BLEasy Low Energy Bluetooth Bridge For Arduino Shields (video)

Bluetooth Bridge

A new Low Energy Bluetooth bridge for Arduino Shields has been created by Grabo based in Denton Texas, called the BLEasy, which has been designed to provide an “easy-to-use and one-to-many” Bluetooth Energy Bridge for Arduino projects.

The BLEasy board is equipped with two types of models that combined together whilst pairing up. The BLEasy Host connects to the Arduino main board while the BLEasy Slave then connects to your shields, watch the video below to learn more.

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Super Small IMUduino Arduino Leonardo Powered Board (video)

Arduino Leo

Makers, hobbyists and developers that enjoy building projects using the Arduino programming platform using Arduino Leonardo or small development boards, may find a new IMUduino worth more investigation.

The small IMUduino Arduino Leonardo powered board is currently the world’s smallest Arduino Leonardo compatible board that includes integrated wireless motion and orientation sensing technology.

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New $50 Kinect Adapter Enables Xbox One Kinect To Work With Windows 8.1

Kinect Adapter

Microsoft has today announced that they have made available a new Kinect adapter that is available for $50 and provides the ability to use a Kinect for Xbox One gesture control sensor and attach it to Windows 8 PCs and tablets.

Using the new $50 Kinect adapter all Kinect v2 sensors, Kinect for Windows v2 and Kinect for Xbox One will perform identically explains Microsoft and can be used with the SDK 2.0 to create apps.

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Awesome 3D Printed Filament Holder CreativeTools (video)

3D printed filament holder-1

Owners of 3D printers that would like to upgrade their filament holder to something a little more functional, might be interested in a new 3D printed filament holder that has been released by the team over at CreativeTools.

CreativeTools have designed an awesome 3D printed filament holder that is capable of accepting different sized spools depending on your requirements and filaments.

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EasyTouch Capacitive Touch Sensor Supports Arduino And Raspberry Pi (video)

Capacitive Touch Sensor

Makers and hobbyists that are looking for a capacitive touch sensor for a project, might be interested in a new touch sensor board called the EasyTouch.

The EasyTouch capacitive touch sensor can be used with either the Arduino platform or the Raspberry Pi mini PC using the EasyPlug breakout board if required. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the EasyTouch project and see it in action.

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RetroPi Raspberry Pi Emulator In-Car Console System

Raspberry Pi Emulator

Makers and hobbyists that enjoy building projects using the awesome Raspberry Pi single board computer might be interested in a new project published over on the Instructables website that provides instructions on how to create a Raspberry Pi Emulator in-car console.

The Raspberry Pi Emulator or RetroPi as it has been named, was created by Instructable’s member MoTinkerGNome and uses a Raspberry Pi B+, 3W class d amplifier together with a 5 inch TFT screen complete with mini driver HDMI purchased from Adafruit, all housed in a Pelican 1050 dry box.

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3D Stuffmaker Launches 4 New 3D Printer Kits From $445

3D Stuffmaker

3D Stuffmaker has this week announced the launch of four new 3D printer DIY kits it has added to its range in the form of the Prusa Gen 2 kit with 4.4 litre build volume retailing at $445, Mega Prusa Gen Kit, with a build volume up to 7 litres, retailing for $595 as well as the portable $695 Creator Gen2 Kit.

The flagship new DIY 3D printer kit from 3D Stuffmaker takes the form of the Evolution Gen2 Kit pictured above, that offers 8 litres of print area for an affordable $795.

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RaspbAIRy : Raspberry Pi Based Airplay Speaker

Raspberry Pi Airplay Speaker

Instructables member zwucki has this week unveiled details of a new project he has been working on called the RaspbAIRy which takes the form of a Raspberry Pi based Airplay speaker.

To build a RaspbAIRy you will need a Raspberry Pi Model B with SD Card, a supported USB WiFi Adapter such as a LogiLink Nano Adapter, 3.5W Mono Amplifier and speaker, and finally a power supply.

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VERTER Converts Almost Any Battery Pack To 5V, Perfect For Your Arduino And Raspberry Pi Projects


Adafruit has announced the launch of a new product today in the form of the VERTER power converter, which has been created to convert just about any battery pack to 5V for just $9.95

VERTER is capable of taking battery voltages from 3-12VDC and then output a handy 5V DC power supply, which makes it a perfect universal power supply for your portable projects that you may have built using the Arduino platform, Raspberry Pi or similar.

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Latest Skywind Mod Trailer Reveals West Gash Preview (video)


A new teaser trailer has been released this week showing the latest developments being made in the fan made Skywind mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim which is currently at version:

Skywind is being built to merge the world of the classic Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind game with the enhanced graphics and capabilities of Bethesda’s Skyrim’s engine. Check out the latest footage and graphics from the mod below.

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MangoCube Mini Arduino Development Board (video)

Arduino MangoCube

Developers and makers that enjoy building projects using the Arduino platform, may be interested in a new pocket sized Arduino development board called the MangoCube which has been created by Bhargav Mistry based in the UK.

The Arduino compatible MangoCube development board is a tiny ATmega32U4 board that is available in three different versions a MangoCube LEO, MangoCube BLE (Bluetooth 4.0) and MangoCube WiFi. Watch the video below to learn more about the three variations from their creator.

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Awesome 3D Printed Paper Airplane Machine Gun (video)

Paper Airplane Machine Gun

We have already seen the 3D printed gun that caused a storm last year and now we have the awesome 3D printed paper airplane machine gun.

Designed and built using 3D printed parts the paper airplane machine gun automatically folds the planes from sheets of paper and fires them out of the end. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the paper airplane machine gun project and see it in action.

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