Hackaball The Programmable Throwable Computer Ball (video)

Hackaball The Programmable Throwable Computer Ball

Hackaball a new children’s programmable computer ball has been launched over on the Kickstarter crowdfunding website this month and has just entered into its final week of funding and has already raised double its initial $100,000 pledge goal thanks to over 2000 backers.

Hackaball has been designed to combine both computer gaming with physical outdoor activity and enables children to design and then play their very own games. Watch the video below to learn more about this innovative and possibly revolutionary new children’s game.

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Neptune Suite Android Based Wearable Hub Smartwatch And Hardware (video)

Neptune Suite Android Based Wearable Hub Smartwatch

With Apple gearing up to start taking preorders for its new smartwatch that is priced from $300 upwards, anyone who has now dismissed it due to the price or features may be interested in a new crowd funded smartwatch and range of hardware called the Neptune Suite and Hub.

The Neptune Suite Hub hardware is a wrist worn device that is powered by the Android operating system and has already raised nearly $1 million in just 11 days. View the video below for a quick explanation of how the wearable device and the Neptune Suite of additional hardware work together.

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Abode Home Security And Home Automation System (video)

Abode Home Security And Home Automation

If your home or apartment is in need of a new home security and home automation system a new Kickstarter campaign created by abode might be worth more investigation.

The team behind the new home automation and security system are hoping to raise $100,000 over the next 42 days to help take their new security system into manufacturing. Watch the video below to learn more about this complete security system and how it can be linked to your smartphone and mobile devices.

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PiConfig Raspberry Pi Network Configurator (video)

PiConfig Raspberry Pi Network Configurator

Raspberry Pi network users that find themselves changing from one network to another on a regular basis and would rather not engage in the lengthy process of setting up a network settings each time via the command line.

May find a new USB device called the PiConfig well worth more investigation. PiConfig has been designed and created by Mihaly Krich after getting frustrated having to setup his network config again and again on his Raspberry Pi min PC via the command line..

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Apple Watch Bumper Case Offers Extra Protection For Your Smartwatch (video)

Apple Watch Bumper

Apple Watch pre-ordering starts on April 10th and consumers will be able to get their hands on the very first Apple Watches from April 24th 2015. Although if you are a little concerned that your Apple smartwatch might get damaged while wearing it in more demanding locations.

ActionProof has designed a new Apple Watch Bumper case that might be worth investing in over on the Indiegogo crowdfunding website.

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Reserve Strap Extends Apple Watch Battery Life (video)

Reserve Strap Extends Apple Watch Battery Life

If you are considering purchasing the Apple Watch when it launches on April 24th, 2015 but are a little worried about the battery life of the wearable smartwatch that is expected to provide around 18 hours of use before requiring a charge.

A new concept Apple Watch accessory called the Reserve Strap might be worth more investigation and has been designed to charge your Apple Watch while you wear it. Check out the video below to learn more.
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WonderCube Offers 8 Mobile Essential Smartphone Accessories (video)


WonderCube is a new keyring that has been designed to be an essential companion to any person using a smartphone and offers eight essential gadgets that every smartphone user is sure to use.

The tiny WonderCube includes a torch, charger, memory card reader, phone stand and also emergency power all in one cubic inch, watch the video below to learn more about this awesome little gadget.

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Bepple Covers Let You Customise And Protect The Latest Pebble Time Smartwatch (video)

Pebble Time Smartwatch

If you have backed the Pebble Time Smartwatch which is currently taking Kickstarter by storm and closing in on raising $20 million thanks to nearly 75,000 backers since its launch last month.

You may be interested in a new way to customise your Pebble Time Smartwatch as well as provide a little extra protection from knocks and bumps, using Bepple Covers.

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Zenno Voice Controlled Home Automation System Unveiled (video)

home automation

Zenno has created and launched a new home automation and control system that has been designed to offer a simple voice controls to manage your home entertainment systems and electronic devices around your home.

Using your smartphone or other wearable devices such as smartwatches the Zenno home automation system is capable of providing easy and natural interaction between you and your home, say its creators.

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Awesome Magic Leap Demo Provides a Glimpse At Augmented Reality Future (video)

Magic Leap Augmented Reality

If you are looking forward to using augmented reality headsets and visors in the future to help you with your daily life as well as let you enjoy more immersive gameplay.

You are sure to enjoy this short but awesome demonstration created by Magic Leap, that received a massive $542 million investment last year from Google to help develop their AR hardware and systems.

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Tiko3D Delta 3D Printer Unveiled For $179 (video)

Tiko3D Delta 3D Printer

Since the first consumer Delta 3D printers were launched the prices of systems have constantly been falling and now it is possible to have your very own desktop 3D printer for just a few hundred dollars.

One such 3D printer which is priced at around $180 called the Tiko will soon be launching in the form of a Delta 3D Printer, that has been tweaked to reduce costs but not performance.

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