Valve Steam Workshop Now Allows Creators And Modders To Sell Their Wares

Steam Workshop

This week Valve has enabled the ability for modders and creators to sell their wares over on the Steam Workshop allowing the community to help support their work.

Whether a modder charges for their creations is entirely up to them but if a paid modification is downloaded by a player and doesn’t work as advertised. Players can easily obtain a full refund within 24 hours from purchase.
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Apple iOS Developers Offered Chance To Buy Apple Watch For Delivery On April 28th


Apple has this week sent out emails to selected Apple iOS developers offering them a chance to purchase an Apple Watch Sport for delivery on April 28th 2015 just four days after the initial pre-order shipments will have been delivered.

Apple is only offering the 42mm Aluminium Apple Watch Sport with the Blue Sport Band that is currently priced at £339 on the UK Apple store, by random selection to developers after they have registered to be eligible. Read the screenshots of the emails dispatched to iOS developers below, kindly supplied by Mac Rumours.

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Flyte Levitating Light (video)

 Levitating Light

A very unique levitating light called Flyte that has been created by Simon Morris based in Stockholm, Sweden. The light uses magnets to float the bulb in mid air which is then powered by induction technology and can also be used to charge your smartphone during the day.

Flyte is available to back for $199 to early bird backers and will be retailing for up to $529. Morris has also made a Flyte Makers Kit available for $149 that allows you to create your very own “levitating thingy”.

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Moscase Modular Smartphone Case Offers A Wealth Of Interchangeable Features (video)

Moscase Smartphone Case

A next generation modular smartphone case has been launched called the Moscase, that allows you to use modular backplates to customise your case to your needs by adding a variety of new functions depending on your needs.

MSC Accessories are responsible for designing and creating the Moscase smartphone case, which is also a health tracking accessory that can be used with the new Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Pus.

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Google Cardboard VR Certification Program Launches

Google Cardboard VR

Starting today, manufacturers and designers that are creating Google Cardboard devices and app can now apply for a program Google Cardboard VR certification badge, enabling potential users to know, at a glance, that a VR viewer works great with Cardboard apps and games.

Since its launch 100’s of Google Cardboard applications have been created and are now available to download via the Google Play store, as well as a variety of different Google Cardboard visors that have been created in a wide variety of different materials and can even be 3D printing at home.

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Adobe Previews New 3D Features For Photoshop CC

Photoshop CC

This week at the 3D Printshow taking place in New York, Adobe has taken the opportunity to showcase previews of three new features that will soon be available to use their Photoshop CC app.

Adobe revealed thathte new features will allow users to automatically adjust 3D object resolution as well as quickly and powerfully convert images into bump maps that can be applied to the surfaces of 3D objects.
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Unique 3D Printed Titanium Bike Frame Created

Titanium Bike

We have featured many different 3D printed object here on Geeky Gadgets by now Japanese designers have created a 3D printed DFM01 titanium bike frame that is very unique in its construction.

Although don’t expect this uniqueness to come cheap as the titanium bike frame will set you back between $4200 – $5900US or 500,000 to 700,000 Japanese Yen.

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Dying Light Developer Tools Now Available Via Steam (video)

Dying Light developer tools

Techland has this week made available the Dying Light developer tools set via Valve’s Steam games network, for anyone that is interested in doing a little more with the game than just killing zombies and surviving.

The new Dying Light developer tools include a level editor and plenty of customisation tools that can be seen in the developer tools trailer below, enabling you to create the level of your dreams for other and yourself to enjoy.
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Adobe Comp CC iPad App Let You Create Layouts On The Go (video)

Adobe Comp CC

Adobe has launched a new free iPad application this week that has been designed to enable users to create and design layouts for print, web and mobile on your iPad while on the move and then transfer them to your desktop Adobe software of choice with ease.

The new Adobe Comp CC iPad app allows designers to place images, headlines, text frames, and shapes with a few swipes of your finger. Watch the quick demo below to see it in action.
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