Sky’s Now TV Lands On Google Chromecast

Sky Now TV

Sky’s Now TV has been available for a while now, the service comes with a set top box, although you will now be able to use the service to stream content to your Google Chromecast.

Sky have updated their Sky Now TV apps, and the latest version of the service will let you stream content directly to a Google Chromecast from the app, which means you can use the service without the Sky Now TV box.

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Almost Perfect Copy of First Superman Comic Book Brings Millions


One of the most popular superheroes ever to make it from the pages of comic books to the TV and big screen is Superman. Superman has been the focus of countless TV shows, cartoons, and big screen movies over the years, but in the pages of comic books is where the hero got his start. A nearly flawless copy of superman’s debut in a comic book went to auction recently and brought a record price.

The comic is Action Comics No. 1 from 1938 and it sold for $3.2 million. The winning bid was made by New York comic dealers Stephen Fisher and Vincent Zurolo. The previous record was held by a copy of the same comic when it sold in 2011. EBay has confirmed the bid that won the auction, but wouldn’t confirm the buyer’s name. The comic book was reportedly kept for decades in a cedar chest by a man from West Virginia, who bought it off a newsstand.

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Sky TV Guide To get Recommendations

sky tv

Sky has lots of channels and also lots of on demand content that your can download and watch, and now they are looking to make it easier for Sky users to discover content they might like.

Sky has announced that they are adding a new recommendations feature to their Sky TV Guide, which will show other TV shows and movies which you may like based on what you have watched and recorded previously.

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Original Star Wars Trilogy Headed To Blu-ray

star wars

The first three movies in the Star Wars trilogy are currently avaialble on Blu-ray, although these are not the original movies as they have had a number of digital enhancements.

Now it looks like the original Star Wars movies are coming to Blu-ray, and these will be the original versions of the film, unedited, and exactly the same as they were when they appeared in the cinema.

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Titanfall Free The Frontier Live-Action Short From Gamescom 2014 (video)


Titanfall players are sure to enjoy this short live-action Free the Frontier movie which has been debuted in full at Gamescon 2014 this week and been created by Playfight and directed by William Chang.

The Titanfall Free the Frontier has been teased previously by the games developer Respawn and a snippet trailer for the short movie was released just ahead of the games official release back in March 2014.

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Star Wars Episode 7 Tipped to See Made over Millennium Falcon


Star Wars is one of the most successful science fiction movies of all time and unless you live under a rock, you probably know that a new film is in the works. Star Wars Episode 7 is set to launch in late 2015 and filming is underway right now. One of the interesting tidbits that has leaked out so far is that the famous ship owned by Han Solo in the original trilogy is getting a makeover.

According to leaked images the ship won’t look exactly like we recall from the original films. Word has also surfaced that Solo won’t be the owner of the Falcon anymore either. An unnamed character will own the iconic ship.

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New Now TV Sky Sports Week Pass Launches For £10.99

Sky Sports Week Pass

Sky has today announced that its launched a brand-new Now TV Sky Sports Week Pass which provides access to all seven Skype Sports channels for seven days for a price of £10.99.

The new Now TV Sky Sports Week Pass will be available to purchase from Thursday of this week for a limited time only and includes brand-new channels Sky Sports 5 and Sky Sports News HQ, both of which will be officially launching tomorrow.

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Fake iPhone 6 With 26 Cores And 8 Day Battery Fools Passer-bys (video)

iPhone 6

Jonathan Morrison from TLD pranked passer-bys on the street with a fake iPhone 6 which he explained is 300 percent lighter, contains 26 processor cores and is equipped with a eight day battery.

With his fake iPhone 6 device Jonathan also explains to passers-by that Apple didn’t like Siri so they removed it and replaced it with Google’s voice activated personal assistant. Check out the footage in the video after the jump for a few laughs at just how gullible people can be if put on the spot.

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Facebook tipped to be talking to Hollywood for Oculus Rift Content


Facebook spent big money on Oculus VR to get its hands on the slick Oculus Rift headset and related tech. We know that the Oculus Rift will be used heavily for VR gaming, but that isn’t all Facebook has in mind. Facebook has been tipped to be in talks with Hollywood studios to produce content for the Oculus Rift headset.

Facebook is said to be in talks with execs from major studios including Disney, Fox, Warner Bros., Paramount, NBCUniversal, and Sony Pictures. Talks are also tipped to be going on with specific directors about creating content for the Rift. Facebook doesn’t want the device to be limited solely to gaming.

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New Terminator 5 Movie Unveiled As : Terminator Genisys

Terminator Genisys

Terminator fans looking forward to the launch of the new Terminator 5 movie will be interested to know that Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed the name of the new movie as Terminator Genisys via Instagram.

In Terminator Genisys Schwarzenegger takes on the role of the Terminator while Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke takes on the role of a young Sarah Connor, while Jason Clarke from The Chicago Code plays John Connor.

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NFL Now App Tipped for Apple TV this Month


An image has turned up online that shows the NFL Now app running on the Apple TV set top box. NFL Now is tipped to be coming to the Apple TV device this month and will bring with it all sorts of NFL football content for fans to enjoy. The leaked image was reportedly from an NFL employee during testing of the app on the Apple TV.

The app will bring with it all sorts of NFL content for fans of pro football to enjoy. The content will include original material created for NFL Now. Highlights of NFL action will be included and content produced by NFL teams will be featured as well. That team produced content will be material like locker room interviews and player features.

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