Sony Cybershot DSC-KW11 Selfie Camera Announced

Sony Cybershot DSC-KW11

The device we saw the other day that was rumored to be a Sony Selfie smartphone is now official, it turns out it is not a smartphone after all, but a camera designed specifically for Selfies, and it is called the Sony Cybershot DSC-KW11.

The Sony Cybershot DSC-KW11 comes with a 19.2 megapixel Exmor RS sensor, the camera can be rotated 180 degrees and it features a 21mm, wide angle lens.

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New Samsung Multi-Charging Wall Charger Lets You Charge 3 Device At Once

Samsung Wall Charger

Samsung has this week added a new addition to their range of charging cables, in the form of the newly launched Multi-Charging Wall Charger that allows you to charge three devices at once from one USB port main adapter.

The new Multi-Charging Wall Charger will soon be available to purchase for $39.99 and enables owners to charge three different devices at once from a single charger equipped with USB connection.

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Pebble Smartwatch Receives New ESPN Scores App

Pebble smartwatch

Pebble smartwatch owners that enjoy following sport, are sure to thrilled to know that a new ESPN scores application has been launched this week for the Pebble smartwatch that allows you to keep up to date with the latest game scores on your wrist.

The new Pebble ESPN smartwatch app is now available to download from the Pebble app store and offers users the ability to track multiple games at once.

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AliveECG A-fib Detection System iPhone Heart Monitor Case

iPhone Heart Monitor Case

iPhone owners that suffer from heart problems might be interested in a new iPhone heart monitoring case which has been launched this week called the AliveECG A-fib detection system which was unveiled earlier this year.

The AliveECG A-fib detection system is priced at $199 and consists of an iPhone 5 or 5S case that can be rested on your fingers or chest to record your electrocardiogram (ECG) reading.

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Verve 2 By InXus Interactive Smart Sensor Connects Your Computer To The World (video)

smart sensor

If you enjoy creating Internet connected applications that can be triggered by a smart sensor you might be interested in a new device called the Verve2 which has launched over on the Kickstarter crowd funding website this week.

Verve2 takes the form of the control box which is connected to your computer and Then in turn connected to a variety of different sensors depending on the project you are building. Each sensor can then be triggered to start a process on your computer such as a tweet, email or action via IFTTT.

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Adidas miCoach Platform Opening To Third Party Developers (video)

Adidas miCoach

Developers interested in creating fitness applications that link with the Adidas miCoach wrist worn wearable fitness trackers, will be pleased to learn that Adidas is now opening up its miCoach platform to developers via a new Adidas Developer Portal.

Adidas is now planning to make its miCoach platform available to third-party developers and will soon be announcing and releasing a new set of development tools, that will enable developers to link their applications with the latest Adidas fitness tracker.

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Amazon Drones Deliveries To Be Tested In India

amazon drones

The last thing we heard about the Amazon Drones was that the company was seeking approval to test them near their HQ in Seattle, and now it looks like Amazon may actually be looking to use them for actual deliveries.

According to a recent report, Amazon Drones will be used to deliver parcels to customers in India, and the company will apparently begin their Amazon Drones delivery service in Bangalore and Mumbai.

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bKey Portable Smartphone Battery Is The Perfect Keyring Accessory (video)

Portable Smartphone Battery

Many of the portable smartphone battery solutions currently available are still fairly large in size and you have to remember to take them with you when you leave the house to charge your smartphone.

Shaun Teblum and Rob Gold have experienced similar problems and have now designed a small yet powerful and completely portable smartphone battery that attaches innocuously to your keys called the bKey.

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ViVo Aluminium Tablet Wireless Charging Dock (video)

Wireless Charging Dock

Tablet and smartphone owners looking for a new wireless charging dock, might find the ViVo worth more investigation, that has been designed by Joe Lara based in Los Angeles California.

The aluminium wireless charging dock has this week been launched over on the Kickstarter crowd funding website and is now available to pledge for with prices starting from just $35. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the ViVo dock and see it in action.

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OVAL Smart Sensor Protects Your Belongings, Pets And People In Your Life (video)

Smart Sensor

A new smart sensor called Oval has been created and launched over on the Indiegogo website this month and has already raised $23,000 or its $40,000 goal with still 25 days left remaining of their campaign.

The Oval has been designed to provide users with a versatile sensor that can help protect the people and things you care about most. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Oval smart sensor project and see it in action.

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