Couchlet Dual USB Charging Ports For Sofas And Beds (video)

Couchlet Dual USB Charging Ports

If you find yourself awkwardly trying to charge your smartphone or tablet whilst sitting on your sofa or lying in bed, you might like to give a new gadget a little more investigation called the Couchlet.

The Couchlet has been designed to easily position dual USB ports either at the side of your bed or near the arm of your couch allows you to charge your mobile device in comfort.

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New Wallet : iPhone Case Wallet And Bluetooth Key Tracker (video)

iPhone Case Wallet

Carrying a wallet and smartphone together is sometimes a real pain and even though there are numerous iPhone wallet case designs available, most still have yet to be innovative in any way.

The New Wallet is hoping to change that, and has been designed to provide a hard case wallet for your iPhone 5 and above iOS smartphones, while also providing a useful Bluetooth key tracker and alerting system to make sure you never leave your keys or your smartphone behind.

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Djay For Apple Watch Released (Video)


There are now around 3000 apps for the new Apple Watch and one of those is the popular iPhone and iPad app Djay.

You will be able to use the Apple Watch to control a number of things on the Djay apps, including mixing tracks and more, have a look at the video below.

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Acer Liquid X2 Smartphone has Three SIM slots and a Massive Battery


Anyone who has to juggle several mobile phones because they have several numbers will appreciate the new smartphone that Acer has unveiled this week. The device is called the Acer Liquid X2 and one of the biggest features of the device is that it has three SIM card slots. The typical multi SIM smartphone has only two.

The X2 also has a massive 4,000 mAh internal battery so it should last all day and then some even for heavy users. Acer unveiled this device at the same show where it rolled out several other products, including the Predator gaming tablet.

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Razer Forge TV Game Console Now Available To Pre-Order From $100


Earlier this month the Razer Forge TV bundle with a controller was made available to pre-order priced at $150, now Razer has made available just the Razer Forge TV set-top box for $100 without the controller.

Razer Forge TV games console hardware that was unveiled earlier this year during the CES 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas where it won Best of CES awards and is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor supported by 2GB of RAM and is fitted with 16GB of RAM.

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New iPod Touch May Launch This Year (Rumor)

iPod Touch

Apple has not released a new version of the iPod Touch in the last three years, the latest model was first introduced in 2012 and all further models since then have had the same design.

According to a recent report, Apple are expected to release a new version of their iPod Touch this year.

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