Amp iPad Speaker Case For iPad Air Launches On Kickstarter (video)

iPad Speaker Case

Anyone who has just purchased Apple’s latest iPad Air 2 or owns their previous iPad Air tablet and is looking for a way to enhance the audio from the tablet, may be interested in a new iPad speaker case called Amp.

Amp has just launched over on the Kickstarter crowdfunding website and with the aim of raising $50,000 to help start manufacturing and retail, and is being marketed as “ the first premium wireless iPad Air case of its kind”. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Amp project and see it in action.

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Montblanc Rolls out Pens and Leather Covers for Galaxy Note 4


Samsung has done very well with its line of phablets called the Galaxy Note series. One hallmark of these smartphones is that they have very large screens and those screen scan be written on with a stylus. The Stylus is called the S Pen and stores away in the top of the smartphone. Montblanc is a company that has been making fine writing instruments for decades.

Montblanc and Samsung have teamed up to make a high-end line of accessories for the Galaxy Note 4 that includes a couple pens and leather covers for the smartphone. There are two pens that are able to write on the screen of the smartphone and on plain paper. The pens include the Montblanc e-StarWalker and Montblanc Pix.

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Rest Composure Apple Watch Charger Dock Announced

rest composure

The Apple Watch will go on sale some time in early 2015, and now one company is getting ready to launch a dock for Apple’s new smartwatch, called the Rest Composure.

The Rest Composure is designed to dock and charge the Apple Watch, and it integrates the new Apple Watch Magsafe Adapter, meaning it can be place on your desk or any other flat surface to dock the new smartwatch.

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Amazon Fire Phone Is A Failure

Amazon Fire Phone

Amazon announced their latest financial results yesterday, the company made a larger loss than expected, and we also got to find out how the new Amazon Fire Phone is doing.

It looks like the Amazon Fire Phone is a failure for the company, as during their earnings calls, the company announced that it was taking a $170 million write down related to their first smartphone.

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LG G Watch R Launched Globally

lg g watch R

Yesterday we heard that the new LG G Watch R would go on sale in the UK today, and now LG has officially confirmed the global roll out of the LG G Watch R.

The LG G Watch R comes with the recently released Android Wear update, and the device will go on sale in France, Spain, Italy and the UK at the start of November and with then launch in North America, Asia and CIS regions.

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Carphone Warehouse Starts Selling Pink HTC One Mini 2

HTC One Mini 2

Last month, HTC announced that the One Mini 2 will be available with a pink paint job, and if you’re based in the UK waiting for the new color to hit retail, you’re in luck.

Carphone Warehouse has started selling the HTC One Mini 2 in pink color, alongside the gray and gold color, and it seems it’s exclusively available from the retailer in the UK. There’s no word if it’s exclusive for a limited time or forever.

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Wolffepack Lets You Easy Access Your Backpack Contents Without Removing It (video)


Anyone who enjoys using a backpack to carry their gadgets and gear with them, but doesn’t like having to remove the shoulder straps to access its contents. Are sure to be interested in a new innovative design called the Wolffepack.

Wolffepack has been specifically designed to enable users to access the contents of their backpacks without removing the shoulder straps by simply loosening a strap and swinging the backpack to the front.

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Microsoft Smartwatch Passes Through The FCC

Microsoft Smartwatch

We recently heard that the new Microsoft Smartwatch could launch some time within the next few weeks, and now more evidence that the device is about to launch has been discovered.

A new Microsoft ‘mobile wireless devices’ has been spotted at the FCC, although the only radio the device features is a Bluetooth LE radio, this means that the device, which has the model number 1619 is not a smartphone, and it is most likely their new smartwatch.

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Bowers & Wilkins T7 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Unveiled For $350 (video)

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Bowers & Wilkins have this week unveiled their very first portable Bluetooth speaker which takes the form of the new Bowers & Wilkins T7 that is now available to pre-order for $350.

The T7 portable Bluetooth speaker is packed with “every technological trick we know” says Bowers & Wilkins with the aim at making the T7 pack an amazing audio sound from very a small speaker.

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LG G Watch R Lands In The UK Tomorrow

LG G Watch R

We had previously heard that the new LG G Watch R would be launching in Europe next month, although now it looks like the device will be available in the UK from tomorrow.

A number of UK retailkers have announced that they will start selling the LG G Watch R in the UK from tomorrow, the device will retail for £224.99 including taxes with one retailer and £229.98 with another retailer.

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Smartphone Controlled Bionic Bird Hits Indiegogo (video)

Bionic Bird

Ever fancied owning your very own bionic bird, that you can fly and control using your smartphone? If you have then the world’s 1st smartphone controlled bionic bird which has recently launched over on the Indiegogo crowdfunding website might be worth more investigation.

The Bionic Bird and companion flying application have already raised over $22,000 and still has 38 days left of its campaign to run. Check out the video after the jump to learn more about this very unique and innovative crowdfunding campaign.

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SensoTRACK Wearable Fitness Tracker And Health Monitoring Smart Earpiece (video)


Athletes and those of you that like to track your fitness, might be interested in a new wearable fitness tracker and health monitor called the SensoTRACK.

Unlike the wide range of bracelet style fitness tracker devices currently available the SensoTRACK is worn within your ear and is capable of tracking heart rate, blood pressure, oxygenation, respiration, along with calories burned and more.

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