Fixd Tells you What is Wrong with your Car


I’d bet at some point we have all had one of those mysterious lights glow on the dash of our cars. The lights are very vague and what most want to know when they see them is how serious the problem might be. A device has hit Kickstarter called fixed that aims to make it easy to understand what is wrong with your car.

Fixd is a hardware device that slips into the OBDII port of all vehicles made since 1996. The hardware device links with iOS or Android smartphones via Bluetooth to share diagnostic data with the app. The idea is that the app will decipher the diagnostic codes and tell you in plain language what is wrong with the car.

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Bygen Hank Direct Drive Folding Bike Removes The Need For A Chain (video)

Direct Drive Bike

The very unique Hank Direct Bike folding bike has removed the need for troubles associated with using a chain and uses a direct drive bike pedal mechanism to propel the bike along rather than the age old sprocket chain system.

The bike has been created by Korean manufacturer Bygen and uses levers that transfer power from the pedals to the rear wheel directly. As well as using a very unique way of folding or rather collapsing the bike down for storage and transportation.

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Moduul Smartwatch Dock Launches From $35 (video)

Moduul Smartwatch Dock

Owners of smartwatches might be interested in a new smartwatch dock called Moduul, which has been designed to provide an easy way to store and charge your smartwatch when not in use.

The Moduul smartwatch dock has been created by small tech design start-up, Aerios based in Sydney Australia. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Moduul Dock project and see it in action.

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Innovative 3D4C 4 Colour (CMYK) Blending 3D Printer (video)

3d printer

Felix Chan based in London UK has created an innovative full-colour (CMYK) four colour 3D printer that allows you to create your 3D objects in a huge range of different colours by blending four colours together.

The new 3D4C 3D Printer is the first of its kind to allow users to use the four CMYK colours to blend unique variations to create 3D objects. Felix has been developing the printer for over two years, watch the video after the jump to learn more about this unique 3D printer and its blending capabilities.

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Perception Neuron Motion Capture System (video)

Motion Capture System

A new motion capture system has been created by the team at Perception Neuron which has been designed to be both adaptive and affordable and uses one of the world’s smallest IMU.

The Perception Neuron motion capture system has been designed to be use for applications such as VFX, game interaction, virtual reality, sport analysis and medical analysis to name just a few.

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Neutron Smartphone And Tablet Mount Lets You Fix Them Anywhere (video)

tablet mount

If you need to mount your tablet or smartphone in different locations around your home, office or vehicle you might be interested in a new smartphone and tablet mount called the Neutron A and Neutron S.

Both devices have been designed by Ananda Svarupa Das based in Chicago within the US and allow you to easily position your smartphone or tablet wherever you require on almost any surface. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Neutron tablet mounting system project and see it in action.

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Openmix Smartphone Pocket Audio Mixer (video)

Openmix Smartphone Audio Mixer

Anyone who enjoys listening to music from a smartphone, MP3 player or tablet devices might be interested in a new audio mixer called the Openmix which has been created by Gabriel Danet and which claims to be the smallest audio mixer in the world.

The Openmix has been designed to provide a small, stylish and simple solution to mixing audio from your smartphone devices.Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the pocket audio mixer project and see it in action.

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Ralph Lauren Polo Tech Smart Shirt Measures Your Biometrics (video)

Ralph Lauren Polo Tech

Clothes maker Ralph Lauren has partnered with OMsignal to create a new smart shirt in the form of the Ralph Lauren Polo Tech that is capable of measuring biological and physiological information thanks to sensors that are “knitted into the core of the product”.

OMsignal specialises in the creation neuroscience, sports medicine and engineering technology and have designed the Ralph Lauren Polo Tech using proprietary technology to weave cables and sensors into the clothing. Watch the video after the jump to learn more.

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AnyMote Smartphone Universal Remote Supports 800,000+ Devices (video)

Smartphone Universal Remote

A new smartphone universal remote has been launched over on the Kickstarter crowd funding website this week called the AnyMote, which has been designed to transform your Android or iOS smart phone into a universal remote that is capable of supporting over 800,000 different devices.

The AnyMote universal remote provides you with full control over any Infrared controllable electronics such as your TV, DVD player, Blu-ray player, stereo system, and even Infrared controlled plugs and switches.

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runScribe Run Tracker Provides A 3D View Of How You Run (video)

run tracker

Runners that would like to know more about the way they run to help prevent injuries and refine their running style, might be interested in a new wearable device called runScribe.

runScribe has been specifically designed to provide a 3D view of how you run and is planning to use crowd sourced data to help prevent future injuries for runners. To find out more about this innovative new running aid created by Scribe Labs based in San Francisco, watch the promotional video after the jump.

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Verve 2 By InXus Interactive Smart Sensor Connects Your Computer To The World (video)

smart sensor

If you enjoy creating Internet connected applications that can be triggered by a smart sensor you might be interested in a new device called the Verve2 which has launched over on the Kickstarter crowd funding website this week.

Verve2 takes the form of the control box which is connected to your computer and Then in turn connected to a variety of different sensors depending on the project you are building. Each sensor can then be triggered to start a process on your computer such as a tweet, email or action via IFTTT.

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