Corning’s Vision Of Our Touchscreen Future (Video)

Touchscreen devices are now part of our everyday lives, in our smartphones and tablets, but what will touchscreen technology be like in 10 or 15 years time, and how will these technologies be integrated into our daily lives.

Corning, who make the Gorilla Glass and other glass for many of our touchscreen devices have put together a video of how they imagine us using touchscreen technology in the future.

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OLED TV Explained

Ever since the introduction of the first flat panel TV in the market, TV sets continually become thinner, brighter and clearer. It’s only natural that television companies set their sights on OLED technology. OLED TV is the next big thing in television today. Here’s a breakdown of how OLED TV could change the way we watch in the comfort of our homes for the better.

OLED TV Explained


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Corning And Samsung Form New OLED Glass Partnership

Corning is well know for producing the majority of glass that is found in our smartphones, Samsung uses it in many of its devices, as do a range of other manufacturers.

Now Samsung and Corning are forming a joint venture where the two companies will manufacture special OLED glass substrates, which will be made up of Corning’s lotus Glass substrates and Samsung’s OLED displays.

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DVDO Air Wireless HD Media Streaming System Unveiled

DVDO has this week unveiled a new addition to their product range with the launch of the DVDO Air. A wireless HD streaming solution that will enable you to stream HD quality video and audio from a cable/satellite box, Blu- ray, DVD, AVR, etc. to another wirelessly.

The wireless AIR system has been created by DVDO to transfer full, uncompressed 1080p HD, enabling you can watch 3D Blu-ray movies and enjoy full 7.1 channel surround sound without the need for the player and HDTV to be near each other.

DVDO Air WirelessHD

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Vizio’s 21:9 CinemaWide LED HTDV Coming In March

Vizio showed of a number of cool new products at CES 2012 last month, one of those was their new 21:9 aspect ratio LED HDTV, and now the company has announced that the device will launch in March.

The Vizio 21:9 CinemaWide LED HDTV will retail for $3,500 when it launches in March, and the device will let you watch widescreen movies without the need for the black bars that you get on standard HDTV’s.

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Dual Port HD USB 3.0 External Video Card Unveiled By Targus

Targus has launched a new USB 3.0 Dual Video Card which is equipped with DisplayLink DL-3900, and is the first to use it in a display only device. The new Targus USB 3.0 Dual Video Card is equipped with both HDMI and DVI HD outputs that will enable you to connect two addition displays to your laptop or USB 3.0 enables PC, using a single USB 3.0 port, and providing a you with a resolution of up to 2048 x 1152 on each one.

Targus HD Video Card USB 3

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Philips Android Powered Soundbar Streams Content From Any DLNA Enabled Device

Phillips has unveiled a new soundbar speaker system, which has been designed to enable you to stream content from your computers, tablets or smartphones. The new Philips Soundbar CSS5123 is powered by Google’s Android operating system and provides surround sound together with content streaming from any DLNA enabled devices.

The Philips Soundbar CSS5123 is available in either black or silver to match your interior, and is equipped with 5 “virtual” surround sound speakers into a case which fits just below your HDTV screen.

Phillips Streaming Soundbar

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Boxee Live TV And 1.5 Update Now Available (video)

Today Boxee has rolled out its highly anticipated new Boxee Live TV Dongle which it confirmed was arriving back in November. The new Boxee dongle has been design to a USB and adds a “Live TV” option to the Boxee user interface.

Once installed users can then browse through free-to-air channels, complete with program guides. But unfortunately cannot pause or record any live TV content as yet. Watch the promotional video after the jump to see the new Boxee Live TV feature in action.


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BASF And Philips Develop Solar Powered OLED Sun Roof

BASF and Philips have developed a new prototype solar powered sunroof designed for cars, the technology has been developed using OLED panels which have been combines with transparent solar cells.

The idea is that the sunroof will let in light during the days and also charges the solar cells at the same time, and at night time the panels turn into a light and are powered by the electricity which was stored earlier.

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LoveFilm Coming To LG Smart TVs

LG has announced that it has signed a deal with LoveFilm to bring content from the movie streaming service to its range of LG Smart TVs, and users of devices will be able to stream both movies and TV shows direct without the need of any additional hardware.

LoveFilm is already available on over 175 different connected devices, which include Microsoft’s Xbox 360, Sony’s PlayStation 3, Apple’s iPad and also a range of devices including smart TVs from both Samsung and Sony.

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Ideum Unveils 65 Inch 3D HD Multi-touch Display

We have seen a couple of multi-touch displays from Ideum previously at Geeky Gadgets, which include their 100 inch multi-touch table, and now the company has announced a new 65 inch 3D HD wall mounted multi-touch display.

This new 65 inch multi-touch display is called the Ideum MT65 Presenter, and it is capable of registering a total of 32 simultaneous touch points, as well as displaying full HD content in 1080p and also 3D content.

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