Fuel3D Handheld 3D Scanner Secures $2.6 Million In Funding After Successful Kickstarter Campaign

Some of our reader might remember the innovative Fuel3D 3D handheld scanner that launched on the Kickstarter site last year and Successfully raised over $325,000.

The Fuel3D 3D handheld scanner has been created to revolutionise the way that we can take real-life objects into the digital world for 3D printing, game design and other applications and has a price point which is less than $1000, making it a very competitive in an ever-growing and emerging market.


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Schwalbe And Syntace Double Chamber Bike Tyre Helps Prevent Flats

Schwalbe and wheel maker Syntace have combined forces to create a radically new type of bike tire which is equipped with dual chambers, providing extra protection for the possibility of getting a flat tire whilst cycling.

The new Double Chamber bike tyre a tubeless model, allows the inner chamber closest the rim to be inflated to higher pressures to keep the tyre tight to the rim and to provide a buffer for puncture-causing hits.

Double Chamber Bike Tyre

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Aeyo Hybrid Skate Scooter Offers A Unique Way To Travel (video)

Over the years we have featured a number of innovative and radically different modes of transport here on Geeky Gadgets, however I can’t ever remember us ever featuring a combination of rollerblades and a scooter.

The unique Aeyo hybrid skate scooter does just that and allows you to skate with extra stability and is apparently much easier to use that roller-skates on their own, even with the limited area of sweep available for your legs. Watch the video after the jump to see the very unique mode of transport in action.


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Sixense MakeVR 3D Modelling And Printing System Set To Revolutionise 3D Creation (video)

With the adoption rate of 3D printing devices expected to skyrocket over the coming years the main problem for people wanting to engage in the new technology is that to print anything in 3D you must be able to first create it in a 3D software package.

Sixense are currently developing a new 3D object creation process which has been designed to be much simpler and easier for people to use called the Sixense MakeVR system.

Sixense MakeVR

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Slow Watches Use One Hand To Tell The Time

We have featured a number of different watches on Geeky Gadgets over the years, many of them come with unique designs like some of these cool timepieces from Slow Watches.

Slow Watches are slightly different than your traditional watch, instead of an hour, minutes and seconds hand, the Slow Watches feature a single watch hand.

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3D Printer Converted Into Awesome Air Hockey Robot (video)

Anyone who enjoys tinkering with electronics and also enjoys playing air hockey is sure to enjoy this awesome air hockey robot which has been created using a modified 3D printer.

The air hockey robot has been built using standard RepRap 3D printer parts which include NEMA17 stepper motors, drivers, Arduino Mega, RAMPS, belts , bearings, rods together with various 3D printed customised parts. Check out the video after the jump to see the fantastic air hockey robot project in action and learn more.

air hockey robot

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Dyson to Build Robots?

Dyson – yes, the vacuum company – has invested over $8 million in a robotics research lab at Imperial College London with the hope that they’ll be able to create a system that will make robots able to “understand and adapt to the world around them.”


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Shortcut-S The Ultimate Photoshop Editing Keyboard Has 319 Keys (video)

Anyone that uses Adobe Photoshop software on a daily basis might be interested in a new and very unique keyboard called the Shortcut-S, which has been specifically designed to provide a faster way to manipulate and create images within Adobe’s Photoshop software.

The Shortcut-S keyboard measures 403mm x 306mm and is 8mm thick and is equipped with 319 separate keys offering users 372 functions. To learn more about the very unique Shortcut-S Photoshop keyboard watch the video after the jump.

Shortcut-S Photoshop keyboard

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Renault Kwid Concept Car Has Its Own Drone To Check The Road Ahead (video)

Renault has this week unveiled a new concept off-road vehicle they have designed in the form of the Renault Kwid which comes equipped with a quadcopter drone that can be launched from within the car to check the road ahead.

As you can see from the images below the Renault Kwid concept car pushes off-road vehicle designed to its limits and offers a fantastically unique vehicle very different to anything the discount is available on the market. Watch the videos after the jump to learn more about this innovative new Renault Kwid concept car.

Renault Kwid

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Scent Rhythm Watch Tells The Time With Smells

An innovative prototype watch has been created called the Scent Rhythm watch which has been designed to tell its wearer the time using just smells, without the need to have a watch face or numerals.

The Scent Rhythm watch has been designed by Aisen Caro Chacin who has been exploring time through a different perspective and wants people to be able to tell time using just their noses rather than their eyes.

Scent Rhythm Watch

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Delta Robot – Robot Army Starter Kit (video)

Fancy building your very own Delta Robot Kit? If you do then you can buy all the pieces required to start building your very own robot army with the Delta Robot Kit – Robot Army Starter Kit currently available over on the Kickstarter website.

The Robot Army Starter Kit is a do-it-yourself Delta Robot kit that’s fun to build, and can be included into your very own projects using the Arduino IDE. Check out the video after the jump to learn more about the Delta Robot kit.

Delta Robot Kit

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