Myo Gesture Tracking Smartband Now Support Google Glass And More (video)

gesture tracking

Thalmic Labs the creators of the Myo gesture tracking armband have this week announced the release of a new Myo + Smartglasses application that allows the Myo to interact with the Google Glass eyewear and others.

The Myo + Smartglasses app Has been designed to remove the need for remote controls, buttons or physical controllers of any type. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Myo + Smartglasses app project and see it in action.

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CYSPO OmniStation One Charger To Charge Them All (video)


Carrying around more than one charger for your devices can be a pain, and can look very untidy on your desktop. CYSPO based in Los Angeles, California is looking to solve this and has created a unique charger that is capable of charging any gadget you might own.

The CYSPO OmniStation charger is the first charging station equipped with both wired and wireless charging and is flexible to use, and charges multiple devices at the same time. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the CYSPO OmniStation project and see it in action.

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Noke Bluetooth Padlock Offers Next Generation Security (video)

Bluetooth Padlock

FŪZ Designs has this week unveiled a new Bluetooth padlock which is the world’s first and provides a glimpse at the next generation of security devices that you can use to secure entry and belongings.

The new Bluetooth padlock called Noke is the world’s first Bluetooth padlock which you can share access with and allow entry to your friends or family. Check out the video after the jump to learn more about the innovative features this next-generation padlock will bring.

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Maximus XL 3D Printer Launches On Indiegogo (video)

Maximus XL 3D Printer

Makes, developers and inventors looking to build larger 3D prints might be interested in a new 3D printer called the Maximus XL which has launched over on the Indiegogo crowd funding website this week and is capable of printing objects to a size of 430 x 330 x 250 mm.

The Maximus XL 3D printer measures 500mm square and is built using a Rambo Board and Nema 17 steppers motors and is capable of printing both ABS and PLA filaments supporting Nylon, ABS , PLA , Laywood to name a few and is equipped with an auto level function.

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AirEnergy 3D Printed Mobile Open Source 300W Wind Turbine (video)

Wind Turbine

Omni 3D has this week unveiled a new open source 3D printed wind turbine they have created called the AirEnergy 3D, which can be collapsed down for easy transportation when required.

Omni 3D explains that they have created the very first mobile green energy generator that users can carry on a camping trip to help keep their gadgets powered up whilst away from the grid offering 300W of power.

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The Urban Glider One Wheeled Center Of Gravity Controlled Vehicle (video)

Urban Glider

Anyone looking for a new mode of transport to get them around their local city or the last mile to work, may be interested in a new one wheeled vehicle called the Urban Glider which has been designed by Austin Marhold.

The Urban Glider has been designed to be controlled using your centre of gravity and to turn the one wheeled vehicle you simply lean your body in the direction you would like to travel. Check out the video after the jump to learn more.

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SKULLY Smart Motorcycle Helmet Passes $1 Million In Funding


Earlier this week the awesome and innovative SKULLY AR- Rebel smart motorcycle helmet launched over on the Indiegogo crowd funding website, enabling motorcyclists to enjoy the future of motorcycle helmets.

The SKULLY smart motorcycle helmet has already passed $1.1 million in funding in just a few days since its campaign launched and still has 26 days left of its campaign to run.
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Tiny Programmable Swarmming Self Assembly Robot Created By Harvard University (video)

Self Assembly Robot

Researchers at Harvard University School of Engineering and Applied Sciences have this week unveiled a new programmable self assembly robot called the Kilobot that is capable of performing actions as one creating shapes.

The tiny autonomous Kilobot robots have been designed to arrange themselves into vast complex shapes with commands being sent to the 1024 tiny robots simultaneously using an infrared light.

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Audi Airomorph Concept Car Changes Shape Using Fabric Panels Inspired By Racing Catamarans

Audi Airomorph

Over the years we have featured a variety of weird and wonderful concept car designs that have been created, but a new and very unique creation called the Audi Airomorph.

The Audi Airomorph concept car has been designed by Art Center College of Design student Eric Kim and uses fabric panels to adjust its aerodynamics, which have been inspired by racing catamarans.

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New Revolutionary Blacksmith Genesis Rotary 3D Printer (video)

rotary 3D Printer

The Blacksmith Group has this week unveiled a new rotary 3D printer they have created called the Blacksmith Genesis which offers a revolutionary rotary print bed.

As well as providing users with the ability to 3D print, scan and copy objects all in one desktop sized machine. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Blacksmith Genesis rotary 3D printer and see it in action.

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The Ridge Stand A Foldable Desktop Tablet And MacBook Stand (video)

macbook stand

Macbook and laptop owners that sue their notebook whilst at their desk using a wireless keyboard and mouse, might be interested in a new MacBook stand called the Ridge which has been created by NewBee Design.

The Ridge MacBook stand provides a foldable and very portable stand that can be used to position both tablets and lightweight notebooks and laptops for improved ergonomics and stability providing a much more natural viewing angle for the screen.

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Ceramic 3D Printer Built For $700 Based On Delta Design (video)

Ceramic 3D Printer

Johnathan Keep has unveiled a new ceramic 3D printer he has built which cost around $700 and is capable of printing using a clay medium rather than the more traditional plastic filament, metals or plastic pellets.

The design of the ceramic 3D printer has been based on the Delta style of 3D printers currently available and has been modified using parts from a Techcon Systems dispensing gun to create the clay extruder. Watch the video after the jump to learn more and see the clay printing 3D printer in action.

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