GoRigIt Attaches Your GoPro Action Camera To Your iPhone (video)


GoPro action camera owners that also own an Apple iPhone smartphone might be interested in a new case system called GoRigIt, which has been designed to enable you to connect your GoPro camera directly to your iPhone.

The GoRigIt GoPro case system is constructed from a durable clear polycarbonate shell with a soft silicone inner shell to protect your iPhone. Watch the video after the jump to learn more.

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Failed 3D Printing Jobs Restarted Using Laser Scanning System Designed By MIT (video)

3D Printing

If you own a 3D printer you will already know how annoying it can be if a 3D print job fails near the end of it’s printing cycle. To help correct this issue students at MIT have this week unveiled a new solution they have created

Using a laser attached to the 3D printing head the MIT team hope they will help 3D printing machines restart at the place they finished when the error occurred.

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LaMetric Customisable Smart Ticker Passes $365,000 In Funding (video)

Smart Ticker

If you are interested in tracking the important things in your life, you might be interested in a new smart ticker called LaMetric, that is in the final hours of its successful Kickstarter campaign.

At the current time LaMetric has already passed $360,000 in funding from over 2,200 backers, after requiring just $69,000 to make the jump to production. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action and learn more.

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Kepler Intelligent Gas and Carbon Monoxide Detector (video)

Carbon Monoxide Detector

A new intelligent gas and carbon monoxide detector has been created called Kepler which has been designed to provide users with active monitoring, intelligent alarms, portable design and more as well as direct control and monitoring from your smartphone.

The Kepler carbon monoxide detector has just launched from the Kickstarter crowd funding website and has already secured a half of its required $30,000 CAD with still 29 days left to run. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about this innovative life-saving device.

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LittleRP Open Source SLA 3D Printer Unveiled Ahead Of Crowd Funding Campaign (video)

SLA 3D Printer

A new desktop sized resin 3D printer is preparing to launch a Kickstarter crowd funding campaign very shortly, that will hopefully allow the LittleRP open source SLA 3D Printer to make the jump into production.

The LittleRP 3D Printer kits will be priced at $475 for early adopters and $499 for late backers of the project. Offering owners a 3D printer capable of a stepper resolution of .005mm and 25/50/100 micron recommended layer heights.

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Emberlight Smartphone Controlled Light Bulb Adapter (video)

smartphone controlled light bulb

Smart light bulbs can sometimes be expensive, but if you would like to enjoy a smartphone controlled light bulb in your home, using your existing lights and bulbs, a new adapter called Emberlight might be worth more investigation.

Emberlight has been specifically designed to transform your existing lights in to smart lights that you can then control using your iOS or Android smartphones or tablets. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Emberlight project and see it in action.

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Vocca Voice Activated Light Bulb Adapter (video)

Voice Activated Light Bulb

Fancy controlling your home lighting using your voice? If you do, you might be interested in a new voice activated light bulb adapter called the Vocca which has been designed by Ori Indursky.

The voice activated light bulb adapter has been designed to provide a simple plug and play setup that requires no special installation and no wireless connectivity. To find out more about the new Vocca lightbulb adapter watch the video after the jump.

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First CoreXZ 3D Printer And Innovative Collapsing 3D Printer Created By School Teacher

CoreXZ 3D Printer

School teacher Nicholas Seward has unveiled the very first CoreXZ 3D Printer that has been created using CoreXZ geometry rather than the customary CoreXY which is used to control the position of the printing heads on 3D printers.

The new CoreXZ 3D Printer provides a more affordable 3D printer machine design that is capable of higher Z direction resolution, and was constructed for around $500.

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Uncia High Resolution DLP 3D Printer Launching On Indiegogo For $299 (video)

DLP 3D Printer

Anyone considering purchasing a DLP 3D Printer priced under $300 might be interested in the new Uncia DLP 3D Printer that is currently being prepared by QSQM Technology Corporation to launch over on the Indiegogo crowd funding website priced at $299.

The Uncia DLP 3D Printer was first introduced last January and since then its developers have acquired $1 million in funding and will be using the Indiegogo website to launch their latest 3D printer and increase production.

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Blink Wireless Monitoring And Home Security System (video)

Home Security System

Blink a new monitoring and home security system has this week launched on the Kickstarter crowd funding website and is already looking as though it will raise $1 million or more in funding over the remaining 36 days of its project after raising over $300k in just the first few days.

The Blink home security system has been created to provide a wireless smart HD home monitoring and alert system that can be controlled via your Android or iOS smartphone. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Blink project and see it in action.

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Nanoleaf Bloom Bulb Doesn’t Need A Dimmer Switch To Save Energy

Dimmer Switch

If you are looking to save money and thinking of installing a dimmer switch to save energy, you might be interested in a new revolutionary new light bulb called the Nanoleaf Bloom, which does not require a dimmer switch to be dimmed.

The Nanoleaf Bloom is fitted with a microprocessor that is capable of registering the number of time you flick the switch to then adapt its brightness to match without the need for a dimmer switch. Check out the video after the jump to learn more.

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MIOPS Smartphone High Speed Camera Trigger (video)

High Speed Camera Trigger

Photographers looking for a high-speed camera trigger might be interested in a new system called MIOPS which was launched over on the Kickstarter crowd funding website this week.

MIOPS has been designed to provide users with a smartphone controllable high-speed camera trigger within a single unit, that also provides advanced features for your creativity by harnessing the use of your smartphone platform.

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