Unique Cardiff Skates Design Straps Straight To Your Shoes (video)

A new modern re-design of the old traditional strap-on skate has been developed an launched by Cardiff Skates and provides a convenient alternative to boot style skates which require you carry extra footwear to change into when you remove your skates.

The Cardiff Skates have been designed to quickly strap over your existing footwear and will adjust to easily fit a variety of foot sizes. Check out the video after the jump to see them in action and learn more.

Cardiff Skates

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The Parce Idea Smart Wall Plug Saves You Money Whilst Offering Remote Control

Anyone looking to help the environment and save money on their electricity bill, might be interested in a new smart plug and energy saving programme called the The Parce Idea.

The Parce Idea allows you to control your devices remotely and it also learns how you use your gadgets and appliances turning them off for you when they are not required as well as monitoring your usage. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about this great idea.

The Parce Idea

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Blossom Project Creates World’s First Inflatable 3D Print (video)

Richard Clarkson has created the very first inflatable 3D print for his Blossom Project which was inspired by a blooming flower and then created using a 3D printer.

The Blossom Project is a manufacturing-based experiment which has pushed the current boundaries of 3D printing and created a unique 3D print than when inflated pushed air into a network of curved hollow chambers that make up the structure of the 3D print.

Inflatable 3D Print

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Researchers Develop Washing Machine That Uses Polymer Beads Instead Of Water

Researchers at Xeros have developed a new way for your to clean your clothes, instead of using water and washing powder, the company has developed a new system using polymer beads to wash your clothes.

The researchers at Xeros had originally planned to use the technology to help dyes stay in garments, but discovered that the polymer beads could actually be used to remove stains and clean clothes.

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Chibitronics Circuit Stickers Allow You To Be Creative With Electronics Without Soldering (video)

If you fancy building simple electronic circuits but don’t own a soldering iron or would rather not go down that route. You might be interested in a new method of creating electronic circuits using a new creation called Chibitronics Circuit Stickers.

Circuit Stickers have been designed to offer easy-to-use peel-and-stick electronic modules that can be used with copper tape to complete the circuit and allow you to add electronics to any sticker-friendly surface such as paper, fabric or plastic without any soldering required. Watch the video after the jump to learn more.

Chibitronics Circuit Stickers

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Easybreath Snorkelling Mask Makes Underwater Breathing A More Natural Experience (video)

If you find snorkelling uncomfortable or prefer not to have a snorkel inserted into your mouth while enjoying the amazing underwater world. You might be interested in a new snorkelling mask called the Easybreath Snorkelling Mask which has been designed to provide users with a more natural way to breathe whilst under the waves.

Rather than inserting a snorkel into your mouth to provide air, the Easybreath uses a mask design with a snorkel tube positioned at the top to provide a more natural way of breathing. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the innovative Easybreath snorkelling mask which has won the 2014 Oxylane Innovation Awards.

Easybreath Snorkelling Mask

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Aurisonics Rockets Next Generation In Ear Monitors (video)

If you live an active lifestyle and are fed up with your ear buds falling out of your ears, you might be interested in the newly created Aurisonics Rockets, which had been designed to be next-generation in-ear monitors.

The Aurisonics Rockets have been designed to be worn deeper into the ear canal and are fitted with a patent-pending tri-tab silicone retention collar and block out up to 24dB of external noise. Watch the promotional video after the jump to learn more about the innovative and very unique Aurisonics Rockets IEMs.

Aurisonics Rockets

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Stratasys Objet500 Connex3 3D Printer Creates Full Colour Flexible Material Prints

This week Stratasys has announced the launch of their new full colour printing Stratasys Objet500 Connex3 3D printer which is capable of printing flexible materials in 3D and full colour as fine as 16-micron layers, as show in the image below.

Back in June of last year Stratasys announced they were acquiring the popular MakerBot 3D Printing company for $403 Million in stock. MakerBot was first founded back in 2009 by Bre Pettis, Adam Mayer, and Zach “Hoeken” Smith.

Stratasys Objet500 Connex3 3D Printer

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StrawBees Enable Children To Build And Create Using Just Cardboard And Straws (video)

If your children enjoy building things you might be interested in a new gadget that has been created called StrawBees. StrawBees has been designed to help your child extend their creativity and imagination using just simple straws or unwanted cardboard boxes together with a handful of StrawBees connectors.

StrawBees are simple connectors that allow children to easily fix boxes together or connect straws to build weird and wonderful creations. Watch the video after the jump to see how easily StrawBees can help a child’s imagination come to life.


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EverQuest Next Using the Oculus Rift?

3D is finally going away (YAY!) and game developers are moving on to the next big technological breakthrough that has the possibility to change gaming as we know: virtual reality. This breakthrough comes primarily from the very impressive Oculus Rift, which has already taken modern AAA titles like Hawken and allowed players to experience it in a never-before-seen experience.

Oculus Rift Next

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BlueShark, the US Navy, and Oculus Rift

3D was, and still is, a gimmick. It was a gimmick the entire media spectrum tried to sell us on hard, but it was a gimmick nonetheless. Virtual reality, which is arguably the next big technological advancement to enhance our entertainment media, is anything but a gimmick. When the US Navy starts using something like the Oculus Rift, the premier VR device out at the moment, to do their job, it says something about the future of the industry.

Oculus Rift

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Netflix Next Episode Feature Now Optional

Some people apparently don’t like it that Netflix immediately most on to the next episode in a season when you’re watching a TV series. I think it’s incredibly convenient and only annoying when it asks me to respond after a few episodes, but now there’s an optional setting you can choose to make sure the next episode of a series doesn’t start without your say so.

Netflix Next Episode

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