Canon Creates Worlds Largest CMOS Sensor

This morning Canon has released details of its latest CMOS creation. That takes first place as the worlds largest CMOS sensor measuring 202 x 205 mm or 7.95 x 8.07 inches.

Making it about 40 times larger than the standard CMOS sensors you would find in a high street 35mm full frame CMOS sensor. As shown in the image below.

canon CMOS

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DIY Mass Effect M8 Avenger Replica Makes Geeks Cry

Feast your eyes on this game geeks. Harrison Krix has built himself the coolest video game weapon ever created. The creation is a wooden replica of the M8 Avenger Assault Rifle from Mass Effect. Now cry your geeky little eyes out because you aren’t cool enough to make this thing.

Krix is a graphic designer and he showed off his design prowess by starting with some blueprints for the device, and then built the replica from wood. Krix uses a combination of the two different M8 designs from the game artwork to make his creation.

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Nokia N900 Tracks Faces In Real-Time For Verification (video)

With so many of the methods we use to login to our personal data such easy targets for hackers and fraudsters researches are keen to develop more advanced methods in keeps unwanted visitors out of your data.

One such technology is real-time face recognition that has already been implemented into webcams and laptops to some degree.

Check out the video after the break of the Nokia N900 as it works through a face recognition trial.

Nokia N900 Tracks Faces In Real-Time

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