used for running and other sports.

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Wheeled Jumping And Flying Parrot MiniDrones Launching August 2014 (video)

Parrot MiniDrones

Parrot well known for its range of flying drones has this week announced that their two new Parrot MiniDrones will be launching in the US during August of this year.

There are two new Parrot MiniDrones in the range at the current time take the form of the ultra compact, lightweight and robust, Rolling Spider that is capable of flying and the Parrot Jumping Sumo MiniDrone. Check out both in action in the promotional videos after the jump.

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Samsung And Pebble Dominate U.S. Smartwatch Market

Samsung Gear 2

The smartwatch is expected to become a very popular device over the next few years, and according to a recent report, both Pebble and Samsung are dominating the U.S. smartwatch market.

The news comes from NPD, who have said that around 500,000 smart watches have been sold in the U.s. since October of last year, and sales of the devices have been around $96 million.

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Razer Nabu Fitness Tracker Beta Development Open To 500 Lucky Applicants (video)

Razer Nabu Fitness Tracker

At the beginning of this year Razer unveiled a new Razer Nabu fitness tracker which is being designed by the company to provide users with a personal fitness tracking device that can also connect to your smartphone for notifications.

This week Razer has announced they will be launching a new Razer Nabu fitness tracker beta development stage next month that will be open to 500 lucky applicants.

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Ringly Is A Smart Ring To Give You Alerts (Video)


Ringly is a new smart ring that is designed to provide alerts from your smartphone, it can alert you of incoming calls, texts, email and more, and is designed to make sure you don’t miss calls and more.

The Ringly smart ring comes with an app for your iPhone and Android devices, and when there is an incoming call or text, it will vibrate, have a look at the video below.

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CliMate Personal Bluetooth Environment Tracker And Companion App (video)

Environment Tracker

If you are interested in tracking the weather with you your personal environment you might be interested in the new Bluetooth environment tracker called the CliMate.

The CliMate has been specifically designed to provide you with an easy way of tracking your local weather by reading real time humidity, temperature and UVI readings which are then transferred to the CliMate companion application on your smartphone.

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Roccat Sova Steam Machine Keyboard Unveiled At E3 (video)

Steam Machine Keyboard

Gamers considering purchasing a Steam Machine or has already built their own and is looking for a suitable Steam Machine keyboard for use on the couch whist using a gaming mouse.

Might be interested in this new Roccat Sova Steam Machine keyboard that has this week been unveiled by Roccat at the E3 games conference currently taking place in the Los Angeles Convention center. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Steam Machine Keyboard from Roccat and see it in action.

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