Pour Lab Dual Pour Over Coffee Maker (video)

Coffee Maker

Coffee drinkers around the world looking for a more stylish way to make a brew, might enjoy using this very unique dual pour over coffee maker created by Jacob Ruch called the Pour Lab.

Pour Lab is a new pour over coffee brewing set that allows you to create your perfect brew straight into a cup, carafe or thermos and brews two cups or carafe at the same time. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Pour Lab project and see it in action.

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HashKey Dedicated Hashtag Keyboard (video)

HashKey Dedicated Hashtag Keyboard

Social media gurus that enjoy using hashtags to communicate news and updates are sure to find this dedicated USB hashtag keyboard called Hashkey the perfect addition to their gadgets.

The HashKey hashtag keyboard is a dedicated unique one-key device that can be used to quickly create a hashtag. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about why the hashtag keyboard has been created and see it in action.

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Slim Steel Moto 360 Smartwatch Launched

Moto 360

Motorola has launched another version of their Moto 360 smartwatch, the last one is the Slim Steel version, and it comes with a thinner watch strap than the original metal version.

The strap on the slim steel Moto 360 measures 18mm wide, the original metal one measures 23mm wide, and it is available in two colors, silver for $299 and champagne gold for $329.

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Coffee Gourmet Is A Single Cup Coffee Maker (Video)

Coffee Gourmet

There are a wide range of coffee making gadgets on the market, the latest one is called the Coffee Gourmet, and it is designed to make a perfect single cup of coffee.

The Coffee Gourmet is described as a one cup coffee filter which is designed to give you a ‘truly superior’ cup of coffee, have a look at the video below.

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Plan V Failsafe Smartphone Charger Uses 9volt Batteries (video)

Smartphone Charger

Sometimes it’s not always possible to remember to take a smartphone charger backup battery with you to make sure your smartphone is completely charged at all times and when those times arise it always seems to be during an important call or sms conversation.

Flintu think they have come up with the perfect emergency smartphone charger called the Plan V. That can be carried on your keyring and is always available to power your smartphone when you are able to get your hands on a 9 volt battery from a local store.

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ZANO Nano Drone Is Autonomous, Intelligent And Developable (video)

ZANO Nano Drone

A new nano drone in the form of the ZANO has been unveiled this week, that has been designed to be an ultra-portable, personal aerial photography and video capture platform that is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

The ZANO nano drone is also intelligent and developable and is capable of flying by itself if required, connecting to your smartphone or tablet device. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the ZANO nano drone project and see it in action.

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Onecue Brings Gesture Controls To Your TV (Video)


Onecue is a new device for your home entertainment system that is designed to let you control everything with gesture controls, instead of having to use your remote, just like Microsoft’s Kinnect for their Xbox One console.

The Onecue can work with a wide range of devices, like your TV, cable box DVR, Apple TV, and even your Nest thermostat or your WiFi connected light bulbs.

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Amazon Post Office Local Delivery Service Now Available

Amazon-Post Office-Delivery

Amazon has today announced that it has started a new service in the UK that will allow its customers to have their orders delivered to a local Post Office for collection, just incase you are not around to accept a n Amazon delivery to your door.

The new Amazon Post Office delivery and collection service is available across the UK and increases the number of locations now available to collect Amazon deliveries to 16,000 pickup locations within the UK.

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Luxury Watchmakers Removing Watch Faces From Smart Watches

rolex watch face

Luxury watchmakers are apparently having copies of their watch faces removed smart watches, and the companies are targeting sites that are offering pirated watch faces for your smart watch.

According to a recent report by Torrent Freak, a number of sites that offer watches faces for your Android Wear smartwatch have had take down requests from the luxury watch makers.

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Commercial Drone Operators Will Need A Pilots License

commercial drone

The FAA is apparently getting ready to out in place some new rules for drone flights, and commercial drone operators will need to have a pilots license.

Flights of drones by commercial operators will be restricted to daylight hours, and the drones will have to fly at a height of below 400 feet, and the drones will have to be in the pilots line of sight.

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Doxie Go Plus And Go WiFi Mobile Scanners Launched

doxie go plus

Doxie has launched two new mobile scanners, the Doxie Go Plus and the Doxie Go WiFi, and they will work with your Mac, PC, and iPhone and iPad.

The Doxie Go Plus will retail for $179 and the Doxie Go WiFi will retail for $229, and both come with improved batteries which are designed to give three times the battery life of the previous model.

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