Latest Philips ErgoSensor Monitor, Uses Sensors To Help Your Posture Whilst Viewing

If you are concerned about your posture whilst using your desktop computer, you might be interested in this new Philips ErgoSensor Monitor. Which has been created to provide you with feedback on your posture whilst viewing it.

The Philips ErgoSensor Monitor, is equipped with a range of sensors that allow it to monitor your posture and alert you if you ned to make any changes, to your seated position.

Philips ErgoSensor Monitor

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Samsung’s Flexible AMOLED Technology To Be Called YOUM

Samsung has already shown us its flexible AMOLED technology which the company intends to put into mass production some time this year, and now the company has decided to call the technology YOUM.

Samsung has filed a trademark for the name YOUM for their flexible display technology, although they haven’t explained what the YOUM stands for, and they have also filed trademarks for a couple of other names which include WAMOLED, FAMOLED, PAMOLED and TAMOLED.

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LG Smart TV Voice Control Arriving This Month (video)

LG has today announced that its new Smart TV voice control feature will be activated and a software update will be released towards the end of this month. Enabling LG Smart TVs to communicate with the new LG Magic Remote, allowing users to control their LG TV via voice control. Watch the video after the jump to see the LG Magic Remote in action.

Voice Control for LG Smart TV

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Samsung’s LCD Business Become Samsung Display

Samsung announced a while back that they were spinning off their LCD business into a separate company, and now Samsung has announced that the new company has launched as Samsung Display.

Samsung Display will be focusing on developing and selling its display panel technologies and displays, and the launch of this new company has made it the world’s largest display manufacturer overnight.

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LG E-Paper Flexible Display Launching In Europe Next Month

LG Display has announced that the world’s first mass-produced plastic EPD from LG Display will first be supplied to ODM companies in China this month, followed by new E-Paper flexible display products will be released in Europe at the beginning of next month.

LG has been able to harness and develop a unique technique to uses high TFT process, which is generally used in the manufacture of LCD displays with temperatures exceeding 350 degrees, to be used in the production of its plastic EPD flexible displays.

LG E-Paper Flexible Display

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Epson Moverio BT-100 Android Glasses Now Shipping (video)

Epson has today announced that their new Moverio-BT-100 Android powered glasses are now shipping within the US and are available to purchase. Epson’s Moverio-BT-100 high resolution see-through display glasses run Android 2.2 platform with Adobe Flash 11 support, and enable you to streaming content via a Wi-Fi connection. Watch the video after the jump to see them in more detail.

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LG’s 55 Inch OLED TV To Launch In May For $7,900

We first saw LG’s new 55 inch OLED TV at CES in January, and we previously heard that it would launch in the 2nd quarter of 2012, and now it would appear we may have a possible launch date.

According to a recent report LG will launch their new 55 inch OLED TV in May during the Cannes Film festival, and the device is expected to retail for 9 million Won which works out at around $7,900.

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GeChic On-Lap 1302 Adds a Second Screen for Your Smartphone and More

The GeChic On-Lap 1302 is one of those gadgets that looks like it would be annoying and cool at the same time. It would be cool if you really need a larger second screen. Tablet or notebook to be able to get one, but it would be annoying having to deal with a 13.3-inch screen on the go. The screen needs cables and adapters to connect to your smartphone or other device.

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Fourth Dimension Unveils New 1 Inch 2048 x 1536 Display

One buzz around Apple’s new iPad 3 tablet is its new 2048 x 1536 display. But Fourth Dimension has this week revealed a new 1 inch size display they have been developing which is crammed with a HD 2048 x 1536 resolution as well.

Up until recently Fourth Dimension had only developed 720p and 1080p resolution displays at this size. However Ars Technica is now reporting that Fourth Dimension has revealed a new 1 inch 2048 x 1536 display.

Fourth Dimension

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Surface 2.0 NUIverse App Demonstrated (video)

The research team over at the Microsoft Technology Center have released a video demo straying their latest Surface 2.0 application called NUIverse. Which allows you to explore the universe and planets using the Surface 2.0 multitouch navigation.

Watch the video after the jump to see the NUIverse application designed by David Brown for the Samsung SUR40 for Microsoft Surface in action.


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Toshiba 55 Inch Glasses Free 3D TV Arrives For £7,000

Its been reported today that Toshiba has now started shipping their new 55 inch glasses free 3D TV, according to the BBC. The new monster sized 3D TV is now available in UK retailers for a cool £7,000 or $10,000.

The new 3D TV is equipped with technology that has been designed to follow your face and adjust its 3D image accordingly. Making sure that you always see the best picture available wherever you may be sitting or standing.

Toshiba 55 inch 3D TV

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