DIY iPad Wall Mount

Do you need a way of holding your new iPad while lazing in bed? If you’ve got a few hours to spare this weekendou y might fancy building your own DIY iPad wall mount similar to the one designed and created by Al & Dim3m.  Check out the video of it in action after the jump.

iPad Wall Mount

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Travel Audio System With iPod Dock

If you are looking for a set of portable speakers to accompany you on your travels the iHome iP49 audio system with travel clock might be the solution.

The iP49 has been designed using the Bongiovi Acousitcs’ patented Digital Power Station technology with four neodymium compression drivers giving the iP49 the ability to provide high-quality studio sound while travelling.

iHome iP49

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LED Bike Spokes

When I was young the only way to pimp your bike was to shove a playing card in the spokes and attach it to your back forks with a peg. This was extremely effective though and you could never have enough cards in your spokes to create that authentic motorcycle engine sound. If you were really fancy you could also attach beads which would slide up and down the spokes to produce a colourful display.

Anipov LED System

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Concrete USB Drives

Designer Shu-Chun Hsiao has come up with a cool design for a USB drive, the Concrete USB Drives, and each one weighs the same in grams as the amount of data it stores in gigabytes.

For example the 128GB version ways 128g, whilst the 256GB weighs 256g, you get the idea, it certainly is an interesting design, and I guess they would be quite rugged being make out of concrete.

Concrete USB Drives

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Kenneth Cole Touch Screen Watches

The new touch screen watch collection from Kenneth Cole it reported to to be the first touch screen watch for the fashion market. It features a 32 city world time function, electro luminescent back light, stainless steel construction, water resistance and chronograph technology. They come in three different styles ranging from $125 upto $175 in price.

Kenneth Cole Touch Screen Watch

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Concept Sony Bracelet Computer

Designed by Hiromi Kiriki this Sony Concept Bracelet Computer is constructed from flexible OLED plastic which allows the device to be worn around the wrist for transport.

Once required the bracelet is removed and flattened out to provide access to a slide away qwerty keyboard. The display comes in the form of a holographic projector which projects the screen display in front.

Sony Concept Computer

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