Toshiba 55 Inch Glasses Free 3D TV Arrives For £7,000

Its been reported today that Toshiba has now started shipping their new 55 inch glasses free 3D TV, according to the BBC. The new monster sized 3D TV is now available in UK retailers for a cool £7,000 or $10,000.

The new 3D TV is equipped with technology that has been designed to follow your face and adjust its 3D image accordingly. Making sure that you always see the best picture available wherever you may be sitting or standing.

Toshiba 55 inch 3D TV

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CRTouch Glove Project Transforms Old CRT Monitors Into Touchscreens (video)

A new system called CRTouch has been developed by three students from the University of Hasselt in Belgium, Dieter Meeus, Miel Truyen and Nand Truyen. The CRTouch system allows touchscreen capabilities to be added to a old CRT monitor.

The CRTouch concept uses a Altera DE2-70 board and a few phototransistors in the fingertips of a glove to detect the electron beam created by the CRT monitor, to create the touchscreen.


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Samsung’s New Smart TVs Land In The US This Month

Samsung has announced that its new range of Smart TVs will launch in the US later this month, the first models that will be available will be the new LED 6 series and above as well as the new Plasma 6 series.

These new Smart TVs come with a range of features which include a dual core processor, a built in camera for video chat with a noise cancelling microphone, plus a range of voice and gesture controls.

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Microsoft Transparent Kinect 3D PC Concept (video)

Microsoft Applied Sciences researchers have created a concept 3D PC thats has been created to enable uses to manipulate applications within a 3D environment.

The transparent screen on the new 3D PC concept makes it look like a visual trick. But as soon as you start interacting with your hands behind the screen, the illusion is shown in all its glory. Watch a video after the jump showing the concept in action, using bBehind the screen overlay interactions.

Microsoft transparent 3D PC

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Sony’s Smartdock Transforms An Xperia P Smartphone Into A Media Centre PC (video)

Sony has created a Smartdock for its Xperia P smartphone which has been designed to transform the pocket device into a fully blown Media Centre PC.

The new Sony Xperia P Smartdock is equipped with a selection of ports such as HDMI and 2 x USB. That make it easy to connect your smartphone to any HDTV together with a keyboard and mouse via the USB ports. Providing you with a ready to go Media Centre PC solution. Watch the video after the jump to see the Sony Smartdock in action at MWC 2012.

Sony Smartdock

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Lumus OE-31 Optical Engine Unveiled (video)

You might remember the Lumus DK-32 wearable display that was being showcased at CES earlier this year by Lumus. Now Lumus have revealed a little more information about their Lumus OE-31 Optical Engine which is used to create the heads-up-display (HUD) within the glasses.

The Lumus OE-31 Optical Engine can be used either in glasses, goggles or protective head gear to provide the users with more information via the HUD. The display lens can either be used in front of one eye or both. Watch the video after the jump to see more detail of the Lumus OE-31 Optical Engine from the recent CES show.

Lumus OE-31 Optical Engine

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LightBeam Transforms Any Surface Into An Interactive Display

LightBeam is a new pico projector technology that allows any surface to be transformed into an interactive display. LightBeam has been developed by a team of researchers at Germany’s Technische Universität Darmstadt. Watch the video after the jump to see Lightbeam in action, together with everyday objects being used as remote control devices.


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Philips HMP2000 Set-top Box Adds Netflix And LoveFilm To Your TV

As well as announcing their new line-up of dual-view gaming HDTVs arriving in the second quarter of 2012. Phillips have also this week launched its new Philips HMP2000 set top box, which has been designed to compete with the likes of Apple TV, Roku and other set top boxes.

The Philips HMP2000 will connect to any HDTV with a HDMI port and provides services such as Netflix, LoveFilm and YouTube, As well as BBC/Channel 4 content which is supplied via Netflix, rather than either iPlayer or 4oD.

Phillips HMP2000

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Samsung To Spin Off LCD Business As Samsung Display

We have been hearing rumors over the last few week that Samsung has intended to spin off its LCD business into a separate company, and Samsung has now confirmed that its LCD’s will now be made by Samsung Display.

Samsung Display will be separated from its parent company, on the 1st of April, and the new company will launch with $667.3 million of working capital.

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