The Fishbowl Sink

The Fishbowl Sink

Here is a fun design concept from designer Yan Lu, which is designed to make you think about how much water you use when you are washing your hands. As you can see in the photo, the sink has a … [Read more...]



Core Bipedal Robot (video)

The Chiba Institute of Technology (CIT) has been busy creating a bipedal robot named Core. The robotic creation stands on two legs and measures 1,915mm tall and weighs 230kg. Check out the video after … [Read more...]


The Calculator By Alex Hume

Designer Alex Hulme has come up with a cool design for a the standard calculator, which he will be showing off in London next week. The calculator features two programmable LCD buttons that are used … [Read more...]

folding bike

Full Circle Folding Bike

Full Circle has been designed by Sanghyun Jeong and Jun-Tae Park from Korea and has been shortlisted from more than 3,000 entries into the recent Design Boom Competition. … [Read more...]



BoilBuoy Unveiled On Quirky

IBoilbuoy is a unique way to allow you to know when your pan of water has boiled and is ready for cooking. If you are like me and probably walk away from the cooker and do something a little more … [Read more...]


Make Your Own Full Size Dalek

If you are a fan of Dr Who and especially the Daleks you might fancy build ing your very own this weekend now the original blueprints have been published on the TomR's Media Creations website and made … [Read more...]