Neptune Suite Android Based Wearable Hub Smartwatch And Hardware (video)

Neptune Suite Android Based Wearable Hub Smartwatch

With Apple gearing up to start taking preorders for its new smartwatch that is priced from $300 upwards, anyone who has now dismissed it due to the price or features may be interested in a new crowd funded smartwatch and range of hardware called the Neptune Suite and Hub.

The Neptune Suite Hub hardware is a wrist worn device that is powered by the Android operating system and has already raised nearly $1 million in just 11 days. View the video below for a quick explanation of how the wearable device and the Neptune Suite of additional hardware work together.

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Apple Watch Apps Land In The App Store

Apple Watch Apps

The Apple Watch will launch on the 24th of April and now a number of apps for Apple’s new smartwatch have started to turn up in the app store.

When the device was announced Apple revealed a number of third party apps developers that would be releasing apps for the Apple Watch.

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Pebble Time Raises Over $20 Million On Kickstarter With 15 More Hours To Go

Pebble Time

The original Pebble smartwatch started off on Kickstarter and managed to raise over $10 million in its funding campaign. The smartwatch also received its fair share of success, and the company later released a more good looking version of the wearable known as the Pebble Steel.

Not too long ago, the company once again went to Kickstarter to gather funds for their upcoming Pebble Time smartwatch. Surprisingly, it appears the Pebble Time smartwatch is even popular then its predecessor, raising over $20 million with 15 more hours to go before the campaign ends (at the time of writing this).

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Xbox One April Update Features Previewed On Video

Xbox One April Update

Microsoft recently released a preview of the Xbox One April update to members of its preview program and now they have released a video showing off some of the new features that will be available in the update.

Some of the new features that will be released in the Xbox One April update will include voice message, dedicated servers for party chat and also updated to Whats On, have a look at the video below.

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GoPro Mountable Touch Sensor Rugged Waterproof Torch (video)

Rugged Waterproof Touch

Anyone in the market for a rugged durable waterproof torch may be interested in a new project that is also from the Kickstarter crowdfunding website looking to raise $35,000 to make the Flame Angel a reality.

Designed by Carl Thom the Flame Angel has been equipped with the ability to be mounted to GoPro fittings and also has a touch sensor and is waterproof to 300 m. Allowing you to take it wherever your adventures may be.

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