Astropad Transforms your iPad Into A Professional Graphics Tablet (video)


If you currently use a professional graphics tablet such as the ones created by manufacturers such as Wacom, or are currently saving to purchase one but already own an Apple iPad. You might be interested in a new drawing system and software application called AstroPad.

AstroPad has been created to transform your iPad into a professional graphics tablet simply by installing an application. Allowing you to use a variety of different styluses to create your artwork. Watch the video below to learn more about the new innovative AstroPad application.

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Accoona Wireless Smartphone Charging LED Lamp Hits Kickstarter (video)

Wireless Smartphone Charging LED Lamp

Owners of smartphones that can be recharged wirelessly might be interested in a new desktop lamp and wireless smartphone charging LED light called the Accoona.

The Accoona has been created by Mike Lee who is now looking to raise $20,000 to help take his design to manufacture and on to the desk of backers worldwide. Watch the video below to learn more about this very minimalist and stylish desktop edition.

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Forcite Alpine Ski Helmet Is Equipped With Camera And Communication Systems (video)

Forcite Alpine Ski Helmet-1

Forcite the wearable technology manufacture has created a new skiing helmet it has unveiled this month in the form of the Forcite Alpine helmet that is equipped with a camera, communication system and Bluetooth connectivity.

Within the Forcite Alpine helmet is a camera that is located just above the brow of the wearer and features a camera that is cable of capturing POV footage using a 160 degree lens at a maximum resolution of 1080p @ 120fps.

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New Laser-Patterning Technique Creates Super Hydrophobic Metal (video)

Hydrophobic Metal

Researchers and scientists at the University of Rochester have been able to invent a new laser patterning system to transform metals into materials with new properties, creating super hydrophobic metal, that is capable of repelling water with ease.

The system is so effective that the water literally bounces off the super hydrophobic metal surface when it has been laser etched. Providing a more robust and resilient protection when compared to liquids repellents that can be applied to the surface. Watch the video below to see the hydrophobic metal action.

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Morphi iPad App Makes 3D Design On A Tablet Even Easier (video)

Morphi iPad App

A free iOS 8 iPad app has been launched this week called Morphi 2.0 that has been designed to provide an easier way to create 3D drawings on your tablet device and easily print them on a 3D printer.

The latest release of the Morphi iOS application builds on the technology that was included in the original application that was unveiled back in the middle of last year, and has now been tweaked to support Apple’s iOS 8 operating system and Metal.

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Designer Uses Nose Instead Of Hands To Create Designs (Video)

michelle vandy

Designer Michelle Vandy has come up with a clever way to avoid repetitive strain injury, she uses here nose instead of her hands to draw and control her MacBook.

Michele uses a combination of an Apple Magic Trackpad, plus a tripod and a stand, and has created a unique way to draw using her nose, have a look at the video below which explains how the device works.

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TextBlade Capacitive Touch Portable Keyboard Launches For $99

TextBlade Portable Keyboard

WayTools has created and launched a new super portable keyboard which provides a tiny QWERTY keyboard that comprises of three separate modules that combine to create a portable keyboard that is capable of allowing users to type at 100+ words per minute.

The keys of the portable keyboard are equipped with capacitive touch technology similar to that used in smartphone and tablet touchscreen allowing the keyboard to provide multitouch features as well.

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