Amazing Cardboard Iron Man Suit (Video)

We have featured a number of cool things made from cardboard on Geeky Gadgets over the years, although we suspect this may be the coolest cardboard creation to date, a cardboard Iron Man suit.

This amazing cardboard Iron man costume is the work of Kai-Xiang Xhong , a 20 year old artist from Taiwan, the costume took him around a year to make, have a look at the photos and video below.

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Gramofon Is A New WiFi Router With Spotify And Facebook Built In (Video)

Fon which is apparently the worlds largest network has launched a new device on Kickstarter, the Gramofon, which is essentially a WiFi router with Spotify and Facebook built in.

The company is trying to raise $250,000 on Kickstarter to launch the Gramofon, and the early bird of the device is available for $30, it looks like the normal price for the device will be around $50 or $60.

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Could This Be The Samsung Galaxy Glass?

We already know that Samsung is working on a Google Glass competitor, the device is said to be called the Samsung Galaxy Glass, and the last thing we heard about the device was that it would launch before the end of the year.

We previously heard that Samsung Galaxy Glass may be announced at IFA 2014 in September, and now some new patent filings have revealed a device which may end up being Samsung’s Google Glass competitor.

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Dart Laptop Charger Is The Worlds Smallest (Video)

Laptop chargers are not exactly the easiest things to carry around, one company is looking to change that with the launch of the Dart laptop charger.

The Dart laptop charger is designed to replace your existing charger, it is a full powered 65W AC adapter and it also comes with a built in 2.1 amps USB port that allows you to charge your smartphone or tablet at the same time as charging your laptop.

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Mini Mobile Robot Is Actually A Printer (video)

If you need to print documents whilst away from your office or home using just your smartphone you might be interested in an innovative next-generation robotic printing device which has been developed by ZUtA Labs Ltd based in Jerusalem, Israel.

The Mini robot actually moves around on your page to print your required images, text or photos and is small enough to fit inside your pocket. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Mini Mobile Robotic Printer project and see it in action.

Mini Mobile Robotic Printer

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DreamScience Electric Thrusters Offer Extra Power For Extreme Sports

If you enjoyed extreme sports or even just snowboarding and surfing you might be interested in a new handheld propulsion system that has been designed and developed by Dreamscience Propulsion.

The Dreamscience thrusters use fans that are rotating at around 30,000 rpm two add extra power to the speed at which you can travel on a variety of different modes of transport from snowboard to paraglider. Check out the video after the jump to see them in action.

DreamScience Electric Thrusters

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The SELFIE Mirror, Snaps Your Selfies (Video)

If you like taking a lot of Selfies, then you may want to have a look a the SELFIE Mirror from iStrategy Labs, which features a built in camera, which snaps a Selfie and then automatically shares you photo on Twitter.

The SELFI MIrrot comes with built in facial recognition, when you smile at the mirror, it will automatically take you photo, and it is powered by an Apple Mac Mini which is located inside the mirror.

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Outdoor Solar Powered Fono DJ Table Lets The Younger Generation Express Themselves (video)

Yalp InterActive has announced the launch of a new DJ controller they have created in the form of the solar powered Fono DJ Table, that has been designed to be positioned outdoors in places where youths might meet, allowing them to express themselves using just a smartphone and a few DJ skills.

It might not be a fully professional DJ controller but the Fono DJ TableĀ is equipped with physical turntables, a crossfader and the ability to add effects. Check out the video after the jump to learn more about this innovative new weatherproof DJ table.

Solar Powered Fono DJ Table

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Fotobit Modular Photo Framing System Lets You Physically Display You Photos With Ease (video)

If you would prefer to see your photos as physical pictures rather than viewing them on digital devices, you might be interested in a new modular photo display system called Fotobit.

Fotobit has been developed by Alan Yeung and allows you to easily install multiple frames simply by mounting a base frame and then creating custom configurations to suit your style of room.

Fotobit Modular Photo Framing System

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TAG Heuer Meridiist Infinite Luxury Smartphone Unveiled (video)

TAG Heuer have taken the wraps off a new luxury smartphone it has created in the form of the new Meridiist Infinite.

The TAG Heuer Meridiist Infinite has been design dot be the world’s first perpetual power reserve mobile phone and will be available in a limited run of 1911 units and is the first TAG Heuer communication instrument entirely made of Titanium Grade 5, carbon and rubber.

TAG Heuer Meridiist Infinite

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