Secure Fast Charging USB Adapter Unveiled (video)

Smart And Secure Fast-Charging USB Cable

If your smartphone or mobile device takes a little longer than you would like to charge fully, you might be interested in a new secure and fast charging USB adapter and cable that is capable of charging your smartphone up to 3 times faster.

The new USB adapter turns your computer’s USB port and other charges into a universal high-speed charger allowing you to challenge most smartphones twice as fast and some even three times faster.

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iRBeacon Smart Remote Support Both iOS And Android (video)

iRBeacon Smart Remote

If you are forever looking for your remote controls and would prefer to just have one simple to use application on your smartphone then the iRBeacon smart remote might be worth more investigation.

The iRBeacon smart remote has been designed to provide a small device that combines infrared technology together with the latest Bluetooth low energy connectivity while supporting both iOS and Android mobile devices.

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Stacker Commercial Grade 3D Printer Launches (video)

Stacker Commercial Grade 3D Printer

A new commercial grade 3D printer has been launched over on the Kickstarter crowdfunding website this week called the Stacker, and has already blasted past its goal raising over $120,000 with still 29 days remaining on its campaign.

The Stacker 3D printer has been designed to provide owners with an affordable commercial grade 3D printer that offers a large build volume together with high-speed 3D printing. Watch the video below to learn more about the new Stacker printer and see it in action.

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Spark Electron Arduino Style Cellular Development Kit

Spark Electron Arduino Style Cellular Development Kit

Makers and developers that are interested in adding cellular connectivity to their projects might be interested in a creation called the Spark Electron that takes the form of a Arduino style cellular development kit.

The Spark Electron Cellular Development Kit comes complete with a a SIM card and affordable data plan from the creators of the Spark Core. Watch the video below to learn more about the new development kit and see it in action.

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New Beehive Design, Flow Hive Passes $3 Million In Pledges (video)

New Beehive Design

A new beehive design called the Flow Hive has been created by a father and son team to revolutionise the way that honey is collected from beehives.

The Flow Hive has been specifically designed to offer an easy way to extract the honey from a beehive with the simple turn of a handle, making the extraction much easier on the bees. Watch the video below to learn more about this revolutionary new beehive.

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Krak3n 3D Printer Preparing For Kickstarter Launch In April

Krak3n 3D Printer

A group of developers based in Budapest are currently in the process of developing a new 3D printer called the Krak3n that is being designed to provide users with a high-speed 3D printing system.

The design of the Krak3n 3D printer is unique in that it completely eliminates linear carriages like many other 3D printers and is built using a modular design for easy upgrades with other functions such as a dual extruder, or laser engraver.
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UAMP Pocket Headphone Amplifier (video)

Pocket Headphone Amplifier

Bartosz Kowalski and Joseph Chehade have designed a new pocket headphone amplifier called the UAMP which has been specifically designed to overcome your music player’s limitations, say the development team.

The Uamp measures just 43 x 43 x 9mm in size and weighs just 26 grams but is equipped with everything you would expect in a hi-end amplifier and offers users a 10 hours battery life off a single charge.

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Pixie Helps You Find Your Belongings Using Augmented Reality (video)

Augmented Reality

If you have a tendency to sometimes misplace your belongings, a new location tracking device called Pixie may be able to help you locate them a little quicker using augmented reality.

The Pixie sensors can be added to anything from your keys, wallet, smartphone or remote control to even providing data about your your pets location directly to the companion app on your smartphone.
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SteamVR, Steam Hardware And Controller To Be Showcased By Valve At GDC


Valve has announced this week that during this years GDC 2015 next month the company will be showcasing its latest developments in the form of its SteamVR, Steam hardware and new Steam controller.

The GDC 2015 event takes place from March 2-6th 2015, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco and Valve is now allowing developers to register for the SteamVR Dev Kit, although spaces are limited so don’t delay.

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Origibot Transforms Your Android Tablet Into A Telepresence Robot (video)

Telepresence Robot

Android tablet owners that are also looking for an affordable telepresence robot might be interested in Origibot, that has been designed be the world’s first affordable telepresence robot with an articulated arm and gripper option.

The Origibot telepresence robot project has launched over on the Indiegogo website and provides both two way audio and video but also full control of its five degrees of movement. Check out the video below to learn more.

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Blu Wearable Smartphone Concept Looking For Backers (video)

Blu Wearable Smartphone

Blu has taken to Kickstarter this week to raise $600,000 AUD to help take their conceptual wearable smartphone to market, offering both a convenience of a watch and a smartphone in one wearable wrist worn device.

Unfortunately the Blu wearable smartphone is still in its conceptual stages of development and looks quite some way from being ready to be manufactured. To learn more about the smartphone concept that could make it to manufacture with the help of Kickstarter backers watch the video below.

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