The Wall Mounted Washing Machine

We have featured quite a few different design concepts here at Geeky Gadgets, the latest one is designed to maker our lives easier and save us some space around our home, the wall mounted washing machine.

As you can see from the photo, the washing machine is mounted on the wall, and it looks like it hardly takes up any space, which could be good if you are limited on space.

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Concept Nokia Kinetic Phone Stands Up For Calls

This unique concept Nokia phone by Jeremy Innes-Hopkins Design uses an original method to notify you of an incoming call, by standing up.

The mechanism works using an electromagnet that shifts its weight in the curved base when an incoming call is received, making the phone lift vertically into the air.

Nokia Kinetic

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Parrot’s Philippe Starck Zikmu Speakers

The stylish Parrot Philippe Starck Zikmu speakers have now been updated to be available in an array of colours, together with wireless connectivity and an improved software client that boosts remote iPod functionality.

Together with the original black versions, Parrot is now offering the speakers in white, grey and lime-green/yellow with each using the same NXT flat-panel speaker system for 360-degree audio.

Philippe Starck Zikmu Speakers

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iPhone DSLR

Some of the attempts to attach a DSLR lens to an iPhone we have featured on Geeky Gadgets have been less than successful.

But a SLR lens mod by Jeremy Salvador has now started to look a little more meaning full due to a partnership between production company Vid-Atlantic and OWLE. Check out a video of the results after the jump.

iPhone DSLR

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The Wattstation Is A Sexy Electric Gas Pump

No, it’s not for your smartphone or laptop. It’s the General Electric’s Yves Behar-designed Wattstation for charging your electric car in a jiffy.

It’s meant to make charging your car’s battery more convenient by being accessible on the street. It also can withstand various weather conditions and the smooth, organic design doesn’t hurt either.

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Vibration Powered Self Charging Batteries

A new AA sized generator has been developed by Brother Industries that is capable of charging connected AA battery using vibrations.

The new AA generator contains an electromagnetic induction generator and an electric double layer capacitor and is designed for devices at need small amounts of power to operate such as remote controls.

Self-Charging Batteries Powered by Vibration

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Pay & Sit: The Private Bench

Designer Fabian Brunsing has created a new type of park bench, and rather than being able to sit and read your newspaper for free, this is one you actually have to pay for.

As you will see in the video below, the Pay & Sit park bench features built in spikes, when you insert a half a Euro coin, the spikes retract and you are able to sit on the bench.

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Tokyoflash Wavelength Watch Concept

The guys over at Tokyoflash have created another cool watch concept, this one is called the Wavelength and it features selectable LED backlighting.

The time is displayed on the Wavelength with the hours shown in digits in the negative space in the center of the display, and the minutes are then shown by rings of blocks which surround the digits.

Tokyoflash Wavelength Watch Concept
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Noise Cancelling Headphones Without Electronics

We havefeatures a number of noise cancelling headphones here on Geeky Gadgets such as the Bose C15 and Teac T50. Which both do a fine job of reducing surrounding sounds but are expensive and packed with electronics to assist the noise reduction.

ZEM on the other hand claim that they can reduce noise with no electronics and have launched their new SensGard noise cancelling headphones.

ZEM Heaphones

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The Time Talks Flip Clock

We have featured quite a few different clocks here at Geeky Gadgets, the latest one features a unique design, the Time Talks Flip Clock. As you can see from the photo rather than displaying the time in numbers the time is displayed in words.

So 3.15 is displayed as quarter past three, it certainly looks a lot more interesting than a normal clock, and I really like the design.

The Time Talks Flip Clock
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