DIY: Electric Mountian Bike

We’ve featured a number of different concept and production electric bikes here on Geeky Gadgets but this electric DIY mod by Jennifer Holt is fantastic.

Using a 48v motor powered by a homemade battery pack made up of a 144 x 3.3v lithium ion cells.

Electric Mountain Bike

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The 200 MPG Aerocycle

Dutch vehicle engineer Allert Jacobs has come up with an interesting design for a motorcycle, which delivers some impressive results in terms of fuel economy. The Areocycle can manage up to an impressive 214 miles per gallon.

As you can see in the photos, the Aerocycle features an aerodynamic shell, which helps with the fuel economy, and the design is street legal.

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Concept iPad Camera Case

This concept iPad Camera Case designed by Chet Rosales goes someway to solving the iPads current lack of camera. I’m sure there will be a camera of sorts in the next release of the iPad allowing Facetime and Skype application to flourish.

But while we wait for the next iPad to be released Chet concept allows you to add the camera function but clipping a case onto your iPad.

iPad Camera Case

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$4000 Iron Man Costume

The picture below might well look like a frame from the Iron Man 2 movie but in fact its a picture of Colorodan Anthony Le wearing his $4,000 homemade Iron Man 2 costume of  War Machine.

Anthony Le, 25, has been a fan of Iron Man from a child, but when he heard that the comic-book superhero was hitting the big screen in 2008, he was inspired to build his own Iron Man suit. Check out the video after the jump.

Iron Man Costume

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USB Clip

This simple yet innovative USB Clip design provides a simple method of keeping data files together with hard copy documents. The design by Emamidesign has won a 2010 Red Dot product design award and became a Best of Best winner.

USB Clip

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The Icon Phone

The Icon Phone is a stylish looking cordless phone and Internet radio from the guys over at Elium Studio, if features wireless DECT VoIP, a hands free facility, and even comes with HiFi ring tones.

There is also SMS text messaging built in, as well as HD sound, a pair of stereo speakers, a portable radio and a wide choice of Internet radio stations.

the icon phone
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Mouseless, The Invisible Computer Mouse

Here is an interesting take on the computer mouse, from Pranav Mistry of the MIT Fluid interfaces group, the Mouseless computer mouse, and although it doesn’t actually use a physical mouse the system works the same as if you were using one.

You can see in the video below how the Mouseless computer mouse works, using both an IR and a laser camera to detect hands movements and mouse clicks.

Mouseless, The Invisible Computer Mouse
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8-Bit Video Game Costume

If you need to go to a fancy dress party why not create a 8-Bit version of yourself to wear? Designed and created by Kiel Johnson and Klai Brown this 8-Bit Gary costume is made from individually cut pixel foam pieces.

8-Bit Toshiba Costume

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Lego Football (Soccer) Table

Sariel a Lego building master has created a fully working table football table game entirely from Lego. Its even fitted with sensors at the goals to automatically to record the score and issue an audio announcement when a goal is scored. Check out the video of the table in action after the jump.

Lego Football Table

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Life Box Seeded Cardboard Box

Paul Stamets has designed and created a fantastic way to help the environment with Life Box. A system that allows seeds to be inserted in the manufacturing process of corrugated boxes.

The Life Boxes are then shipped as normal with your DVD, PC or any other object. Once you received the packaging you can either tear it up and plant it to germinate the seeds within the corrugated flutes, or simple recycle it.

Life Box

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