Graphene 3D Printed Battery Can Be Any Shape And Offers AA Power (video)

3D Printed Battery

Graphene 3D Lab has released a new video this week which demonstrates how they can print a Graphene 3D printed battery into almost any shape and that is capable of providing the equivalent power of a AA battery.

Dr. Daniel Stolyarov, chief technology officer and co-founder of Graphene 3D Lab explained in an interview that he hope the company will be able to start offering the graphene-enhanced filaments to consumers later this year. Watch the video after the jump to learn more.

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Amp iPad Speaker Case For iPad Air Launches On Kickstarter (video)

iPad Speaker Case

Anyone who has just purchased Apple’s latest iPad Air 2 or owns their previous iPad Air tablet and is looking for a way to enhance the audio from the tablet, may be interested in a new iPad speaker case called Amp.

Amp has just launched over on the Kickstarter crowdfunding website and with the aim of raising $50,000 to help start manufacturing and retail, and is being marketed as “ the first premium wireless iPad Air case of its kind”. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Amp project and see it in action.

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FlowPaw Teaches Computer Coding By Building Gizmo Projects (video)

Learn Computer Coding

Anyone interested in learning to code or would like to help someone else learn, may be interested in a new educational coding platform called FlowPaw which has been designed to make learning computer coding interactive, fun and engaging.

Designed by DSP Robotics based in London the FlowPaw comes complete with its own drag-and-drop software which enables learners to create gizmos quickly and efficiently and see how they work.

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Wolffepack Lets You Easy Access Your Backpack Contents Without Removing It (video)


Anyone who enjoys using a backpack to carry their gadgets and gear with them, but doesn’t like having to remove the shoulder straps to access its contents. Are sure to be interested in a new innovative design called the Wolffepack.

Wolffepack has been specifically designed to enable users to access the contents of their backpacks without removing the shoulder straps by simply loosening a strap and swinging the backpack to the front.

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Smartphone Controlled Bionic Bird Hits Indiegogo (video)

Bionic Bird

Ever fancied owning your very own bionic bird, that you can fly and control using your smartphone? If you have then the world’s 1st smartphone controlled bionic bird which has recently launched over on the Indiegogo crowdfunding website might be worth more investigation.

The Bionic Bird and companion flying application have already raised over $22,000 and still has 38 days left of its campaign to run. Check out the video after the jump to learn more about this very unique and innovative crowdfunding campaign.

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SensoTRACK Wearable Fitness Tracker And Health Monitoring Smart Earpiece (video)


Athletes and those of you that like to track your fitness, might be interested in a new wearable fitness tracker and health monitor called the SensoTRACK.

Unlike the wide range of bracelet style fitness tracker devices currently available the SensoTRACK is worn within your ear and is capable of tracking heart rate, blood pressure, oxygenation, respiration, along with calories burned and more.

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Highway Glow In The Dark Markings Now Being Used In The Netherlands (video)

highway glow-in-the-dark markings

Creating a Tron style road system the very first highway glow-in-the-dark markings have now been unveiled and are under trial in the Netherlands, thanks to a test pilot scheme to see how the next generation highway markings perform.

The testing of the new highway glow in the dark markings for the Smart Highway by Daan Roosegaarde and construction company Heijmans, is now installed on part of the ‘N329- Road of the Future’ in Oss, in the Netherlands, making the project the very first light-emitting highway pilot in the world.

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Avi-on Wireless Light Switch Offers A 100ft Range And 3yr Battery (video)

Wireless Light Switch

A new wireless light switch is currently running its own crowdfunding campaign to raise the $80,000 it requires to move into production. The Avi-on wireless light switch can be placed practically anywhere within your home or office and provides a 100 ft range and is equipped with a battery that will last three years.

To install the wireless light switch no wiring, screws, power or painting is required. As the Avi-on can be positioned pretty much anywhere you would like and can easily be moved later if you discover a more convenient position for it.

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Carvey 3D Carving Machine Raises Over $240,000 In 48hrs (video)

3d carving machine

Carvey a new 3D carving machine that has launched over on the Kickstarter crowdfunding website this week, and in just 48 hours blasted past its $50,000 pledge goal, raising more than $240,000 in just 48 hours.

The new Carvey machine takes the form of a CNC router and milling system that has been specifically designed for desktop use by makers and hobbyists and is available to back for just under $2,000 with delivery starting in late 2015.

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Notti Smart Light Changes Colour Depending On Your Received Phone Notification (video)

Smart Light

Anyone in the market for a smart light might be interested in the Notti, a light with a difference. The Notti connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and notifies you with a different colour of light when you receive an incoming call, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook update, IFTTT notifications or similar.

The Notti smart light is totally customisable so you can select the colour you would prefer for each type of notification. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Notti smart light project and see it in action.

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Picsima Silicone 3D Printer Unveiled By Fripp Designs (video)

Picsima Silicone 3D Printer

There are plenty of 3D printers that are capable of printing using PLA or ABS filament to create objects, but if you are in the need to create designs from silicone the new Picsima Silicone 3D Printer created by Fripp Designs based in the UK might be worth more investigation.

The Picsima Silicone 3D Printer is capable of printing good quality 3D printed parts that can be stretched and bent without breaking, and can be seen in action after the jump.

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Back to The Future Style Hendo Hoverboard Available To Next Year For $10,000 (video)


If you have been looking forward to using a Hoverboard similar to the one used by Michael J Fox in Back to The Future, you might be interested to know that from next year the Hendo Hoverboard will be available to purchase for $10,000.

The only problem with the Hendo Hoverboard is that you need to use it on a conductive copper lined skate park for the magnetic field to work correctly, check out the video after the jump to see it in action.

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