MiniBrake, The Remote Control Childs Bike Brake (video)

Keeping up with a child on a bike while walking can be a lot of fun especially when they are approaching dangerous areas, making you sprint quickly to slow them down before an accident happens.

To stop this and add a little pleasure to a stroll you might take with your young one while on their bike, is the MiniDrake. The MiniBrake is a remote controlled braking system that can be fitted to almost any child’s bike, enabling you to control their speed from a distance.

MiniBrake Remote Control Childs Bike Brake

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Dimple Adds Extra Buttons To NFC Enabled Android Devices (video)

Anyone who owns an Android device equipped with NFC connectivity might be interested in a new device called Dimple, that has been created to allow you to add extra functionality by adding extra buttons to the back of your smartphone or on the side of your tablet.

Dimple is a small sticker with four buttons that require both Google’s Android operating system and NFC support. Once applied to your smartphone or tablet, Dimple’s button functionality can be customised to met your needs.

Dimple Android Buttons

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Wireless KOR-FX Gaming Vest With Haptic Feedback System Unveiled

Gamers looking for a little more immersion in their first person shooter style games might be interested in a new wireless KOR-FX gaming vest which is equipped with a 4DFX haptic feedback system, that allows you to feel the on-screen action and environment for the first time.

The KOR-FX gaming vest is fully compatible across a range of media and devices and can be used with anything that produces audio and is fully plug and play, enabling you to use it with a PC or your favourite games console.

KOR-FX Gaming Vest

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MEVU Wearable Bitcoin Wallet Bracelet (video)

Anyone who would prefer to use the accordance rather than a credit card or cash to pay for items might be interested in a new device in the form of the MEVU wearable Bitcoin wallet which has been created private company of the same name.

The MEVU Bitcoin wallet Bracelet is apparently the very first wearable bitcoin wallet that has been created to track movements of your wrist and hand to make bitcoin payments.

MEVU Wearable Bitcoin Wallet

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DeltaTrix 3D Printer Launches On Kickstarter (video)

Richard Tegelbeckers has created a new 3D printer called the DeltaTrix which has been specifically created to meet the requirements of the most demanding 3D model makers and designers.

The new DeltaTrix 3D Printer design is based on a linear Delta robot platform, however is different from previous generations of 3D delta printers, which were based on linear rods or aluminium extrusions. Watch the video after the jump to learn kore about the DeltaTrix 3D Printer.

DeltaTrix 3D Printer

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iMac Elevation Stand Launches On Kickstarter And Blasts Through Pledge Goal (video)

The makers of the Elevation iPhone dock that proved very popular over on the Kickstarter website in 2012 and raised over $1.4 million, have this week launched a new product called the iMac Elevation Stand.

As the name suggests the new aluminium iMac Elevation Stand has been created to raise your iMac computer to provide users with improved posture and comfort. Watch the promotional Kickstarter view after the jump to learn more.

iMac Elevation Stand

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LKPR Canadian Maple Headphones Launch On Kickstarter (video)

If you are in the market for a new set of headphones you might be interested in a new Kickstarter project which has launched this month for the LKPR Canadian Maple headphones created by Lukapier.

The  LKPR (Low-Key Product Rejuvenation) headphones shave been inspired by and are committed to underground music, arts, skateboarding and sustainability. Check out the video after the jump to learn more.

LKPR Headphones

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Snap Smartphone Accessory Lets You Easily Mount And Attach Extras To Your Phone

If you need to mount your smartphone in certain locations or would like to keep your smartphone, headphones or wallet in one tidy unit. You might be interested in a new smartphone accessory called the Snap.

Snap has been designed to enable users to easily attach extra accessories to their smartphone or smartphone case. Allowing you to keep extra cash handy in a wallet or keep your headphones within easy reach.

Snap smartphone

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Impervious, Invisible Waterproofing Spray For The iPhone (video)

Water damage to smartphones is one of the biggest causes for returns and problems for users, and if like me you have experienced this in the past it can end in an expensive repair bill.

Over the past few years new waterproof coatings have been unveiled which have been designed to help protect your smartphone, as well as manufacturers creating waterproof smartphones that are now available to purchase.

Impervious iPhone waterproof spray

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Tubecore Duo Modular Speakers Have Been Designed To Mod

Tubecore Duo speakers have been designed to be able to be modified by their owners thanks to its embedded computer. The Raspberry Pi or UDOO embedded computer within the Tubecore Duo speakers allow it to be modified, hacked and upgraded and the speaker is designed around a powerful Class A Tube Preamp.

Tubecore Modular Speakers

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Chui Intelligent Doorbell Uses Facial Recognition

If you are in the market for a new doorbell and would like it to include a little more up-to-date technology. You might be interested in the Chui, which is being marketed as the world’s most intelligent doorbell and uses facial recognition.

Chui is equipped with a smart camera that makes your home socially intelligent and Chui can be used as a doorbell as well as a security and monitoring device inside your house if required.

Chui Intelligent Doorbell

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iPhone 6 Dual Screen Concept Smartphone (video)

YouTube user SCAVids Hdconcept has published a video of an iPhone 6 smartphone concept he has created that comes equipped with a 5-inch Dual Screen.

Other features of the iPhone 6 smartphone concept include 3 megapixel front facing camera for video calling, together with a 16 megapixel rear facing for video and photographs, with UHD (4K) video at 240 Frame/S , IOS 8 with Cydia (Pre-Installed) and more.

iPhone 6 Dual Screen Concept

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