Glove One Open Source 3D Printed Smartphone Glove (video)

Smartphone Glove

Anyone who has access to a 3D printer and is looking for a new project to build may be interested in this new 3D printed open source smartphone glove, called Glove One that has been created by Brian Cera.

Why carry your smart phone in your pocket or bag when you can create your very own smartphone glove which is always handy and ready to make and accept calls. Watch the video below to learn more about this unique 3D printing smartphone.

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Useless Machine In A Can Offers A Fun DIY Kit That Does Absolutely Nothing (video)

Useless Machine In A Can

If you are looking to build something that is constructed using high quality parts but once built does absolutely nothing of use at all. You are sure to be interested in this new creation by InnoTechnix called the Useless Machine In A Can.

The Useless Machine In A Can contains 45 pieces that you assemble without soldering to create a fun mechanism. Watch the video below to learn more about this interesting yet completely useless device, that is already blasted past its Kickstarter pledge goal of $9,000 with still 26 days left of its campaign to run.

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Awesome Paper Star Wars, Robots And Spaceship Models

Star Wars Models

Model makers are sure to appreciate the skills and intricacy that have been used to create these awesome paper Star Wars and spaceship models that have been created by a Japanese craftsman.

The paper models are perfect replicas of science-fiction spaceships, robots as well as lunar lander’s including X-Wing, TIE Interceptor, Viper Mk2, 2001’s Orion and many more.

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3D Printable Robots DIY Kits Created By BQ

3D Printable Robots Created By BQ

If you enjoy building things and would like to start building basic 3D printable robots you may be interested in a new range of robot DIY kits which have been created by BQ.

BQ has created a range of robotic kits that consist of 10 electronic components and the battery holder allowing you to print off the components that are required to finish construction using a 3D printer.

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Tektyte LogIT Specialised Circuit Testers Hit Kickstarter (video)

Tektyte LogIT Specialised Circuit Testers

Makers, developers and hobbyists that enjoy building projects for USB and PoE powered devices might be interested in a new specialised circuit testers created by Tekt Industries in the form of the Tektyte LogIT.

The Tektyte LogIT testing equipped consists of two unique circuit measurement tools that both display accurate readings of voltage, current, and power for your project. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the LogIT project and see it in action.

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3D Printed Pebble Smartwatch Charger (video)

Pebble SmartWatch Charger

Owners of the Kickstarter funded Pebble smartwatch, that also have access to a 3D printer can now create their very own 3D printed Pebble smartwatch charger thanks to Instructables user “zjenja’.

The pocket sized charger designed by Zjenja can be 3D printed in less than 30 minutes and includes the USB socket and a clip mechanism, rather than magnets, to hold your Pebble smartwatch in place as it charges.

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Homer Simpson’s Electric Hammer Created In Real Life (video)

Electric Hammer

Simpsons fans may remember the classic episode when Homer creates an electric hammer to start his career as an inventor, in the episode entitled “The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace”, first released back in October 1998.

Now Patrick Priebe industrious maker and fan of the Simpsons cartoons has created a working replica of the original cartoon electric hammer that was created by Homer in that episode.

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The AirBoard Makes Creating Internet-of-Things Projects Easy (video)


Creators looking to build Internet-of-Things projects in a shorter amount of time may be interested in a new development board that offers both Arduino platform compatibility as well as wireless connectivity called the AirBoard.

AirBoard has been created by AirThings, based in Grenoble France and has been specifically designed to help developers, makers and hobbyists sketch Internet-of-Things projects faster. Watch the video below to learn more about this interesting project.

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Arduino And Raspberry Pi Simple Development User Interface (video)

Arduino Platform

Developers, makers and hobbyists that enjoy using the Arduino platform or Raspberry Pi mini PC to create projects, but continually find themselves having to wire up switches, encoders and LEDs to their projects.

Maybe interested in a new simple user interface which has been designed by Rich DeAngelis to be used with both the Raspberry Pi and Arduino platforms, and requires just two wires to be connected to your project.

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Flotilla For Raspberry Pi Modules Make Creating Projects Easy (video)

Flotilla For Raspberry Pi

Those of you that enjoy using the Raspberry Pi mini PC or would like to become involved in creating electronic and digital projects but don’t have the time necessary to learn everything.

You might be interested in a new system created by Pimoroni Ltd called Flotilla for Raspberry Pi that has been created to help those that might not have hours of time available to learn a simple way to become involved in building projects using the awesome Raspberry Pi single board computer.

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Raspberry Pi Powered Arcade Game Controllers (video)

Raspberry Pi

If you have been wondering what to do with all those extra USB ports included on the new Raspberry Pi Model B+ mini PC, you might be interested in a project by Cabe Atwell who has used them to great effect and attached custom-made arcade game controllers.

Cabe’s girlfriend really enjoys playing the Dance Dance Revolution arcade game but the retail versions of the dance pad controllers available to purchase in stores, were all a little too flimsy to be used effectively. Check out Cabe’s solution below which has been created to the exact size of the arcade controller.

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