Real Life Wireframe Motorcycle

If you think creating a wire frame model in a 3D application is a long and tiresome process, just imagine trying to recreate a wire frame motorcycle and sidecar in real life.

Well Artist Shi Jindian has done just that and the results are very impressive.

Wireframe Motorcycle

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TxtBomber Is Too Cool To Handle

True to its underground aesthete, it took awhile for the TxtBomber to make an impact on the web.

You see, its creator Felix Vorreitor already perfected the handheld printing machine in 2005 and it only caught on with the tech press recently—like this week. Better late than never, you say?

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Snowflake Speakers Play Music Pure As Virgin Snow

Ah, designers; you’ve really got to admire them. No other professionals on earth work so hard at combining the natural world with the man-made.

Such a marriage has created the Snowflake Speaker by Sylvian Gerber. As its name suggests, it’s inspired by a snowflake. It doesn’t come in white though, as shown by the promo pictures.

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Concept Umbrella Stand Dries Your Umbrella and Uses the Water

We like concept products around here and when they serve a useful purpose and does something green at the same time, we get all excited. A new umbrella stand concept has turned up that dries your umbrella to prevent slippery wet messes and then actually uses the water.

The concept has these long green sponge strips that look like really big blades of grass. You cram your umbrella into the sponge strips and they soak up the rainwater.

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The Space Invader Couch

We love geeky furniture here at Geeky Gadgets, especial anything with a video game theme, the latest piece of geeky furniture would look great in any geeks apartment of house, the Space Invader Couch.

The Space Invader Couch is the work of designer Igor Chak, and whilst it is just a design concept at the moment, I think they should definitely make this one.

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Tokyoflash Space Digit Watch Concept

The guys over at Tokyoflash have come up with another cool watch concept, the Tokyoflash Space Digit Watch. The Tokyoflash Space Digit Watch features a unique design, with blue LEDsand a black case and strap.

It looks like it may be a little easier to tell the time on this concept watch than on some of the previous versions we have seen, as you can see from the photos, the time is displayed by three flashing LEDs when a button is pressed.

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Augmented Reality Olympus PEN E-PL1 Demo

If your looking for the future of augmented reality in marketing campaigns then this Olympus PEN E-PL1 Demo is definitely worth a look.

Using the same technology in augmented reality business cards. A marker card and your web camera, create a fully interact presentation with an augmented display of the new Olympus PEN E-PL1 as below.

Watch the video after the break.

Augmented Reality Olympus

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Flowlab Skateboard

The Flowlab board is trying to take the classic skateboard to the next level. Where a classic skateboard will allow you to carve at 25 degrees the Flowlab board allows up to 45 degree carves, using 14 wheels rather then the traditional 4.

Flowlab Skateboard

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Plastic Bottle Boat Completes Pacific Crossing

Plastiki a boat built using plastic drinking bottles for its main floatation has successfully crossed the Pacific arriving on Monday in Sydney Australia, after completing the 11,000 mile crossing.

12,000 soft-drink bottles were using in the construction for the buoyancy of the 60ft Plastiki boat, which set sail from Sausalito, Calif., just north of the Golden Gate Bridge, on March 20th 2010.


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