Ceton InfiniTV 4 USB Brings Cable TV To Windows 7 And Throughout The Home

Ceton has wasted no time launched their new InfiniTV 4 USB CableCARD TV tuners after receiving official CableLabs certification. The new  InfiniTV 4 will now be arriving in stores on September 19th and is now available to pre-order for $299.

The InfiniTV 4 with its USB connection makes it easy for you to bring cable TV to any Windows 7-based PC, including laptops, tablets, All-in-One PCs, desktops, towers and  home theatre PCs.

Ceton InfiniTV 4 USB

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Mute Unwanted Phrases On TV With The Arduino Enough Already Box (video)

If you enjoy watching TV but are fed up listening to certain celebrity names or phrases being over used. A new Arduino device called the Enough Already, developed by Matt Richardson might be able to help you recover control of your TVs audio.

His new creation is Arduino based and allows you to mute a TVs audio based on certain keywords or phrases. The little device uses a Video Experimenter Shield which is placed on top of the Arduino board enabling it to then decode the closed-captioning text of the programme currently showing on your TV. Watch the video after the jump to see the Enough Already, Arduino device in action.

Arduino Enough Already

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Dell Unveils Its Thinnest Monitor Ever S2330MX (video)

Dell have today introduced their thinnest monitor ever the Dell S2330MX. A 23″ ultra slim monitor that has been designed for home or business use. The new Dell S2330MX uses LED backlighting technology and has a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution with a 2ms response time. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about this Ultra thin monitors specifications and see it in action.

Dell S2330MX

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ZyXEL Unveils Aerobeam Wireless HDMI Adapter

ZyXEL have unveiled their new Aerobeam Wireless HDMI Adapter this week which allows you to stream content directly to your HDTV from your media and game devices.

Simply plug any HDMI device, including Blu-ray / DVD players, game consoles, smartphones and tablets, into the Aerobeam WirelessHD transmitter and connect the receiver to your HDTV. The WHD6215 Aerobeam Wireless HDMI Adapter will stream full 1080p video including 3D and supports  7.1 surround sound audio.

ZyXEL Aerobeam WHD6215

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Sony Drops Google TV HDTV Prices

Google TV hasn’t exactly been as popular as Google hoped, which hardware being quite expensive when it launched we have seen Logitech drop the price of their Google TV set top box, the Logitech Revue.

And now it looks like Sony is following suit with its range of Google TV HDTVs, and it would appear that they are dropping the prices quite a bit in order to get some interest in the Google TV HDTVs.

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HDI 3D Projectors Arriving Feb 2012 Starting At $55,000

HDI has unveiled a new range of 3D projectors it will be launching next year, with innovative designs that really make them stand out from the crowd, when compared to traditional projectors.

Manufacturing is already under way for the new designed which you can see after the break and HDI hopes to have the new range in stores on February 12th. But be warned only 100 hand made systems will be available from the initial production run and their prices will range from $55,000 to $85,000.

HDI 3D Projectors

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Sony Unveils WhiteMagic LCD Display With Fourth White Pixel

Sony has unveiled a new 3 inch display designed for use in smartphones that uses it latest WhiteMagic technology, incorporates a fourth white pixel, improving the brightness of the entire screen.

The tiny high resolution LCD display is equipped with a 1.23M-dot full VGA LCD (640 x RGBW x 480) and uses RGBW that has been developed by Sony using new algorithm for image signal processing, improving the brightness of the screen without any deterioration to the image quality.

Sony WhiteMagic

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Perceptive Pixel Create Worlds Largest Multitouch Display Measuring 82 Inches

Perceptive Pixel has unveiled its latest creation in the form of a massive 82 inch capacitive multitouch display, which has taken its place as currently the worlds largest multitouch display.

The Perceptive Pixel 82 inch display has a high definition resolution of 1920 x 1080 combined with a 120Hz, touch response time of <1ms and has been built to provide mission-critical reliability. Perceptive Pixel have designed the new display with classrooms and corporate boardrooms in mind but also states that military applications have also been considered.

Perceptive Pixel Multitouch Display

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3D Glasses To Become Standardised Across Manufactures In 2012

In a move to help bring a little more standardisation to the 3D television market its hoped that next year manufactures will start to launch a standarised pair of 3D glasses that will be compatible with other manufactures 3D televisions.

The new standard called the “Full HD 3-D Glasses Initiative” will be adopted firstly by Sony, Samsung and Panasonic who will start to use Xpand brand 3D glasses combined with their active shutter sets during 2012.


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BBC Launches New iPlayer Designed For TV’s

Today the BBC has launched a new iPlayer that they have created specifically for TV’s providing users with more control and a TV-friendly design that is as simple as changing channels when watching TV.

Its the first time the BBC has created such an iPlayer application designed specifically for TV’s devices and has vastly improved the search feature to help you find programmes with little effort, and provide quick access.

iPlayer TV

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Tiny Glass Lens Could Be Used For Smartphone Projectors

Alps Electrical has developed a tiny aspherical glass lens that could be used in future smartphones for projectors, the lens measures just 1.0 by 1.0 by 0.8mm making it one of the world’s smallest of this type of lens.

The FLGS3 lens and these type of lenses are used in transceiver modules for optical communications, and are currently used for undersea cables and base stations, but they have also started to be used in palm sized projectors.

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Sony’s PlayStation 3D Monitor Lands In December

Some of our readers will remember the new Sony 3D PlayStation monitor that was announced last month, it looks like we may have a launch date for this new monitor of December.

The new Sony PlayStation 3D monitor has appeared on Amazon with a launch date of the 31st of December, although we do wonder if this is 100 percent correct as you would have thought that Sony would want to release it in time for Christmas.

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