Plastic Bottle Boat Completes Pacific Crossing

Plastiki a boat built using plastic drinking bottles for its main floatation has successfully crossed the Pacific arriving on Monday in Sydney Australia, after completing the 11,000 mile crossing.

12,000 soft-drink bottles were using in the construction for the buoyancy of the 60ft Plastiki boat, which set sail from Sausalito, Calif., just north of the Golden Gate Bridge, on March 20th 2010.


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Alternate History: The PC Circa 1960

In case you didn’t know, there weren’t any PCs in the 60s. People in offices then went about work with typewriters and pens and all sorts of archaic artifacts.

Despite this fact, it didn’t stop Jeffrey Stephenson from taking up the challenge of building a functional PC for the 60s. He even went so far as to ask, “What if IBM had invented the PC 20 years earlier?”

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The Budget Tool Gives a Cold Hard Reality Check on Your Money Situation

Designer Hampus Edstrom created The Budget Tool, a device that measures a person’s financial status using 3 dimensional cubes.  It works by inputing data on the PDA screen that calculates and transmits to the corresponding box whose cubes form solid, physical graphs indicating income minus expenditures.

The design is very minimalistic (which is characteristic of Scandinavian design) with no colors, no text – just rising and falling bars.

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Geeky Computer Motherboard Table

If your a little bit of a computer geek and looking for something a little different for your house or pad. Then this geeky table made from all motherboards is definitely worth a look at, created by GuyInMilwaukee from the MAKE forums.

motherboard table

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iPad Syte T-Shirt With Billboard Pocket

We have featured a few unique designs on Geeky Gadgets to carry iPad’s in clothing but this iPad T-Shirt allows you to use your iPad for advertising as you wear it, just like a billboard.

Simple start your advertising video running and slip your iPad into the chest pocket behind the transparent window.

iPad T-Shirt

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Compass Elegant Fold-Up iPad Stand

Looking more like a drawing or medical instrument the elegant design of the Twelvesouth’s Compass iPad stand is truly refreshing compared to other iPad stands currently available.

It allows you to position your iPad vertically or assists you with typing using the aid of a smaller leg situated in the middle of the main upright support leg, shown below.

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New 3D Gesture Control System Makes Minority Report Look Dated (video)

3D Gesture control represented in movies such as Minority Report starring Tom Cruise is always great to see and normally so far fetched that real-life technology takes years to match the movie.

Well a new 3D gesture control system designed ad developed by Fraunhofer is looking to make the Minor Report system resemble an old Windows 3.1 computer. Check out the video of the system in action, after the jump.

Gesture Control System

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The Wall Mounted Washing Machine

We have featured quite a few different design concepts here at Geeky Gadgets, the latest one is designed to maker our lives easier and save us some space around our home, the wall mounted washing machine.

As you can see from the photo, the washing machine is mounted on the wall, and it looks like it hardly takes up any space, which could be good if you are limited on space.

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Concept Nokia Kinetic Phone Stands Up For Calls

This unique concept Nokia phone by Jeremy Innes-Hopkins Design uses an original method to notify you of an incoming call, by standing up.

The mechanism works using an electromagnet that shifts its weight in the curved base when an incoming call is received, making the phone lift vertically into the air.

Nokia Kinetic

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Parrot’s Philippe Starck Zikmu Speakers

The stylish Parrot Philippe Starck Zikmu speakers have now been updated to be available in an array of colours, together with wireless connectivity and an improved software client that boosts remote iPod functionality.

Together with the original black versions, Parrot is now offering the speakers in white, grey and lime-green/yellow with each using the same NXT flat-panel speaker system for 360-degree audio.

Philippe Starck Zikmu Speakers

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