Steve Jobs Movie Cast Revealed

Steve Jobs

We recently heard that filming had started on the new Steve Jobs movie, which is based on the officially biography by Walter Isaacson, and now Universal Pictures as revealed the movies cast.

As previously rumored Michael Fassbender will star as Steve Jobs, Kate Winslet will star as Joanna Hoffman, Seth Rogen as Steve Wozniak, and Jeff Daniels as John Scully.

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Dead Rising Watchtower Movie Launch Trailer Released (video)


Dead Rising fans patiently waiting for the new feature length Dead Rising Watchtower movie to launch via the Crackle streaming media service are sure to enjoy this new teaser trailer which has been released ahead of the movies launch that takes place on March 27th 2015.

The new Dead Rising Watchtower trailer provides fans with a glimpse of what you can expect from the new movie that stars Jesse Metcalfe, Meghan Ory, Virginia Madsen and Dennis Haysbert.

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League of Legends 2015 World Championship Will Be Held In Europe

League of Legends 2015

European League of Legends fans will be pleased to know that the organisers of the League of Legends 2015 World Championship have this week announced the competition will be hosted throughout Europe during October 2015.

The League of Legends competition will take place across multiple cities throughout Europe and will be changing its venue for the group stages, quarter-finals, semifinals and the final battle.

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James Patterson’s Latest Book Self-Destructs in 24 Hours


If you like to read action/suspense novels, you may be familiar with the name James Patterson. Patterson has a new book that is out called Private Vegas and he is doing something interesting for the first 1000 people who purchase. Those first thousand people will get a free digital version of the book. The cool part about that digital book is that it self-destructs.

The digital book has a countdown that starts as soon as you begin reading it. The countdown gives you 24 hours to read the book before it self-destructs. Apparently, there is some way that readers can steal time from other readers. Exactly how that happens is unknown. The book will be offered in hardback at normal hardback pricing.

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First PlayStation TV Show “Powers” Premieres March 10th (video)

PlayStation TV Show

Sony has today announced that it will be launching its very first PlayStation TV show called “Powers” during March 2015 that will take the form of 10 episodes, watch the trailer below to learn more.

The first three episodes of the PlayStation Original Series will be available to watch from March 10th 2015. Followed by the debut of a new episode every Tuesday on PlayStation Store and all will be free for PlayStation Plus members.

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Plex for PlayStation Service Launches In US, Canada And Latin America

Plex for PlayStation

PlayStation owners waiting for the arrival of the Plex for PlayStation service on Sony’s console’s, will be pleased to learn that day has arrived and the Plex service is now available on Sony’s PS3 and PS4 in the US, Canada and Latin America from today.

The Plex service enable users to personalise media wherever you might be, keeping it handy so you can enjoy it on any device. Plex supports TV show collections, movies and music collections as well as being able to organise your photos and home videos.

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Nabo TV looks To Improve Your TV Experience

Nabo TV

Nabo TV is a new TV platform that is designed to improve your TV viewing experience, and the software intends to bring all of your content together.

Rather than having to use a different interface for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, you own videos and more, Navo TV aims to bring all of your content together in one place with one interface, have a look at the video below.

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American Sniper Breaks January Opening Weekend Record Beating Avatar (video)


The new Clint Eastwood-directed movie about U.S. Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle has broken existing January opening weekend box office records, beating the previous holder Avatar by generating a huge $90.2 million in revenue over the weekend. Avatar previous held the record at $73 million.

The new American Sniper movie has been created by Warner Bros. Pictures in association with Village Roadshow Pictures and stars Bradley Cooper as Chris Kyle, the most lethal sniper in U.S. military history.

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Marriott Hotels Testing Netflix, Hulu And Other Streaming Services In Rooms


Following on from the news earlier this month that Marriot hotels will stop blocking its guests from using their own Wi-Fi services. It has also been revealed this week that the Marriott chain of hotels is planning to install access to streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu to name a few, for guests to enjoy during their stay.

Currently Marriott International is testing the new video streaming services in eight its hotels, providing Netflix and other media services such as Hulu and Pandora through their televisions in rooms.

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Amazon Planning To Launch 12 Amazon Original Movies A Year Via Prime And Theatres

Amazon Original Movies

Amazon has announced plans to produce up to 12 new Amazon Original Movies per year that it will show both in theatres and via its Amazon Prime Instant video subscription service.

Production of the new original content is to begin later this year with the aim of creating prestige movies for Amazon customers, that will be launched in theatres and then made available to view on Prime Instant 30 to 60 days after the theatre release.

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YouTube will air its own Super Bowl halftime show


You know what to expect from the Super Bowl by now. outrageously expensive, but amusing advertisements, both during the show and afterward on YouTube, a good half-time show and a close game. It’s always the same. After the game many go to YouTube to re-watch their favorite ads and others go to catch the ones they missed. Same every year.

This year may be a bit different. YouTube has revealed that it will be offering its own halftime show, which will be star the service’s own top stars. The halftime show will include fake Super Bowl advertisements, and the entire thing will be streamed live on the video service during the Super Bowl next month.
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